Exclusive Image From Star Trek: The USS Kelvin!

And the hits keep on coming. TrekMovie has got an exclusive new image from the Star Trek movie and it is a pretty cool effects shot of a ship in battle….not that ship, but a ship nonetheless.
See below



And here it is…

Exclusive effects shot from ‘Star Trek’
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USS Kelvin
Looking closely we can make out the name of the ship as ‘Kelvin.’ Back in May TrekMovie first reported spoilers about the USS Kelvin. Check that article for some spoilers about the ship, but one thing is clear from the image without reading any spoilers…this ship is having a bad day. Here are some quick thoughts on the design:

More to come soon
TrekMovie is one of five websites that are getting exclusive images from Star Trek today. Check back very soon for an update with links to all the new images!
UPDATE: Click HERE to see more images


Special thanks to Paramount Pictures for providing TrekMovie this image to share with the Trek fans






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