More From Quinto on Spock and Sylar

Zachary Quinto is still out promoting the return of NBC’s Heroes (Monday Sept 22nd) and also talking more Star Trek. In a couple of new interviews Quinto talks about Spock’s ‘stillness,’ Star Trek’s theatrical-ness, how sci-fi has become such a part of his life, and more.



Quinto groks Spock and Sylar
Our friends over at Hardcore Nerdity have posted an audio interview with Zachary Quinto in which the actor discusses the similarities and obvious differences between playing Spock in the new Star Trek film and playing the villainous Sylar on Heroes. You can listen to the interview here; some excerpts are below.

Quinto: I think there’s elements to the characters that echo each other but I think they echo each other from very different, opposite ends of the spectrum. Each of the characters employs a stillness and a rich internal point of view that informs the way that they behave and the way they relate to people around them. It’s great fun to have characters that are rich and full of challenges and full of rewards and both of these characters are clearly that. As an actor … I don’t really approach a character as to whether or not its good or bad and just approach a character as to where it lives in me. I think for numerous reasons both of these characters find… these very different both find life in me.

HcN: Was it a relief to get back to that kind of freedom of sort of letting loose as Sylar after [playing Spock]?

ZQ: I think that’s the thing… the similarities… both of these characters are very contained and very controlled. … For me it was more like coming home when we came back to work on the show after going away on a new and uncharted experience with the movie and the sort of scale and size of the franchise and the iconic nature of the character I was stepping into. There was a tremendous sense of completion when I finished the film and a tremendous sense of familiarity when I came back to work on the show.

Quinto: Star Trek is theatrical
Also SciFi Wire has posted the transcript of a conference call with Quinto and Heroes creator Tim Kring, where the subject of Trek came up as well.

Question: Given Heroes and the upcoming Star Trek feature [in which Quinto plays a young Spock], did you always have a sense that you’d have a place in the SF universe, or was it just something that came about?

Quinto: Yeah, I never imagined my experience would lead me so deeply into the comic-book and science fiction world as it has, but, again, it’s something that I’m incredibly grateful for. And [considering his theater training], it makes sense when you look at it from that perspective, because I think there’s something very theatrical about those worlds. Obviously, the world of Heroes is incredibly heightened, and there’s something very theatrical about it. So while I never really expected it, you know, it doesn’t necessarily surprise me now that I have been ensconced in it. And also [it’s] like … it’s a really exciting group of fans, so I feel like that’s something else that is an added bonus to the whole thing. It’s like probably the most ardent group of people that you could ever be working for, in terms of fans and their enthusiasm for the stories that you’re telling. So I’m happy to be here. Now that I am, I definitely look forward to sort of exploring other areas of storytelling, but I’m so grateful that this one has led me to a point where I’ll be able to do that.

… .

Question: This is a big year for Zach with both Heroes and Star Trek. What’s been your career plan in terms of leveraging the show into film roles, and how did you choose Star Trek as your first hiatus movie project?

Quinto: Well, I hardly chose it, so to speak. This whole year for me has been such a blur of good fortune that … Very little of it was by design. I feel like my experience on Heroes and the world in which it’s rooted lends itself to the attention that led me to be a part of the movie. I don’t really think of it in terms of how I’ll use Heroes to get movie roles or how I’ll use Heroes to get other jobs. I remain as grateful to remain on Heroes now as I did when I first started. It’s so fulfilling creatively and professionally. … I think you can’t get ahead of yourself because no amount of success or exposure or opportunity is going to really matter or be ultimately fulfilling unless you can be totally present in what you’re doing right now. …

More from Quinto at Hardcore Nerdity and

A tan Zachary Quinto at “Heroes Countdown To The Premiere" event,
September 7th


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Just watched the first six Heroes episodes last night.
Great show! The time flew by.

I’ll be watching for this Sylar character very closely.

Spock and Sylar….both names begin with “S” and have the same number of letters……….I smell conspiracy!

(cue Twilight Zone music) dee, dee, dee, dee……………….

#2: Don’t you mean “doo doo doo doo”?

All together now, “now go do that doo doo that you do so well”

I have a feeling he is going to be the whole movie.

Charles, sometimes you can be so lucid – – it’s amazing!!



Thanks for this article. Excellent!


Darn. I was almost first. Missed it by *that much* !

Sorry. I really will go to bed now. (2:14 a.m. est)


I’d agree with “dee dee dee dee”


I think a concern with “type-casting” is becoming far less of a concern these days, due to the rampant pressures of competition actors must endure just to get auditions. Being typecasted as Spock, should this happen to Quinto, is hardly a death knell to an acting career. I am glad he is enthusiastic and soberly accepting of this at the same time. Wouldn’t it be wierd if the new Spock was just Sylar in a blue science uniform? Creepy!


Looks like the Quinto man-crush is back!!!!!

Darth “Taint-Pinch” Ballz

I always thought of it as more of a

Quinto remains the only thing about this upcoming Trek movie that I feel is ‘right’ other than Nimoy.

I must admit I was unsure about Quinto until I saw that teaser poster earlier in the summer. Quinto looks the part, and I hope he pulls it off successfully. I wonder what similarities Quinto and Nimoy share in their backgrounds, theatrical training, television experience, and so on…


You ‘smell’ a conspiracy. Starts with an ‘s’…5 letters…

#7 – ‘sorry’

(in his best Randy Marsh voice) Oh…my….god.

Well looks like Quinto is on the fast track to the A list in Hollywood. He has been well trained by the masters. J.J and Nimoy.

So, does that mean we will see him in MI:4 as his mentor went from the ears to the masks?

me heart quinto.



Now, since I have never seen Mr. Quinto act in anythin’ at all, I am quite qualified ta’ comment on his career path… much like a professional career advisor…

So here goes…

I have one word fur tha’ lad… waste management. One word? I meant 2. But yup, no matter how nigh tough times get, this be one field where thar’ always be needin’ a skilled hand. Everyone creates waste so ye’ never lose yer’ clientele… I mean, o’ course, if his actin’ gig doesn’t pan oot… or iffa folks dunna just start usin’ tha’ woods…


Everytime a read an article or interview the more I think ZQ really gets Spock. I can’t wait to see him in action.

yay, more nothing news on star trek xi,

I went ta’ Hardcore and didda not see any Dyson spheres at all… least I didn’t see a sliderule either…


I want to hear how he sounds as Spock.
That will be very interesting, and it will either make or break his portrayal.


What kind of news would you be waiting to hear? The film has been “in the can” pretty much for over a month at least. Not a lot of tidbits come out of the editing room. Do you really expect one of the actors to actually come out and say something like “Yes, I really enjoyed my experience filming Star Trek. Here’s a picture of the Enterprise and a script.”?

Or perhaps I’ve read your comment incorrectly. By “yay”, perhaps you actually are rejoicing at the fact you need not be troubled by any news today.

From the interview – “…it makes sense when you look at it from that perspective, because I think there’s something very theatrical about those worlds.”

Absolutely! That’s why the Captain’s chair was such a great fit for Shakespearean actors Shatner and Stewart.

#5. Green-Blooded-Bastard – “I have a feeling he is going to be the whole movie.”

You could be right; and if so, I still think it’ll be a great movie. If any one performance can (or has to) successfully carry this movie, my money’s on Quinto’s Spock being that one performance.

lol he looks like young dennis quaid in this shot


That is all.

Yes, Quinto is nice, but where is everyone else? Where is Pine?


Shatner is NOT in the new movie, but almost was…

JJ loves to keep secrets…

Remastering project is over and failed to please EVERYBODY…..

Paramount loves money and hates Blue Ray…..

No pictures or trailer of the new Star Trek movie will be released until AFTER the movie premieres…

JJ assures Paramount’s marketting honchos that secrecy is the key to attracting new “fans” to the new movie….

In the future, the “F” word will be replaced by the word “canon” according to JJ Abrams…..

The Abrams “Supreme Court”‘s next project will be to paint your house pink and replace your car with a purple Pinto all the while assuring you that you’ll love it and so will your neighboors…..

More at 11….

This just in to the news room….

In the future “neighbors” will still be spelled with one “o” not two…..

More at 11…..

But the people who live next to me ARE boors!

Spock/Spock for Pres! Bringing Logic back to the Presidency!

Last News bit…. I promise…

Quinto will let his eye brows meet in order to play his next film role as a Jonas Brother….

Film at 11

What the hell is a Jonas brother? Is that from the bible?

Darth “Boy Bitches” Ballz

34: Google is your friend.

Hmm… I’d watch a movie focused on Spock.


I’m with you. Spock was the character that grabbed my notice decades ago and a movie centered around this character has reopened my interest in Trek again.

I just hope Quinto does a good job with the part as everyone is watching him so intently. He is under so much scrutiny that I think I’d be afraid to take on the role. Fortunately he has the expert to help him out. Very few actors got the Vulcan role down right.

Years ago, during the TOS run Spock was the most popular character and drew in many viewers. I think a movie centered on this fascinating character is exactly what the franchise needs to draw in the newer, young audiences.

The more I hear from Quinto, the more I absolutely can’t wait to see this movie. I think it’s going to be awesome!

#24, relax, nobody cares what i say, uh uhuhuhuhuh, okay i want some official pics now, the enterprise, show us our new enterprise! we own star trek! ahhhhhhhh