October 2008

Burger King Confirms Star Trek Movie Promotion For 2009

In a welcome sign for a new expanded audience for the franchise, Star Trek is headed back to fast food. Back in February TrekMovie reported that one of the components of the merchandising for the new Star Trek movie would be at a major fast food outlet, noting ‘probably Burger King.’ And Burger King has just officially confirmed they will be doing a promotional tie-in for the new Trek film.

10 Favorite Star Trek Characters In Costume

While the crews of the Enterprises, Defiant, and Voyager may not celebrate Halloween on screen, they certainly did like to dress in costume for their adventures. To celebrate Halloween, Trekmovie provides this list of the "Best Costumes" from various episodes. As a bonus, for collectors, each entry lists whether or not there has been an action figure of the characters in costume.

Science Friday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween and welcome to a very spooky edition of Science Friday! Learn about a new artificial heart fit for a starship captain, how mini robots will build homes on Mars, portals from the Sun to the Earth, and a special Halloween sky show in the heavens. Also, don’t miss the top science Halloween costumes! All this and more plus our gadget of the week: Microsoft Second Light.

Pine: Kirk Is An ‘Everyman’ who ‘Saves The Earth’

A year after he was cast we are finally hearing more and more from Star Trek’s new Kirk. Chris Pine opens up in the new official Star Trek Magazine about why he took the part, how it was ‘scary’ to take on the iconic role of James T. Kirk, what he thinks of the script and more. In a couple of excerpts below, Pine talks about Shatner and how we will see Kirk start off his ‘saving the world’ career early.

Second ‘Engagement’ Of Star Trek The Exhibition Opens In Phoenix In November

Over the summer Star Trek The Tour (which opened and closed in Long Beach in the Spring), was re-born as Star Trek The Exhibition with the first stop opened in San Diego in June. At the time we reported that there would actually be two concurrent exhibitions going and now the second one has been announced, kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona in November.

Planet Vulcan Discovered?

In an exciting example of how science follows science fiction, Epsilon Eridani, the star system rumored to contain Spock’s home world of Vulcan, may in fact be home to Earth-like planets. NASA’s Spitzer space telescope has observed asteroid belts orbiting the star that may indicate an Earth-like planet zone similar to our own. What will we find when we can take a closer look? Read on to learn more!

Great Links: Drink Up Edition

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like to drink? Why not bring those together…and this week the Great Links finds a few folks who like to do just that. We also find common ground with Star Wars, more political Trek, search the Technobabble, surf Trek style, turn money into space ships,  and so much more.

More Details Emerge For Playmates Star Trek Movie Toys

Last January  Trekmovie.com broke the news that Playmates Toys would be returning to the world of Star Trek toys for the next Star Trek feature film. Since their official announcement in February, Playmates has been quiet about their plans. But this week they have started to reveal the slightest details about their plans for toys the Star Trek movie.

Pine Talks Kirk + Abrams Talks Secrecy

Of the main new Star Trek cast, the one we always want to hear more from is Chris Pine, the new James T. Kirk. Variety profiles the up-and-comer as one of their ‘10 Actors to Watch‘ and talks about his process of bringing back an iconic character. There is also a new interview with JJ where he talks about how he doesn’t like to talk about things, yet.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Transformers, Iron Man, BSG, Dollhouse, Stargate + more

In Sci-Fi movie news this week we have a big update on that other big May 2009 movie, Terminator Salavation. Plus there are updates on Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, a Dr. Strange movie and more. TV news brings the first look at the new Stargate series, word on the ending of BSG, the latest on Dollhouse and more. Plus new images and videos from a couple dozen movies and series, so check it all out below.

Science Friday: Low Budget Edition

In this economy, you got to look to ways to save money…so this Science Friday takes a look at some low budget science including going to space in a microcraft (if you don’t mind the claustrophobia), making buildings on the moon without water, outsourcing moon missions to India and getting your X-Rays with Scotch Tape. And with all that money you save, you can afford the gadget of the week: the walking robotic plant of the future!

CelebWatch: Stardate 10.23.08

The Watch is back! We have an October roundup of celebrity news, including Auberjonois back at Boston Legal, Visitor losing more than her head for the Friday the 13th remake, a book deal for Pegg, Chris Pine’s Trek poster auction, and much more! Plus, we have two hilarious videos, one with Michael Dorn berating John Cleese and another with Bob Picardo as a ladies man. Check it out below!

Bryan Fuller Serious About Creating Star Trek Series – Wants Return To TOS style

Last month we reported that formerStar Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager writer/producer Bryan Fuller mentioned in an interview that he would like to create his own Star Trek TV show. It appears this wasn’t just idle talk. In a new interview thePushing Daisies creator says that he is actively perusing this goal of bringing old school-style Trek back to the small screen.

Shatner Watch: Takei Takedown, Broadcasting Award, Shatner Clause + more

Before the William Shatner and JJ Abrams drama there was the William Shatner and George Takei drama. This feud has played out in books, talk shows and in the media — most recently in reports about how Shatner was not invited to Takei’s wedding. In his newest "Shatner Project" video blog, Bill doesn’t hold back on how he feels. See that below plus get all the latest on The Shat.

TrekInk: Preview Of “The Last Generation” Comic Mini-series

What small things will change the destinies of a man’s life, and what trials might people have to go through to show their mettle. Andrew Steven Harris’ new comic series "The Last Generation" will examine the plight of a group of survivors as they fight against the Klingon Empire. See below for our preview of the series including comments from the author and exclusive artwork.

New Star Trek Film Honored At Location Awards

The new Star Trek is seven months away, but it is already picking up awards. The California on Location Awards, which honors location professionals for excellence while working on location in California, held their 14th annual ceremony last night and three Star Trek location department members were among those nominated. TrekMovie has the results plus some words from the nominees.

‘New’ Star Trek Location Photos Discovered

Back in February we reported when a local traffic helicopter flew over location shooting for the Star Trek movie, which was followed up soon after by some paparazzi photos. Apparently there were more photos from that shoot online since February, but were only just discovered by a German Trek site, and it looks like these are all related to one of the new official images released by Paramount