Update On November Star Trek Trailer and Marketing Plans

Last Friday TrekMovie reported that Paramount is gearing up to begin its big Trek marketing plan including the release of a new theatrical trailer in November. Today TrekMovie has more information about the plans including a new press tour and the likely film that will have the new Star Trek trailer attached to it. Details below.


As noted last week, Paramount was considering non-Paramount films for the right fit for the Star Trek trailer. The goal is to reach the widest possible audience and it appears that a decision has been made. Not fully confirmed, but reading between the lines, indications are that (as guessed by many) the new Star Trek trailer will likely precede the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which premieres November 14th, just one month from tomorrow. The last James Bond film, 2006’s Casino Royale, which was also a ‘franchise restart,’ grossed almost $600 million world wide. The new Bond film is the perfect fit for the wider general audience they are targeting for Abrams Trek. And MGM will probably be happy too. Our current poll states that 45% of Trek fans will see ‘any movie’ or ‘almost any movie’ just to catch a glimpse of the trailer. Many Trek fans went to see Cloverfield in its record-breaking opening weekend, just to be the first to see the Star Trek teaser trailer. The same is likely to be true for Trek fans headed to see the new Bond film to see the first theatrical trailer.

Trek and Bond…Two franchises born in the 60s that may go great together

Trek’s Euro Tour
We also reported last week that Paramount will be gearing up its marketing efforts for the film in the next few weeks. Part of that effort will be a media tour kicking off in a number of European cities. Around the time of the release of the trailer, Star Trek director JJ Abrams and executive producer Bryan Burk will be showing portions of the film to European journalists in an effort to build buzz for the film. The cities and dates have not been nailed down, but will include Madrid, London, Paris and other cities. Star Trek has traditionally had limited appeal in Europe with the TV shows and films doing very well in the UK and Germany, and not so well elsewhere. With the importance of global box office to the bottom line, Paramount is hoping that this new Star Trek will have the same appeal as their other recent summer tentpoles like Transformers and Iron Man, which have done well across Europe and elsewhere.

There is likely also going to be an American press tour as well. As noted in a recent TrekMovie analysis, the new Trek film has a lot of buzz in the ‘geekosphere’ but still has work to do in the mainstream media. In the article last week we noted that there are plans for more media for Trek around the time of the trailer. Today we learned some of that may even start before the trailer, so keep coming back for more updates!





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Nice to see some progress happening :-)

meh, who here was waiting for a trailer anyway?

Sounds good. This’ll be a nice little belated birthday present .

YES! Now that’s what I like to hear!

Thanks Anthony!

One Looonnnnggg Month……then 5+ Looonnnnggg months…..but that is fine….just keep it coming!

Good to know. Was going to “Quantum” anyway, but now I’m twice as stoked.

Awesome. Even more reason to go see ‘Quantum.’

Madrid , London , Paris ? meh ,
how about Dublin ? come on paramount !!! show it in dublin , so the journalists here can get the buzz going for the movie

“Our current poll states that 45% of Trek fans will see ‘any movie’ or ‘almost any movie’ just to catch a glimpse of the trailer.”

Heck yeah! I’d pay to see “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” if it had the new trailer attached!

wait for it…..

aw crap!

Woot,,, cant wait to see it !!


was gonna see qos anyway. now even better.

Exactly what I wanted. Now it goes from “I want to see QoS” to “I HAVE TO SEE QOS”

I was one of those people who went to see Cloverfield just for the teaser.

I wish I had left before the movie started.


They do have a long way to go to convince the general public. I work in the entertainment industry in Chicago, and although I run mainly in stage and commercial circles, I still find myself telling colleagues for the first time about the fact that there’s a new Trek film out there. There was a little buzz early this year, but that’s completely gone since the move to opening in May.

It’s time to awake the sleeping giant. Let’s just hope that the kitch-to-cool transition actually works.

Not criticising here, but who says only Germand and Brits like Trek in Europe?

I ask because I live in Germany and nerver made that observation. Maybe a good topic for a future feature article?

Most people were gonna see Bond anyway. It’s not like the Trek trailer is gonna drag people to theaters.

Ok. I have nver seen a Bond film at the theater. But on this i will make a BIG Exception To see the new trailer. Hell Ill even stay for the entire Bond Movie. I won’t even say it. KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a giant “Hell Yeah”

Star Trek still has that geek stigma attached to it. Would love to see this trailer throw it out with one undeniable sweep.

I’m damn excited – and QOS if the perfect film to usher in Star Trek to mainstream audiences.

At last !!!! I was going to see 007 as well…

YES! Quantum of Solace! This is the best news since Trekmovie reported the new trailer! Thank you Anthony!! So good to see that you are going to be able to start reporting “hard news” non-stop between now and next May – we know you are psyched to get these great news bits, and your information is most definitely appreciated.

I say no trailer, no pictures and no interviews until after the movie opens in December 2009. Yeah, push it back an extra six months. We need to build up the suspense a little more. Marketting research has found that Trekkers or Trekkies really, I mean REALLY love secrecy. JJ, remember the Secret Box!

smart move.

My 2 favorite film franchises together! Happy Holidays to me!!!!

Makes perfect sense (certainly more than being attached to Bolt)! I doubt it will make that many people see Bond that weren’t already going, but it’s a nice bonus.

17. Enterprise

This trailer is the only thing that would make me sit through another Bond.

One rebooted 1960s franchise deserves another!

Finally, the trek begins to start back up after it’s grinding halt in February. Man, I can’t wait. I can taste the excitement.

Just keep living, everyone. Drive safely. Don’t choke on any pretzels. The days and months will pass soon enough.

I was going to see Quantum as well, so this will be double-dose of awesome!

November 14th? A bit early birthday gift for me :-D


#34 Maybe the Japanese will see it if Godzilla eats one of the nacelles off the Enterprise !

007/Star Trek mash-up titles:


I didn’t even know a new Bond movie was coming out (seriously), but now I can’t wait to see it!

36. SPB
Absolutely OUTSTANDING Post!

Very clever!

Casino Royale was the best Bond movie since the heyday of Connery. Having the Trek trailer attached to Quantum of Solace is perfect.

For instance: My wife, and many friends of hers LOVE the new Bond, Daniel Craig. QoS will have a huge female demo. ST will need some of them to be interested in seeing it next May. If it has no female appeal, it will fail. Expect to see Kirk in the trailer, kicking butt and taking names, looking “hot” and getting some chicks interested! James Bond and James T. Kirk are both real men of the sixties. Fitting that they are together again.

A majority (55%) of respondents HERE stated that they would not go out of their way to see a film just because it had the Trek trailer associated with it. Trust me: MGM does not expect Quantum of Solace to have a box-office up-tick due to the trailer.

Thank God! I was going anyway, but this is AWESOME news. I couldn’t imagine a better movie to host the trailer. My birthday is Nov. 19, so this is one heck of a present.

Part 2:


SPB#36- LOL! Good list – worthy of the likes of Harry Ballz, AJ and BND (do not tell them I said that…).

Do not forget The Vulcan Who Loved Me…

Or The Starship Captain Who Loved Me

or whathaveyou…

They ought to publish some “Art of” books, like they did for the six Star Wars movies. I love those.

Awesome. I wonder if we will see a pic of the Enterprise the day before the trailer, like we did with the teaser.

Part 3:



SPB — they just keep getting better. If I had the budget I’d hire you as a copywriter right now. But then again, with wit like that (and speed) you probably are all set, job-wise.