Watch ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ with Leonard Nimoy [UPDATED]

At1:30 PM (Pacific) Cryptic Studios held their ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ event at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. Leonard Nimoy helped them unveil this exciting new massive multiplayer Star Trek game. The presentation lived up to its name and revealed much about the new game, we have video, details and new screenshots below.

VIDEO: Watch the Vegas announcement & new trailer

Star Trek Online Las Vegas Webcast (trailer shows half way through)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Press Release
below is the full text of the Star Trek Online Press release


Leonard Nimoy Joins Cryptic Studios to Reveal Details of

25th Century Star Trek MMO

To View Webcast and First Game Trailer Visit

Las Vegas, NV –August 10, 2008–  Cryptic Studios™, a leading independent developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), today revealed at the annual Star Trek Convention the first details and gameplay trailer for Star Trek® Online, a massively multiplayer online game based on the legendary Star Trek franchise.  

Convention attendees and Trek fans from around the globe attended the live webcast event held in the Gene Roddenberry Theater. Cryptic’s Chief Creative Officer, Jack Emmert, was joined on stage by renowned Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, as he outlined the details of Star Trek Online.

“I spent many, many Saturday afternoons watching reruns of Star Trek and dreaming of its worlds. Leonard Nimoy helped inspire my imagination of what mysteries the universe might in fact hold,” said Emmert. “I’d like to think that very same imagination is what fuels my desire and drive as a game designer, pushing toward creating an MMO that is the ultimate Star Trek experience.”

Set in the year 2409, Star Trek Online will allow players to immerse themselves in the future of the Star Trek universe, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations in an ever expanding vast universe.  Command a starship as a Federation or a Klingon Captain, outfit it with custom systems and recruit, train and mold a crew into an elite force for exploration and combat. Missions take players into thrilling space battle, planetside for face-to-face combat and even inside starships!

For more information regarding Cryptic Studios, to register for the Star Trek community or to view today’s webcast please visit


More to come
This new game is the second biggest Star Trek project going on now (with the film being the biggest). TrekMovie has and will continue to cover it regularly all the way through testing and launch. Look for our interview with Cryptic’s Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert coming up soon. In our interview Emmert impressed with his passion for Trek, his expertise on making world class games and his commitment to creating a truly amazing Star Trek experience. If it isn’t clear yet, TrekMovie is psyched about this game.

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So I guess the amount of players on a single starship working together to make it operate angle is out? I suppose this way is easier, I couldn’t imagine how the mentioned idea could be implemented successfully.

A little bit of a delay it seems…

the movie, the game….the anticipation is too much!

It’s a dude with long hair

+10 points to Cryptic for showing real progress in a (relatively) short period of time.

Perpetual just never seemed to have its act together.

Yeah this is all fine and great… But it’s gonna be 3 – 4 years before we get to play the damned thing. Snap.

I love it! I am looking forward to ST Online more than the movie. The Movie is going to be so great and wonderful, I think that the posters are hot. I am really buying Chris Pines look and of course Quinto IS from Vulcan, but Star Trek Online will be a phenomenon. IT is what WE have really been waiting for as fanatics. Star Trek is going to be a household name again thanks to Bad Robot and Cryptic.

An the STO website is being bombarded right now! haha

He said LESS than three years, I’m thinking this year, or right after our movie comes out.

Seems all well and good, i’m glad he went in to more detail about the way you start off as Captain etc. it has calmed fears that i was having about the game.
From the gameplay trailer it showed more action than much else so you didnt get an idea of the exploration aspect but i’m sure more of that will come soon.
I didnt realise it would take another couple of years, thats quite disappointing that we’ll have to wait that long but i guess these things take time. I’d rather they took 3yrs to develop a great game than 1yr to develop a rubbish one. Plus depending on the system requirements i might have a better/newer PC by then as well.

11: That’s just not going to happen. Did you hear all of the vague answers Mr. Emmert was giving to questions? I think that’s due to them still figuring things out. They just don’t know, yet. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just probably the truth.

There is A LOT of content that must be created for a MMORPG, it’s like making a movie from a million different perspectives.

Best of luck to Cryptic, if they do this right, it will be great for years to come.

The link to is anchored to the wrong URL, Anthony. It’s sending everyone to, which is simply a placeholder website.

Anthony. Since your are well on your way to being Mr. Star Trek maybe they can at least give you a hint at when the game is coming out and or on a different deal when we might see a picture of the new Enterprise. Force them for us. Or have you seen the New Enterprise?

Cryptic really stepped up to the plate! Hats off to them!

Definitely looking forward to more technical discussion on the game. like OS support, requirements, coding, etc..

You can download the trailer now at

13. Why would they do all this then? Are we going to have Star Trek Online at the con every year spouting the same stuff? We will be bored by then unless somebody like Anthony makes a website for us to freak out about it until it comes out.

I always wanted to play the Lord of the Rings online game. I heard it was really fun.

i hope they are going to improve the graphics on this game — i know this is a early demo but -.- … looks pretty shitty to me…

i hope the gameplay is allright… otherwise… i don’t know…

Cool. Leonard is on now. Looks good.

There are some minor things that I didn’t like about the whole event, but my biggest gripe is with the release date. I honestly can’t wait past Christmas of next year. If it’s past that why did Cryptic even bother announcing the game yet?

19. Its ok, i far prefer World of Warcraft. its a lot easier for someone to pick up and play. Saying that i gave City of Heroes a shot and its even easier. From what i saw from City of Heroes the way they’ve crafted is quite different from the grindfest of WoW. Its quite good and addictive. I’m again looking forward to Star Trek Online.

I heard the Star Wars one was fun back in the day, but now it sucks

I’ve never really been into video games all that much, but with Star Trek Online coming out, I am just going to have to check that out because it sounds interesting.

what about Quinto & Nimoy on stage together?? how did that go? photos? reports? transcripts?

18: To raise awareness of the game. Believe or not, not all Star Trek fans visit this site or ANY Star Trek site. I’d imagine we’ll have Cryptic at several cons in the next couple of years, each time with a more refined product to showcase.

But I could always be wrong. Perhaps it will come out right after the new movie. I’d lay heavy odds against that, though.

Looks and sounds cool, if only they’d bring it out on the 360… Not really played on a MMO game before but I am guessing its the type of game you can only play on a PC and I only use my PC for work because games always end up mucking up my PC.

Yeah, where’s the other con stuff? Star Trek Online bores the hell out of me.

tag, where are youuu? ;)

That was supposed to say “” tag…dag bern it

Sheesh…never mind, and sorry Anthony. I was trying to say the more tag seemed to be missing on this article…

#26: I agree, somone please promptly provide info to that regard as we would love to hear the details.


I live in Vegas and was at the convention today. I met my hero, Leonard Nimoy and had my picture taken with him. What a gentleman. I also got met Richard Kiel (Jaws), Grace Lee Whitney, Larry Montangue (Strom), Brent Spiner, Suzie Plakson and many more. Disney has got nothing on Creation Con, this for me, was the happiest place on Earth.

Oh, after listening to Zachory Quinto, I was left feeling the franchise is in good hands. What a character, and what great energy and enthusiasm he brings! It would be nice to see some of the other cast members from the new movie embrace their fans and make an appearance at these conventions…..We’re not all people who need to ‘get a life’.

I will be LIVID if they only release it on PC and Xbox 360 and not PS3…

Anthony, great job on the coverage, as always. I was at the convention from Thursday to Saturday. Every year this creation event continues to impress. I’m looking forward to hearing their plans for next years (sans The Experience … sniff, sniff).

1100 cdt . It’s coming with the new movie ya’all
Anthony, I’m sorry for freaking out the kids in the past, but I think that itn is coming sooner than later. I Love Ya’ll. ATX.

#35 Our Fearless Leader,

Hey, sweetpea, there’s far more of us who understand that what you’re doing here amounts to a second full-time job!

Well done, atta boy, and keep up the good work! It *is* appreciated.

And if you can confirm that Denise de Armand actually exists and is at the con, that’d be quite a scoop for the folk in the Vegas chat!!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I am thinking they will tie the relaease in with the release of the movie, next year.

In his statements about the engine, he makes a comment along the lines of “if the game was to be released after Champions is released next April”

A reason for the secrecy might be legal entanglements involving Paramount and the movie release next year.

Graphics look nice enough to me. I’m pretty excited to see how this game turns out. :)

Nothing wrong with those new graphics or that demo! Right on!

I just loved that little girl that asked a question! Now THERE is the future of Star Trek, ladies and gentleman!

actually there is something wrong with the graphics…some tech is outdated (in nemesis, tricorders were redesigned to look more like pdas, and the tricorder being held in one of the pics in addition to being huge, is of the voyager variety), the uniforms have no uniformity to them, with multiple variants…although i LOVE that new sovereign-class update they have :)

Nice new ship in the first pic.

I was not impressed with the presentation.

– Long-winded. The presenter (Jack) gave a core dump of information. It got to the point where he droned on and on and… (you get the point) A great speaker wraps up the elevator pitch in short order, nails bullet points concisely, and generates enthusiasm. He seemed to be a cult of personality. Boring at that.

I realize numerous fans want LOTS of yummy details. But this preso went on far too long.

– 25th century… so, can I sign up Captain Buck Rogers as my character? :P All kidding aside, I want to be able to command the Excelsior-class, the Ambassador-class, the Sovereign-class… but felt there weren’t enough overviews of what a “small ship” is… or what might be offered up.

– I hate to say it, but this looks identical to many of the previous Star Trek games. I don’t want to be firing phasers, photon torpedoes, etc. at enemies; I really want to dig into mysteries. I get the impression we’ll see some great adventure play. Then again, it sounds more like we create alliances and fight common enemies to the death. (ugh) Not my idea of Star Trek.

– The Linux question was priceless. Why? Because Cryptic revealed it’s biggest vulnerability: Not understanding the target audience. (“I get many questions everywhere I go about Macs…” So DEVELOP the game to the Mac platform!! (And the Linux platform!!) Or suggest virtualization options, e.g. Virtualbox, VMware, Parallels, etc. for people to get onboard with this game.

– Can we visit the planet of the Guardian of Forever and change the game itself?

I’m NOT sold on this game until more details become available. Put bluntly, I really want to play in the 23rd century, NOT the 25th.

Erica, the Sovereign refit is making my heart fluster! I never thought that design could get any better.

Wow, I got my Linux question answered way earlier than I had expected. I guess I’ll just make a Vista basic x64 drive. I think my 8CPUs and 16GB of ram will chew this game up. Bring it! I’m growing tired of Armada I and II.

so disappointed… They’ve butchered the Sovereign and the game graphics look like its from 2004! I actually like the Sacagawea ship design Perpetual had before….

Nimoy talking about games is kind of… weird. You see, it makes me sad hearing all this marketing and advertising stuff from a man (“THE” man) who has clearly nothing to do with these things, if you understand what I mean.