More Details On Alternate Reality Collective DVD Set + TOSR Season One Price Drop

CBS Paramount has just released the final details on the September 16 release of the Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective. We have a full list of the special features, more packing art and news on the special promotional figure giveaway. Plus the Season One of the Remastered Trek has dropped in price to fall in line with Seasons Two and Three.


The  Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective contains 20 ‘alternate reality’ episodes from the Trek franchise, or four from each of the five Star Trek series. The episodes are broken into four categories: Mirror Universe, Parallel Dimensions, Twisted Realities, and Alternate Lives. Each category gets its own new bonus materials including new interviews and commentaries by cast and crew. See below for a full disk by disk breakdown.

The set arrives September 16th and retails for $42.99, and is available now for pre-order on Amazon for $27.99.

Disc One: Mirror Universe

  • Mirror, Mirror -The Original Series*
  • Crossover – Deep Space Nine
  • Through The Looking Glass – Deep Space Nine
  • Shattered Mirror – Deep Space Nine
  • Mirror Universe Part 1 featurette

Disc Two: Mirror Universe & Parallel Dimensions

  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1) – Enterprise
  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2) – Enterprise
  • Mirror Universe Part 2 featurette
  • The Alternative Factor – The Original Series*
  • Parallels – The Next Generation
  • Parallel Dimensions featurette

Disc Three: Twisted Realities

  • The Enemy Within -The Original Series*
  • Turnabout Intruder -The Original Series*
  • Frame of Mind – The Next Generation
  • Shattered – Voyager
  • Twisted Realities featurette

Disc Four: Alternate Lives

  • Yesterday’s Enterprise – The Next Generation
  • The Inner Light – The Next Generation
  • The Visitor – Deep Space Nine
  • Before And After – Voyager
  • Alternate Lives Part 1 featurette

Disc Five: Alternate Lives

  • Timeless – Voyager
  • Course: Oblivion – Voyager
  • E2 – Enterprise
  • Twilight – Enterprise
  • Alternate Lives Part 2 featurette

* remastered version

Box art front

Box art front and back (click to enlarge)

Free Geordi figure offer
The set also comes with a coupon for a free Diamond Select Toys action figure, and CBS just announced that the figure will be a "Captain Geordi LaForge" from the Voyager episode "Timeless" All you have to pay is shipping and handling.

Captain LaForge

Available for $27.99
Amazon has the collective available for pre-order at $27.99, which is not bad for 20 episodes plus special features and an action figure. Also the past previous five ‘fan collectives’ are available as a box set now for $131.99.


Fan Collective
Box Set



 Available 9/16/08

 Available now


Season One of TOSR now only $79.99 + All Three Seasons For $199.99
CBS Paramount has more than cut in half the retail price for the HD DVD / DVD hybrid Remastered Star Trek The Original Series Season One set. The set is now has a retail price of $89.99 (which is more in line with the DVD-only Seasons Two and Three), and the Amazon price is now only $79.99 (or about 50% less than it was before the price drop). So now buying all three seasons of TOSR indivdually will cost you a bit over $200, or you can pick up the Three Season Pack in November for $199.99.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




 Available now
(HD /DVD Combo)

 Available now

 Available 11/18/08


Three Season Pack


 Available 11/18/08





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This is shaping up to be an excellent set!

Those two Enterprise Mirror Universe Episodes are absolutely mandatory viewing for not only their story but, the out of this world VFX!

I really wish they’d have put all these special features into the season sets. I own most of the seasons and will eventually get them all, and I just can’t justify buying the same episodes again just for special features.

Which episodes get the commentaries?

4th? Sounds awesome, I want it!

sadly only a portion of ds9s mirror universe stories are included, which is a pity, since each episode in the mirror universe ds9 arc is essential to the next, laying out a miniseries within ds9…

that being said, why the hell isnt ds9’s ‘far beyond the stars’ in the alternate lives segment? said episode is one of the best of any star trek series, and moreover is a wonderful depiction of the struggles of pre-martin luther king jr. african-american struggles in 20th century america…voyager’s ‘endgame should be in alternate lives as well

on twisted realities should be voyager’s ‘author, author’ and ‘living witness’, as well as enterprise’s ‘storm front parts 1 & 2’ (how the hell can an alternate reality depicting a nazi-invaded america NOT be in this dvd-set?) moreover how could tng’s ‘all good things’ not be in the set under twisted realities?

others im unsure of which category they should fall into include voyagers ‘year of hell, parts 1 & 2’, ‘projections’, ‘relativity’ & ‘worst case scenario’, tng’s ‘qpid’, ‘tapestry’, ‘masks’, ‘gambit, parts 1 & 2’, and any episode involving sela, ds9’s ‘second skin’, ‘children of time’, ‘time’s orphan’, and ‘if wishes were horses’, and enterprise’s ‘these are the voyages…’


#1, You’re Correct. They Were AMAZING! I Liked The Begining Credits Especially!

@#7, +1 to that!

The alternate Zaphram Cochran scene made me go…what in the…..?????

If I had to pic the star of those episodes I would say the beautifully rendered U.S.S. Defiant!

They state audio commentaries yet they don’t list which episodes.

Enterprise’s In A Mirror Darkly I recall did have that. Safe bet that may be the case.

Question is did they record new ones for the past episodes? ie TOS-VOY…


“* remastered version”

Does “remastered version” mean that the TOS episodes are included in the remastered version with the new special effects or in a remastered version without the new effects (as in the Captain’s Log Box)?

If the version with the new effects is included does that not mean that CBS/Paramount is eventually REPLACING Star Trek in its original form with those new remastered versions? I mean, this is a standard DVD set. Why include those new remastered versions? Why not the original ones? Does that mean that all future releases of Star Trek TOS will feature the new effects only and the original version of the series will eventually get lost/become unavailble? Isn’t that just the same as with Star Wars? What do you think about that?

“Does that mean that all future releases of Star Trek TOS will feature the new effects only and the original version of the series will eventually get lost/become unavailble?”

I think that’s a pretty safe assumption.

You guessed correctly. The former 40+ year old classic Trek series versions will now be a past collector’s item only. The newer TOS-R versions have re-written history for the next generations in an effort to milk new fans into falling for the orig. show. It’s a win-win for CBS/Paramount. Continue to make money on a show already produced and in the can for years by continuing to sell it to new consumers for years to come.
But if MGM comissioned ILM to redo The Wizard of Oz, I think I would get physically ill.
I’d be interested in the viewing numbers of former and especially new ones and see how well revamping the FX on TOS has attracted a younger fan base it never had or could never get when it had the vintage opticals.

What? No Year of Hell? If ever there was an alternate realities pair of episodes, those were them. In fact, those two were a high point for the otherwise mediocre Voyager.

I also agree with another poster that Tapestries would be a great addition as well.

$199 for the three season set is about $100 too much.

Once more Paramount looks to rip off fans with material LONG paid for, and which costs them pennies to produce.

They aren’t paying the actors, the writers, or anyone any royalties or fees.

There’s no reason for such high prices when shows like Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 and even Smallville sell for $29.95 a season.

Those are current shows that haven’t made the tens of millions of dollars that Star Trek TOS has made for Paramount.

I’ve already bought the episodes on VHS and some on DVD. At some point, I think as a consumer and a fan I deserve a reward for my loyalty over the past 40+ years.

Ripping me off, isn’t a reward.

Well said #14!!!

I’m tired of the high prices, too.

I’m willing to bet that they are going to rake us over the coals one more time (at least) when they come out on Blu-Ray, so I think I’ll just wait until then.

Where’s Parallels? The biggest TNG alternate realities show isn’t even in the set.

Oh,. It’s on disc two. That’s okay. Uh, Wouldn’t City on the Edge of Forever be considered an alternate universe story?

Still don’t understand why they would include a dog of an episode like The Alternative Factor on the set. If they’re looking to convert more fans to TOS, that episode won’t do it.

Where is Year of Hell parts one and 2 for Voyager? One of the best alternate realties stories.

I’m not really seeing how the price drop on season one of TOS -Remastered falls in line with the others. Amazon’s selling season one at $79.99 but selling season two at just $59.99. Why the $20 difference?

The season one set is really a joke, since HD-DVD is dead. The set should be selling for less than $50 now! Fans who wanted it originally paid an insane price for the dual-sided discs.

A regular, standard DVD edition BY ITSELF should’ve been available from the start, and at a more affordable price. But since that didn’t happen, and since HD-DVD is done for, it’s time to make these affordable for the regular DVD buyer.

But then, as others have noted here, Paramount’s always priced the Trek DVDs at ridiculously high prices. Compare the prices to other shows on DVD and that’s clear. Considering what a cash cow Trek’s been for over 40 years, there’s really no need to continue raking the fans over the coals while double, even triple, dipping is there?

You can get the TNG, DS9 and VOY sets for about 50 bucks now.

I didn’t mind paying 100 for the box sets when they first came out. You’re getting seven discs a set with all the seasons episodes plus bonus features. That’s not a bad deal. I’ve seen some 30 buck DVD sets that only have 2 discs with a few extra features.

I was at Costco this morning and both Season 1 and 2 were available for 57.99 each.

I see a lot of guys whining about the high prices of the DVD sets.

Well, you know what–


So, stop yammering and count your blessings, will ya?

you can preorder the TOS-R 3 pack for $179 through family video e-commerce

#19 “Still don’t understand why they would include a dog of an episode like The Alternative Factor”

Ditto! Turns me off from getting the set. Really.

Seacrest out!

RE: TOS Remastered price reduction.

The pricing on these sets is far more fair now, and much more worth my while financially.

I have held the opinion that 2 and 3 would be purchased eventually, but season 1 would not be purchased out of principal.

With the price coming down, I believe I’ll be making the purchase, or at least putting it on my Xmas list :-)

Next year comes TOS RR Really remastered episodes!

I think with this set they didn’t want to have repeats from other sets like they did with “Endgame” on both the Time Travel and Borg sets.

“City on the Edge of Forever” and “Year of Hell” were already on the Time Travel collective.

I agreem thie inclusion of “Alternative Factor” is eye-brow raising. I am glad they are starting to include the remastered TOS episodes, since I can’t afford to buy the TOS Remastered sets.

Personally, the exclusion of “Resurrection” and “Emperor’s New Cloak” are not a big loss, because those are the only two Mirror universe episodes that I did not like.

I meant to say ‘I agree that the inclusion of the Alternative Factor is eyebrow raising’ in case anyone is wondering ;).


But so was “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and that one is in here. I suppose one repeat isn’t too bad, though.

#24 #27

It’s not “whining”. It’s a valid complaint.So stop being so harsh and nasty.

And “far more fair” is not a proper phrase in english. Fair is binary. It either IS or ISN’T. $200.00 for three seasons of a show that should sell for $29.95 a season ISN’T fair. It’s a rip-off!

I’ve paid $24 apiece for two episodes on VHS. I’ve already invested quite a bit of money. Paramount made it’s money on me for over 40 years.

DVD’s cost pennies to make. The set probably has about $5.00 in cost. Maybe less. Selling that set for $79 or even $69 is a rip off.

The sets should retail for $29.95 as do seasons of BSG, Stargate, Smallville and other shows.

THAT would be “far more fair”.

Well, it may not be The Year of Hell, but Before and After is a sort-of alternative prequel.

For those who don’t recall, this is the one where Kes is dying of old age and starts to jump back in time, including to the Year of Hell.

This was done prior to that ep, and they took some liberties with the 2-parter’s continuity with this, but since both episodes involve fixing the timeline I suppose we have 3 timelines: the desirable one, and the 2 bad ones from each episode, which have enough similarities to be mistakenly identified as the same.

A bit OT, but this sort of reminds me of where things are with the Terminator franchise; what with all the failed efforts by Skynet over the years, the timeline has been changed, allowing the conflicting T3 and Sarah Conner Chron. timelines to come and go, but never quite taking out John and the future defeat of Skynet.

#32 – Accepted that my phrase was not correct english.

Perhaps “far more acceptable” would be applicable.

The point that it is a better price remains valid, regardless of my use of incorrect English.

I totally agree with you, #14. Paramount has stuck it to the fans for ages with their criminally priced DVD sets. Newer shows with larger fanbases are being released on DVD at a fraction of what Paramount is charging for Trek, which has already made back its production costs a long time ago. It’s price gouging, plain and simple.

E2 & Twilight are 2 awesome episodes. Maybe I’ll go watch them on the DVDs I already own.

Yeah, Year of hell 1 and 2 are some of the only VOY I can stomache.