SciFi ENT & TNG Marathons + Nemesis AMC Premiere [UPDATE: Trek Trivia Quiz w/ Prize]

This week there are some happenings for Star Trek on TV. Firstly the last Trek film, Nemesis, has its network TV premiere on the AMC Network, with more showings later in the week. Plus the Sci-Fi Channel has two Trek marathons lined up for Labor Day weekend. There are also some changes ahead in the fall schedule for Trek on cable.

Nemesis network premiere on AMC
In the last week the AMC Channel held the network TV premiere of Star Trek Nemesis, and you can catch it this week airing Thursday August 28th at 10:30 PM and Friday August 29th at 3PM. To celebrate Jean Luc meeting himself in the form of Shinzon, the AMC blog has a post all about clones, which includes a poll where you can rank your favorite clone movies. Currently Nemesis is leading the voting, beating such clone-erific movies as Star Wars Episode II and even the Michael Keaton comedy Multiplicity.

UPDATE: New AMC Trivia Quiz – Win Galaxy Quest DVD
AMC have just added a new Star Trek Trivia Quiz and if you answer all 15 questions correctly (and any reader should be able to), you can enter to win a Galaxy Quest DVD.

Catch Nemesis on AMC to see Jean Luc stare into his past
…and the end of his franchise

TNG and Enterprise ‘Viewers Choice’ Marathons this weekend
Since June the SciFi Channel has been the cable home for both Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Enterprise (which started earlier in the year). For this Labor Day weekend the channel is going Trek crazy with an all day marathon of Enterprise on Friday and a Next Gen marathon on Monday, both based on views choice polls for favorite episodes. The ENT marathon has 22 episodes kicking off 8 am Friday and running through to Saturday morning, with a clear focus on fan faves from seasons three and four. The TNG marathon has 15 episodes starting 8 am Monday, including all the big ones like "Yesterday’s Enterprise," "Inner Light," and "Best of Both Worlds."

This weekend you get 37 hours of the NX-01 and 1701-D
on the Sci Fi Channel

Changes for Trek on cable
There are more changes to the cable landscape for Trek re-runs. Spike has been moving things around again but seem to have settled on 3 airings of DS9 per week (Mon-Wed at 2 am) with multiple airings of Voyager almost every day (Mon-Fri, see chart below). After Sci-Fi Channel’s TNG and Enterprise marathons, both shows will be changing times as well. TNG will now air once per week (Tuesdays at 7 pm in September and then to Fridays in October) and Enterprise will now air Monday-Friday at 5 pm. TV Land will continue to run The Original Series at 6 am and HDNet is apparently no longer running Enterprise.

Star Trek on Cable (US/Canada)

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
TOS TVLand 6am 6am 6am 6am 6am
TNG* Sci-Fi   7pm     7pm*
DS9 Spike 2am 2am 2am    
VOY Spike 1am,
4pm, 5pm
1am, 4pm, 5pm 1am, 1am,
4pm, 5pm
4pm, 5pm
ENT** Sci-Fi 5pm 5pm 5pm 5pm 5pm

* Starting Sept 9th, moving to Fridays Oct. 10th
** Starting Sept. 22.

all of the above is subject to change, always good to check your local listings

Awaiting TOS-R 2008/2009 schedule
Many readers have emailed TrekMovie about the upcoming schedule for Star Trek Remastered in syndication and we are working on getting a finalized list and will report as soon as we can. As of now the only remastered episode that has yet to air is the original pilot "The Cage." TrekMovie has been told this will air in 2009, but you will be able to catch it in November on the Season Three DVD set.


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Thanks for the update….I will set my DVR’s

Captain Walker
USS Las Vegas
Star Trek Club

Watched it a few days ago on AMC.

It gets a bad wrap. IMHO

Though Shinzon should have laughed when he was impaled. Just like Picard when he lost his heart.

Marathons tire the heck out of me.

I hate having to stay up till 2 AM each night this summer to watch DS9

Do you know if TV Land will be showing the remastered TOS episodes?


So far all I’ve seen on TV Land are the original episodes. You know, the ones where the enterprise doesn’t look like a freshly polished stainless steel gas grill.

I will say that Nemesis wasn’t nearly as bad as Insurrection. Of course, I thought ST:V wasn’t as bad as Insurrection, so take that for what it’s worth. :-)


That’s why I still haven’t watched that series, despite how much everyone seems to love and recommend it. The episodes are in such a dead-end slot, and I have no idea when they’ll be at the beginning of the series so even recording them wouldn’t be much use… and forget about DVDs. I don’t have that kind of money. :(

Thank God for and Target. I get to watch TOS without waking up so darned early.

I kind of miss the Sci Fi or was it Spike that did the ST TOS with DVD notes, background notes and other fun things. Heck, I miss the G4 commercials the Spock in his “house”…….

Captain Walker,

Good to see another IFT captain on here !!!

I’m looking forward to The Cage remastered.


Star Trek Nemesis should have been called “Star Trek’s Nemesis.”

The director never even saw an episode of Star Trek TNG, and thought Geordi was some kind of alien. This movie was the anvil that broke the camel’s back, and dealt the coup de grace to Star Trek.

AOTC is far better than Nemesis.

Actually, Nemesis wasn’t all that bad.

Not great, but an enjoyable romp for the most part.Some of the extended scenes cut from the scene really should have been left in, since they would have put a little of soul back.

Did anyone watch the Tuesday morning episode
of Star Trek TOS on Tv Land? Several times the
audio was so bad that it just totally dropped out.
Can’t they get or show the DVD’s without the
all of this? Are they that cheap to stick to what
they have? Also…I wonder what stations IF any
will be showing the original Star Trek that has
been refurbished?

Yes! Thank you #2 and #13. I just rewatched Nemesis yesterday and can’t understand why it is so reviled. It is much, much better than people give it credit for. It has a number of very, very nice moments (even more if you include the cut scenes).

Data’s finest moments were in Nemesis…

Nemesis was pretty decent for action sequences. I thought the wedding party was great.


Just as some of Kirk, Spock and McCoy’s best moments together were in STV.

Went to the cinema to see nemesis, after 2 weeks of launch it was still packed, I liked it Nemesis, but i agree under a different director it could have done better. I was a massive fan of TNG and i’m gutted that it didnt do so well.

“never saw the sun, shining so bright, never saw things, going so right”

I saw Nemesis on opening night. I’ve seen all the TNG movies on opening night. It was about half full. I really got sad when Data died and Riker couldn’t remember the name of the song Data was whistling in Encounter at Fairpoint.

Nemesis on AMC? I thought AMC stood for American Movie Classics, not Amatuer Movie Collection. Gadzooks! What’s next for A-M-C, Gigli? Never seen it, but that might be an improvement…

I kind of like having “late night” Trek after Leno and Conan. Bad part of it is, they don’t play DS9 at any other time. Remember when TNN/Spike first picked up the rights to TNG, DS9, VGR, and the first six films? I’d rather see TNG/DS9 played every night than CSI.

I cant watch movies on cable all stretched and commercials every 10 minutes. Same goes for TV series. They’re cut to hell, and you get huge ads that cover up half the screen.

You know, I’ve always wondered why there seems to be so much hatred for Nemesis and Enterprise, both of which I loved.

I think it had nothing to do with the actual quality; I think it had to do simply with timing.

Both Nemesis and Enterprise came after 15 solid years of Trek, usually with two TV shows and a movie coming out or just released. I think people simply got sick of Trek for a while.

That first piece of gourmet cheesecake tastes amazing. But that 15th piece in a row is nauseating. The quality of both pieces is identical, they’re both gourmet. It’s simply a matter of timing.

If Nemesis or Enterprise had come out after a drought of Trek, they would have been beloved and successful.

The action in Nemesis is awesome…but the biggest problem to me, is how Shinzon needs Picard’s blood…but he decides to have him for dinner and bs about his childhood. Lot of things annoy me, but its above Insurrection for me!

I think the internet has turned me into an anti-nemesis person, lol!

#19 and #20,

You both referenced the ending of Nemesis. I think that the ending sequence is brilliant. Data at his most human–dying to save his friends. Picard’s simple toast. Riker trying to remember the song Data had whistled. B4 singing, “…never saw things, going so right…” Picard finding hope again as he strides down the corridor of the Enterprise.

Still chokes me up a little. It’s wonderful.

“but the biggest problem to me, is how Shinzon needs Picard’s blood…but he decides to have him for dinner and bs about his childhood.”

That doesn’t bother me at all. In that scene, Picard calls himself an explorer. Shinzon was the same way. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to “explore” who he was. The Viceroy even chided him for it afterwards–so its not like the writers didn’t realize that what Shinzon did was dumb. It also showed Shinzon’s overconfidence (a key theme of the movie) in thinking he could have Picard’s blood whenever he wanted it, no rush.

Long weekend + TNG marathon?!? I’m laying out my comfiest pajamas for a day in bed with the Enterprise D.

Watched this on AMC. It was a lot worse (actually painful to watch) than I remembered at the movies. I recall Generations taking a lot of shots, but this is far better than Nemesis or Insurrection…

Two total dud movies in a row killed of Star Trek on the big screen. If the new Trek turns out to be epic/great, then maybe I’ll be grateful for TNG movie’s embarrasment.

I was no fan of Nemesis, poor man’s remake of Star Trek II that it was, but I still think its a lot better than Insurrection, which I find to be truly horrible. As bad as Trek V may have been, at least Bill Shatner wasn’t singing showtunes and climbing scaffolding in a sweaty tanktop a la Sigourney Weaver.

Insurrection really killed off any interest in Trek I had. God, that movie was so average, DS9 and VOY were really average too, and then bam, Insurrection comes out.

“Nemesis” was a minor flick, but it wasn’t bad. It certainly didn’t replace “Star Trek 5” as the worst Trek film ever made – not even close.

I caught the last hour or so of Nemesis on AMC the other night, and actually pretty much enjoyed it. The action is pretty good, and when you skip that embarrassing dune buggy sequence (Prime Directive?) it plays pretty well.

Definitely better than I remembered…

21. Rag451
Nemesis on AMC? I thought AMC stood for American Movie Classics, not Amatuer Movie Collection. Gadzooks! What’s next for A-M-C, Gigli? Never seen it, but that might be an improvement…

My thoughts exactly! Actually, I was going to post almost this identical perspective, but you beat me to it!

I loved TNG when it was on the air, but the movies sometimes left me a little cold…mainly, I think because they kept forgetting their own cannon with lazy scriptwriting. Visually, they were beautiful films to watch with incredible effects and set design, but story-wise. meh.

Here’s eternally hoping Abrams, Orci, et al have taken these lessons to heart.

I really liked the dune buggy sequence. I laugh when Data puts B 4’s head in that compartment and B 4 says, “Have I said something wrong?” I thought that was really funny.

Wow. That AMC premiere of “Star Trek: Nemesis” is more like a basic cable premiere. Now, when will that movie air on a broadcasting network like CBS a a “network broadcast premiere”? The last time a Star Trek motion picture premiered on a broadcasting television network is when NBC, the network that aired both the original and animated series, aired 1998’s “Insurrection” back in 2002.

…Egads! AMC thinks Nemesis is a classic? Next thing you know they’ll be giving Xanadu, Heaven’s Gate and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo the same treatment!

[Bangs head against brick wall]

I love Star Trek V. Some of the best character moments in the whole series. I really don’t get why people think it’s so horrible.

“Marathons tire the heck out of me.”

….And yet, I can remember the first time one of the stations on cable(*) aired a TOS marathon. It was 1972, it was a San Antonio channel, and it was the first time any station in Texas had gotten overnight ratings at the same numbers as during Prime Time. TOS from 10:30pm to 5:30am was a Trekker’s wet dream back then. Nowadays *nobody* blinks when such marathons occur.

(*) Back in the days before the FCC invoked this bullshit called “FinSyn”, cable companies could air any TV station they wanted that they could get relay airspace for. We should be able to watch any TV station in any city we want now, with 1000 channel TVs. But nooooo….

Trek IV had the best TOS character moments, I think. Classic movie.

I have tried so hard to like Nemesis…but I just can’t.

9 – word. Those Saturday TOS marathons on G4 were so much fun – I’m not really into chatrooms, but I really looked forward to hang out on Saturdays in the G4 Trek one, participating in ‘Mystery Trek Theater Two-Thousand…and Six.’ Sometimes, oftentimes, Trek can be a fairly solo pastime; it was nice to mingle with other people watching the same thing at the same time, the best of the bunch coming up with lol-worthy one liners. Good times.

Skipped Nemesis in the theater and then just forgot about it, so I saw it the first time last week. Certainly more watchable than many other ‘American Movie Classics,’ like that ‘classic’ 1978 King Kong they seem to show every other week. Anyway, I was REALLY annoyed at how they collected all the pieces of B4 without wondering WHY they were there, then proceeded to load him up with all of Data’s data. I mean, shouldn’t Data at least have had shareable AND private folders in that memory of his? Of course this is answered, as all Trek ‘but why’s’ are: because if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a movie/episode/dramatic moment.

Lastly, I hope TOS shows up on local in the fall at a time when I’m not out partying or sound asleep (Saturdays at 12:30 am??????) Would it kill Channel 5 to repeat it on Sunday afternoons? Grrrr.

I know – Tivo, VCR, etc. Sue me, I’ve always liked the idea of watching something when I know other people are watching it too. Can’t explain it.

13, I completely agree. The deleted scenes is probably due to the fact that they had a director who didn’t understand Star Trek or what it’s about. While I believe that Nemesis is the second weakest TNG film I also believe that Nemesis is the most underrated Trek film.

Trek Films (From best to Worst, IMO)
1. ST: First Contact
2. ST VI: The Undiscovered Country
3. ST II: The Wrath of Khan
4. ST IV: The Voyage Home
5. ST III: The Search for Spock
6. ST: Insurrection
7. ST: Nemesis
8. ST: Generations
9. ST: The Motion Picture
10. ST V: The Final Frontier

My interest in Star Trek peaked in 1996 with First Contact. Mark Lenard (Sarek) died the day FC came out, so I went into that movie with a real sense of pride, loss, and love for the “franchise.” Much as I liked FC, though, it was never as good in my opinion as II, IV, III, and VI, in that order. It was the best TNG film, however.

We were too saturated, and the Trek universe grew too big. I wish the television franchise had stopped with TNG in 1994, waited, and kept moving with DS9 in 1995 or 1996. I also wish the movie franchise had stopped with First Contact and continued with a different cast, perhaps even a new cast with series tie-ins after the movie.

Trek has had a conventional television and film run in that there have never been direct-to-DVD movies or television mini-series. I think Star Trek could have benefitted from taking advantage of this market, especially with TNG, which was the last mainstream Star Trek series with widespread popularity outside the base. It would be nice if, on occasion, the crew of the Enterprise-D, er E, reunited for a two or four-hour mini-series.

But I digress…

Nemesis = Horrible. Wesley in a Starfleet uniform? Worf on the Enterprise? How did the Enterprise detect a positronic signal hours from a planet? Data has more “brothers?” Can we ever decide the number of decks on the Enterprise-E? Why ram the Schimitar and kill scores of crewmen? Have ATVs replaced the transporter for landing parties?

The movie had its moments. I liked when Picard called Riker “Mister Troi,” and the reference to the traditional Betazed wedding was humorous. But other than that, it was a meaningless film. I felt nothing when Data died, whereas when Spock met his end, I was bawling.

Funny, though, I freely admit I am a hypocrite. I [used to] love continuity, and I blast Insurrection, Nemesis, VGR, and ENT for existing outside that boundary. Yet, look at this new movie. Chances are, I could watch it with a critical eye and find a dozen moments that are probably “wrong” by old standards. But now I don’t care. I’m just along for the ride…

Marathons are great – if I have time to watch them. I would like for the SciFi Channel to also show TNG every night but so far I’m happy with the amount of Voyager Spike TV show but they need to move DS9 to a better time slot. TVLand should also show TOS at a more reasonable time.

One last note, of course Nemesis is better than Attack of the Clones. Star Trek is always better than Star Wars even on Star Trek’s worst day (ST V: The Final Frontier) and Star War’s best day (SW: Return of the Jedi).

Jedi = Best?


“Wesley in a Starfleet uniform? ”

Explained in a deleted scene.

“Worf on the Enterprise?”

I always assumed that he had bummed a ride on the Enterprise to and from the wedding, and then obviously plans changed when everything happened. That’s not a huge stretch.

“How did the Enterprise detect a positronic signal hours from a planet? ”

State of the art sensors on the brand new top of the line Enterprise.

“Data has more “brothers?” ”

Didn’t an episode of TNG establish that Dr. Soong had gone through many attempts before Lore and Data?

“Can we ever decide the number of decks on the Enterprise-E?”

A minor problem that shouldn’t wreck a movie. There are possible explanations. Decks could be numbered differently based on where in the ship you are.

“Why ram the Schimitar and kill scores of crewmen?”

The plan was for both ships to be destroyed. It was Picard’s final option after the self-destruct malfunctioned. The plan was to kill ALL the crewmen, in an effort to save Earth.

“Have ATVs replaced the transporter for landing parties?”

The transporters weren’t working at the time.

See? All of these things that people always kill Nemesis about aren’t issues at all. Other movies have had much, much more serious holes. The criticisms of Nemesis aren’t fair at all.

I bet there were far few casualties on the E when it rammed the Scimitar. When the order came, I’m sure everyone in the front areas of the ship got the heck out;. Also, the shields were up, so I bet that prevented a lot of deaths.

#47 Yeah? Well then what exactly the hell was Shinzon’s motivation?? The movie sucked and everyone knows it.

#7 Viking- Insurrection was entertaining. Nemesis was distractingly bad, not to mention depressing on many levels.

Nice to see that Spike thinks that Voyager was so brilliant that we need to have it rammed down our throats multiple times a day, while DS9 gets shown at only at 2am.
What idiots.

Shinzon wanted to destroy Earth because that was Picard’s home planet. Shinzon was jealous his life got shafted when he became a petty slave for the Remans, and wanted to exact revenge on the very people that created him.