The Collective: DST Announces Ultimate Spock + Details On New Tribble and 1701 D

We have some October surprises from DST. This week Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum announced a new item (an Ultimate Scale Spock) as well as details on the previously announced ‘Electronic Tribble’ and Enterprise 1701D ship toy. provides a look at some of the retro collectibles to look forward to early in 2009 as fans await the new feature film.


New Ultimate Quarter Scale Spock
Diamond Select has announced their second ‘Ultimate Scale’ Star Trek figure. An astounding 18" tall, the UQS Spock features a very nice likeness and sound effects. It will also include over 20 points of articulation, TOS era accessories, and a stand for displaying the world’s most famous fictional scientist. The UQS Spock is going to debut in the next issue of Previews (available at local comic book stores) and should be available for preorder soon online.

Ultimate Spock figure w/ close-up (click to enlarge)
more images HERE

Already available for preorder at Entertainment Earth is the UQS Kirk

Star Trek Ultimate Scale 1:4 Scale Figure
(pre-order, available December)

New details and video of the Enterprise D
As reported previously, the Star Trek blog at the Art Asylum website (manufacturer of the Star Trek toys) continues to update progress towards the December launch of the Enterprise D ship toy. This week, they feature an update with a video sneak peak (see below) at the workings of this exciting new product.

1701-D available now for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise D
(pre-order, available December)

No Trouble for these Tribbles
We previously mentioned that DST was working on a new Tribble toy and we have more details on the next evolution of the furry creatures. They will be six inches long, feature both sound and motion effects, including the ability to switch the creature from calm mode to Klingon-agitated battle action! They are priced at $27.54 and are available now for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, but no photo is available yet. They are expected to ship in March 2009.

October Releases Almost Shipping
This autumn will see an unusual amount of Star Trek products released as licensees begin to gear up for this summer’s Star Trek feature film. This month will see the release of new action figures from Diamond Select Toys, including Deep Space Nine’s Kira, Bashir, Martok, and O’Brien and a two pack of Kirk and Spock from "Amok Time" as well as the Chekov, Uhura, Cheron, and Mugatu MEGO style figures from DST and EMCE, the classic communicator ornament from Hallmark, and the Johnny Lightning’s Wave 5 of ship toys. These items will be shipping to fans and be available in stores at the end of this month, or early November. In fact, most collectibles released from now until spring are "retro" items from the TOS era, which are not only collectible items in themselves, but also help to remind the general public about the coolness of Kirk’s crew (much the same technique was utilized for last summer’s Indiana Jones 4). Very shortly will be putting up our ‘Christmas 2008 Trekkie Buyers Guide’ for all the excting products you can stuff your stockings with this year

Coming Up
In addition to the ‘Shopping Guide,’ next week, The Collective will feature the new Hallmark Communicator ornament. Get ready fellow fans, these next few months are going to be a wild time. Start saving now.



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can’t wait for the D!

Awesome, the number of sound effects on the E-D looks impressive!

Hmm I never knew the enterprise D was a big rectangle with batteries and speakers on it

1,701th? I was never a big fan of the 1701-D. I like to see a ultra detailed refitted Enterprise, no bloody A, B, C, D, E, or J!

…That’s a lot of sound effects. Seriously. Rad tho. Can’t wait for the toy to come out.
-The Doc

WOK Phaser, TOS Tricorder.

Nuff said ;-)

Very nice, but what happened to good old model kits? I want something I can build! So much more satisfying to display something you’ve put some work into.

Nimoy didn’t have that fat of a head! It was more slender. And I am an expert on fat heads as I have one!

I cannot wait to have that Enterprise D sitting next to my TWOk Enterprise!

Wonder if Paramount is aiming toward a generic look of Kirk as this doesn’t look like the Shat. Also wondering if they are heading in that direction with the Spock.

I think Spock’s head did get a bit more fat after his brain was kinda just squooshed back in it…

18 inches tall! Arrrrr! Does that qualify them as life forms?


Is that Al Gore or Spock?

Any news on the release of TOS Tricorders? I read it would be a month or so later than first announced. Hopefully their delay indicates quality, at least on par with the Communicators.

It’s apparent that sculpting a decent likeness of Shatner is beyond 9/10 of the toymakers. This one falls into the category of super suck….and you can own a figure of Kirk with bad hands and awful sculpting that doesn’t look like him for only 79.99. Wow.

there is also a video featuring the MR tricorder and V/VI phaser on youtube

Nothing is more fun that watching someone play with a breadboarded circuit.

I’ve seen the Hallmark Communicator. It’s pretty sweet looking! It’s obviously smaller than normal, but it has multiple sayings and lights up!

wow, those Kirk and Spock likenesses are terrible.

Any word on a Enterprise B and C?

Yeah, Spock’s eyebrows seem off, as if they were a little overdone. And the Kirk figure looks almost nothing like Shatner. It’s like the culptor couldn’t deiced if they were doing William Shatner or Harrison Ford, so they blended the two.

Sorry, that should be “sculptor” and “decide”.

Spocks likeness is much better than Kirk’s likeness, that’s for sure. I agree that his eyebrows are a little overdone, looks like his eyebrows are from the movies instead of the TV Shows. I would toally buy the Spock figure over Kirk one.

Someone needs to make a Spock figure where you can remove the bangs, put him in swim trunks, and voila – instant Sub-Mariner figure! Two statues for the price of one!

I just got one of the Hallmark TOS Communicator ornaments tonight. It’s very nice! It’s small, yeah, but the chirp sound is great and it’s got multiple voice sound bites!

#12–Nope, it’s Spock. See the flap on his right earlobe? Al Gore doesn’t have one of those.

That doll is gonna give me nightmares.

#13 The Tricorder got pushed back to Jan 09

What’s the odd square bit under Spock’s earlobe/back of his neck?

Yes… the likenesses of Kirk and Spock blow chunks! And they’re not as bad as the Kirk and Pike sitting in their frikkin’ chairs!!! Forget about the electronic Kirk in chair…. I’d rather bail out Wall Street!!

I think the idea is that, if the Kirk and Spock dolls bear no resemblance to Shatner and Nimoy, they don’t have to pay the actors for the use of their likenesses.

That makes these dolls substantially less attractive purchases, IMHO, especially at these ridiculous prices.

#19 – With you on that !

As well as the whole Enterprise line, (classic, A, B, C, D & E), what about a Reliant, a Grissom, Stargazer, Defiant & DS9?

OK Playmates did the Defiant (got that) and DS9 (dont got that, sniff) and ERTL did the the Reliant but the Grissom & Stargazer have never been released. Come on DST… if not for me… for my collection!


That Enterprise-D will be my pride and joy! That’s my favourite Enterprise!!!!

…What? No 3-headed dragon popping up out of a hole in the sand for Spock to shoot? For shame!

…On a side note: ANTHONY! You need to pester Diamond Select to give you an advance copy of one of those Tribbles. Dissect it and do an article on it, like Endgadget or OhGizmo! does with all the mininotes, and show how you can hack your Tribble to do more!

This Spock figure resembles Spock much more than the Kirk figure resembles Kirk, but still, I think they could have done much better given the size of the figure. These existing Art Asylum action figures are much smaller but bear better resemblances to the Enterprise crew.

Thanks for the informative report! These The Collective reports always cover everything you wanna know.

The TOS uniforms are too bland and uninteresting for this price point. The Spock and Kirk should be in TMP or TWOK uniforms for a change and to be more visually interesting.

wow Klingon-agitated battle action tribble! Awesome!!!!!

I’ll pass on the above. Those figures aren’t anything to write home about. Like to check out the tribble, though.

“Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

Wow, the ultimate sound effect lol

The Spock figure looks like Chevy Chase playing Spock.

Kirk looks like Kent McCord from Adam-12.

Can’t wait for the Gary Sinise, Mission to Mars, Dr. McCoy!

“….the UQS Spock features a very nice likeness…”

I think not. Both figures are poorly designed imho.

If they make tha’ dolls ta’ look like Ernest Borgnine, do they havta pay him licensing fees?

And talk aboot a Starry Trek name- I am Ernest Borg… Nine of Ten…


We also need a Klingon D7.

I would order the super-size Spock and Kirk if they looked anything like my guys. It looks as if the persons responsible for the likenesses went by the TAS likenesses instead of the actors themselves. As commented above, perhaps it does have something to do with image licensing. In any event, they are sure to lose customers as a result.

They also forgot to have Spock tuck his pantlegs into his boots.

Wow! It took more than a month for an update in this section. Plenty of confirmed news was out there for those who know where to find it.

With deepest regrets I have to say that their sculptor sucks.
Even if he/she is taking a more “stylized” approach, both Kirk and Spock look like they could be related and in truth, Shatner and Nimoy couldn’t look any more different from each other.

I sculpted Spock myself a few years ago for a cartoon.I don’t know if I pulled it off but I tried really hard to capture that mysterious all knowing Spock glance.


SPOCKBOY#45- WOW! Good job! Depending on how long it took for you to scupt that and the materials involved in its creation, you could probably sell those on ebay, my dear, and get quite a few customers.

What #4 said, if only in his comment to the refit ENTERPRISE from ST:TMP.

Actually, what I’d love to see is a unified scale “Engineer’s Desk Reference” series, with eventually all the known ships from the Federation.

(I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m really, really tired of the Klingon Bird of Prey.)

Will the Enterprise D have a constant on feature for the lights like the TOS Enterprise? That is a regret I have about the TWOK E and the Enterprise E from AA/DST. You can bust open the ships and rig the electronics so that the lights function will stay on, but who wants to have to do that?

Ah yes, AA/DST announced release dates. As a rule of thumb, always add at least six months to whenever they say they will be shipping something. EVERYTHING I have ordered from them has followed this pattern. The tricorder was supposed to ship this month and now they say it will be January. The D is supposed to come out in December so I am expecting it to come out in June.

Thanks for the article, John.

The ultimate Spock looks ultimately ugly to me

Spockboy#45… Great job! Your caricature captures much more of the Leonard Nimoyedness of Mr. Spock than the Diamond Select toy does. Fantastic paint job too!