Last Chance For Personalized Videotaped Shatner Signing

Way back in January TrekMovie reported that William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, had hooked up with, who offer personalized videotaped memorabilia signings. The event had sold out (twice) and they have now expanded it to allow for more signings, but the deadline to sign up for your autographed item and personalized taped message from Shatner is midnight Tuesday (Pacific).


What do you want The Shat to say?
Want William Shatner to wish you or a friend happy birthday, anniversary, etc…and do it on tape? Well now is your chance. Visit the Shatner page at and choose one of three items for Shatner to sign (a lithograph, his new autobiography, or a publicity photo from Star Trek TMP) and  type any message you want (up to 300 characters). You will then get the item and a video of Shatner signing your item and reading your customized message. The item will then be mailed to you and the video will be available as a download and also on DVD.

The site has this message from Bill Shatner:

Who do you want me to talk to and what do you want me to say? I can send a message to you or someone you know — a birthday greeting, a good luck wish, even a super shout-out! Or I can answer a question. Type your request here and I’ll respond in your personalized video!

Just imagine the possibilities. Get him to personalize the "Risk is our business" speech, or get him to just say "Denny Crane" 150 times, or maybe he will tell just you why he isn’t in the new Star Trek movie.

The pricing is $149.00 for the signed TMP photo, $179 for the signed autobiography, and $425 for the lithograph. This is a pretty good deal as Shatner has not been appearing at any conventions lately and even though you get to meet him in person, you don’t get much of a ‘personalized’ experience at a big con with hundreds of other autograph seekers in line.

Items Shatner will sign, live on video

Last chance is tomorrow
LiveAutographs will be taping the autographing on Wednesday, so you have to get your customized order in by tomorrow night. More info available at

If you did miss out, TrekMovie is told that LiveAutographs does expect to do this kind of event again in the future, but no timing was provided.

More celebs at LiveAutographs including LOST stars and producer of Abrams Trek
Shatner, as it should be, is the first, but LiveAutographs is also providing personalized (and videotaped) signings for a number of other celebrities including Tricia Helfer, Carmen Electra and Hulk Hogan and most of the cast of Lost. Fans can also get autographs from Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (who is also a producer on JJ Abrams Star Trek), and there can be no end to questions you can ask them to answer on tape. More info at

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….

We should all chip in and buy one for JJ.

While it be fascinatin’ tha’ possibilities o’ what ye’ could have Shatner say… I myself would prefer ta’ have Sean Connery interrogate folks callin’ me voice-mail- like dis:

“Yes, this is bloody BND’s answering service. And just why the EDITED are ye’ callin’ him, now? Don’t you have a life o’ yer EDITED own? Look, if he wanted ta’ talk ta’ a wanker like you, then he EDITED well would have called you, now wouldn’t he have? People like you make me sick, ye’ little EDITED EDITED EDITED. Go and EDITED EDITED EDITED and I’ll just EDITED in your EDITED skull. (pause) Thanks so much for your call and please have a very pleasant day.”

OK… maybe, just maybe I’d have Shatner sing (speak?) somethin’ sweet and bouncy and airy…

“I feel pretty… oh, so pretty, and witty and bright…
You’ve got to leave a message…. for this BND bloke’s outta sight.”

Folks would be more apt ta’ leave me messages then; let me know I can lower me APR rate and get a bonny new statelite teevee service they can…


Crikey! How much money does this guy need!??

Eventually- EVERYONE will have a Shatner autograph.
So how much are my old Shatner autographs worth now…?
Somebody STOP that man from signing anything else!

Yeah, but again,…how much is the personlized video? I don’t even see it on the site.

I admire Shatner’s work ethic. Those grandchildren are definitely going to college.

I’d want him to say “I can’t hear you over the sound of how AWESOME I am” as he signs my copy of “Movie Memories”.

I would like the Shat to say: “JJ, Please let me in the new movie!”

Shatner does not beg.
At least not at this point in his career.

Maybe Bill can record my voice mail intro:

“You’ve … reached….. Promoboy’svoicemailhecan’ttakeyour….
call …rightnowbut.. IF— YOU—–leaveamessagehe’ll– get—
righbackto… YOU!

(And if that doesn’t scare off any future employment / dating opportunities,
I don’t know what will)

If I had unlimited funds at my disposal, oh, I’d go for it. Definitely.

I’m considering getting one for my Mom, the original Shatner Fan. :-)

omg!!! why do i feel so guilty for really wanting this???

William Shatner must appear on new star trek film at any cost.
All fans must press so this can happen


oh man i actually kinda want this too , i mean i dont have any shat
autographs , so it would be a nice way to start , with a video of him doing

what would i want him to say , i guess just ” khannnnnnnnnnnnn” over and over again , yea i know i am weird

This is truly pathetic on so many levels.

@16 No you’re not

I wanted to do one for Evangline Lily from Lost and ask her if she prefers Jack or Sawyer?

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to have him say.

>>We should all chip in and buy one for JJ.

Too funny. I’m in.

I LOVE the Shat. But is this really a “good deal?” Having him say “Khannnnn” over and over again would be hilarious! If you read his “Up ‘Til Now” he repeats over and over again that he unabashedly promotes himself to make money due to a fear of unemployment and inactivity. This is just who he is. And why the hell not? A couple hundred bucks for a few words is good money for anyone.

“Have you ever kissed a girl? Move out of your parents’ basement!”

I can’t wait till these hit YouTube.

I really, really, Really, REALLY tried hard to think of something to say about this…
I’m sorry. I just am numb after this.
However, ‘twould be cool to do this.
Okay, Okay! Shatner’s still the man, no matter how durn goofy this is!

Perhaps Stat can be in a re-do of lost in space???

Tha’t’s SHAT, not STAT

What would I have William Shatner say?

“Why yes, this is my real hair… why do you ask?”


“Not only am I the honorary president of the Hair Club for Men…I am a patient too.”

I wanna him to tell me if he banged Heather Locklear. Good God do I love Shatner!!!! Shatner rules on every possible level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, stop making fun of The Shat. The man’s gotta eat.

He eats too much is what you’re saying.

I just don’t get it. Is the man not starring in a successful television show? Does he need the money? Or will he just do anything?

I type this only with affection for Shatner and concern for his dignity. Such as it is.

Face it, the man would go to the opening of an envelope for a fee!

Has anoyone does this with him the previous times? I’m just curious on how good it is…

Here are some things I would have him say:

‘Hi, I’m William Shatner…this is rescue 911’
‘ ‘ ‘ ” .. .. Dont you know arent you God?
” I’mmmmmm Caaaptaaain Kiirrrrkkkk” (enemy within)

” I did every guest starring woman on every T.V. series I was ever on’

‘George Takei was one of my former, rejected.. lovers’

‘What does Shatner need with a Starship?’

‘Star Trek V sucked and sucked bad!’

every dumb line from Star Trek V

Have him tell us in 300 words what he really thinks of Star Trek fans

Have him tell us in 300 words what he really thinks of Star Trek (and plug him into a lie detector)

Have him tell us in 300 words about his opinion on divorce in regards to his 20 marriages!
Isnt this to benefit charity though?

#28 “Shatner rules on every possible level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yes he does. As TOS fans, we are extraordinarily lucky to have our leading man, our hero, from the 60’s be not only someone who has not passed on, like so many 60’s series stars have, but someone whose career is STRONGER in 2008 than it was decades ago! Bill is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling to persevere and remain relevant in an ever shifting culture. Only a very select few can claim the kind of longevity he enjoys. I and many others wish like hell he was in Star Trek 2009!

well that is about $150.00 per minute..not bad..I think all other trek stars should get in on this.. think about how much takei and nimoy could rake in…eh? eh?

Oh and even Majel!!

#28, 35

Third! :)

@35 Well said, my friend.

Well said Shatner Fan. AMEN!!!! I really missed seeing Bill at the Vegas con this year. He is a force of nature. I was a member of his fan club way back when and he was ALWAYS very gracious and nice to his fans.

What a waste that Shatner wasn’t asked to be in this film. It’s more than a little disrespectful if you ask me.

To most people Shatner is Star Trek. Does anyone reall care about yet another prequel without the original iconic actors.

Shatner should be asked to be in this film.

Think I could have me a pre-arranged eulogy?

“Hello, this is William Shatner. We are gathered together today to mourn the loss of BND who, in all likelyhood, died as the result of something foreign getting stuck in one of his orafices while he frantically flailed his arms and fell overboard. He drowned in the sea since he didn’t know how to swim.

BND posted many times on a Trek movie website and that overshadowed all of his other accomplishments, like winning the medal of… Hey, is this 300 freaking words yet? Someone chuck him in the ground already… smells as bad dead as he did when he was alive…”


Honestly hes bound to die soon.. hes about at that age of croaking so the video with him signing something does sound pretty compelling.. and i hear theres were only 100 litho’s made– so that will be worth something in a few years after his death,. lol

Just so you guys know Nimoy will be added in the next few months. If you have any other suggestions feel free to contact me. Remember the Deadline for the Shatner items are tonight 12pm PST feel free to call our toll free number located on our website.

The Team

Shrewd dude. He knows how to wring every last $ from his celebrity.

Hey, if I had it to sell, I would too!

#42. “bound to die soon”? Good heavens, no. He’s only 77. That ain’t hardly old in my book. The guy could have another 20 years of selling autographs.

40. Mark Grogan – August 12, 2008
“What a waste that Shatner wasn’t asked to be in this film. It’s more than a little disrespectful if you ask me.

Shatner should be asked to be in this film.”

How do you know he wasn’t?

>>How do you know he wasn’t?

At last year’s Vegas con, Shat said that he’d taken the initial meeting and then JJ never called him back. He’s said the same thing in a lot of interviews since then. I figure it was a combination of the whole Generations death plot problem (he’s moldering!), the writer’s strike and Shat’s desire to do more than a cameo that worked against being offered a part in the film.

Shatner is my hero!!

If he wants to make a lot of books is her problem.

For me, always, he´ll be kirk.

That´s all.

@ 41…Too funny, BND!

At least shatner is getting a ‘piece of the action’

This was a waste of money. Not only did he not read the very conservative lines we wrote for him to say, they had him repeat the same message twice for the 2 items we had him sign, totally skipping the other message.

He also read it monotone off a teleprompter with a complete lack of any kind of humanity.

Very disappointing. I guess I should’ve expected that.