Star Trek Trailer Coming in November

In August TrekMovie reported that the first full trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek would probably come by the end of the year and more recently co-writer Roberto Orci stated it should be coming ‘before Christmas.’ Today TrekMovie confirmed with sources that the trailer will come in November, but that a specific film for it to be attached to has not yet been chosen. In addition, sources say that November will mark the beginning of Paramount’s marketing push for the film.

A full trailer
A source tells TrekMovie the theatrical trailer coming in November “is not a teaser, but a real trailer with footage from the film.” Edits are still being made, but it is expected to show the Enterprise exterior and the Enterprise bridge as well as dialog from movie. Which weekend in November the trailer will be released is still up in the air. Paramount/Dreamworks only have two films coming out in November: the animated Madagascar 2 on November 7th and on November 21st they release the musically-themed drama The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Of those only Madagascar 2 seems possible, however sources indicate that Paramount is also looking at attaching the trailer to other non-Paramount films in hopes of getting the widest possible audience possible. Other films opening in November include the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace on November 14th, the Disney animated movie Bolt and the vampire film Twilight on the 21st, and the Nicole Kidman period film Australia and the action movie Transporter 3 on the 28th.

Just the beginning
Studio sources also tell TrekMovie that the general veil of secrecy around Star Trek will begin to be lifted in November. In addition to the trailer we should expect more imagery to be released and also there will be the beginning of Star Trek-related interviews, including some major magazines. Bear in mind that although there have been dozens of interviews with people involved with Star Trek over the last couple of years, the vast majority of those were not coordinated by Paramount Pictures. It is also likely that there will be updates to the official movie site and even possibly a new viral campaign. However all of this activity will not be done at once. November is said to be “just the beginning” of an extended coordinated marketing campaign to build buzz for the May 2009 release.

TrekMovie will continue to monitor developments related to the marketing roll out of Star Trek so keep an eye out for updates over the next month.





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Well its about time!
Can’t wait to see what the ship and bridge looks like!

Wow! Can’t wait for November then! :P

Is everybody HAPPY??!! :)

But you know.. christmas is better when you don’t peek at the presents..

WOW!!! Finally, allot questions will be answered by this trailer.

Yep, I’m dying here- I can’t rely on my imagination/speculation much longer- feed me, J.J. & Co., FEED ME!

NOT a disaster! whoo hoo!

There’s always been a Bond- Abrams connection, involving trailers. The first Casino Royale trailer was (unofficially) attached to M:i:III, the first TV spot for that film aired on the season premiere of Lost, then with Quantum of Solace, the first TV spot aired with the premiere of Fringe last month. Plus, if the rumours are true, Abrams was near the top of the list for directors of the film. So, I’m gonna say that the trailer will be with Quantum of Solace.

Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war! Yee-Haw!

…and the adventure continues….

#4 – No! Why can’t they release it earlier? Can’t they just send dvd’s out to all of us on this board? And why not start the viral campaign sooner? And Shatner had better be in the trailer…

FINALLY! I can’t wait to see the Enterprise. I just finished jumping up and down in glee. You think we’ll see Quinto and Nimoy in the trailer (together I mean)? That’d be rad, and one of the big things I’m looking forward to.
-The Doc

I have a bad habit of checking the sites every day for more and more news. Just noticed that for some reason the original trailer has appeared back online saying “Christmas 2008″…. is this wishful thinking?????

Awesome. I’m excited.

Not early enough. I quit!

Oh My!
I check this site 5 or 6 times a day and all I can say is “this is good news”…
Hope it’s with the Bond film…

And only 208 days to go..


Yeah….I’ll keep a out out for sure.
These guys should use spell check.

Finally !!!

Well that brightened up my day a little bit…..okay a lot.


Now that was funny!!!

YAY !!!!! finally !

Finally some RELIEF over here.
Goodness Im sure everyone else has been dying for something…. looks like that has arrived.

Well now…whatdaya know?

The marketing campaign will begin in November.

OMG I JUST SHARTED IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!11!!11!1!1!11oneoneone

Will Shatner be in the trailer?

15 and 20- It is an unbelievable honor to have you guys on here…..Bob, you cannot quit….there is a little known clause in your contract… can be drafted….lol….and Chris, hoping your in the trailer…..

As for which film it is attached to, please be QOS—there the trek theme and bond theme in one sitting will keep my happy for months…YeeHaw…I get to say that because I’m from Dallas…lol

Brilliant Marvin! like everyone else.. I am excited I can feel the ♥♥♥♥ in these posts.

It would make the most sense to attach it with Quantum of Solace as that would most likely be the demographic audience Paramount is looking for.

WooHoo. yes, yes, yes, ye… dang it. My last clean pair of underwear.

#16 Bob Ocri

Your subtle jabs at fanatical Trekkies does not go unappreciated by me. :)

Opps, typo, I meant Orci.

This is great news. And maybe it will get those people who ask in every thread about a trailer to shut up already! Two birds with one stone.. ahhhh.. nice!

13. Over Excited Fan!!
I just bought the DVD of Iron Man and the Trek teaser was on it.. it said Summer 2009. Sorry.

Right… Like so many stated here, claiming that Orci and gang doesn’t know when the trailer comes out for this movie cause they don’t have anything to do with the PR department.


And now they come out and tell us when the trailer to one of the most anticipated movie in a while, will come out…

Good one fanboys…

tsk tsk…

15 – Now THIS I have to see !!!!!

Looking forward to seeing the new Enterprise and Bridge.

I know the 3d modeling crowd will go nuts this November ;-)

This should give us a better idea as to what we’ll see.

I also hope there’s a little of Giacchino’s score in there too.

It would be so nice if he scored the trailer as well as the movie.

Finally — a light at the end of the tunnel … unless that light just is aaaaaannnnn…… aaasssstttteeeeeerrrrrroooooiiiiiddddd….

Seriously, though, I’m stoked!

This is ALMOST like having Bond, Indiana Jones, and Trek in the same year. Which was originally going to happen. Which also happened in 1989. Talk about some long-lived franchises…


S.T. woodie!!


wow! ok im getting a little nervous now!! this is legendary stuff were dealing with here. The original characters reborn!!
cant wait to see what it looks like.


Very groovy. Looking forward to it!

I would today it over plates smoking a ship entering grocery tulips! Rock on!


This is great news !!!!,,,


Re 15. Boborci – October 10, 2008

Not early enough. I quit!

Dont quit !,, what about the next one!!



COME ON NO-VEM-BER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh,umm looking forward to this. :P

Oooooh I can’t wait. I can’t belive 2 years has passed since I 1st saw a report on trekweb that JJ Abrams was to produce the new Star Trek flick.
Were nearly there now guys. Although this dimwit decided to book a weeks holiday holiday in Gran Canaria when this film comes out

Boborci#15- Thankyouthankyouthankyou! And the reason there are not more posts? It is Friday and, due to imminent worldwide economic collapse, everyone is out downing Romulan Ale…

Thank you Anthony for reporting this most excellent news!

Thank you, Jesus, thankyouthankyouthankyou………..

They’re releasing a full trailer too early.

They must be desperate.


Oh a new ST movie? just kiddin. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

‘Not early enough. I quit!’

Now, now, Roberto. You can’t flush until the paperwork is done. >;-) Reminds me of what someone once said about Mike Ditka: he’s the kind of guy that takes a crap AFTER he gets out of the shower. LOL

Almost like an early Christmas gift! Of course, what I really wanted for Christmas was the completed film, but you can’t always get what you want.