Listen To Nimoy On NPR’s ‘Wait Wait Dont Tell Me’

This weekend the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, is the ‘not my job guest’ on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait Dont Tell Me, where he joked around about Star Trek and played the game “Your are not that Spock either,” taking questions about the expertise of ‘Dr. Spock,’ and child rearing. Listen to it at

More info about Wait Wait Dont Tell Me at the official site. You can download the entire show on iTunes or via MP3, more info HERE.

Thanks to everyone sent in tips about this.

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This should be fun — he did GREAT, I’m sure — a very well-read guy.

nemoy is a funny guy!

This is a fun interview. Nice knowing Obama is a trekker, too. Heh!

Shatner is a funny guy, too. Just imagine how fun it would be to be a fly on the wall during a private, off-the-record, media-event-free conversation between these two friends of over for decades. I bet they’ve had some great laughs together!

I listened to it at my house on the air, and it was rather hysterical, owing to the fact that the host and many of the panel members were Trekkies themselves.

I highly recommend listening, whether for the Nimoy factor, or the fun of an NPR quizshow.

Umm … that should have read “of over FOUR decades.”

Nimoy and NPR: A match made in the heavens!

Since someone mentioned Obama, I wrote about Obama’s space policy on my blog.

I have high hopes that the Democrats will do better than the Republicans on our trek to the stars. (Albeit, hopes are fragile things.)

I have affected the universe; I’m so proud.

I bet Nimoy is really tired about hearing of Dr. Spock.

Hey. The real spock did great. he is a very funny man and a great actor and a great directoer.I loved the video of Spock Vs Q. it’s on you tube and is very Funny as well.

Kool.Mr Nimoy Has a pair of the real ears he worn from the last ep of Tos, Thats so kool. I hope he wears them in the new Movie. Now that would be Cannon.

Gee,,, Leonard Nimoy has really come out of retirement and is enjoying abit of the spotlight.


It is unnecessary to call Nimoy “the original Spock”

#4–I’m betting that new Shatner interview show will be great when he interviews Nimoy.

15 – I agree. Should be great!

14 – Totally agree. Just like “he who was once Kirk.” Blech!

Dreams CAN come true!
Oh, had I been waiting for Nimoy on NPR.

Just joking here guys but…..




19 – The E got a new trailer? Does it use a tractor beam or just a ball and hitch?

Tractor Beam of course. Towing McCoy’s supply of Saurian brandy.

Ah, I would have loved to get sloshed with Bones! But I thought he was a mint julep man (“This Side of Paradise”). And this probably belongs in the Baird-Orion girl thread, but Jill Ireland in that episode was certainly a side of paradise. What a gorgeous woman she was!

So, by messing around with these posts all night, I guess I missed the Emmys most dramatic TV moment. I suppose Trek’s “CotEoF” didn’t win. Anyone catch what did?

I watched the Emmys and nothing on Trek for most dramatic moment. At the beginning of the show they had a really lame routine with Howie Mandel and other assorted losers that went on FOREVER…..they wasted at least ten minutes of valuable air time and the Emmy show tried to play catch up after that, cutting people short on speeches, presenters who voiced their disapproval of being cut short, etc..

24- Thank you, Harry. Yeah, I stopped watching after awhile because of that typical award show nonsense getting in the way of getting down to business. And every time I checked back in I saw exactly the kind of crap you describe. I didn’t see that they did anything for these hyped-up drama or comedy memorable moments. What a bunch of bullshit. Lame! Sad that the best part of the show was Stephen Colbert equating eating prunes with eight years of Bush and probably at least four of McCain to follow. Sheesh, what a waste!

I stopped watching the the TV Award Show went I realized back in 1985 that they were not Award shows but only self hype and Promotional Verbal Essays to get free advertising for themselves, Nimoy may have been different but it still sounds like Advertising BS not really from the honorable Mr. Pointy Ears but from all the ones wanting free advertising time.

I did meet Mr. Nimoy in person once, told him that I used what I learned from his character Spock to make my recovery from a Traumatic Head Injury to go from a Vegetable to go to Collage for Computer Science classes. Lenard felt touched an Honored that he was able to help me return my brain from low two digit IQ to a decent 3 digit IQ. And for that gift via the Great bird of the Galaxy’s creative skills I will always honor Lenard.

My screen name here is in a way in honor of him.

Great story Spockish.

Hilarious bit! I love that show, Spock or no Spock.

29. And yes, Spockish, that’s a very moving story.

Is it possible that Nimoy was talking about a Vulcan salute from Joe Biden?

This is my favorite program from National Public Radio

32. I’m assuming he meant Obama, as he referred to someone who’s still in the race — and then said it wasn’t McCain. That suggested (to me, anyway) the other remaining presidential candidate.

Something I read somewhere gave me the idea Obama’s a Trek fan, anyway. Maybe that story about a phone call from Bill Gates, who identified himself as just “Bill” — and Obama thought he meant “Shatner, as in Star Trek”?? Something like that. My memory’s failing.