Shatner’s Raw Nerve To Premiere in December + Exclusive First Look

About a month ago we reported that A&E Networks had picked up William Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve and it would premiere August 19th (today) on the Bio Channel. Fans have been asking about the show and so TrekMovie checked in with A&E. Don’t worry the show is still coming, but will now be in December. We have an exclusive first image and more details below.  


The Shat gets up close and personal
A&E/Bio are pitching Raw Nerve as an "edgy and off-beat celebrity interview series." They promise that Shatner’s unique style will "capture America’s most intriguing people at their most unexpected." Each episode will focus entirely on a single celebrity guest and the show is shot in a real living room (A&E wouldn’t say whose it is, but it isn’t Shatner’s or the guests’). Shatner has chosen to set up the chairs to face each other to get into the personal space of his interviewees and help him strike that raw nerve.  Below is an exclusive first image from the show, showing Shatner reach out and touch Kelsey Grammer (who also happens to be a Star Trek alumni).

Shatner strikes a nerve with Kelsey Grammer

Other guests for the show will include John Voight, Jimmy Kimmel, Judge Judy, Jenna Jameson, Valerie Bertinelli, and many more. A guest that Trekkies will especially be tuning in to see will be Leonard Nimoy. The Nimoy episode has already been taped and the original Spock described the experience in his recent interview with TrekMovie:

We had a wonderful conversation. I think we spoke much longer and he got much more material than he needed for what is a half-hour show. We talked for a long time. I thought it was a very new and special and rich conversations. We touched on subjects that were never touched on before as well as reviewing some of the things we have talked about before. I think it is going to be quite wonderful to watch and I am looking forward to seeing it myself, but it is going to be edited so I don’t know what to expect. But I got a very nice call from Bill a week after we had done it thanking me and he felt we had got into some wonderful stuff.

So far around six episodes have been taped and the show was moved back to early or mid December to accommodate Shatner’s schedule (bear in mind he still has more Boston Legal to shoot). As Raw Nerve gets closer, expect more updates and info from


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Sounds like FUN!

Can’t Wait


Nimoy episode has already been taped and the original Spock described the [expedience] in his recent interview with TrekMovie:

It was a very “quick” interview?

I admire and appreciate all the work you do Anthony and I’m not usually one to point out mistakes….but hey [expedience] works there as well as [experience]

If the Shat is as serious and natural as he was on Mind Meld it should be interesting, but if he gets all goofy like he gets on other people’s talk shows than I don’t think it’ll last very long. Non-fans might think he’s a bit…odd.

I’ll definitely check it out.

Love ya, Bill!

will we see this in Great Britain?

i hope so


I was never sure if Mind Meld (absolutely great, must-have DVD) showed Shatner’s potential as an interviewer or if it relied entirely on the unique chemistry of Shatner and Nimoy. A&E obviously hopes it’s the former!

They look like they’re in love

He should bring in Stern and grill him.

Sounds neat. I’ll definitely be checking this out.

I’ll be tuning in (inasmuch as my schedule allows it). I think this is a venue that The Shat would have an innate talent for – his personality lends itself to a one-on-one interaction on this level. God knows he has a perpetually inquisitive mind, and an intellect to support it.

I can’t wait to see this–I’ve been excited since I heard Bill first mention it. I’m glad it’s really happening!

Can’t Wait!!!

Raw nerve pushed back to December;
The new Star Trek movie also pushed back;


i wonder when JJ Abrams will be on?

Never cared too much for Dennis Miller — still don’t — but he called it on an MTV awards show from about a decade or so ago, where Shatner performed a couple of his unique song/monologues (whatever the hell you’d call them), and he said that no one in the universe has bigger balls than William Shatner!

I can’t wait to see Nimoy and Shatner do this. Mind Meld is one of my favorite things.

Is that a real living room from someone still living in the sixties?

I’d like Shat to always have quality material. But frankly, even a potroast demonstration is watchable with Shat attached. This could actually be good — talk shows are good things, unless they get all Oprah up their heinies in their seriousness. I think Shat’s “serious” buttons are permanently jammed up with Canadian syrup. So, this should be fun.

Hopefully they’ll put an unedited version of the Nimoy interview up on the internet.

Okay, call me what you want: my ‘dream’ interview would be William Shatner interviewing James T. Kirk.

#2 would be Dr. Michio Kaku.

But barring those, #9, you beat me to it.

Hoping Shat can keep a lid on the goofiness – I know there’s a serious, intelligent man in there and I do enjoy the fun he brings wherever he goes, but… I dunno, I just would like to see him in serious mode. At least for most of the time.

William who?
I think I remember him. Wasn’t he famous for something……………………?

Are the rumors true? Will Chris Pine appear as James T. Kirk in this show? Maybe a cameo?

All sillyness aside, why wouldn’t the producers/distributor try to finagle a two-part Nimoy/Shatner “Raw Nerve” interview? Forget just one episode! Use that extra footage!

(And “Mind Meld” was indeed a great DVD. I’m surprised isn’t providing an link alongside this article. Missed opportunity…)

Yeah, Shatner and Nimoy – they shouldn’t edit that. I for one could listen to them for hours.

Oh, how about inviting George Can You Guess My Last Name Takei? That should prove interesting…:D

funny story… night after leaving Comic Con in San Diego we went to Nicky Rotten’s for dinner. I told my daughter and my friend that I’d meet them at the table cuz I had to use the restroom. So I got in there, and there’s one stall, so no choices. I enter the stall, turn around to close the door and there is William Shatner! Ha! A huge poster of him in his interview chair and the words, “Is Now a Good Time To Talk?” I laughed my head off! I took a picture of it while I was…uh…er…you know. It’s now my desktop wallpaper. If I were asked of all the people in the world, who would show up in the women’s toilet and ask to talk, the answer would definately be Shatner!

I’d like to see The Shat interview Ricardo Montalban for the show. Then he can yell “KHAAAANNN!!” one more time.
Is Mr. Montalban in good health? Last I heard, he is in a wheelchair.

Sounds good. If nothing else, it’s something different and the Shat is always fun to watch. If he makes the guests squirm it will be worth the price of admission.

bloody Brilliant.

If you want to see a great Shat/Nimoy “interview” dont forget about Mind Meld on DVD, it might give some insight……….just FYI

P.S. For a moment there I thought every guest had the letter ‘J’ as the first letter in their name…. lol….

What a freaking relief!
I just heard about this the day AFTER it was to have aired this week, thinking I’d missed Leonard & Shatner. Ive looked all over the web and thankfully someone directed me here to this update..

This was very important for me to catch, even if I found out late. I ADORE Leonard period and he opened up with Shatner on Mind Meld like he’s not in his autobios or the many interviews Ive seen. When he addresses how he feels on things, it had always been his work..

Although Mind Meld was back and forth, Shatner proved himself to be the real interviewer and I was seriously impressed (and surprised) with the outstanding job he did. His ability to do follow up questions and be charming – honestly, I hadnt liked him much prior to it.

If this provides even a sliver of the personal insight the Mind Meld interview did, it will be well worth counting down to.

“…touch Kelsey Grammer (who also happens to be a Star Trek alumni).”

KG is a Star Trek alumnus. “Alumni” is plural. Please fix. Thanks.