Star Trek Trailer By Christmas + more from Orci & Kurtzman

With Fringe and their new movie Eagle Eye, the Star Trek co-writing team are everywhere these days promoting their new projects. In a couple of new interviews Trek comes up with some news on the trailer, the themes of the film and even some talk about the TrekMovie community.


Trek trailer before Christmas
Last month TrekMovie reported that the first theatrical trailer for Star Trek would be out by the end of the year, and Orci confirmed this in the final part of his and Kurtzman’s interview with IESB saying he "thinks" the trailer should be out "before Christmas." But Kurtzman noted that "they are still debating the date." The pair dismissed rumors that the Trek trailer would be attached to their film Eagle Eye (opening this weekend) as well as the rumor that the Transformers 2 trailer would be held all the way until next May’s release of Star Trek.

Orci also talked about common themes between Eagle Eye and their other projects.

Orci: …a lot of our work has the theme of what is the balance between technology and humanity. Fringe in a way is about that, Transformers in a way is about that, Star Trek is about that, so that theme keeps bringing us back.

Trek is about family  + community funky?
The pair also talked to the Hollywood Reporter about their various prjects and of course Trek came up as well (and Bob also talked about his time chatting here on

THR: With "Transformers," your emotional through-line was "a boy and his car," and with "M:I-3" it was "Marriage: Impossible." What was your mantra for "Trek"?

Orci: For "Trek," it’s how a family comes together. And then more specifically, the story of two brothers, Kirk and Spock. It’s the first time Alex and I got to really write about our friendship, in a way. So that was a big inspiration for us — the coming together of opposites in a partnership that takes you to places you can’t even believe. I mean, that’s us.

THR: Have you had any funky interactions with Trekkies since you got this job?

Orci: Only online. And not funky. You know: passionate, informed (laughs), emotional. Nothing that’s made us uncomfortable. But someone on one of the chat boards mentioned that it looks like I was gaining a little weight and I should stay off the doughnuts. So that’s the only thing that I’ve had to contend with. But you know, that’s the price.

Note: the ‘Orci gaining weight’ comment came from Janice a month ago in another Orci/Kurtzman article, thanks Janice.

Orci on the partnership
Orci and Kurtzman have an enduring Hollywood partnership going back to their beginnings as screenwriters. Bob even calls Alex ‘his first wife.’ In yet another interview with Extra, Orci talks about why the relationship works.

Extra: What do you think has made your writing partnership with Kurtzman so successful?

Orci: Well, we met in high school and we said, ‘Hey, let’s team up.’ We both realized we were really big fans of movies. When I met Alex, I found out that he had lived in México City where I was born and he remembered a lot of the places I remembered. We had a lot in common. We hit it off immediately. It was like we formed a band and stayed together. And I’ve anointed him as an honorary Hispanic.

Extra: Is there a leader in your band or do you switch off?

Orci: It depends on the day. Sometimes one of us has writer’s block and the other one gets him through it. As long as we both don’t have writer’s block on the same day, we’re usually okay.

More from the pair at IESB, THR and Extra.


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i hjope that trailer shows us the new Enterprise with she’s new crew :)

That sounds like a nice christmas present.

They really should release the trailer around Thanksgiving…

…seeing as how that’s almost 6 whole months before the May release date. Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a HUGE box-office weekend for the public (especially families), even moreso than Christmas or New Year’s weekends. They really should consider attaching the TREK trailer to any of the following:

MADAGASCAR 2 (CGI cartoon)


BOLT (CGI Disney)

TWILIGHT (teen vampires)

THE ROAD (adult sci-fi)

FOUR CHRISTMAS (new Vince Vaughn X-mas comedy)

ANY of these would do nicely, if Paramount is hoping to get the general public interested in a new STAR TREK. They have to stop dragging their feet. Non-Trekkie Joe Schmoe needs to start going, “Oooooooh!”, like, YESTERDAY for this new TREK. QUANTUM OF SOLACE seems like the best, logical bet to attach the trailer onto. Here’s hoping.

Hopefully the trailer has some nice shots of the ship. And of Karl Urban.

“For “Trek,” it’s how a family comes together. And then more specifically, the story of two brothers, Kirk and Spock.”

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me,
Shall be my brother”

Long Live Star Trek!

Oh wow, a May release is going to be promoted during the holidays. Who could have guessed.

Mr. Orci:
Harlen Ellison personally told me a gret way to avoid writer’s block: that is “never burn out the idea. Always leave something stuck in your mind for tomorrow.” He told me that in 1976 and it has never failed.

Finally some news about the trailer! Can’t wait to see something! It’s been frickin eons…

Re: #7, of course he forgot to tell me that you spell it ‘great’ not gret.

“Spock, transmit now.”

Lol, the doughnut got mentioned

We will not see the Enterprise in the trailer.

The first theatrical trailer for Star Trek due by Xmass or soon after,,,

This is the news Ive been waiting for,,


( Tomorrow would be a nice date too !!,,hint hint)

The complete lack of anything new is starting to grate. Give us a cool publicity still of the cast or perhaps Nimoy as Spock…but give us something!


I *think* the trailer will be out before Christmas too.

But I guarantee it will be released before 2020.

Exccceeeellllent news. But what I want to know is:

What meaneth “informed (laughs)”? Does he mean we’re all such nerds we can quote stardates in our sleep? That we’ll debate costume arcana until we’re blue (or command gold) in our collective Trekkie face? That we’ll get tied up in a debate over those stupid bweeping bridge noises? That this all makes us some how. . . FUNNY?

Hmmmm. . .he couldn’t mean that. . .


(and I never did memorize the stardates!)

Alex & Bob, If You Are Listening… loved your work on Jack of All Trades! Great show!

I said the donut comment. It’s funny how you cats remember things.

OrcSter never took it too seriously. Good to see.



Mr. Orci, any chance the trailer could run about 2 hours 30 minutes?

14. Brian –
“The complete lack of anything new is starting to grate. Give us a cool publicity still of the cast or perhaps Nimoy as Spock…but give us something!”

No, what really grates is cookie-cutter responses like yours to every article here. “Nothing new” – check. “Gimme a cast photo” – check. “Gimme a trailer” – oh, I guess that’s being covered in this article.

You forgot the ubiquitous “just show us the damn ship already!” as well as “I pay your salary, you owe me!”

Will the Star Trek trailer be a double-wide? Thats what we call comfort AND modern convenience. King of the lot.

uh huh uh huh. trailer parks are kewl.



I can’t wait for the movie! With each new interview my anticipation for it grows and grows! :-)

WTF! Finally some real news. Orci is Mexican!
Who knew!

by: Staff (?)
Why a link to the Janice post?

Kirk STII:

A doctor (editor) should know the dangers of opening old wounds.


Jack of All Trades is one of my all-time favorites.

Will there be any sneak previews this year?


Actually that was the first time I ever said anything like that, but thanks for your unsolicited observation.

I just think it’s odd that we haven’t seen anything else for a film that’s been in the can for months and is a major tentpole release for the studio.

Around Christmas, just as I have speculated all along…It never made since to me (from a mainstream marketing perspective) for them to do it any sooner…at least once the release date was switched to May. I have said all along that I believe there will be an aggressive marketing campaign, beginning with a full trailer in December. Sounds like they (TPTB) agree.

Yay. I love trailers.


There’s a new Trek movie coming out? back to Kirk and Spock? Aren’t the actors getting a bit old for that?

I mean… yeah… I remember a RUMOR that some big new up and coming dude in Hollywood was thinking about working on a re-boot of Trek…

But it has been so LONG since that rumor was bandied about, with no EVIDENCE lately of such… well… I thought it was all dead.

But seriously folks….

I am not sure I want to see the BIG E in the trailer… leave that for the big Trekie E-gasim in May when I see it for REAL.

I remember going to ST:TMP as a high-schooler and nearly crying when the inspection pod gave the Big E that slow reveal through the dry dock structures. THAT was the pay off to all the fans that waited and campaigned and supported. All we got in the Trailers before that was Klingon ships and faces with MINOR portions of the Big E details up close.

I say, foreplay makes the night last longer. I don’t want no Quick E.

#27—Why is it odd, when the release date is still 8 mos. away?

Abrams is only going to give away so much to begin with, so would it not make sense to withhold it and hit the market hard with a shorter, more aggressive campaign…like one which doesn’t begin until December? As someone who deals in marketing each and every week, I believe it does, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s pure “attention-span psychology”. The average moviegoer (a more than substantial portion of the target audience) will only maintain interest in something like this for a brief amount of time. No matter how initially impressive it is, interest will wane. The goal is for the marketing campaign to “peak” at the right time, and that’s about 8 months away.

Star Trek – the Orgasm. Coming to your theater next summer.

The Road was a great book…

Why does the Enterprise have rudders?


…Yeah, you can tell from the so-called “teaser” trailer that the nacelle struts are slanted as in TMP.

Still, I wouldn’t mind finding this mesh somewhere….

Honorary hispanic – haha, funny.

That weight comment was so wrong.

Orci and Kurtzman rock.

Enteprise looks like the Goodyear Blimp

#37, How can you tell that the struts are slanted in the teaser? It never shows the secondary hull or nacelle pylons.

Man, that was nerdy, someone help me.

#33. Yes it was! I hope the movie doesn’t completely screw it up.

Everyone on this board who hasn’t read it: Read it now.

#34: That’s an awful lot of extrapolation from a few shots from a teaser trailer. I personally don’t think it’ll look like that. The nacelles are too bulbous.

My personal take: It’ll look almost (I’d say at least 80%) like the TV Enterprise.

If they show the outside of the E, I hope it’s at a far enough distance away from being able to see if they changed anything. I fear that they will make the new E look like it had a few doughnuts.

Psyched. Hope it leaks soon! Aggggh!

#42, nothing less than 100% on the outside, thank you!

Yes we’re definately a funky bunch. Also, the Enterprise runs on funk, so make sure to cause a funk-core breach!

It would be cool if at one point in the movie, they refered to the ship as the big “E”.

She’ll no doubt look almost just like the TOS model, except as if the TOS production crew had a bunch more money to work with.

#33 – just finished reading The Road last week; I agree. Immersive book. Excellent,

#2… what would have been a nice Christmas present … The Original release date. only 8 months to go!

#34 –

Fake or not, those are INCREDIBLY convincing. Looks very close to the Enterprise in the teaser trailer. Color me intrigued!

I hope it’s out at Thanksgiving. I always go to the movies on Thanksgiving.