Deal In The Works To Bring Back Star Trek The Experience [UPDATED]

Just last month Star Trek The Experience closed its gate at the Las Vegas Hilton for the last time, but now there is new hope. Back in July when CBS officially announced the closure they hinted they were working on bringing it back, and it appears that they may have succeeded in finding a new home for Trek’s premiere attraction.


The first word came this morning when Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman mentioned in passing at a press conference that a deal was in the works to move The Experience to the Neonopolis entertainment and shopping complex in downtown Vegas. The Las Vegas review Journal confirmed the statement with Rohit Joshi, the developer who owns Neonopolis, who stated there are "very serious negotiation" going on. Originally built in 2002, Neonopolis has struggled since its inception. Joshi purchased the development in 2006 and has since been trying to find ways of turning it around and he sees the Trek attraction as a way to do that. If the deal does go through then Cedar Fair (the current owners and operators) would not be involved, a spokesperson confirmed that their arrangement with CBS ends this year.

When contacted by TrekMovie, CBS would not comment on the deal. However sources have confirmed that the deal looks like it will go through and that material from The Experience is already being transferred from the Hilton over to Neonopolis. No confirmation yet on when The Experience would re-open but hopes are that it would be before the premiere of the new Star Trek movie in May of 2009.

Details are sketchy on what will be retained, but apparently the licensing deal covers everything that was in the Hilton, including all the rides and Quark’s bar. However, that does not mean that everything will be the same, only they would have that option. In addition, the staff and cast are likely to be given the opportunity to move to the new location. There is no word on if there will be any additions to The Experience. As noted in the TrekMovie ‘farewell review,’ Star Trek The Experience is showing its age and due for an update. This is especially true with the new movie coming out. As the new images released this week show, the new Star Trek has a new look that is not reflected in The Experience which is focused primarily TNG-era of Trek.

This is a developing story, so keep checking back with TrekMovie for updates, but for now things look good for a comeback for Star Trek The Experience.

UPDATE: More from Vegas press
Ben Spillman of the Las Vegas Review Journal has an update which makes the project sound even more likely to happen, but still no details yet. The article also quotes me discussing my recommendation that any renewed version of Star Trek The Experience should be updated to encompass the whole franchise, including the new movie.

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Awesome!! I hope I get to go this time around!


I was one of the last to leave when it closed. I hope it comes back

Cool beans, I hope one day to down a Quark Special and let Morn talk my ear off.

I was one of the last people of the door at the Hilton. I hope it re-opens.

Just last night I was sorting photos and came across some I took at The Experience in September 2002. I seriously got misty eyed, so I am all for bringing back what was a great place all around.

I somehow doubt they would bring back the same old rides though. Think JJ has room on his plate for yet another project? ;)

I say move it to LA and add it to the Paramount Studios lot tour. Hello, Paramount / CBS wake up.

Wow!! What an amazing 48 hours. We finally get a decent glimpse of the new movie and the Experience will most likely reopen! Flippin sweet!!

“All good things must come to an end” my AT DOLLAR DOLLAR!

Good to hear. I never got a chance to see it. Oh Deniiiiiisssee!

One would think that Oscar Goldman could simply get the Six Million Dollar Man to go pick it up and carry it right down town :)

Very cool. Keeping fingers crossed.

great news

Oscar Goldman is mayor of Vegas now? Cool. So, he ordered Steve Austin to bring back Star Trek The Experience. Da-da-Duh-daaaa… da-da-da-da da-duh-daaaaaa….

I for one would love to be able to put my spacesuit back on and make all the fans some more Warp Core Breaches. Lets hope it happens.

This is the best news I’ve seen on this site in a while now!

I really hope it doesn’t get made over into the Abrams-verse of Trek. Fine, add that in, it’s now a bastard child which will have to be shoe-horned into things, but hey, whatever, so long as my favorite theme attraction gets to live… just don’t change the TNG thing totally, just… god, please, just give an updated TNG/DS9 experience… something set in the Dominion War or post Nemesis in a new adventure…

OOOH! They could give the TNG crew a last mission with a new ride! Sure, not the same as an awesome movie, but damn if that wouldn’t be awesome!

Great news! Amazing news! I loved Star Trek: The Experience so much I can’t put it into words. I was deeply saddened to hear it was going to close, but now my spirits have been lifted! I really hope they keep Quark’s Bar. The rides were really fun, too, but I understand that they need to be updated. I hope they can add a TOS ride or something that ties in with the new movie.

BOTTOM LINE: The Trek news just keeps getting better! We’ve recently had:
Star Trek Online re-launched and general launch date announced
Star Trek (movie) screenshots being released
Star Trek: The Experience rising from the ashes! Can it get any better?

Derf, you deduced my quip, sir. Well played.

Awesome. I went there two weeks before they closed with my father, and it was great.

WooHoo love the Experience, may it Live Long and Prosper

That would be most fitting since there should surely be a resurgence of interest in Trek come May 2009!

Oh I hope they do this. I intend to go to the Trek con in Vegas in the future and it would be so great to be able to see the Experience after all.

The mayor’s name is Oscar Goodman not Oscar Goldman. Goldman was Steve Austin’s boss on the Six Million Dollar Man.

First the movie news/updates and now this? What a great week to be a Trek fan. So much good news that I feel like celebrating…as a matter of fact, I think I just might do that…keep up the good work!

Hope it’s true! I hated to see the Experience come to a close.

Good. I always wanted to see it and now I might still get the chance.


When it rains it pours. What a week for Trek!



I guess there really are possibilities…

I’m very glad to hear that there is a deal in the works. I went to the closing ( Pictures here: ) of the experience and was very sad to see it go.

Hopefully, they will extend it to include the new film. Here’s for hoping.

Dang, we have to leave the strip?

Its not an ideal location, I think they will have to give “experience” a refit to make it worth it.
I would definitely visit again if there was a refit, but its iffy if there isnt.

It would have worked much better downtown.

It’d be interesting to know if those who lost their jobs will be first in line for the relocated exhibit.

Also, if ST XI is a success, who controls this thing? CBS or Paramount?

I’m just happy to hear I may have a 3rd chance to visit!

First..Awesome to hear, I really liked stopping in at the experience in between gambling

Very cool. I’m guessing, though, that any revival of The Experience would ultimately focus on the new movie (particularly if it’s a hit), so the transfer of existing assets may wind up being moot.

You need to get a grip.

I wasn’t ever able to make it in the first incarnation, but if this deal goes through I’ll make it a point to be there opening weekend.

Best. News. Ever.

Peldar joi, everyone.



Maybe this time I can attend it.

If it returns, I’m going. Not too many times have i been given second chances like this one.

A truly Capital development, never was able to experience it at the Hilton.

It would be awesome if they did it all up in the theme of the new movie.

And good if they can get the dedicated staff back, that would be a plus.

Here’s hoping.

Well it looks like I may goto Vegas after all!

Possibly first…but honestly…doesn’t really bother me if I am not. I’m cool like that.

Sounds sweet. I hope to actually be able to see it if it returns. Good times.

Cool! Maybe I’ll finally be able to check the thing out!

Neonopolis needs the shot in the arm. The last time I was there, it looked less like a polis and more like a pol-“ess” — i.e., more like ghost town than a town.

Let it also be said that the Neonopolis area is not exactly as high-rent as the LV Hilton. Nevertheless, this may work in the attraction’s favor, since costs wouldn’t necessarily be as high as on the Strip.

Across from the Neonpolis, I believe, are a couple of very decent theme-type restaurant/bars, and one of the classic “old Vegas” hotels in the area has just had a major renovation.

Let’s hope the deal goes through.

Long live Trek!

Well, it would be very nice if the “Experience” found a new home….. perhaps now I can actually get a chance to see it …. in it’s new form…