Star Trek Cover Story In Entertainment Weekly!

This is what you have been waiting for. Last week we reported that the veil of secrecy is starting to be lifted on the new Star Trek and we noted that some images could come sooner than the November trailer. Well that ‘sooner’ is this week with Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly which will be featuring a cover story about JJ Abrams Trek movie. A preview of the cover and more info below.


And so it begins
This weekend’s EW (due out Friday) will have an exclusive peek at next Summer’s Star Trek, including behind the scenes photos. Here is the cover.

There should be more on the EW website by Thursday or Friday.

About the uniforms
The EW cover preview is the first full color image of the new Star Trek bridge uniforms. You could infer what they were from the promotional posters, but those were ‘stylized’ and it made it harder to see the uniforms. As reported in the TrekMovie Uniform Spoilers article from July, the new bridge uniform shirts are actually in two parts. There is a grey/black undershirt and a second v-neck shirt over that (red, blue or gold). If you look closely you can see that the over shirt has the delta shield as a repeating pattern in the weave and the undershirt also has a subtle emblem embossed on the chest.

All in all the new uniforms are very much in line with the main Original Series uniforms. From a distance you may not even be able to spot the differences. However these bridge uniforms are just the beginning. Star Trek is said to have more wardrobe than any other Trek film, including Star Trek The Motion Picture. We should expect to see many of the stars in multiple outfits, many of which will be totally new designs.

More to come soon
As noted in our earlier reporting, Paramount is just starting up their campaign for this movie. Right now they are building buzz that will lead up to the trailer coming out next month. This EW story is not the extent of that so you may want to check back with TrekMovie later today.


EW cover via Just Jared.





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