Final Box Art For Star Trek Remastered Season Three DVD Set

In November Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered- Season Three will be released, finishing off the entire series in remastered form (including the still unaired remastered version of "The Cage"). Now CBS Paramount has finally released the box art for the set, see below.



Final Box art [click to enlarge]
Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered- Season Three


Season Three for $66.99 + Season One price lowered to $79.99
Season Three arrives November 18th, you can pre-order it now. And in case you missed our last report, CBS Paramount has more than cut in half the retail price for the HD DVD / DVD hybrid Season One set.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




 Available now
(HD /DVD Combo)

 Available now

 Available 11/18/08


Three Season Pack


 Available 11/18/08


Also coming soon, Alternate realities
Arriving in just over a week is the Alternate Reality Collective, available for pre-order at $26.49 at Amazon.



 Available 9/16/08


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Can’t wait to see the The Cage!

not much news then !!

Well, I don’t have much to say about the packaging, and I’ve been first before, so I guess I’ll leave it for someone else to be first.

Oops. :-)

Most pointless set ever!

Unless it’s a Blu-ray set, there’s no reason to buy this!!

Why is there a season 1 photo of Scotty on the cover?

I watched the original version recently to see the “windows of opportunity” for new shots of E. There were surprising few shots of her in the episode…odd in retrospect for a pilot about the adventures of a crew aboard a spaceship. At the very end there are a couple of fly-bys leading into the end credits that are probably among the worst filmed effects of the entire series. Obvious opportunities there. I wonder if they’ll do anything like add a couple of transitional orbital shots between scenes? I also hope they enhance some of the graphics on the briefing room computer screen. Remember the “artists rendering” of a Talosian? Looked like a kid’s drawing. And I wonder how they’ll handle the credits? There’s no fade out for the commercials at the beginning or the end. They just flow right into each other. Did they re-record the themes as they did for seasons 1 & 2?

We’ll see in November.

I hope they give The Cage a little something extra given it’s importance to the history of the show.

When will it be availablie on RCA SelectaVision(tm) CED’s???

Nice! My brother who is 39, and I who is (am?) 44 have been loving the remastered old eps.

Obviously, lots of love and too lottle money were put into the project, bu tlove goes a long way!

ANTHONY do you know when the 2nd and 3rd Seasons will be available in the UK because I can’t find any information on them, any help would be great thanks.

Why do people still complain about the remastered series? They can’t do anything about it and should be happy that there is still intrest in a 40+ old tv series. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it, real simple?

Darth “re-mix-re-mastered” Ballz

Is that even the remastered enterprise on the cover?

#4 – “Most pointless set ever! Unless it’s a Blu-ray set, there’s no reason to buy this!!”

Gee, I dunno. How about if (A) you don’t have Blu-ray, and (B) still want to watch the remastered episodes? Ya think?

@9. ObiWanCon

SEASON 2 & 3 IN EUROPE IN 2008!!!!
I’ve contacted Paramount, they tell me Season 2 will be release in april or may 2009!!!!

12, well said, however the issue of Blu-Ray vs. standard DVD TOSR seasons has been argued and argued almost every time news about this comes out. Those who don’t have Blu-Ray or Hi-Def TV’s are excited about the news and those that do have Blue-Ray and Hi-Def consider the news “lame” and only want it if it’s Blu-Ray. I am the former and have argued the point you’re making before. It doesn’t matter, I’m sure CBS will release TOSR in Blu-Ray eventually so if someone doesn’t want to buy this collection, then it’s their choice. I’m looking forward to this set and completing my collection of Star Trek on DVD.

Where I agree that the full series set deserves to be on Blu-ray, I’m happy to finally see all three TOS seasons on DVD. I don’t have Blu-ray players everywhere in the house — hell, I’m still waiting for the opp to get our first one. So let those of us luddites who still don’t have the money to go Blu enjoy that we can at least get the whole series on regular old DVD.

I’m wondering about next week’s episode, since we still haven’t heard what the “Season 3” is gonna be on TV!

I think they will show The Cage on tv probly around the time J..J Abrams Star trek movies comes out. That mught help with the promo of the movie and in the commercials they can have excerpts from the new movie.Of corse im looking forward to the Dvd of the Alternate Realities. that will be kool to have. Long Lve the Trran Empire.

But Unless they have the Dvds in blu Ray ill just Wait. Any of my Faveriates I can get them at

I love the remastered eps. I have the first two seasons and am looking forward to finishing off this series with season 3.


Do they have HD downloads on iTunes?

Costco is currently selling seasons 1 & 2 of the remastered episodes for $57.99.

Costco usually only has these titles available for a month before sending them back. They just appeared this week, so if you want them without S&H get your card out and go shopping.

That’s $57.99 each, BTW.

#22. No they don’t. But it’s far cheaper to just watch the favs and only pay 1.99$. But when the Blu ray comes out then ill get all 3 seasons.But for now ill be content watching my favs uncut on itunes.

Why is everyone hung up on Blu-Ray? Hollywood has been labeling films “beautifully restored and digitally remastered” for years. CBS just took it one step further-CGI effects.
The main reason foe the season 1 HD-DVD was that Toshiba (the makers of HD-DVDs) were helping them pay for it! If you pay me, I’ll release a film in BetaMax for ya.
Both HD & BR were trying to get people on their side-trying to win their war. That’s why you got a cool remote when you bought season 1 & a player (trust me, the ploy worked).
But alas, HD lost, BR won. Once Toshiba admited that, there was no profit behind continued HD releases. So the completed season 2 HD only bonus features, remain unreleased. *That* is a reason to be upset.
But the fact that season 1 was a duel-format means that the HD side was just icing on an allready grat cake.
If you allready have TOS on DVD then don’t spend your money. If you have $200 on November 11th, buy the 3-pack.
I held out on buying TOS for years-the VHS tapes, the single DVDs, the DVD box sets. In my mind TOS-R is what I’ve been waiting for (and I have no plans to get a BR player).

The remastered sets seemed to make the original DVDs go down quite a bit in price – less than $40 a season – what were they – over a hundred a few years ago?. But I’ll still probably buy the “unremastered version” Blu-ray’s paramount will surely release someday – there’s still eggs in that golden goose’s carcass.
Saw the Cage in the theater.

25 Saw the Cage in the theater.
That wasn’t “the Cage,” it was “The Menagerie.” While it had Cage footage, there is more in “The Cage,” Than what you saw in “the Menagerie.”

I agree with many people about the BR. I don’t have one and wouldn’t be able to afford one for quite some time. I am glad that I can watch it on DVD.

I think I’ll buy season one remastered and add it to my “Trek on failed systems” collection, along with my TMP and TWOK betas.

Blu-Ray and a HD TV are too expensive on my meagre budget.

However, I will be getting the Remastered DVD sets.

After that, the next DVD title is likely to be JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.

#9 – buy them from They will probably be cheaper than what you will pay for them if/when they are released in the UK and you will have them now. Then buy a dvd player that is region free and set up to play either US or UK TV formats (NTSC/PAL) . They aren’t that expensive and they work great. I got one a couple years ago as an asked for birthday gift and that way I can buy dvds from that aren’t available in the US.

I just bought season 2 remastered.. I can’t find season 1 anywhere in Montreal.

Until the prices of blueray drop drastically.. i ain’t getting one for a loooooong time. So I will be VERY happy to be watching the DVD’s like this. I was really happy with the work of CBS-D on the remastered season 2. i love the extras! It was great having the animated Tribbles episode AND the DS9 Trials and Tribulations included on the set!!! Great bonuses!

I am looking forward to the alternate timelines DVD and season 3 remastered.. IF it gets here to Montreal.

How about the releases of 2 and 3 in Australia?

I am fairly certain the dearth of Hi-Def Star Trek will be addressed next year when the movie comes out. You guys should be savvy enough to know that these things aren’t planned in a vacuum. Be patient and it will come, believe me.

13 – Thanks for checking the UK release dates. Thank God I have a multi-region player and can import these NOW from the States. (Probably be cheaper than buying the UK release anyway, even with import charges!).
April 2009!!! And they wonder why piracy happens!

I couldn’t really care if they came out on Blu-ray or not!! I have a 32″ LCD and will be happy to pay for the remastered series when available in November. The fanaticism of Blu-ray discs is silly IMO. I have seen Blu-ray discs and really can’t see the sense of spending all that money on a player for the format, not to mention the fact of repurchasing all my movies and tv series to that format.

Guys, the reason I’m complaining about the lack of Blu-ray releases is that from ***day one*** the fact that the remastering has been done in HD has been at the forefront of promotion for these shows.

We saw season one get HD-DVD/DVD combo release and no DVD-only release. Call me naive, but when the high definition content has been made such a great deal of and when, realistically, this is already a second complete release of these shows (unremastered SD episodes having been issued once already in the DVD format) the lack of Blu-Ray news is irritating.

Buying Blu-ray discs is is for future proofing, given Blu-ray is confidently expected to be outselling DVD within the next four years.

I don’t even have Blu-ray yet myself, but only the most obsessive of fans can really consider buying these heavily-compressed standard def releases if hi-def versions are forthcoming! I’m going to sit it out and hopefully switch to Blu-ray in the next six months!

I recently bought season 1 TOS-R, I only have a standard DVD but I am loving it! In fact, this is the first TOS DVD that I have purchased in my life, despite being a fan for many years. Even in standard DVD, the quality of the images are really good, compared to the tired versions that I am used to seeing on late night TV repeats.

I have an HD TV and blu-ray, but I see little point in buying a TV show that was released in the 60’s on blu-ray, do you honestly think there’s going to be a massive change in quality there? Even with the remastered scenes, it’s not going to make a difference.

Ontop of that, I’m not interested in paying double the price, for such a small change in quality, the few blu-ray movies I have, are only because I managed to pick them up very cheap.

And I wouldn’t exactly call it “future proofing” blu-ray is already infererior to technology like HVD, do these companies really expect us to constantly buy the same movies over and over again, because of a slight increase in quality and more space on the discs?

DVD is more than enough for now.

The original HD releases are gorgeous on a 1080 p screen. No question, I own an HD player and the season one set. But there is also no denying that these remastered non-HD prints also look absolutely fantastic as well and I think it would take either a front projector or a side by side comparrison to actually notice what your missing, and even then it would depend on how close you are to the set. BluRay is great and when the players go down I’ll buy one, and maybe, someday, CBS will bite the bullet and put these Treks out in Blu Ray, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy watching these standard DVD remastered Treks. TOS is my all time favorite show. EVER…and it’s never looked better. No way am I going to “do without”.

Third season was not exactly great. But I have the other two boxes and I will get this one, too. A must-have. And a number of great episodes in the third season, too.

A Blue Ray version will be released eventually, so be patient! For the rest of us who can go on living without the HD experience, DVD is just fine. The difference isn’t as mind-boggling as PR would have us believe, anyway.

Here in the UK, we can also get to see Trek running at the correct 24fps speed on Blu-ray and no more squeaky PAL voices (believe me, as someone who works in TV, I do notice the half-semitone difference in pitch!!!)

Yes, PAL DVD ‘speed-up’ has always been a bit of a pain, but I’ve gotten used to that over the years, whereas I can never get used to the dreaded NTSC DVD ‘pull-down’ that affects certain scenes in movies…. That REALLY drives me mad.

Yeah! Tell me about it! I’ve got loads of Tartan-released DVDs in the UK that are NTSC-PAL conversions. I wish I’d bought NTSC versions from abroad now, as at least upscaling on hi-def players or my HDMI DVD player would look nicer.

well, I bought the first two on release day. hell, I bought the 2004 sets on release day, so this is a given for me.

So which on is better the original DVD release or this remastered DVD release?

Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy the stories a bit more with the new FX. These remastered eps have increased my appreciaion for the real meat of Star Trek: the storytelling. With the old FX I was always aware that I was watching an effect and not part of the story so much. The same shot of the ship orbiting a different colored planet. Re-used FX shots. Descriptions of fantastic space scenes that could never be realized.

Now the stories seem to flow better. I enjoy TOS with fresh eyes. My kids can sit with me and watch and don’t keep pointing out how old everything looks.

Yeah, I like these remastered episodes. I’m glad to own them. But this time I’ll check with my Costco insider and pick up season three from there.

Why are people whining about Blu-Ray? We never needed BR to enjoy TOS before, so why now? The effects still look beautiful. If I had the money, I would buy all three sets. However, I’ll be content with renting the Alternate Realities set to see TOS-R episodes on DVD quaility (bound to be better than the TV braodcast).

I’m glad this set is coming out to finish TOS-R on DVD (I can hear some of you laughing now :D). I want to get them…and I already have the 2004 DVD sets.

im really enjoying remastered season 2 – especially doomsday machine- the new fx & cleaned up picture make it worth it- as for blueray why isn’t everyone refusing to buy alternate realities or stargate unless its on blueray?

just enjoy it!

Any news in these DVD’s coming out in Blu-Ray?

Jimj: “I’m wondering about next week’s episode, since we still haven’t heard what the “Season 3″ is gonna be on TV!”

Check For one of my two nearby Star Trek stations, it shows “All Our Yesterdays” on 9/13 and “Arena” on 9/20. For the other stations, it doesn’t show the titles, so YMMV.

Unlike the previous two season sets, this one is going to be a difficult purchase for me. I thought the third season was full of duds, with a few gems sprinkled throughout. If I were to get this, it would be for the remastered “Cage” pilot, “The Tholian Web”, “The Enterprise Incident”, and of course, the conclusion of Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest.