Shatner Launches New Comic Book Series + Talks More About Abrams Star Trek

Continuing on his goal to ensure that he is the true King of all media (sorry Howard), it was announced today that William Shatner will headline a new line of comic books. And for even more fun, while promoting his new comics, Shatner has again questioned why he isn’t in the new Star Trek movie.

Full announcement on Shatner’s new Comic Book series

Bluewater Productions proudly announces a partnership with iconic actor and bestselling author William Shatner. The Washington based comic book company has contracted to do four titles with Shatner based on his popular science fiction novels. Bluewater’s “William Shatner Presents” franchise will include Shatner’s The TekWar Chronicles, Quest for Tomorrow, Man O’ War, and an exclusive new title that Shatner will create specifically for the publisher.

The comics will showcase storylines that will be continuations of the established plots featured in the fast-paced, sci-fi action-adventure books as opposed to direct adaptations of the titles. Shatner will be the creative force in the venture and will be working directly with Bluewater’s writers and artists, along with writer/producer Craig Nevius (The Fantastic Four, Black Scorpion), to develop the concept and look of the comics.

Bluewater’s publisher Darren Davis comments on the collaboration: “Mr. Shatner is a savvy businessman and a creative mastermind. We’re honored to be partnering with him and are confident our efforts will create comic books both his fans and ours will embrace.”

Shatner said: “Working with Bluewater is a great opportunity to bring these novels to a whole new audience.”

Science fiction fans all over the world are familiar with Shatner’s TekWar novels. The books showcase a hard-boiled private eye story set in the 22nd century. The plot revolves around an expoliceman protagonist whose quest is to track down a missing scientist whose invention could win the war against the insidious computerized drug known as "Tek." The novels were initially adapted by Marvel Comics in the 1990’s, and subsequently developed into an television series which ran from 1994-1996 for The Sci-Fi Channel in which Shatner co-starred, produced and directed.

Shatner has cultivated a career that has spanned over 50 years as a actor, director, producer, screenwriter, recording artist, and author. Before his iconic portrayal of Captain Kirk in the long-running Star Trek franchise, science fiction fans embraced the actor for guest starring in two classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. Currently, Shatner stars in ABC’s critically acclaimed legal drama Boston Legal for which he has won two Emmys and a Golden Globe Award. He was also recently inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and remains one of pop culture’s most recognizable figures.

Bluewater will launch all four of the “William Shatner Presents” titles during the first quarter of 2009. The “TekWar Chronicles” will be an on going series while the three additional titles will be crafted into a mini-series.

Shatner heads back to comics

Jurassic Kirk?
In an exclusive interview with the LA Times promoting the new comics deal, things again strayed into the subject of the new Star Trek movie and Shatner again made the case for his resurrection. From the article:

“There is no need for me to know anything because I’m not a part of [the Star Trek movie]. They will have an extraordinary campaign when it comes about, and my dear friend Leonard will be part of that and I would have loved to have been there with him. I am very happy for Leonard, my good friend, though.”

But wait, didn’t Shatner’s Kirk die on screen in Star Trek Generations in 1994? He rolled his eyes. “It’s science fiction! If we’re trying to put together the DNA of a dinosaur dead for a 160 million years, why can’t scientists take a molecule that’s floating around and bring back Kirk?”

Recreated Kirk returning to Starfleet Academy in JJ Abrams Star Trek?…
no, just a scene from Jurassic Park

Shatner Project days away
Recently TrekMovie reported that William Shatner’s new web video home (The Shatner Project on YouTube) would be launched this week and now it looks like the day for that is Thursday. Day one will have three videos: a welcome video, a re-edited ‘classic’ ShatnerVision and a new vid that is said to be  ‘a response to something in the news that you wont want to miss.’ Hmmm…what could it be? Find out later this week (hopefully) at the Shatner Project channel at YouTube.

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Sorry Bill, I like you but I can’t see you in this movie.

I could have lived without Shatner and Nimoy in the new movie, but having Nimoy without the Shat makes it awkward.

Shatner’s absence is more felt that Nimoy’s addition.

Ok.The Shat wants to be in the Movie. I say. Next movie let him.

I don’t understand what all the resistence is about by letting Shatner in this movie.

He was the actor that got the series sold, less we forget?

And Here We Go Again………..

#2, I Totally Agree!!!

Kirk died. It would not have worked well with the story according to those who know. Remember, Shat did a movie without Nimoy. Seems like this will work just fine. Now let’s move on.

The new movie can probably get by without the Shat but I’m not sure it the general movie going audience will be interested in watching a TOS film that doesn’t feature Takei!! What the **** were Abrams and co thinking?!!

He’ll get in! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday! Most likely in the sequel entitled “Star Trek 12: Were Finally Bringing Kirk Back.”

who said it originally about digging up your dead grandfather and going to all this effort to bring him back from the dead and then he just dies a few years later?

Because when they said that it made good sense.

Captain James T Kirk is dead.

klingon bastards!!


Shatner signed Kirk’s death warrant 14 years ago….he should let it go already. In order to bring him back you’d have to build a whole film around it, which is why he isn’t in the film. Would I have loved to see him in it with Leonard? Absolutely. But I completely understand why he’s been left out.

“It’s science fiction! If we’re trying to put together the DNA of a dinosaur dead for a 160 million years, why can’t scientists take a molecule that’s floating around and bring back Kirk?” —Shatner

Because it wouldn’t be a very good movie, Bill (not to mention it apparently would not benefit the story they wish to tell)…That’s exactly the kind of crap that makes ‘Star Trek’ the butt of so many jokes among mainstream moviegoers (many of whom Paramount and JJ Abrams will begin courting in a few months).

I happened to read this the other night, on LAT online, and I enjoyed the overall story. The sad thing is that next May the media will do these Shatner interviews all over again, and it’s going to be a big distraction.

He’s a dinosaur alright.

All this “I can’t believe I’m not in the new movie” nonsense sounds like the current ridiculous mudslinging/disinformation of some of the current politicos. We all know Shatner was offered a part in the movie but he keeps acting like and saying he was left out of the loop. Guess he thinks if he repeats this distortion enough times it will become the truth.

I just don’t get it: how can Nimoy be in this movie if he DIED in Star Trek 2? WTF?!!

(I hear ya, Shatster)

As long as we remember him….

This is one of the best viral campaigns ever. JJ is pleased.

” ‘Star Trek’ the butt of so many jokes among mainstream moviegoers (many of whom Paramount and JJ Abrams will begin courting in a few months).”

Face The Facts: Trek Is Trek
No matter who directs it or who stars in it.

Mainstream moviegoers (teens) are “Too Cool For School”, and will stay away,FAR FAR AWAY….

…Unless Heath Ledger filmed a cameo before his unfortunate death.

Shat wanted in the movie, I do wish he were in there, I’m glad we have Nimoy.

I favor Shatner over JJ Abrams…. Why? Cause it’s SHATNER! It’s the KIRK MAN!!!!!


Besides, the fact remains… if they can use Spock, they can use Shatner… moreover it’s honoring them both by having the duo reprise their roles.

Sure Kirk died in Generations… but have we forgotten that we’re talking about Star Trek here? No body really ever dies… I mean it’s Star Trek for Spock’s sake! We’ve got anomalies up the wazoo!! No body can come and tell me that if Old Spock and talk with Young Spock and alternate Kirk from a different time line couldn’t be in this movie… with all the time travel, crossover etc. that would be easily done…

But then, here are the facts… JJ Abrams, and gang likes Spock (Nimoy) better than Kirk (Shatner). The reason is quite simpler than that really… The story they made has little to do with Shatner… they probably thought about having Shatner play a tiny role but then, Shatner probably didn’t quite get the point of being in a movie that made no sense… And now Nimoy knows a bit more and Shanter wants in. And who can blame him? It’s as most people say, the man who made Star Trek the way it is.

Ah my friend Bill, I wish you and Nimoy would share the silver screen once more as the best friends… Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. Just to say goodbye… hell I never liked seeing Kirk in Generations without Spock.

But then I’m a fan of the old movies… so Shatner for me is still Captain Kirk and Bill Shatner the man who’s got a great humor and a kind heart.

Above all else I’m a fan of Star Trek and I would have liked to see Bill as Kirk once more…

Endless debate over something that has already been confirmed. Shatner is not in the film. Whether or not he will be in a possible sequel is moot at this point. Let’s just calm down, watch a new trailer for the film and get some production shots please. No more rumors; I WANT IMAGES PRONTO. Photos, drawings, I don’t care but something to break the monotony.

ok come on, shatner. i mean i loved you in the first series/movies, but your time has ended. YOUR CHARACTER DIED. it’s time to move on!

besides, ‘resurrecting’ a character this long (14 yrs) after he died is just stupid. in my eyes, that’s just bad (and lazy) writing. let the dead be dead.

So, he’s not in the movie?


I wonder how well these comments are going to go! Smashing, I’d gather!


Shatner’s not in the movie? Booooo!


Shatner’s not in the movie? Yaaaaaaay!

Now rinse and repeat.



Agreed… I want something solid too… those promo posters weren’t enough…

#16—-“Face The Facts: Trek Is Trek
No matter who directs it or who stars in it.

Mainstream moviegoers (teens) are “Too Cool For School”, and will stay away,FAR FAR AWAY….”

You mean like TWOK or TVH?

Good movies are good movies, and they will always draw mainstream moviegoers, whether Star Trek is in front of the title or not…

On the other hand, fanboy plots (like TSFS) or the use of weaker characters (like any TNG-era film) will never draw significant mainsteam appeal.

The promise of never before seen special effects and fantastic action sequences will put butts in seats…But only story quality (along with a return to the wondeful characters and setting of the 23rd Century) will ensure an influx of new blood into the fanbase.

IMO, Shatner’s absence is a relief, not because I do not personally love most of his work as JTK (TOS-TVH), but because I’ve long since said my goodbyes to Shatner in a Starfleet uniform, and yet another “phoned-in” performance (TFF-GEN) as Kirk will not help to create new fans (but only make Star Trek the butt of many more jokes).

But that’s just my not-so-humble opinion…

You know what I think? I think we should spend the next 538 posts debating this subject.

#29. Oopsies. Somehow, I l deleted the “Trek Nerd” from my posting there. Though I dunno, I kinda like the mononym, like “Madonna” or “Diddy” or “Sting.”

#31 Oh, good grief, now I’ve really blown it. “Treky?” What a boob I am.

Sorry for the idiotic multiple posts.

Bringing back Kirk is so simple–at the very end of the movie, I assume Spock is in the 24th century, and he sees Kirk — alive and well, and simply nods. A little changed history, a small adjustment, don’t event explain it.

Am I the only one getting sick and tired of Shatner going on about not being in the new movie. Heck, I’m just sick and tired from hearing about the guy. Get over it Bill, you’re time’s done, you’re the past and we should look to the future.

Good stuff, Treky!

I will always remember the good times of the captain JTK
in the skin of Bill Shatner. But, lets be a little logical , he’s a little too aged for the role.I think i remember an episode of the simpsons where they mock of the elderly cast of star trek XII, and Scotty couldn’t reach the console because of his gut. Its time to celebrate the good times they gave us, and let them go. Altough Kirk’s death in veridian 3 was totally crap. JTK deserved better.

Kirk was my hero when I was young, and he’s still far & away my favorite Trek captain.

But yeesh … if my kid pissed and moaned about something as much as Shatner is whining about this, I’d have banished him to his room without his Nintendo.

Get. Over. It.

Shat is the man!

There was a time I was a huge Shatner fan. Then he could not let go of not being in the movie. I’m now longer such a big fan.

Don’t get me wrong. Quite simply my opinion of him has changed DRAMATICALLY over the past year. I propose a new poll:

Are you a Shat Fan?

1. I’m his biggest fan!
2. I was once a huge fan, but now not so much.
3. I’m not a fan.

(PS #35, agreed.. Kirk deserved a much better death scene)

when will bill be asked about the role jj had written for him?

“Am I the only one getting sick and tired of Shatner going on about not being in the new movie.”

Hmm…Shatner is doing an interview promoting other things as usual and the REPORTER asks him about the movie — not really surprising given the media’s superficial knowledge of all things Trek — and he answers rather simply that he doesn’t need to know about the film, he wishes he was in it with his dear friend and it’s sci-fi so there are ways Kirk could live. You know, if he chose to refuse to answer, no doubt you’d have an issue with THAT too. Well brace yourselves, cause it will come up again and again come next Spring when the campaign for the film hits. :)

Oh God when will it end? Shat Shat Shat Shat Shat. Jeez. He WAS great as Kirk. It’s over. Done. Finished. Kaput. He’s not in the movie. Get it? He’s not going to be in it. Get it. Get over it Trek Geeks. I love, I mean LOVE Trek, but I can accept that Shatner is done. Stick a fork in him and see. DONE.
Trekkies hear this: All your pathetic whining is not going to bring Shatner back as an old feeble fat Kirk. Lest you think I’m some young know it all like TOG I’m not. I’m old school, and old – not as old as Shatner but old enough to remember TOS being broadcast on NBC when I was 6 yrs old. Nimoy IN- Shat – OUT.
I call on the countries of the world to eliminate William Shatner or I will wreak havoc on all civilization ( watch the Pink Panther Strikes Again). My only concern is hat like Clouseau, Shatner will survive, and destroy a perfectly good Star Trek movie. Kill him, Kill him Kill him.
Please for the good of all Trekdom. Kill him.
P.S goofy Trekkers/Trekkies. I really do like Shatner, but enough is enough.

Closettrekker — everyone ok in your neck of the woods?

Had Shatner not been greedy he could have said no to the Generations movie just as Nimoy and Kelly did. He took the money and ran. Screw him.

Then why do you keep reading such topics? As they say, “change the channel.” You can easilty avoid any articles on shatner. Just read the heading, then pass it over. I do it everyday, a dozen or more times.

I think he was kidding this time.

When speaking of your God Shatner please remember to capitalize the first letter of his name. Proper noun stuff you know.
What the hell kind of a name is Biff anyway?


Everyone say it.

Say Biff

Trek Shatner!!!