Abrams: Star Trek Is Worth The Wait

JJ Abrams and pals are gearing up for the September 9th premiere of their new TV show Fringe. In a new interview promoting the show at TV Guide, Abrams was also asked about his Star Trek movie where he described what what we have in store in May 2009 and what it was like working with Leonard Nimoy.


Excerpts from TV Guide


TV Guide: On "Trek," one of the people you worked with was Leonard freakin’ Nimoy!
JJ Abrams: I know! But it’s funny, because it wasn’t until very recently that it really hit me how cool that was. There was so much work to do during the shoot and there were so many fires that needed putting out that there wasn’t much time to sit and acknowledge the reality of working with him. Then the other day I was watching the movie, and there he was. There was Spock! And it hit me like, "Holy s—!" [laughs] It was kind of like a huge delay.

TV Guide: There are still nearly nine months until "Trek"’s release. What can you tell us?
JJ Abrams: All I can say is that I think this movie is going to be worth the wait. It’s blessed with a wonderful optimism and an incredibly alive and invested cast. While the visual effects are gonna be unbelievable, the movie is working right now with only 50 of our 1,000-plus visual effects finished. It’s funny, it’s scary, it’s dramatic, emotional and entertaining–all without having the stuff you’d think a movie called "Star Trek" would require. That to me is exciting.


TV Guide: The first episode opens with a troubled flight. Was it an intentional nod to Lost?
JJ Abrams: It’s almost embarrassing, but I wasn’t even thinking about that. The idea for that sequence came to me, and then I thought, "Oh , Lord." [Laughs] Then I was like, "Do we change it?" But the story could not be less like Lost. To me, there’s just something about airplanes. I was obsessed with the "Airport" movies when I was a kid. I saw all of them, including "The Concorde–Airport ’79." So it’s a place that’s kind of a go-to for me. But I’m guessing I can’t really do another airplane thing for a while.

Read the full interview in the current TV Guide. Scan available at SpoilerTV.


See Abrams at the New York Television Festival
On Saturday September 13th the cast and producers of Fringe will engage in a discussion at a screening for Fringe at the New York Television Festival’s ‘Premiere Week.’ More info at nytvf.com.

"Fringe" creators (and Star Trek ‘Supreme Court’ members) Roberto Orci, JJ Abrams and Alex Kurtzman at Fox Upfront announcements in May




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