Personalized Shatner Videos Appearing Online

Last week we told fans that William Shatner, Star Trek’s first Captain Kirk, was holding an online autographing event at The event was held last Wednesday and some of the personalized videos from the event, including ones for editors, are now online.


Shat shoutouts to the TrekMovie team
Apparently a few TrekMovie readers found their way to LiveAutograph, so they decided to give TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale (aka Tony) a shoutout and thank you from The Shat (so thank you right back). Plus TrekMovie’s Merchandise (and resident Shatnerologist) Editor John Tenuto picked up his own personalized message for his family. 

More Shatner LiveAutograph videos on YouTube
Starting late last week, fans were sent video files (in various formats) of their custom personalized message from William Shatner. Of course it didn’t take long for these to start working their way to YouTube. In watching the videos you can see that, as is his custom, Shatner did a bit of improvising. Here is a sampling:

The Ferelli Family gets Shat to deliver a Kirk line…sort of

Shat delivers a birthday message in his trademark style

TechCruch get Shatner to ‘sort of’ endorse their site

Shat gives Steven the ‘thumbs up’

Joe (who I believe is a TrekMovie regular) asks the Shat:
 "If you were living in the fictional world of Star Trek do you think you would have become a starship captain or remained an entertainer?"

Shat ‘disses’ vblogger Zane Savage?
Shat apparently wouldn’t read what one fan wanted him to say.
Then again it could just be a publicity stunt.


If you got Shat to say something interesting, or he made it interesting on his own, put it up on YouTube and we will add it to this article. will likely hold another Shatner event as well as events for other Star Trek luminaries. Upcoming events include one for the cast and showrunners of Lost, BSG’s Tricia Helfer, and Hulk Hogan. More info at


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I would imagine that was a long day for Bill.

Am I first? WOO HOO! Go Shat! You’re actually being nice. Must be tough at times from what I’ve heard. Props to ya anyway Cap’n.

Hey Anthony,

This is Joe. I reposted my video, since the sound was somewhat muffled the first time:

Zane Savage? Never Hear Of Him

The Shat is a genius- now he has found a way to give autographs, make money. be a hero and not have to rub elbows with 40+ year old men in klingon costumes. In one ingenius stroke he’s made the trek convention both more and less personable….lol…cheers

He looks great. You go Shatman, keep on keepin’ on!

so if shat didnt say it, did they have to pay?



Well I think the The Ferelli Family would be abit muffited at paying money to get ,,,Mr Ferelli,,Take us out,,, “or I’ll take you out”

I like Mr Shatner,,,I would love to see him as Kirk and have a better send off with the remaning TOS crew,,but,,

That really sucked eggs and I think that last thing The Ferelli Family wanted was an insult from Mr Shatner.

I would of been abit shocked to have spend money,,waited ages for it to turn up ,,,and then see that.

If I were the Ferelli family I would’ve found that hilarious.

Is there any ink in that pen? He seems to be signing the exact same photo each time.

Clearly Shatner did this on his own terms. I hope that only added value for the Ferellis, et al. I found it pretty funny.

#9 and 11 … I agree. That was typical Shat. I laughed out loud!

This is one of the reasons Shatner isn’t a favorite of mine anymore. Anything for a buck, in my opinion.

Well, think about it, in all honesty, Mr Ferelli has to realize that having him say “Take us out” is rather cliche. It’d be like having Nimoy say “Live long and prosper”. I’m sure Shatner was simply having a bit of fun at Mr. Ferelli’s (possible) expense for giving him such a cliches line to read.

Or, it’s even conceivable that Mr. Ferelli put that in himself, isn’t it?

In either case, I don’t see any reason to be offended personally. If anything, it seemed more personal than just saying the line by rote, and being done with it.

If you would have been offended by that, you have to ask yourself the following; Did I want William Shatner to give me a personalized message, or did I want James Kirk to do it? Because what you paid for, and what you got was a SHATNER message.

#13 … And he’s said many times that every buck he earns is going to his kids and grandkids after he passes. Good for him! I say milk it for all it’s worth, Captain!


And every buck I make goes to my family when I pass. This is unique?

This looks needy and greedy to me. My opinion.

Needy is appearing on VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab. This idea looks like fun to me, and the fans obviously dug it. If I wasn’t already spending more than I earn, I would have loved to get one.

Shatner won’t do cameos, but he’ll do this?

Shame on Shatner for dissing me! I have created the Anti Shatner Society! Join Now! haha

Why shoudldn’t he make money on Trek? He’s very in demand right now so his time IS $$$. Paramount has made a billion dollars off him and the Trek cast. I just wish I’d gotten a personal message. These are great.

Cool! Nice Job, Mr. Shatner1

These videos made me laugh. Nice job Mr. Shatner. ha ha!

#19 Zane Savage

Good Lord! I peeked at your site.

You need another hobby.

I am Mr. Ferrelli. That message was exactly what I asked for. They let you put together a request, and if it’s not too outlandish, the celebrity will do it, in this case, say hi to my family by name, and give a command from Captain Kirk, something along the lines of “Mr. Ferrelli, take us out.” That was what I requested, and Bill delivered. I watch this video about 5 times a day. My family hasn’t seen it yet, it’s a surprise. I’m waiting for the DVD and autograph in the mail.

so so so so so cool!!!

I want one!

#24 … Glad to hear you took Bill’s wisecrack in the humorous spirit that was intended! Yes, that is one VERY COOL item you have! I am envious.


No one asked him to say Beam me up?

I’ll say it and only charge you half.

I love the Shat and all, but wow, it looks like they took whatever he said in one take, bloopers and weird pauses and all. The “” background was unnecessary advertising, almost imposing to the viewer. A dark curtain and a neatly dressed celebrity would have given a better result. The editing and audio are subpar at best, too.

I cringe at saying this, but I’m glad I didn’t hit the Buy button and waste $150 a few nights ago. Again, Shatner is great, but this platform blows.

More Shatner. Yes!
Especially next year.

Wasn’t this all for charity anyway? He didn’t make any money.

What sort o’ scallywag knerk goes and chucks together a horribly shoddy and malignin’ webbypage just cuz somethin’ supposed ta’ be fun struck him odd?

Why, I’d only puke me puddin’ moreso if some moronic sociopath wit’ egregious pulsatin’ foot-fungus made up a webbypage blightin’ tha’ Royal Navy full o’ poorly written teevee scripts starrin’ hisself wit’ Trek characters and…


Great idea, Xai – I’ll buy it if you pay me! :D

Zane, very few people, I think, are going to want to join your A.S.S! I don’t want any part in that! This organization, jokes aside, would have more credibility if you hadn’t set it up after asking for an autograph from Shatner! A.S.S is nothing more than sour grapes! :)

I think it’s just a joke to generate some web traffic and give him something to blog about that doesn’t rhyme with McCain or Obama.

Well I just got mine. I was a little disappointed. I made the mistake of saying the 1976 San Francisco convention (it was 1977 oops!) and yes you were there Bill, your plane was late!!!! In regards to this live autograph thing, unless there is something vulgar or something he wishes not to say he should stick to the script! We did pay for him to read it! He is an actor-just read the line, that’s what I paid for. Ahh hell, it’s still cool. Still love the Shat! No hard feelings.

I have to admit…I was 100% against this. There was no way anyone was going to get me to spend money on this. I don’t need an autographed picture and personalized video.

Now after having watched all these I kind of wish I had. Have to admit. That’s pretty cool.

“What do we do every day with our eyes Clarice?…No! We covet”

Okay, I’m doing that a little bit.

>.“What do we do every day with our eyes Clarice?…No! We covet”

Ok, I’m imaging how Shatner would say that line.


That’s my birthday video! I wanted him to read out a voice mail for me but at least I got the happy birthday. The best 18 seconds I have ever paid for lol