FanMade: New Phase II Enterprise + OGAM on DVD

This weekend both of the high profile fan-made productions, Star Trek Phase II and Of Gods and Men, will be holding showings at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Both productions have also just released news, with Phase II unveiling their new USS Enterprise and OGAM announcing plans for a DVD.


New Phase II Enterprise
As we have previously reported, Star Trek Phase II (formerly Star Trek New Voyages) is taking the ‘post TOS season 3 concept’ further and trying to bridge the gap between The Original Series and Star Trek The Motion Picture. A big step in that will be the evolution of the USS Enterprise herself. In the upcoming two-part episode "Blood and Fire" (showing at Dragon Con this weekend and premiering online this Fall), the ship gets damaged, and in the follow-up episode "Enemy: Starfleet" we will see a repaired and modified Enterprise, which very much has elements of the original Phase II design from the 70s as well as TMP elements. This new Phase II Enterprise was designed by our friend Daren Dochterman, who worked on the digitally enhanced Star Trek The Motion Picture Director’s Edition DVD. Here are a couple of shots of the new E, sent to us by producer/star James Cawley.

The new Phase II Enterprise (click to enlarge)

TrekMovie asked Dochterman to detail how he put this new Enterprise together, here is what he said:

I wanted to keep it in line with what Matt Jefferies was planning on… I used the plans that Jefferies himself drew, so the proportions are correct. There are a lot of reference pictures of the Brick Price model that was started… but they are all unfinished, unpainted, quickly assembled shots that were obviously thrown together to get approval from Roddenberry. The closest view of what they were going for was in the teaser poster painted by the late, great John Berkey… where the ship is obviously the Phase II design shown at its completion… Mike Minor also did a production painting of this version. At this point Richard Taylor and Andy Probert and the team at Robert Abel and Associates ASTRA hadn’t yet incorporated their design ideas… so this was where they started from. I also used my own design sense in incorporating some of the textures and colors from the TOS Enterprise to help bridge the 10 year gap between TOS and TMP… I can’t wait to see what Joel Bellucci and the fx guys can do with it.

Berkey TMP Teaser poster (L) &
later version of Minor painting (R), altered to more represent TMP ship
(click to enlarge)

James Cawley, along with members of his crew and the stars of previous Phase II episodes Walter Koenig and George Takei, will be on hand at Dragon Con this weekend to show and discuss both parts of "Blood and Fire." The presentation is at 7:00 PM Saturday at the Sheraton Savannah. More info at Dragon Con’s TrekTrak site. More info on Phase II, at


OGAM: Wins Awards + announces DVD
The other high-profile fan series making news this week is Of Gods and Men, the now completed three part miniseries starring Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck and an plethora of other Trek vets. This past week SyFyPortal announced the winners of their SyFy Genre Awards, and OGAM took home the award for Best Web Production. Director Tim Russ stated on the win: 

For everyone who poured their time, energy and creativity into the making of this project, I give my sincerest congratulations.

The other big news from the OGAM team is that they just announced plans to release the mini-series on DVD. The DVD will be re-mastered and edited to 87 minutes as a single film and will include some special features.

OGAM DVD announcement

Of course selling Star Trek related material is a no-no according to CBS, and that is not the plan according to producer Sky Conway. He tells TrekMovie that they are just trying to respond to the high demand for a DVD release, which will certainly be welcome over the online streaming viewing experience. Details are still being worked out on how they can do it, but the current plan is for fans to make a charitable (and tax-deductible) donation to a non-profit and then get a ‘complimentary DVD.’ More details will be provided this Fall, and for now you can sign up for the email list to be notified when the details get worked out. More info on the DVD and more at the OGAM website.

And if you are in Atlanta this Sunday, then check out the showing of Of Gods and Men, hosted by Rus and stars Walter Koenig and Cirroc Lofton. The festivities kick off at 1:00 PM at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom, more info at


More FanMade coming up
Next week FanMade will be back with more updates on other fan productions, including some exclusives from Hidden Frontier and Farragut.


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