William Shatner Still Not In Star Trek Movie – Final Cut Weeks Away

For those who may not have picked up on this yet, William Shatner is not in the new Star Trek movie, yet rumors and conjecture persist that maybe he is. But a new pair of interviews with both Shatner and Star Trek director JJ Abrams denying Shat is in the movie should be the final word on this saga.


Shatner: I know nothing
In the brand new issue of Star Trek Magazine, the original Kirk again recalls that he had some meetings with Star Trek director JJ Abrams, but he still isn’t certain "what those meetings were about." However, he is certain about one thing:

I have no connection with the film whatsoever. It’s the strangest thing. Even my dear friend Leonard [Nimoy] won’t tell me what it’s about.  

In the interview Shatner also recounted recently working with Robert Pine, father of Chris Pine (the new Kirk) and that he and Chris exchanged notes of regard. He has nothing but good things to say about the Pines:

It’s a lovely family. I just wish him well, and hope that the movie becomes successful and that he himself is successful in it.

Abrams: Nimoy only — almost has final cut
And in case you are holding out hope that something has happened between the point in time Shatner did the mag interview and today, sorry but you are out of luck. In a press event for Fringe in New York today (reported by IGN), director JJ Abrams addressed the ‘is Shatner in it?’ question by saying:

No, the only cast member from the original films is Nimoy.

Abrams also said that despite others seeing a cut of the film, they were still ‘evolving’ the film, and noting:

I’m hoping the final cut is a few weeks away. But we’re definitely circling.

So there you have it. The final cut (without music, sound and visual effects) is almost done, and it is still sans-Shat. Maybe this will stop the speculation–maybe.



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