SciFi ENT & TNG Marathons + Nemesis AMC Premiere [UPDATE: Trek Trivia Quiz w/ Prize]

This week there are some happenings for Star Trek on TV. Firstly the last Trek film, Nemesis, has its network TV premiere on the AMC Network, with more showings later in the week. Plus the Sci-Fi Channel has two Trek marathons lined up for Labor Day weekend. There are also some changes ahead in the fall schedule for Trek on cable.

Nemesis network premiere on AMC
In the last week the AMC Channel held the network TV premiere of Star Trek Nemesis, and you can catch it this week airing Thursday August 28th at 10:30 PM and Friday August 29th at 3PM. To celebrate Jean Luc meeting himself in the form of Shinzon, the AMC blog has a post all about clones, which includes a poll where you can rank your favorite clone movies. Currently Nemesis is leading the voting, beating such clone-erific movies as Star Wars Episode II and even the Michael Keaton comedy Multiplicity.

UPDATE: New AMC Trivia Quiz – Win Galaxy Quest DVD
AMC have just added a new Star Trek Trivia Quiz and if you answer all 15 questions correctly (and any reader should be able to), you can enter to win a Galaxy Quest DVD.

Catch Nemesis on AMC to see Jean Luc stare into his past
…and the end of his franchise

TNG and Enterprise ‘Viewers Choice’ Marathons this weekend
Since June the SciFi Channel has been the cable home for both Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Enterprise (which started earlier in the year). For this Labor Day weekend the channel is going Trek crazy with an all day marathon of Enterprise on Friday and a Next Gen marathon on Monday, both based on views choice polls for favorite episodes. The ENT marathon has 22 episodes kicking off 8 am Friday and running through to Saturday morning, with a clear focus on fan faves from seasons three and four. The TNG marathon has 15 episodes starting 8 am Monday, including all the big ones like "Yesterday’s Enterprise," "Inner Light," and "Best of Both Worlds."

This weekend you get 37 hours of the NX-01 and 1701-D
on the Sci Fi Channel

Changes for Trek on cable
There are more changes to the cable landscape for Trek re-runs. Spike has been moving things around again but seem to have settled on 3 airings of DS9 per week (Mon-Wed at 2 am) with multiple airings of Voyager almost every day (Mon-Fri, see chart below). After Sci-Fi Channel’s TNG and Enterprise marathons, both shows will be changing times as well. TNG will now air once per week (Tuesdays at 7 pm in September and then to Fridays in October) and Enterprise will now air Monday-Friday at 5 pm. TV Land will continue to run The Original Series at 6 am and HDNet is apparently no longer running Enterprise.

Star Trek on Cable (US/Canada)

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
TOS TVLand 6am 6am 6am 6am 6am
TNG* Sci-Fi   7pm     7pm*
DS9 Spike 2am 2am 2am    
VOY Spike 1am,
4pm, 5pm
1am, 4pm, 5pm 1am, 1am,
4pm, 5pm
4pm, 5pm
ENT** Sci-Fi 5pm 5pm 5pm 5pm 5pm

* Starting Sept 9th, moving to Fridays Oct. 10th
** Starting Sept. 22.

all of the above is subject to change, always good to check your local listings

Awaiting TOS-R 2008/2009 schedule
Many readers have emailed TrekMovie about the upcoming schedule for Star Trek Remastered in syndication and we are working on getting a finalized list and will report as soon as we can. As of now the only remastered episode that has yet to air is the original pilot "The Cage." TrekMovie has been told this will air in 2009, but you will be able to catch it in November on the Season Three DVD set.


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