Attn Trekkies: Documentary Looking For L.A. Fans + Photo Journalist Looking For FL Fans

TrekMovie is helping out some people who are looking to find Trek fans who are ready for their close-up. First up, a UK documentary is coming to coming to Los Angeles and the producers want some Trekkies to help them as they get the cast of TOS together. Plus a photo-journalist in Jacksonville Florida wants meet some Trekkies in their natural habitat.


SoCal Fans needed to help ‘Bring Back’ Star Trek
Channel 4’s Bring Back is a UK  documentary series which dedicates each episode to visiting celebrities of a specific show and ‘bringing them back together.’ They have done this for some British classics as well as Dallas and The A-Team. In September they are coming to LA to do ‘Bring Back Star Trek.’ They are looking for fans in the area to join them for a special event paying tribute to Star Trek. The idea is to have a gathering of Trek fans that the host of the show (Justin Lee Collins, who is a big sci-fi fan) will ‘drop in on’ and he will ‘pick their brains’ about Star Trek and what makes it special. Then armed with this info he will go around Los Angeles and interview the various Original Series stars.

The gathering of Trek fans will probably be shot September 27th. If you are a dedicated fan in the LA County area and would like to take part then they would love to hear from you soon. They are also looking for groups and fan clubs to help out. For more information please contact Matt Green at So Television at .

To give you an idea what the show is like, here is the opening clip of their A-Team show, where Bring Back host Justin Lee Collins drops in on Dwight Schultz (A-Team’s Howling Mad Murdock and Next Generation’s Reginald Barclay)

Looking For A Few Good Floridian Trekkies
Back in July TrekMovie reported on a UK photographer who did a photo essay on British fans of American pop culture, with many shots of Star Trek and Star Wars fans. The photos were all taken with the fans (usually in costume) in their homes. Jon Fletcher, a photographer for the the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union was inspired by that essay and wants to do the same, but just for Trek fans in Florida. He is interested in showing the contrast between fantastical sci-fi outfits and every-day life. He is also interested getting photos of Trek collectors with their collections. The photos will run in the paper and online, alongside a feature story on the new Star Trek film. If you live in north-east or central Florida or even southern Georgia, contact Jon Fletcher at or call him at (904) 359-4687. More info at

Photos from UK Photo Essay by Steve Schofield

NOTE: I have spoken to both Matt Green and Jon Fletcher, and both have the highest respect for Trek fans. Both hope to show Trek fans in the best light possible and neither buy into the mainstream media stereotypes. Both of these projects sound interesting and TrekMovie encourages SoCal and Florida fans to get involved.


CBS Wants More Fan Club Feedback
As TrekMovie reported from Vegas Con, CBS has announced a new official Star Trek fan club, and they are looking for feedback. The official feedback site has been updated recently with some new questions. The new list focuses on what how much you value events like Film Festivals, Gallery Shows, Concerts, etc. Goto to help them out.


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