August 2008

Dragon Con Has Impressive TrekTrak For Labor Day Weekend 2008

The Annual fan run Dragon Con event in Atlanta, Georgia is considered on of the most fun con experiences. Each year it has a dedicated ‘Trek Trak’ full of celebrity panels, discussions, as well as some fun Trek-themed events. This year is shaping up to be a good one, with stars from every show slated to appear plus some fan film showings. See press release below for more.

Science Friday: Doomsday Edition

This week on Science Friday, get updated on the latest antics of the Large Hadron Collider, a now void contract for NASA’s next-gen space suits, how Hubble is solving galactic mysteries, and an advance towards “micro-spacecraft”. All this plus our gadget of the week: The Ultimate Music Box, and our video of the week: Lightning in Slow-Mo!

Joshua Jackson Talks Trek Audition, Fringe Secrecy

Actor Joshua Jackson, best known to TV audiences as Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek, is the star of Fringe, the upcoming sci-fi show created by Star Trek director/producer J.J. Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. In an interview Jackson revealed that he auditioned for a role in Abrams’ Star Trek. He also discusses Abrams famous secrecy for Trek and Fringe.

TrekInk: Review Assignment: Earth #4 + Previews of Upcoming Trek Comics

This week in the Ink we review the latest ‘Assignment Earth’ adventure. We finally meet Gary Seven’s bosses as he saves the world from imminent destruction… again. As usual, Isis and Roberta Lincoln contribute their help, and things are set to the right… Or are they? Plus there are some new preview images of upcoming comics to take a look at.

Collins Talks Star Trek Villain Make-up + TrekMovie Adds More Detail

Last week, actor Clifton Collins, Jr. confirmed the race that he and his fellow villains (including Eric Bana) will be playing in the new Star Trek movie. This week, the actor is talking about their make-up routine and what it was like working with director, J.J. Abrams. Plus TrekMovie has a bit more detail on what the villains will look like. [spoilers]

Great Links: Trekkies Unite Edition

The Great Links has a couple of weeks of Trek out in the world to catch up on. This edition has a lot of stuff on Trek going up against other fandoms and franchises, from Star Wars to Browncoats to Furries. We also find out which ‘hot’ celebs are and are not Trek fans. Plus CBS are the ones that dealt it, in their latest promotional viral video.  

Shatner’s Raw Nerve To Premiere in December + Exclusive First Look

About a month ago we reported that A&E Networks had picked up William Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve and it would premiere August 19th (today) on the Bio Channel. Fans have been asking about the show and so TrekMovie checked in with A&E. Don’t worry the show is still coming, but will now be in December. We have an exclusive first image and more details below.  

TrekMovie’s New View Of The 2nd Star Trek Character Posters

You knew this was coming. Following on from our previous ‘new view’ of the original Comic Con 2008 Star Trek teaser posters, TrekMovie now brings you a ‘decolorized’ version of the four new posters which were revealed at Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Now you can get a better look at Cho, Pegg, Urban and Yelchin.   

SciFi Sunday: Transformers 2, Harry Potter & Lots ‘O Comic Book Movies + Virtuality, Heroes, Terminator TV + more

The two biggest movies are Iron Man and The Dark Knight, so it should be no surprise that both Marvel and DC are thinking about even more comic book movies. Plus we have some new images and video for 2009 movies (some are even not based on comic books!). In TV news there is an in-depth report on Ron Moore’s Virtuality, plus lots of images and videos from upcoming fall shows, including Sarah Connor and Heroes.  

The Collective: The Return Of The Mego Playset + Pic of DST Captain’s Chair

Starting in 2007, Diamond Select Toys and EMCE Toys, Inc. have been producing retro versions of the MEGO Star Trek action figures and they just announced that the USS Enterprise Action Playset, one of the most beloved and remembered Star Trek toys of all time, will join the line. More details below, plus other DST news, including a picture of the new life-sized captain’s chair.

Science Friday: Saturnian Jets, Rat-Brained Robot, Space Ghosts + more

This week in Science Friday we have an eclectic group of stories for you. First off, Carolyn Porco (Star Trek‘s science advisor) and Cassini have found the source of Enceladus’s icy jets. Next, meet the robot with a real brain. Then see the amateur discovered “cosmic ghost”, and take a tour of the Earth through geology via OneGeology’s Google-Earth-like interactive map. All of this plus our gadget of the week: The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.14.08

This week, the Watch spies with its little eye: Shat’s Raw Nerve being delayed; J.J. Abrams producing an earthquake; Patrick Stewart endorsing beer; a SAG faction challenging Scott Bakula’s candidacy; Christopher Lloyd playing an elf; and gardening advice from Mr. Homn. Also: is Chris Pine the new Brad Pitt?.

TrekInk: Review Star Trek Manga Volume 3

Tokyopop has released its third Star Trek manga comic book collection this month, and it includes solid comic narratives and perhaps one of the very best Star Trek panel stories of all time. Titled Uchu (which translates to "Universe"), the volume includes four stories set in the original five year mission, including tales from Wil Wheaton and David Gerrold.

The Collective: Vegas Edition

The official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was more than celebrities, autographs, pictures, and drinking at Quark’s. CBS Products and some of the Trek licensees used the con to announce and show off some of the upcoming Star Trek products, including some from Mattel, Diamond Select and Master Replicas. Details pictures and video below.

Another Official Site Update: More Wallpapers and Icons

As was done when the first set of character posters were released at Comic-Con (see story here), the official site for 2009’s Star Trek has been updated with images from the Vegas convention posters available as wallpapers and IM icons. Besides giving us more options for Trekking out our computers, the updates also give us our first high-res looks at the movie’s Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, and McCoy.