Vote For Star Trek As One Of TV’s Most Memorable Moments

The 60th annual Emmy Awards are held on September 21st and part of the show will include ‘TV’s most memorable moments’ from both drama and comedy. The clips that will be included in the final show are based on Internet voting which just opened up and a classic scene from Star Trek is on the list.  


"He knows, Doctor"
"City on the Edge of Forever" is widely considered the best Star Trek episode and the ultimate scene is when Kirk is forced to make the choice between preserving the timeline or saving the woman he loves. This is one of the 20 scenes from different shows you can vote on for most memorable moment in the drama category at the ABC website. A second round of voting will start on September 9th with the final clips being shown in the ABC broadcast on Sunday Sept. 21st.

Vote for Trek!

Get out the vote!
Star Trek has some serious competition with classic scenes from The Fugitive, The Waltons, The Sopranos and more. There are a number of genre choices to contend with including scenes from The Twilight Zone, X-Files, Buffy, and Lost.

So get out there and VOTE FOR TREK.

TrekMovie will do an update if Trek makes it into the second round of voting and you will have to watch on September 21st watch to see if Trek made onto the show. This year a number of Trek alumni (past and present) are up for awards, including William Shatner (see previous TrekMovie article for more).

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They have my vote. I’ve loved that moment since I first saw it.

Seeing Spock with the beard in Mirror, Mirror. Nothing shocked my shit that deeply seeing that on Channel 9 at midnight…..THAT is my personal top moment.

But He Knows is good too

shhhhh nobody tell Harlan..

got my vote in. im curious how well this classic scene from TOS will do

no idea… possibly no one will get it

I voted.
SSSHHHHH…nobody tell Zane Savage!

Tough, tough category. I voted for ST but the Twilight Zone episode is my favorite and Brian’s Song always makes me cry.

I voted for Trek but Roots and Duel are rockin a close 2nd.

I voted. Best episode in the history of “Star Trek.” Doesn’t look like it’ll ever be surpassed.

Yes I voted for Trek. No contest. Although in the day, I loved Moonlighting and The Fugitive.

Yeah that was pretty tough, but since you folks told me about it, I voted for Trek.

Then I flipped over to the comedy category and voted for South Park and all is balanced in the universe again :p

ST, Roots, and TZ.

I voted for Trek in Drama as well, but in Comedy, I had to go with The Honeymooners. That show’s a classic.

I loooove Star Trek and that moment was great but I just had to go and vote for the X-files kiss as well…Mulder and Scully make me feel all warm and fuzzy. City on the edge….it’s just painful to see Kirk have to do that…really makes you well up.

peace and long life…

I voted for Large German Man in Diaper…. Oh wait a minute, that was for ‘Germany’s Most Disturbing Home Videos.’

I voted for the Trek scene as well.

Ditto for the Honeymooners.
Thank goodness Ion is running episodes on Sunday evenings.

Address the ball…
Norton: “Hello, ball!”

As much as I love Star Trek ….. I have to agree with Number 3. I voted for the X-Files kiss because it was just made sense. City on the Edge of Forever is my favorite TOS episode but some how I couldn’t override the X-Files moment , the music, it was so well put together.

Voted for Star Trek. Was torn between Newhart and MTM for comedy.

that scene is what defined star trek, my wife watched the remastered episode with me, and she’s not a fan by any means, but when edith keeler crossed that street she screamed ‘don’t cross!’ and of course the rest is history, they already have my vote

I voted 3 times for Trek. I tried to vote for a comedy too, but the link kept bringing me back to dramas. So each time around I voted for Trek again. I hope they all count.

voted for ST but it was hard to choose in the comedy category…

so I went with The Tonight Show.

(BTW in case you miss it, you can click on the thumbnail and see the clip)

I don’t remember most of the things on the list so CotEoF is an easy choice. I really like Duel but proto-Spielberg doesn’t need another award as much as Star Trek.

My vote is in! That episode never fails in bringing a tear to my eye. To me the absolute most poinent moment in the entire Trek Universe. The thing that really helps pull me out of it is knowing that they are really doing that whole scene in what amounts to Floyd’s barbershop, from the Andy Griffith show:^)

Trek all the way! Yeah, Baby, Yeah!!!

# 15… nice “Sprockets” reference. You are angular and beautiful. Now ve dance!

Oh yeah, Trek got my vote too. As much as I enjoyed many of the other shows, it’s Trek that’s always been near and dear.

Can we vote again? (…and again…and again…and again…)

My vote was for Trek,
In comedy, had to keep it in the Desilu with good ol’ Lucy…

For my money, the most memorable moment in Star Trek history is when Picard sees Batai and Eline and realizes that the person the probe finds is him.

“Tell them of us, my darling.”

There are other grandiose moments of more epic proportion, but in terms of Star Trek fulfilling it’s promise as a Drama, it doesn’t get any better than that.

(And it’s got far better acting than City of the Edge of Forever.)

Voted for it though. Definitely.

you can vote as many times as you like… I vote 10 times for Star Tek… and once for Miami Vice… i loved that show! :)

The “Tell them of us, my darling.” from “The Inner Light” should be in there somewhere too….

But damn, that Buffy scene was pretty wonderful.

Ok, I toed the ST party line and voted for TOS. But, I have to say that the Twilight Zone nominee, “To Serve Man”, is a close contender. That was an awesome dramatic and surprising moment…. the best “gotcha” in TV history.

What can I say? Read my post — #18 — from Sunday’s TrekMovie article “Shatner: TOS Kirk Is A Stranger.” This is one of the greatest scenes network TV ever produced and it gets my vote without question or hesitation. It’s stronger than that “Twilight Zone” moment, because this one gets you by the heart and soul. I can never watch it dry-eyed.

Now that final “Newhart” episode — that was a “gotcha” moment! :)

The day Jim Kirk can’t take John Boy Walton in a fair fight is the day I paint myself green and dance for the Ferengi!

(#28 Aries – Yes! Yes! A million times yes! I’m getting gooseflesh just thinking about it!)

While I think that scene when Kirk picks the timeline over Edith is incredibly powerful, my favorite scene is at the end of Amok Time when Spock sees that Kirk is alive and his joy bursts out. I love that.

I voted for trek 25 times.(I hope they all count) for comedy I voted for the tonight show. Nothing makes me laugh harder then Johnny carson. Though MASH is a very close Second. But I tell you The fugitive was a great show and though im only 39 i have seen all the eps and it was a truly great show. twilight zone is always a good bet and to serve man is realy scarey. But trek is my first love in scifi and drama and The city on the edge of forever had both. great Sci fi and great drama and an incredable story of love and hart break and true frendship.

City on the Edge of Forever and Carol Burnett. Ah, childhood. Some of the newer entries don’t really have the feel of something I’ll still care about in 10 years. Comedy was tougher — many good choices.

How can anyone who takes the time and effort to find this message board NOT vote for Star Trek? (shakes head)

#28 Not in your lifetime will a moment from TNG beat one from TOS. Being boring doesn’t mean you are a better actor.

Holy Cow, I visited the comedy choices. Murphy Brown, American Idol, Ellen,and Sex in the City are on the Comedy list? On what planet? You can throw out whatever wins, based on the choices alone. Have these morons ever heard of Curb Your Enthusiasm? The Odd Couple? Barney Miller?

In the spirit of Mayor Daley’s Chicago,I voted eight times for The Honeymooners, and will continue to do so until my fingers fall off.

I’ve just watched the clips offered for consideration in both categories. That’s it? Almost 60 years of television history and that’s the best?

That’s a very sad testimony to what should be a DAZZLING medium! Pitiful!

#40 Exactamundo, Potsie.

Tiz pitiful, yes Harry! Can we have write-ins?

For Comedy, I had to go with M*A*S*H, that had to be one of the most dramatic moments in the shows long history. It brought home the horrors of war by taking away someone who had become “a part” of their lives.

And for Drama, it was easily Trek.

39 – Excellent points indeed.

Too bad Monty Python didn’t get into the comedy category at all. Guess they can only count US shows. Pity really, because there are lots of shows from other countries that have aired here and often thump the trousers off anything we’ve got to offer.

Many better moments from “All in the Family” than the Sammy Davis appearance. The one about Edith hitting menopause is pretty classic.

Crap, I’ve seen way too much TV. Guess it’s time to go read myself to sleep….

39 – BTW: Is that lit camel a Dromedary or a Bactrian?

#40 I completly agree. Wheres WKRP in cincenaty or Alice or laverne and Shirly or The prisener or Adam 12. There are so many they missed. But at least they got trek in there and ill at least give them credit for that. What about Wagon train. The show that helped inspire Trek. or Gasp Gunsmoke. Where the hell is Gunsmoke. The wild wild west. Have gun will travel. I could go on and on. But ill stop this rant for now.

capt mike, it’s encouraging that I’m not alone in my opinion! Thanks!

# 46. Theres way to many great shows that are not even on there. They have a couple.johnny carson and all in the family. The fugeative and Twilight zone. But the rest i just don’t get.

At first glance it was honestly a hard choice because I was a huge Buffy fan and have never liked TOS that much my self, but it wasnt the Buffy scene I thought it was (that being when she has to kill Angel) so it went to TOS. Honestly I would have loved to see some TNG in there, maybe best of both worlds, that would have gotten my vote over TOS any day.

How is it that there are at least two posts on this thread decrying TOS? This is a website for people interested in Trek news, specifically news based a new TOS-themed movie. I absolutely have no patience for any person who posts these types of comments here.

Whoever you guys are, are you trying to stir up a cauldron of my-trek-is-better-than-yours? Not a good recipe, especially on this site.