Exclusive Image From Star Trek: The USS Kelvin!

And the hits keep on coming. TrekMovie has got an exclusive new image from the Star Trek movie and it is a pretty cool effects shot of a ship in battle….not that ship, but a ship nonetheless.
See below



And here it is…

Exclusive effects shot from ‘Star Trek’
(click to enlarge)

USS Kelvin
Looking closely we can make out the name of the ship as ‘Kelvin.’ Back in May TrekMovie first reported spoilers about the USS Kelvin. Check that article for some spoilers about the ship, but one thing is clear from the image without reading any spoilers…this ship is having a bad day. Here are some quick thoughts on the design:

More to come soon
TrekMovie is one of five websites that are getting exclusive images from Star Trek today. Check back very soon for an update with links to all the new images!
UPDATE: Click HERE to see more images


Special thanks to Paramount Pictures for providing TrekMovie this image to share with the Trek fans






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ahhh the gameĀ“s afoot!!!

Oh My God!!!!!!!!


I can almost hear the red alert siren.


More please :)



It has begun!

Real or not real? Hopefully we’ll know more soon! November is going to kick off a killer 6 months leading up to the release!

After a quiet time in the doldrums, I’m starting to get really psyched again. Keep ’em coming, Anthony et al!

How about a shot from a little farther out. I’d love to see the whole ship.

The registry looks like a mixture of TOS and TMP registry design. ^_^

If Paramount is providing the image then it’s real. I like it….just have to get used to the Star Wars-like turrets.

So the phaser pop up all along the ship or just the hull? Sweet.

Interesting picture, do not like this ‘turret’ things though. Too much like Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica for my taste.

But perhaps it is just that ship.

Nice to be getting bits and pieces at long last :-)

Stock rebounds slightly and then levels off..


May I shriek with girlish glee as I did in the Quinto/Spock thread?

Also, for all of you saying “SHOW US THE DAMN SHIP!” well, here you go. They gave you a ship. Feel free to speculate.

could it be that the enterprise is a new modle, kind of like the ipods, new one every year

FINALLY!!!! Something!

I want this picture moving and liquidised and fed into my veins at regular intervals. Thank you, this is like finding water after wondering the desert for four years.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Spock reaches out and touches someone.

Link to spock choking a guy @ #19!


Wonder what Jim said to piss Spock off so badly? ;-)

But what a wonderful likeness Quinto has to the character. Really looking forward to this movie. Must also say that Pine is beginning to convince me too.

Not too shabby that Abrams guy huh?

Oh, yeah. Here it comes. Thanks, Anthony!

What other sites are getting these?

Why is Spock choking Kirk?!?!? Pon’far time already???

need the other sites.



Not sure about the turrets, but the rest is really nice.

The turrets are horrible. My first impression is not good. Only slightly worried, will know more when I see more pictures.

Freakin’ Awesome. I like the covered phaser turrets. My guess is they rest inside the hull until activated, then rise up to target and fire. Nice idea.

The hull markings look much much larger than they did in TOS, or even in the previous movies, but the font seems very indicative of TOS. The red striping around the letters and numbers reflects the TMP era, though.

Man, there’s a lot of action in this one single image. It’s going to take me some time to sort through it all.


Actually looking again at the picture that #19 so kindly showed us to, I believe we have seen our first glimpse of the Enterprise bridge…

Whaddya you think?

Spock is one bad dude.

That looks like Sickbay, and the blurred guy in the back looks like it could be McCoy!

I’m freaking the eff out man.

AICN has a cool Spock -Kirk picture… Have a look, guys!

Sweet!! Those turrets remind me of the phase cannons from Enterprise




And there are still 3 other shots out there waiting for us?!?! So far the shot of the Kelvin is my favorite!

There’s all coming out…here’s Nero:


It reminds me a little bit of Galactica, dont know why, but I think is cool.

I hope those aren’t manned turrets.

43 ShawnP:

Access Forbidden

That ship looks VERY TOS-ISH!! I am quite pleased by that. It looks obviously more detailed than anything that came out of the 60s, but it is also clearly of that era, except with earlier weaponry. (Similar to the phase cannons of “Enterprise”, actually.)

The piece of the bridge dome we can see looks spot on.

My only worry is the registry. Does it start with a zero? Or is it five digits long? Neither of those options make much sense. But I think we’ve seen at least one ship whose registry starts with zero, but I can’t remember for sure.

Either way, it looks AWESOME, and it pleases even me, a hard core canon nut.

VERY COOL!!! I LOVE the new uniform Spock is wearing!!!


Thanks to JJ and Paramount for these new pics!!!


Spock is choking Kirk on the bridge!

Whoa ….

Fascinating. It’s all hitting at hight speed now.