Nicole de Boer – Ready For More Trek

This weekend Nicole de Boer (DS9: Ezri Dax) became the latest Trek veteran to jump through to the ‘Gate’ franchise, appearing in Stargate Atlantis. In a new interview with Gateworld the actress talks about the experience as well as her thoughts on her time on Deep Space Nine, and the new Star Trek movie.


excerpts from Gateworld interview

GateWorld: After all these years, and I’m sure this is one you get asked all the time, does the ever-greenness [the Star Trek] franchise still surprise you? Even though the television series are in a resting period right now, and now J.J. Abrams is coming back aboard, has this experience changed you in any way? The whole Star Trek experience? Even though you were there for just one season?

de Boer: When I came on — Hans Beimler — one of the producers said to me, "This is really going to change your world. This is really going to crazy." And I already had big garbage bags of fan mail on my first day at work waiting for me. So it is crazy, but I really embrace it. I love it. I love the fans.

I’ve always liked the genre. I was a big fan of [Star Trek] Next Generation. So I was pretty excited to be part of all of that. And I think that it’s a great thing. I think the whole J.J. Abrams — gosh, I would loved to have been a part of that movie.

GateWorld: Paul [McGillion]’s in it!

de Boer: Yeah, Paul is one of the people! Lucky him, he got to be in it. I think it’s kind of cool for it to just be calm for a while and have a resurgence, and do another show where I would be old enough to be captain. [Laughter] And that would be the plan. And then there’d be all sorts of new special effects that we’d be capable of doing by that time. So give it a few years and make me captain.

de Boer will get her wish (kindof) as Ezri is a captain,
in the upcoming Destiny Trilogy

GateWorld: You don’t worry about being typecast? You wouldn’t mind coming back to do another Star Trek?

de Boer: No, I would totally do it. I really love being in space. It’s been fun to do other things that aren’t space all the time, but I’m quite comfortable in space. I enjoy it. And you know, you end up doing a lot of stronger things as a woman than just playing some guy’s girlfriend or something, if you get guest spots here and there.

A lot of times, non sci-fi it’s not that gratifying a role, necessarily, to just be "the chick."

Much more from de Boer on her Stargate experience and other projects at Gateworld.


de Boer and McGillion on Stargate Atlantis


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McGillion would have made a great Scotty if the criteria was that he had to look like James Doohan. Pegg will rock the house, though; I think he’s going to bring a very unique dimension to the character.

Also, I’m glad there’s work out there for so many Trek alumni these days.

It’s good to see Nicole de Boer back at work!!

Always loved Nicole DeBoer, i doscovered her in DS9, but i also liked her role in “Cube”, where she was able to play a 17 year old, even tough she was 25! (i think!)

I always thought Ezri Dax was a bit of a… diluted character. There was so much back story to Dax and she was just a bit forgettable. Not a criticism of Nicole de Boer as an actress. But more of the writing. It would have been interesting to see and expansion of the relationships she could have developed had she come to DS9 earlier. I always found Jadzia to be a bit contrived.

It’d be an interesting concept to take an existing character and set them a few years later as captain. And I would say it would help speed up the development of a new show, having at least one character that’s already established. I suppose Worf would make sense, but I would say Michael Dorn has had his fill of Trek for a while. But as one of the most developed and long-lasting characters, as well as a fans’ favourite, it would make the most sense. But even Ezri, who has some back-story but a relatively blank canvas ahead of her, would make some sense. It’s something to think about for the future, perhaps.

I just miss having new Trek on TV! I love the movies, but Star Trek is still most at home on the small screen, I feel.

“5 mojonaut — Completely agree with you!

Minor irrelevant detail I thought I’d share… I named my previous car Ezri ;)

All Trekkers got a kick out of it, and non-Trekkers just thought it sounded like a cool name :P

Still trying to come up with a name for my new car. It’s an orange ’08 Challenger SRT, so I’m thinking of Beverly :)

She was a cutie-pie, for sure.

I saw her Stargate episode last night, and while I was underwhelmed with the episode itself, de Boer herself was good… and she’s still cute as hell. :)

Hmm she wants to do more Trek huh???

Well she could if we get a Captain Riker show!!!

I understand what she meant with “space shows”. She was the girlfriend/ex-wife on the Dead Zone and her character was kind of forgettable.

On space shows women can truly be equals to men and no one (or most people) thinks twice about it.

I admit I was alittle surprised at the beginning of this weeks episode of Stargate Atlantis, I thought they were going to have a race of female warriors in the Pegasus Galaxy. I’m going to miss Atlantis.

De Boer playing Dax as a captain would be more than fine with me. Dax’s development and personal growth in the novels is compelling.

We won’t see that in any Abrams movies since he’s starting over. But, can we hope that any future TV series might be set in the appropriate timeframe? After all, if the movies are successful, there’s no way those actors would sign up for a TV series.

I like her taste in The Original Series.

I saw the episode of Stargate: Atlantis with Nicole de Boer in it and she did an outstanding job! I miss her DS9 character, Ezri Dax, and believe that Ezri would make a great captain. As noted above, she will be captain in the new “Destiny” trilogy and I look forward to reading it. Maybe they can bring her back for more Stargate before Atlantis is canceled, in the new Atlantis movie, or in Stargate: Universe.

As for her appearing as Captain Dax on screen, well, I wouldn’t count on it as I doubt that they’ll ever do anything with the 24th century ever again. I hope I’m wrong, since the 24th century is my favorite era in Trek, but since they’re starting over, in the 23rd century, I don’t think that I am.

#14 – I agree Loyal , there ain’t gonna be anymore ! Stargate is the Abyss , and as the name says , it’s just a Star Carrier ! And why reboot Star Trek ?! I like Dax Babe too ! Let’s promote her to Captain !!

i would love to see Ezri being captain on both books and Trek series, with her own ship and crew in the show. I would love to see her one more time. And on more Trek. Because I remember that she wasn’t in DS9 that much. Great actress.
Prosper and Long Life Nicole.
Did she find out about the Experience in The Vegas Hilton or not?

OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!

um… that I mean, yay.

heh, heh

Nicole is a beautiful woman

Never cared for her character.

– Stargate it is a very good sci-fi show will never be so great as a Star Trek series…i practically grown up watching Star Trek …
DS-9 is the best because was a dark show ,..totally ‘unsweet’… not really a very violent’s the greatest , even the show has many stupid lacks..and i think that TNG and Ds-9 are one of the best sci- fi shows…
Nicole de Boer is a very good sci – fi actress..and very a beautiful woman too…i like her….

10 — Jared, yes she could serve under me anytime.

**dives for cover as tribbles, Horta nodules, and phaser fire pour in**

I liked Ezri Dax very much. It was a difficult task for Nicole de Boer to fill Terry Farrell’s shoes, and Nicole did a terrific job. She created a fresh new character. She didn’t just try and imitate Jadzia, but she was still recognizable as Dax. Perfect. I would have liked to see more of Ezri, but unfortunately for the character, DS9 was already running out.

Oh, and BTW, Nicole would have been a terrific Number One in Star Trek XI.

Swoons, picks himself up, swoons again.

Ohh what i wouldn’t give for the return of Ezri and DS9!

I first saw Nicole when she would appear on The Kids in the Hall, and was probably barely past 18 years old. She’s always been utterly adorable, and it was great seeing her on Stargate Atlantis this weekend.

I met her about ten years ago as a teenager, she was incredibly nice and sweet. I still have a crush on her.

The Daz character and its history was one of the things that soured me the most on DS9. “The Host” established so much about the Trill’s relations with the Federation, and the whole Dax story just spit on all of that and basically said, “Picard and everyone he knew were ignoramuses with no knowledge of sociology or history,” and if there’s one thing you can say about Picard that’s definitely not it.

I had no idea she was 37 soon to be 38.

I was thinking early to mid 30s.

#28 Retconning.

I liked DS9’s take on the Trill.

I might have worked better if they had created a different conjoined species for DS9 but that’s neither here or there.


#20 As you can see, long URLs break in posts like this. I invite you to check-out
Nothing personal, I just can’t use your link…
Oh, and Ezri FTW!!!

yeah, I don;t mind a little judicious retconning, if it’s done neither gratuitously and is necessary to further the plot.

But what they did with the Trill was neither little nor judicious, and was done completely gratuitously when another treatment would have done just as well, if not better, for the storytelling. It had “Berman and Moore’s Latest Whim” stamped all over it.

No please no! The whinny Ezri as a captain? I could never see that! She ain’t no Jadzia, just because she has her memories it doesn’t mean she would be as great captain as Jadzia would be. Being a great leader requires more than just memories or knowledge. It requires charisma and Ezri lacks big time!