The Collective: Vegas Edition

The official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was more than celebrities, autographs, pictures, and drinking at Quark’s. CBS Products and some of the Trek licensees used the con to announce and show off some of the upcoming Star Trek products, including some from Mattel, Diamond Select and Master Replicas. Details pictures and video below.


First look at Star Trek 20Q game
Mattel revealed the (not yet finalized) packaging and prototype of its Star Trek 20Q edition at. The game is appropriately designed to look like the Enterprise, with buttons for answering each of the questions posed as the A.I. tries to guess which classic Star Trek character, ship, place, or thing you are thinking. The ‘Saucer’ of the Enterprise is the game itself, which sits on a stand shaped like the rest of the ship.

This Enterprise can read your minds

The packaging is using the new unified design we are seeing from almost all the new Star Trek products. The game is going to include three bonus trading cards. 20Q will be available this Spring at retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, along with the Sceneit? DVD game, Barbie themed Star Trek dolls, and a radio controlled Enterprise, all from Mattel or its brands.

Packaging mock-up at Las Vegas Convention

Reminder: Help teach 20Q
The online version of 20Q (which will become the AI for the hand-held game) still needs training. It has learned a lot since the site was launched, but Mattel and Radica want it to get even smarter so go visit now and play Star Trek 20Q.


Preview of Master Replicas Assault Phaser
The Master Replicas Star Trek V/VI Assault Phasers are just arriving and should be shipping soon (some have shipped to pre-orders already). MR was showing off one of the phasers at the Vegas show and TrekMovie got a demonstration (see video below). TrekMovie will have a full review of the phaser soon. The MR Star Trek Insurrection Tricorder has not arrived yet, but MR promised to send over some video of that as well.

Master Replicas Assault Phaser

Both new MR items are available to reserve for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Replica Star Trek Starfleet Assault Phaser Replica
$349.99 $449.99


Diamond Select making life-size captain’s chair
Possibly the most surprising bit of product news in a long time was the Vegas announcement that Diamond Select Toys will be making a life-sized version of the Original Series captain’s chair. The chair will be a sturdy piece of furniture complete with lights, buttons and sounds. It will be available in 2009 by Christmas 2008 and pricing is expected to be over $1000 $2000. CBS showed off a picture of a prototype and it looked just right, we are trying to get a copy from DST.

UPDATE: Read our detailed update (w/ pictures) on the DST captain’s chair

Time to move the La-Z-Boy and make room for a real chair


Thanks to John Tenuto, who contributed to this article.


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