More from Orci, Kurtzman and Quinto On New Star Trek Images + New Sulu Image

In addition to speaking to TrekMovie (see interview), Star Trek writers Orci and Kurtzman also talked to UGO and to Yahoo about the new Star Trek movie and the new photos (plus Yahoo has a new image of John Cho as Sulu). Plus there is a new interview with the new Spock (Quinto), and he too talks about the number one subject of the week.


More from Bob and Alex

UGO was one of the sites that got an advance exclusive image from Star Trek. Today they posted a full transcript of a fun interview with Bob and Alex. Here is an excerpt of Kurtzman talking about the new Kirk, Chris Pine.

Pine is just the greatest. And the thing that’s tricky obviously, as is the case with any of the actors who stepped into the shoes of these characters who were created by legendary actors, that the thing you wanna avoid in a way is somehow becoming a caricature of William Shatner, or an imitation of his performance. So, I think the way that we all went into this thinking was,"What is the spirit of Kirk? How do we embody the spirit of Kirk?" And, what does that mean? And how can we as fans know that our Kirk is being honored and protected, just speaks to the fact that we have cast a new Kirk. And that was a tricky thing. And I think what you’ll find is that there is a lot of Kirk you will recognize in the performance, but Chris Pine is his own brilliant actor. And it’s all about what he brings to the part. I would say that the spirit of Kirk is very much alive and well in Chris Pine

There is much more in the interview about Trek canon, Trek novels, thoughts on the bridge and more. Goto UGO and read it!

The pair of writers also spoke to Yahoo Movies about all the photos, including a new one of the USS Kelvin and a new image of John Cho as Sulu. They noted that the new movie (and the new Spock) are getting an ‘action upgrade’ including highlighting on away missions. They also talked about the bridge, Nero, Sulu and how the other characters get their own stories. Go to Yahoo Movies to see big versions of the new images and read what Bob and Alex had to say about the whole new set.

The Kelvin

John Cho as Sulu


Quinto on walking the line

The new Spock (Zachary Quinto) spoke to CraveOnline about the movie and the new photos. One photo that is getting a lot of notice is Spock choking Kirk and he does not seem to have his emotions in check. Quinto has previously noted that since this film is a prequel, we see Spock struggle more with this balance of logic and emotion. He talked to Crave about that issue

Crave Online: What is your take on the whole logic vs emotion issue?

Zachary Quinto: Well, it’s something that I can relate to. I think it’s something that a lot of human beings can relate to. It was really incredible to be able to embody a character that walks that line all the line, who really deals in holding both ends of that strata at all points..

More from Quinto at CraveOnline

Spock crosses the line


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keep it coming

A wait until May to see the film is illogical.

It’s great to see Star Trek get a new look.

I love everything I’ve seen. This movie is going to be AWESOME!

Is the viewscreen just a big window this time?

I know I said this in the Kelvin thread, but I think it bears repeating.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here, because I am so excited and happy with all these images. They are fantastic.

However, it’s like one big teaser, because you are showing us EVERYTHING except what we want to see the most…the Enterprise EXTERIOR.

Show us that, and I will be quite satisfied until the trailer. Come one…just one more image. Just the exterior of the Enterprise full. Then we’ll all be content. Everyone agree?

Alex to UGO: “To us “canon” is considered the original series onward, including the novels.”

okay, good to know ;))

Yikes, there was nothing visual on this movie since January, and now it’s like an explosion. BUT I’m not complaining!

Yeah, Spock choking the life outta cadet Kirk seems to be crossing the line just a bit…

By the way… I guess with all this time travel Cadet Kirk winds up on Captain Kirk’s Enterprise at some point… hence the black shirt while even Captain Kirk’s junior officers are in their proper colored tunics.

Am I right? Do I win a prize??

Ah, well. I suppose this will be better than no movie at all… wait, that didn’t work for us very well with Nemesis…

The Enterprise will appear when she’s good and ready. Hopefully before the trailer, unless they’re planning a big reveal in the trailer in which case we’ll get it after.

Hey everyone, does anyone know how long the new trailer will be?

I love the new uniforms, just in time for Halloween.


I want to see a Leonard Nimoy shot.

7 – Novels are not Canon, though they are great fun.

I’m falling back to a more neutral position on this film; let’s wait and see the trailer.


Oh hey! I totally forgot about that! I still need to get my DS9/FC uniform tailored a bit. Tis a bit large for me.

Sulu,, Make a course for the nearest White Castle ,,,,

maxum warp !!

John Cho, looks more Korean than Japanese… How could they NOT go for someone else?

The Kelvin looks retarded…

And is Eric Bana the oldest cast member in this movie? He’s like Tree Beard compared to these Beverly Hills kids…

Re: UGO interview and “Kirk Chop”, personally more important or atleast as important is the Flying Kirk Kick, that for me is just as important !

Random Thoughts:

I hate to admit it but when I first saw “Lost In Space” the movie(so so movie but visually very interesting) I allowed myself to ponder “What if they did Trek like this?”

Looks like I am getting an answer. Overall I’d say it looks good and in all honesty if “Enterprise” had looked like this it probably would have gone the distance.

From the pictures released this is a visual reboot(great, bring it on), but perhaps the script is consistent with storyline canon

Pine/Quinto got the “bromance” thing going on, on the EW cover they look like they are about to kiss, might make all the K/S types happy

Pine is a good Kirk, a bit young and a tad too athletic /skinny to be shatner but consistent with Kirk I think
Quinto is pretty spot on, strangely enough he almost looks like he is wearing a NG Romulan-Proto Vulcan brow piece but that is just his normal skeletal structure(Ithink) looks alot like Animated Trek Spock
Scotty/ Mc Coy look fantastic,
Cho is Cho and will perform great but does not look like Sulu
Chekov with curls? I can take a new Enterprise but this crosses the line !
Saldana needs big hair- a beautiful woman to be sure but not as hot and curvy as Nichelle was(flashback to panty shots on the chair behind Capt. Kirk circa 1966)

“By the way… I guess with all this time travel Cadet Kirk winds up on Captain Kirk’s Enterprise at some point… hence the black shirt while even Captain Kirk’s junior officers are in their proper colored tunics.

Am I right? Do I win a prize??”

Yes, I think you are right. Time travel is involved in the abduction of George Kirk from the Kelvin, leaving Kirk without a father and under his uncle’s care, turning him into a mess and changing the design of the big E…
YES, due to the fact Kirk’s father was involved with the construction of our beloved TOS Enterprise, a world without George Kirk could easily result in such retcon changes as seen on the bridge shot…

These are just educated guesses…if Roberto Ocri is reading this, he might be crying havoc now or just laugh at my pityful attempts at reconstructing the plot from 6 pictures and some snipets…

But if I’m right, that would be second time…I previously guessed the major plotlines of Harry Potter 7 months before its release LOL *g* :)

I also have problems not seeing Harold in him, HOWEVER, he is very sympathetic and a really fine actor! So I will reserve judgement til I have seen him in action. The negativity of some people here is really annoying…

I wonder if Shatner will comment on these photos at some point?

No problems with the actors

Never will take the place of the originals but what does have me worried is the bridge design.

JJ is taking too many liberties

With all of this information coming out at once, I’m having the biggest nerdgasm of my life!

My word, are all of these images beautiful. With only 15 days left until Halloween, I wonder if I can get a new Star Trek uniform together…

Wow, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was typing… oiy, Star Trek uniform should read Starfleet uniform up there.

Arguably the liberties taken by recasting the actors are the same to recast the look, One could accept aesthetic changes using the same perspective that allows for accepting Actor recasting.

I saw the today at 09.00gmt when I got to work. i couldn’t belive my eyes.

I kept on checking back with this site today to check I hadn’t had to much coffee or last nights drinks was still having an effect on me.

Love them all the big bridge scene is growing on me. The uniforms are just as I imagined. That shot of Quinto as Spock looks like Sylar had a bad eye brow day to me (only nit pick).

A few sites have said that the trailer will be out with Quantum of Solace. If this is the case then I only have 13 days to see it in the UK.

So excited now.

@ 21,

You honestly cannot expect everyone falling head over heels for this project… it’s a monumental investment. If it fails it’s going to hurt Star Trek more than you know, and then all you’ll have for years to come is Reruns…

If it wins over the old fans (We are millions), it will set sail for a new generation of Trek… It will bring in many new ideas etc… But from the reactions so far and don’t forget that this movie is only going to be a little over 2 hours in length and has to deliver so much Star Trek that the fans will be PROUD to be apart of the fan base. If it doesn’t do well, it’s just another Star Wars 1, 2 and 3 nightmare…

So will Trek win this round?

Don’t defend the show just cause you’re afraid that it will generate bad rep for it… there’s nothing to defend… Once you’ve seen the movie, then you can defend it… So far it’s just images and those images are too synthetic… everyone looks like a model… too typical… And the Bridge looks like some hair dressers salon or the Apple Store.

The ONLY thing I’m looking forward to in this film is Leonard Nimoy and Michael G’s score.

If that is the new bridge of the Enterprise in the picture with the crew, oh boy, it looks soooo crap!, what a disappointment!

#18: why does it look retarded? Did you want flame stickers on the side of it?! It looks GREAT perfectly in line with TMP enterprise and even some of generations I’d rather have that than a shiny ass rocket ship.
Some ppl are clueless IMHO

More new ones of Kirk, Spock, Nero and Bones with Kirk,,20233788,00.html

More new ones of Kirk, Spock, Nero and Bones with Kirk,,20233788,00.html

Don’t defend it, I’ll passive-aggressively trash it, but don’t defend it.

Yes, it would be horrible if it performed as poorly as the Star Wars Prequels, they were final nail in that franchise.

Yep, Bana’s ancient at 40. Karl Urban is 36. At least Nimoy will blend in with the young’uns.

I take heart in the design of the Kelvin alone that they are adhering to canon. The Kelvin’s configuration was actually an original Enterprise design by Matt Jefferies, after his designs that became known as the Daedalus class were passed on by Roddenberry.
All in all, the designs have made me think I should pump some more technology into my own series pilot, lest it not match up with the new canon. I wanted to avoid too much in the way of technology, particularly techno-babble to make the show more about characters and less about how the crew would deal with phenomenon that require mass explanations scientifically.
I’ll keep everyone here posted as to my progress. Conversations with CBS/Paramount have been scant, but they are aware of the property and the ball is really in my court to keep pushing it at them.
( Anthony – If you want details on this, so as to prove this is not some crackpot talking, you can e-mail me at the address provided here)

Hey Anthony, the “More from Bob and Alex” section is repeated twice in the article.

(I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that yet, maybe nobody is *reading* the article, just gazing at the amazing new imagery! ;)

More new cast photos at

I find that I’m trying really hard to like this new stuff we’ve seen. I -do- want to love Star Trek, I really do. But (and there’s always a but), I’m quite worried about this movie erasing the canon I grew up with. I absolutely love the original series, and I really was hoping for more of a retro look to the bridge. I think at this point, instead of retconning everything to fit the technology of our day, it’s much more plausible to write Star Trek off as a novelty to some degree, and present it as an alternate future from ours, a fantasy-universe where retro-looking technology reigns. Why? Because for years, the Star Trek franchise has alienated its fanbase. This should be a revival, something to bring the fans back to the franchise. I understand Paramount trying to bring new people in, but in all honesty, most non-fanatic Trek “fans” in the 18-25 demographic are into Voyager and Enterprise while fans of the 25-35 our into The Next Generation. There are few and far between who love TOS and DS9. And it’s even fewer who love both. I doubt a reboot will cause much of a resurgence in the fanbase–there will be many who are as put off by it as they were Enterprise–and most normal people outside of the geek community don’t even understand the concept, judging by the many, many arguments I’ve had with herberts (if you will) about Batman Begins and Casino Royale. Most people can’t wrap their minds around alternate realities and “reboots” in general. They get even more frustrated as you explain that they should forget what came before because it doesn’t count. While it is true that there are lots of people who mindlessly attend movies because they “look cool”, I always thought Star Trek should be better than that. The people in charge owe something to the fans. I’m not saying they should be slaves to the fans, I’m only saying that erasing 40 years of continuity is pretty crappy. I know the writers have said that it stays very true to canon, but I’m not really seeing that in these photos, especially looking at the bridge. They’ve also said that anything that looks like it contradicts canon will have a canon explanation, which to my mind says that they will be erasing the old continuity and making a new canon. I don’t know what to think of all this, honestly. I really don’t. As a comic book fan, I have experienced retconning for many many years. From Crisis on Infinite Earths to something as subtle as the Marvel mini-series X-Men: Children of the Atom. I can accept it, and I understand it. I can wrap my mind around the concept. But the general public? They don’t even know what our presidential candidates stand for, much less how the canon of a fictional franchise can be retconned. And the fact that it’s Star Trek puts a taint on it that Batman and 007 doesn’t have. They waited eight years to bring Batman back after the disaster that was Batman & Robin. And lots of people just thought it was a prequel. Star Trek is tainted with the olfactory presence of unpopularity! It is a joke to those outside the esoteric elite! So while the fans of this franchise may number in the millions, it won’t help Paramount or Mr. Abrams if those millions are being alienated by something too… alien.

The Apple Store looks better than this bridge (from what I can see of it).

The salon reference is more accurate and that’s because of all those vanity lights all over the set!

This is the junkiest looking set I’ve seen since the 1978-79 NBC Buck Rogers series!

3 new shots, in addition to the ones you’ve already posted:,,20233788,00.html

So… at which point must Young Kirk be ejected from the Enterprise to land in some snowy planet and be forced to crawl out of it?

That photo of young Kirk, crawling out of a crater indicated that he was using the escape pods from Enterprise…

Any guesses?

More new EW ones of Kirk, Spock, Nero and Bones with Kirk,,20233788,00.html

I really like these pics…not so thrilled with the new bridge. I think he could have done a better job of updating the bridge without making it look like an Apple Store exploded. The uniforms are cool and the actor do take on the apperance of the rolls that the original actors molded so well. The Kelvin doesnt please me at all it looks like a hybrid of trek and something else. I hope he didnt take the same approach when it comes to the big E. I can tell he really didnt stick to cannon 100%, which is ok…but he should have tried to stay as close to 90% without making it look like Galaxy Quest 2. I guess we will find out this summer if JJ will have a career after this movie or not….I really hope it lives up to the hype and satisfies the craving us trek fans have without leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth.


idea: Cadet Kirk is sent forward through time to the time when he would be captain. That’s why he’s wearing that cadet black shirt.

I only half fear what the exterior of the Enterprise looks like now, what with that image of the Kelvin. However, who knew that, all this time, I should really have been worried about the stupid bridge.

I gotta say, that shot of Zach is priceless, telling, and overdue. I’ll bet that Leonard Nimoy’s Spock wanted to just throttle the living shit out of Kirk more than once in their day……LOL

#6 Daniel Broadway

Here is my ideal marketing:

November is perfect for a trailer. Then more photos. Show me Pike. Show me Kirk’s parents. Then another trailer in February or something, closer to showtime.

Give me a taste of everything.

EXCEPT the Enterprise. I don’t want to see her. Not in a trailer. Not in a photo. I don’t want to see her until I am in the theater. It would be like Nirvana, a gosh-darned religious experience, to see the big ‘E’ for the first time on the big frikkin’ screen.

J.J. Abrams: Thank you for saving me from myself and not revealing too much, too soon. Please, continue to save me from myself and save the old gal for the theater. We got enough of a tease with that first trailer.

Just my 2 cents.


Cho IS Korean.

Jesus Christ! Why dont you give me an embolism while your at it showing these freaking sweet shots! I checked trekmovie 2 days ago, and nothing, then i come on today, and what do ya know, theres an explosion of Star Trek XI EVERYWHERE! Bob Orci and Anthony, you guys F**king ROCK!!!

We must give this film a chance. We’re all hyper-focusing on 7-or-so photos and drawing ridiculous conclusions just as uber-fans should.

I think Mr. Orci, the big fan, is the key to having hope that this project will resonate with us as well as with Joe Sixpack.


1. The E looks like the E
2. The Kelvin looks like a traditional Starfleet vessel
3. Quinto emotes, as ‘early’ Spock often did
4. Karl Urban’s Dr. McCoy looks amazing. Eomer has disappeared.
5. Uniforms don’t disappoint
6. Nero’s other ear is pointed


1. Bridge design looks like a cheap Vegas lightshow. Not a viable “workspace.” Must be 120F in there. Pretty concierge.
2. Kelvin registry labeling is not symmetrical
3. Kirk can sit in the center-seat with the black cadet shirt
4. Kirk and Spock fight.

Positives far outweigh the negatives, and we have barely seen anything. I am optimistic that this will be a stupendous film!