Pegg: Star Trek Irony-Free

According to past reports from those who worked with him, Simon Pegg will be providing much of the comic relief in the new Star Trek movie. But in a new interview, the new Scotty makes it clear that we shouldn’t expect ‘sly winks, spoofy nudges or exaggerated references’ to the be providing the laughs.


Humor without parody
The comic actor and writer may be bringing the funny in the new film, but the self-described geek wants it to be known that this Star Trek does not mock the past, telling Canada’s National Post the film is "an irony-free zone." The actor went on to say that the film would honor the ‘trek rules,’ noting:

We pay tribute to that world. It’s proper to the pantheon, but J. J. kept reminding us this is not a parody of any kind. We were all keen to avoid playing the actors from the old series, but instead play our characters as we saw fit.

Pegg can hear  you
In a recent interviews Simon Pegg has both corrected the record on if the film was a remake or not and also questioned the "consternation" of some fans. So it is pretty clear that he is keeping up with fan reactions to the film. But it appears he knows that it is hard enough to get Trek fans to agree water is wet and so there will always be some that can’t be pleased. From the article:

The cast feels “a responsibility and an anticipation” to what the reaction of the movie will be, Pegg admits. But he’s also resigned to the fact they won’t please everybody. Especially persnickety Star Trek fans who have quite a movie and TV universe to get finicky about.

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Pegg’s Trek humor, not ironic
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