Star Trek Cover Story In Entertainment Weekly!

This is what you have been waiting for. Last week we reported that the veil of secrecy is starting to be lifted on the new Star Trek and we noted that some images could come sooner than the November trailer. Well that ‘sooner’ is this week with Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly which will be featuring a cover story about JJ Abrams Trek movie. A preview of the cover and more info below.


And so it begins
This weekend’s EW (due out Friday) will have an exclusive peek at next Summer’s Star Trek, including behind the scenes photos. Here is the cover.

There should be more on the EW website by Thursday or Friday.

About the uniforms
The EW cover preview is the first full color image of the new Star Trek bridge uniforms. You could infer what they were from the promotional posters, but those were ‘stylized’ and it made it harder to see the uniforms. As reported in the TrekMovie Uniform Spoilers article from July, the new bridge uniform shirts are actually in two parts. There is a grey/black undershirt and a second v-neck shirt over that (red, blue or gold). If you look closely you can see that the over shirt has the delta shield as a repeating pattern in the weave and the undershirt also has a subtle emblem embossed on the chest.

All in all the new uniforms are very much in line with the main Original Series uniforms. From a distance you may not even be able to spot the differences. However these bridge uniforms are just the beginning. Star Trek is said to have more wardrobe than any other Trek film, including Star Trek The Motion Picture. We should expect to see many of the stars in multiple outfits, many of which will be totally new designs.

More to come soon
As noted in our earlier reporting, Paramount is just starting up their campaign for this movie. Right now they are building buzz that will lead up to the trailer coming out next month. This EW story is not the extent of that so you may want to check back with TrekMovie later today.


EW cover via Just Jared.





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The uniforms are not bad. First!!

Damn, they really did match the look of the uniforms.

Too Cool!


Its about time…..

The eye/uniform thing is kinda freaking me out though.

Oh so cool!!
Seeing Kirk and Spock in the same shot like that sent a shiver down my spine.

It looks right somehow

The Cover (and Kirk + Spock) look stupid and disappointing.

OK I wait and see the movie…

Excellent! The first pics showing the uniforms.

The black undershirt is consistent w/ the first season TOS episodes.

Spock is thinking: “I am a Vulcan! I am NOT being weirded out by Kirk snuggling up against me!”

did Spock just walk off the Hairspray set????

Now we’re cooking. Great photograph.

Spock looks almost child-like in this photo

I can start to really see Pine and Quinto in the Kirk and Spock roles now. Although I have to say that Quinto looks a little bewildered. Pine seems to have that cocky look Kirk should have.

Nice. I’ll reserve comment on the actors and make up until I see more photos from different angles. Cover shots and publicity pics can photo-shopped to death. It’s the stills from the actual movie that I’m anxious to see.
But yeah, the whole 2 piece thing WORKS and works well! I’ll be heading to the newstand Friday fer sure!

Looks good!

Denise, this is a picture of Kirk and ZQ Spock rubbing on each other. If you do not show up within 5 posts, I will be most displeased.

As for my girlish glee, please see the following:


He needs more green eyeshadow.

Contrary to past opinions, it looks as though the Kirk character is fully flushed out in the image, whereas Spock to me, looks like a young actor playing a Vulcan. He does not look like Spock.

Cawley was WRONG! He said the uniforms were 95% the same. I say more like 98%! ;)

Good take on the uniforms.


(I have a feeling I’ll be saying that alot between now and May)

Well, toss me into the matter/anti-matter injector! It’s Kirk and Spock!

I know that some purists will start ranting any minute now, but looking at that photo, I see James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. I don’t care if the uniform is a little different, or that Kirk’s eyes aren’t brown anymore. Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine are standing there, and they are Spock and Kirk.

Now, just to grease the gears of speculation…this is the 2nd photo we’ve seen of Chris Pine where he is NOT wearing the familiar command colors of everyone’s favorite Starfleet captain. The first was in the promo posters released earlier this year. I wonder why that is. Hmmm…

Evidently Pine will not be wearing hazel contacts. Nevertheless, he appears to exude a commanding aura. The uniforms seem true to the originals as Cawley claimed some months ago. 200+ days to go…


Quinto looks like Vorik and all the other Post TOS wanna-be Vulcans. Here at least.


They look good. I think a couple million musta gone for the state-of-the-art CGI motion-capture technology needed to de-stubble Zpock.

By the way, “Spock and Kirk?” Um, no. It’s Kirk and Spock, no matter who’s playing the roles or something valuable is lost in the chemistry. Without Kirk, Spock is just an emotion-lite Vulcan. With Kirk, and McCoy and the other annoying hoomanz, Spock becomes an observer and seeker. THAT’S what’s interesting to watch.

is it just me or are the delta symbol thingys not right?

Something just looks … odd … about Spock.

The eyebrows and hair. Hopefully, this was just a slap-together job for the photo shoot and not really representative of how he’ll look in the film.

Wow totally awesome! I’m mad I just finished my subscription to EW!!! Argh!

#30 – it looks as if Spock is wearing a wig. whereas Nimoy got his haircut Vulcan Style…

Keeping the old-school uniforms….love it!

I think Quinto and Pine look awesome together in the pic.

Awesome. Why is Kirk not in his uniform?

Yep, I just double-checked with the movie’s site.

The blue “delta shield” wallpaper picture of Quinto as Spock looks far better and more natural than this cover.

I’m fairly certain this was a separate, “EW photo shoot only” type of hair-and-makeup job.

And Pine looks like a badass.

Looks good…. Can’t wait to see more….

It looks every bit as good as can be expected from a recasting of these iconic characters and a modern take on TOS uniforms.

I am very impressed.

Short of actually ‘cloning’ Nimoy and Shatner and growing them in a lab prior to filming, I don’t think they could have done any better!!!

And EW just sold one of their magazines to someone who has never before purchased one——me. I may buy two…one to read, and one to put away.


spock´s hair looks like the TNG-vulcan-overdone-helmet-hairstyle though….

is it me or is it al just beginning :-D yayayayaayayay!

#29—-It’s you.

#34—He just left Rand’s quarters in a hurry…

Yeah. Spock looks over Photoshopped or something. Doesn’t look like Quinto either. Still, I’m excited.

Sweet Jesus!



Yeah, GAY.

Oh man is that GAY.

Why is spock so shiney?

Hmm. Is that Ringo Star? And is that why he’s saying he won’t sign anything anymore?

35. I agree. If you look at Quinto’s eyebrows in the EW shoot then go back and look at the picture of him on the official poster, they look very different. Even his hairline looks different. I bet in the movie, Quinto will look more like the picture on the poster.

Suddenly the uniforms dont look as good to me now, not as good as the original 60s uniforms but at least they are faithful to the originals.

I think the starfleet delta quilting on the uniform is too much. Does it mean that each starship assigment have their own patches stitiched into their uniforms? More than likely they have overlooked that fact.

I think they have overlooked this little fact to appeal to the mainstream audience.

They do look good but they will NEVER take the place of the true Kirk and Spock- William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

If its a good film I think I will be able to live with it but I would be preferring the originals to these new ones any day.

Why is Pine not in gold in the poster and on the cover?

My guess is that they want to save that for the final, climactic moment of the movie–Kirk, wearing command gold, strides onto the bridge of the Enterprise for the first time as captain.