New Trailer For Roddenberry’s ‘Trek Nation’ Doc Online

Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod Roddneberry has been working on a documentary about his father and Trek fandom for a few years. Over the summer TrekMovie reported that Roddenberry had hired a new editor (Emmy winner Allan Holzman) who was finally putting it all together and had created a new trailer, which is now online.


As noted in our Comic Con report, this new trailer is much better than the first and it is clear that Holzman is having a positive impact on the project. You can watch a high resolution version of the trailer by clicking the image below.

[CLICK TO WATCH TRAILER…opens new window]

The Roddenberry team tell TrekMovie that there is still a way to go before the documentary is finished, but it should be releases sometime in the latter half of 2009. They are still hoping for a theatrical release before it comes out on DVD. More info at



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looks amazing. i think this is the perfect time for Star Trek to re-emergence into the mainstream consciousness again (not like it ever really left, but with new movie, new documentary on Gene, it’s definitely on the come back). Good job, Roddenberry Jr.

I wonder how many people will see “New Trailer” and go berserk before reading the rest of the title. I know I did.


Fantastic. I can’t wait to see this.

Looks nice. Not anything new, but like a lot of us big Trek fans we’ve heard the story many times. Will see this when it’s done.

It looks like this is going to be an amazing and powerful documentary that will finally give Trek its due as a global cultural and philosophical influence. Thank you Mr. Roddenberry and friends for doing this for us all. I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Not to mention an inspiration and a healing influence for countless souls.

The best line is where Roddenberry says that Trek fans are hungry and waiting for the 23rd century and it’s higher ideals of life. We all are desirous and capable of living up to these standards. As Gene said, “much more so than our petty governments and visionless leaders.”

I’ll buy this one.

The first documentary I’ve actually anticipated.

this is my 3rd attempt to write a comment. its a fraction of the size of the 2 previous. words have eluded me. amazing. really reawakened my profound feelings and thoughts about the trek phenomenon.

Very Impressive, I will see this for sure.

I think that if I hear the story about Nichelle Nichols meeting MLK one more time I’ll crap a Dinky die cast Enterprise!!!!

Darth “Tee Shirts and BullS^!t” Ballz

It looks like it was made with great respect to his father as well.

Great trailer. I still have the ‘Inside Star Trek’ record, but nothing to play it on anymore….. But managed to get hold of the TMP/Inside Star Trek double CD a few years ago.

IST is a great listen and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get on the inside of what went on.

That thing gave me goose bumps. Very well made and quite succinct. Definitelz will be on the lookout for the movie.

Why TrekNATION though? This is a clearly an international phenomenon. I am writing this sitting in Germany, for example.

But that’s just nitpicking… ;)

Very nice!

#3 Haha, I did!!

Wow. Just, wow!

Definitely going to get this, it looks amazing.

Wow, what a trailer! I can’t wait to see this!

This has been in development for a LONG time, too. I don’t know much about what’s been going on behind the scenes, but I wonder what is delaying it so much.


It will be interesting to see what new perspectives Rod can bring to a story many have heard before.

…and the adventure continues….

wow…very nice

Wow! That is extremely well done! Can’t wait to see the whole project.

Looking forward to this!

Interesting to hear George Lucas and Stan Lee’s reaction to Star Trek.

yeahhh Woooooow great trailer.

TrekNation has been in production so long, that I wonder if we’ll ever see it.

Looks great – something else to look forward to in ’09!

Since long I`m waiting for this!

Wow, just to hear Lucas and Stan Lee talk about Trek is enough to make you have chills! I think this will certainly be worth seeing, and perhaps one of the first respectable documentaries about the true effect and message of Trek. Don’t get me wrong, the Trekkies movies were fun, but I think they missed the seriousness of TOS. Hopefully this one will finally help answer the questions that most of us fans have had to try and explain for years…

I can’t wait.

What a great trailer! I really look forward to that. Good work man.


yeah, The trekkies movies mostly served as a freakshow, I got a few laughs, but they are hardly informative.

This looks great though, I loved all the footage…….A ton of which I’ve never seen before.

Hmmm, that trailer seems to tell us fans what we have known for ages.

I don’t see it getting a cinema release (hope it does).

It maybe good as a televsion special for when the Movie comes out

YEEEEAAAAAHH! Finallyy! The TRAILER for…. oh. Nuts.

Just kidding, man this looks good. It’s definitely miles away from the tone of Trekkies.

“Star Wars standing on the shoulders of Star trek.” George Lucas, paraphrased.

I guess it wouldn’t in the best spirit of ST to spam SW forums with a link to this video? No, no it wouldn’t…

Be right back…

Really nice look into the past. People need to look this over to appreciate the future ahead of us, I hope. JJ, don’t let us down…this trailer reminds me about why I really like Trek, especially the original recipe!!!


In Rod we trust

I’ve always wanted to see a definitive, honest, and creatively interesting documentary on TREK and the trailer at least hints that this might be it. I only hope it doesn’t cling too strongly to the status quo and the party line — the media, fans, and “poplular culture:” tend to prefer nice, clean understandable narratives and enthusiastically engrave cloudy, complicated half-truths (and even outright lies) into stone, turning myths into Myth. There have been a lot of people involved with TREK over the years and who have determined what it is. Gene Roddenberry was a decent writer and producer with at least a hint of a visionary spirit but he was also a fascinatingly flawed human being (as are we all) and I hope the documentary places the creation and legacy of TREK into that context. In fact, it makes the whole enterprise more interesting.

The Documentary that should have been made FIRST!

Im sorry, Trekkies was funny, but it just hinged on the Stereotype of Star Trek, not the real reason it was created!

Heres to ST, All Five series and all ten movies!

Looks intriguing, to say the least. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

I was there at Gene’s star ceremony in Hollywood in 1985 and, by a miracle, at the after-party on the Paramount lot. He was glowing that day; like a proud father on his child’s wedding day. It was exciting to see that footage again!


The term Trek “Nation” doesn’t necessarily refer to one country but rather to one group of people that share a common like or belief that joins them together as one “nation”. Sort of how in American sports we refer to fans of the Boston Red Sox as “Red Sox nation” or the Oakland Raiders fans as “Raider nation”.

Nothing really U.S.centric should be taken from the terminology.

Amazing, and what a perfect time for the documentary! I had no idea that Nichelle Nichols had met Dr. King, much less that he was a fan, and how correct he was in the role that Star Trek’s example would be in times to come. I wonder if he could have known how right he was?

I’m glad he talked Nichelle into staying on the show. I just can’t imagine Star Trek without her.

Looking forward to this…

To Rod and the filmmaker’s:

Gene’s voice-over dedication to “Homer, my ex-convict friend” likely refers to a real person in Gene’s life who introduced him to reading John Carter of Mars, not the ancient author of The Odyssey, of whom very little is known and what is surmised is apocryphal I suggest The Odyssey lobby card be removed from the montage.

I’ll always remember those two guys from “Trekkies” who said where from the starship “Battle Queen”, ROFLMAO

aahhhh, they were totally straight