Details On ST: The Experience Decommissioning + Final Tickets On Ebay

In just four days, on Monday September 1st, Star Trek The Experience will close its gates for the last time. The 11 year long run at the Las Vegas Hilton will conclude with a special decommissioning ceremony and the public are invited. Plus, tickets for the final VIP run of the rides are available on Ebay.

Labor Day Weekend – Last Chance for ST: The Experience
This is it folks, if you have a hankering for a Photon Torpedo Sandwich, a ride on the Klingon Encounter or just to get blasted by a Warp Core Breach, you only have four more days to do it. This weekend should be packed at Star Trek The Experience; operations manager Chad Boutte tells TrekMovie that the last few weeks they have been "unbelievable, with record breaking numbers." The closing has been getting a lot of media coverage, especially in Las Vegas, and so  locals have been coming to get a last look, but Boutte says that lots of people are also flying in for a final tour of Star Trek’s premiere attraction. Boutte also stated:

Since the June announcement of our closure, we’ve received tens of thousands of e-mails and messages of support. The outpouring of affection is just overwhelming, and is visible as our Wall of Memories, just inside the attraction. We hope that everyone who has ever felt or wanted to be a part of our Star Trek family will join us on September1st to help celebrate over ten years of one of the most thrilling interactive attractions ever conceived.

Special Final Rides + final tickets on EBay
Star Trek The Experience will be open all weekend with their regular hours:
Shops: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Quark’s: 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM (closing 9 PM Monday)
Bridge/Borg set photos: Noon – 8 PM
Rides: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM (8 PM Monday)

On Monday the hours for Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion rides will be different. The final ride for the general public will be at 8:00. These final public rides will also have a special price (yet to be determined). Then a special a special VIP group of 27 will take the absolute final ride of The Borg Invasion at 8:30 and the final Klingon Encounter at 9:00. This group will include Star Trek The Experience and Cedar Fair senior staff and the most loyal customers (including one guy who has ridden over 1000 times). You can also get in on this group yourself.

Five tickets for the final VIP group are now on auction at Ebay. Bidding ends on Sunday afternoon and opening bid is $500. The winning bidders will also get VIP seats at the special decommissioning ceremony and a special commemorative gift, not available to the public. CLICK HERE to bid for one of these final tickets.

Original tickets from 1998 are begin used all weekend

Decommissioning Ceremony
At 10:00 PM, after the final rides, there will be a special ‘decommissioning ceremony’ held in front of the gates of Star Trek The Experience, in the Space Quest casino area. This event will include most of 160 STTE employees, including the Starfleet and alien actors, along with  members of the Las Vegas business, civic and entertainment communities. It will be open to the public and is likely to be packed. The STTE team are going to great lengths on this event, even doing research  for it to follow traditional naval traditions so they can decommission ‘the time station’ and ‘close the temporal rift’ between the 24th century and the 21st century. The event will be MC’d by Boutte and Suzie Plakson (guest star on TNG, VOY and ENT). Of the decommissioning event, Boutte stated:

In keeping with over forty plus years of established Star Trek themes of exploration and cooperation, we felt the pride in being a part of that legacy should be reflected in a dignified but joyful leave-taking. Although we wish we could do so much more, our fans and friends expect nothing less.

At around 11:00 PM on Monday Sept. 1st, the gates will come down for the final time. If you need to drown your tears, the bar in the Space Quest casino should be open all night.

Time to say goodbye to some old friends

Buying the last of STTE
As of now most of the merchandise in the ‘Promenade’ has already been sold and Boutte expects that by Monday the shelves will be bare. As for what happens to all the stuff inside Star Trek The Experience, TrekMovie has been told that all the props and replicas, including the items in the Museum, will go back to CBS and they will not be auctioned off. Some items owned by Cedar Fair, like menus, glasses and sales fixtures all being sold and you find out more about getting a piece of The Experience in the retail area. As for the rest, anything that cannot be repurposed by Cedar Fair, or anything that is related to the Star Trek property, will be destroyed.  By December 31st the entire 65,000 square foot space will be entirely vacated and ready for use for whatever the Hilton Hotel plans to put in its place.

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