Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Spider-man, Wonderland, Lost, V, Doctor Who, Sarah Connor + more

Is there other news in the world of sci-fi…well yes. In movies there’s Richard Donner weighing in on Superman’s future, Raimi talking more Spider-man, and more. Plus lots of TV news including Sarah Connor being saved, a ton of Doctor Whos, a Lost movie and more. And tons of images from Transformers to Torchwood and more.  



Donner Would Like To See Action Comics Writer Take Charge of Superman
"Superman: The Movie"
director Richard Donner told the LA Times blog Hero Complex that he would like to see "Action Comics" writer Geoff Jones put in charge of the next "Superman" project:

I’d like to see Geoff Johns take a crack at Superman…I think he would be startling. Did you read his comics? There it is. It’s there on paper… The studio hasn’t gone to him and said, ‘Give us a screenplay.’ That would be the smart thing to do, but that’s show biz. Right? Show biz, that’s our life.

Raimi Expresses Interest in Spider-Man 4/5
Although he doesn’t seem to be too aware of the current decision making over at Sony in regards to "Spider-Man 4"–and by extension the possible sequel "Spider-Man 5"–Sam Raimi talked a bit about the movie(s) and even touched on whether Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane) would appear:

“Kirsten, I’d love to work with her again,” Raimi explained to MTV Splash Page, making it sound as if current plans to include Dunst for “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” are still up in the air, despite recent statements that she wants to remain with the franchise. “I hope she’ll be written into it. I couldn’t imagine making one without her, and I think she’s an important part of the movies.”

Raimi also lent credence to the rumors behind filming back-to-back "Spider-Man" films:

“That had been talked about,” he said, deferring to the head of his studio. “It’s Amy Pascal’s decision. I don’t think it has been decided yet, and she’s the one that’s really going to make that decision; I’m really curious myself.”

And finally, Raimi teased about the possibility of a Dylan Baker storyline: “He’s a great actor, and I think one day The Lizard’s story will be told,” he teased, referring to Baker’s Curt Connors character. “I don’t know if it will be this one or not. I just don’t know. I’m definitely hoping to work with Dylan in the picture. I just don’t know who the villain is yet.”

Burton Talks Alice in Wonderland
In a phone interview with the LA Times, director Tim Burton spoke about his upcoming 3D adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" (March 5, 2010):

"It’s a funny project. The story is obviously a classic with iconic images and ideas and thoughts. But with all the movie versions, well, I’ve just never seen one that really had any impact to me. It’s always just a series of weird events. Every character is strange and she’s just kind of wandering through all of the encounters as just a sort of observer. The goal is to try to make it an engaging movie where you get some of the psychology and kind of bring a freshness but also keep the classic nature of ‘Alice.’ And, you know, getting to do it in 3-D fits the material quite well. So I’m excited about making it a new version but also have the elements that people expect when they think of the material."

To read more, including Burton’s thoughts on other projects, click here.


Alice in Wonderland (more here)

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Kick-Ass (more here)

Saw V (more here)

Street Fighter: The Movie

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (more here)


The Incredible Hulk (Deleted Scene)

Push [HD Version]


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


  • It looks like Brett Ratner will indeed be directing Lionsgates’ $100M "Conan" project.  One good thing to report though:  It won’t be a remake.  They’ll be starting over from the original stories. [AICN]
  • Kevin Smith is developing a $45-50M futuristic outer space comedy.  The Weinstein Company, whom Smith has worked with in the past, has shown interest in the film after reading part of the script.  Untitled, the film will "reference other sci-fi movies and revolves around a father-son relationship…" [THR]
  • The Jason Marks-scripted "Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe" project, which Latino Review found very impressive, has fallen on bad times and is likely dead. [Latino Review]
  • The folks behind the "World of Warcraft" game say plans for a film project are still a go and that "the script is being written". [MovieHole]
  • Warner Bros. has hired Brad Ingelsby to pen a script for their adaptation of the Wildstorm comic book "Sleeper".  Producer Sam Raimi is still attached and Tom Cruise is still being looked at to star. [Variety]
  • Edgar Wright, best friends with "Star Trek" star Simon Pegg, seems to suggest that he’s seen the film: "I am a lucky bastard…," he writes on his My Space page.  Adding : "I can’t say much more than that, except that it delivers all the goods sorely lacking from a certain trio of prequels". [Edgar Wright]
  • "Pirates of the Caribbean" screenwriter Terry Rossio addressed, and laughed off, recent rumors about the fourth ‘Pirates’ film, including the $50M+ payday for Depp and Tim Burton as director. [Wordplay]
  • Marvel Studios has hired Don Cheadle to replace Terrence Howardwho played Jim Rhodes in "Iron Man"– in  "Iron Man 2". Marvel declined comment, but sources say negotiations with Howard fell through over financial differences, among other reasons. [THR]
  • Fox 2000 has acquired the film rights to Joe Halldeman’s 1974 novel "The Forever War" and Ridley Scott is looking to direct.  Scott says he has pursued the property for 25 years and that "the book has only grown more timely and relevant since,” Scott said. “It’s a science-fiction epic, a bit of ‘The Odyssey’ by way of ‘Blade Runner,’ built upon a brilliant, disorienting premise.” [Variety]
  • J.J. Abrams has purchased the rights to "Let the Right One In", a story about a bullied 12-year-old boy who finds a friend in a teen vampire girl. Director Tomas Alfredson is not involved in the project, which was a hit in his native Sweden. [SCI FI Wire]
  • The folks at io9 have read and reviewed a June 9, 2008 dated script of "Green Lantern".  The script was written by "Eli Stone" creators Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.  The site gave it a grade of B-.  Read their thoughts here.
  • "Watchmen" was previewed Thursday night in Portland, Oregon and you can read some reports from the screening over at IMDb.
  • James Cameron spoke with the host of the Canadian TV show "The Hour" about his upcoming Sci-Fi movie "Avatar".  Watch the interview below.


Fox Gives Full-Season Order to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Despite low ratings, Fox has surprisingly picked up "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" for a full season.  The network ordered the back nine episodes of the freshman drama.  Earlier in the week, Fox had signaled their desire to continue on with the show by ordering two more scripts.  They are also likely hoping for stronger ratings next year when the show returns for its final half.  The order brings the show to 22 episodes for the season.

Battlestar Galactica Returns on January 16th
The SCI FI Channel has announced that "Battlestar Galactica" will return on January 16, 2009 at 10pm ET/PT.  The remaining 10 episodes of the fourth, and final, season will culminate with the series finale on March 20th.  Meanwhile, there’s still no update on the prequel "Caprica" which will air as a 2-hour TV movie on the network.  And finally, UGO has details for the show’s upcoming fourth season DVD set.  Read them here.

A Lost Movie?
"Lost" co-creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams tells MTV that while a movie is doubtful, he’s less against the idea now than he was in the past.  That mainly has to do with the fact that there is now a firm end-point for the show (May 2010):

“The one thing that makes you think maybe there could be [a movie],” stated Abrams, “is that ABC agreed to end the series after six years. Which is a gift, because you know you won’t have years seven and eight where you’re thinking ‘they should’ve ended at year six,’ and you know how to pace yourself so that you know how to end the series.”

“The only reason why I think maybe there would be a movie,” he explained, “is that by doing that — which is hopefully the right way to go and that’s it — you do have that sense of, well, it didn’t go on any longer and therefore is there something else that you could do? So there’s a chance, but my gut is it would never happen.”

Click here to watch the entire interview with Abrams.

Johnson Voices His Displeasure in ABC Announcement of New V Series
Kenneth Johnson, creator-writer-director of the original "V" series, is not happy about ABC going forward with a new series without his blessing.  Here is what he wrote–or more likely what his webmaster wrote on his behalf given the use of 3rd person–at his website:

When projects that bore Kenny’s original creative stamp and control have been taken on by other people, audiences have seen the results: earlier attempts at reviving V, as well as The Incredible Hulk movies and the recently reimagined Bionic Woman all proved to be serious misfires which unfortunately failed with the critics and with the public. Though ABC is again considering the possibility of developing a TV pilot project, it is a script development deal only and does not in any way affect Kenny’s ongoing efforts to remake his original classic as a major motion picture.

New Doctor in 2011 for Doctor Who? + All Seven Doctors To Appear in Special
Current Doctor David Tennant will remain with the show until 2011, however, when the sixth season of "Doctor Who" kicks off in 2011, Comic Book Resources is reporting that there will be a new actor cast in the role:

The sixth series of “Doctor Who” (2011) will star Paterson Joseph as The Doctor.

Previously playing Roderick in the “Doctor Who” episodes “Bad Wolf”/”Parting Of Ways,” Joseph is known for fine upstanding and terribly-well-spoken-dontcha-know roles as Johnson in “Peep Show,” the Marquis De Carabas in “Neverwhere,” Space Marshall Clarke in “Hyperdrive,” Lyndon in “Green Wing”…

…and more importantly Benjamin in “Jekyll.” Written and produced by upcoming “Doctor” Who showrunner, Steven Moffat.

In other "Doctor Who" news, it’s being reported by various sources that this year’s "Children in Need" special will feature all seven actors who have played the role of the doctor.  Also, Prince Charles may make an appearance.

New Fringe Interviews
J.J. Abrams took part in a webchat with readers of the British newspaper the Guardian and discussed various projects, including the Fox TV series "Fringe".  Here are the highlights of what he had to say:

We have a big picture which we are working to. We have a six chapter idea. That inevitably changes along the way. You make discoveries which you can’t anticipate… We are still finding our rhythm. If you look back at the early episodes of your favourite shows you will find they are a little bit to the left of what the show ultimately became. I feel we are still arriving. The fourth episode, "The Arrival," is closer to what the show will be… [E]pisode 4 begins it, the over-arcing mystery of the show. The goal is to do both – to tune in and enjoy without knowing anything that comes before it but also if you watch every week you will see things you understand and that are connected to the larger picture.

Check out the rest of what he had to say in the webchat here, where he talks about "Star Trek", "Lost" a possible "Cloverfield" sequel and more. You can also check out an interview conducted by io9 with Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp–face of the corporation Massive Dynamic–on the show at this link.



Eleventh Hour (more here and here)

Sanctuary (more here)

Smallville (more here)

Stargate Atlantis (more here)

Torchwood (more here)


Eleventh Hour (another here)



Smallville (more here)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


  • NBC has ordered four more scripts of its SF-ish series "Knight Rider".  That despite only a so-so performance–averaging 7.3 million viewers and a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49–it has fared strong with young men 18-49 (drawing a 2.7 rating in that demo). [Variety]
  • Meanwhile ABC has picked up an additional four scripts of "Eli Stone". [Variety]
  • The first episode of a new animated "Witchblade" series is now available to download on iTunes.  The episode will be available for free on the service until October 26th.  The new show goes into the future to tell the tale of a new bearer of the Witchblade and the conspiracy that surrounds her burden. [SCI FI Wire]
  • NBC is developing a new take on "Jason and the Argonauts". The series, the network’s second stab at the property after a 2000 miniseries of the same name, would be produced as the first-ever green-screen drama developed for a primetime broadcast network. [Variety]
  • Rob Tapert, former producer of the syndicated Sci-Fi drama "Xena: Warrior Princess", says that pretty much everyone involved in the show would love to see a reunion of some sort, even suggesting that he had an idea in mind, but that matters are out of his hands. [SCI FI Wire]


Iron Man (statue from Sideshow Collectibles)

Ghostbusters (Comic Mini-Series–more images here)

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Transformers (Concept Art)


  • After mysteriously being dropping by Activision/Blizzard a few months back, the "Ghostbusters" video game has found a new distributor in Atari.  The game isn’t expected to be released until sometime in 2009. [/Gamer]
  • The first story from John Scalzi’s new audio book anthology "Metropolis" is now online and available to listen to for free.  The story is written by Jay Lake and read by Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh of "Battlestar Galatica"). [io9]


Top 10 SF&F Broadcast Shows  

HH Rating

The Mentalist


2) Heroes


3) Fringe


4) Knight Rider


5) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


6) Smallville


6) Supernatural


9/22/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

Top 10 SF&F Syndicated Shows  


1) Lost


2) Star Trek


3) The Dead Zone


4) Stargate Atlantis


9/22/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

Top 10 SCI FI CHANNEL Shows  


1) Ghost Hunters


2) Eureka


Riddles of the Sphinx




Stargate Atlantis


6) Monster Ark


7) Destination Truth


8) Reign of Fire


9) Sound of Thunder


10) Merlin, Part 2


9/22/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire


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ok. So much going on here. V looks to be kool but not with out the creators blessing.Spidy will always be kool. termanator the sarah conner will be great for a full season. Am i first.

Im not so sure a lost movie would be good. end the series right and all will be happy. I hope Kenny Johnson can dom a big blockbuster Movie V instead of a series on T.V. I think that would be much better and keep it goijg from the priganal Movies. Wow. next year is a scifi and fantasey movies fans dream. I mean how many blockbusters are coming up. Star Trek. Transformers,Harry Potter. Termanator Salvation. I mean those are but just a few of the big blockbusters. This is so Kool. I still Hope they make a Greatest American Hero Movie. Battlestar galactica is coming up and I can’t wait to see what happened to Earth and how it got that way in the Series. Dr. Who with all the actors who played him. Wow. The Dr. is in! Can’t believe I was finaly first!!!. Long Live The Terran Empire!!!!

Well, Brett Ratner now removes Conan from the list of viable remakes.

New Knight Rider blows hard, hard chunks, but, whatever.

Ahhh… love all the bogus new Doctor Who rumours… I assume those will keep coming until well into 2010… but somehow suspect Tennant will remain The Doctor until at least 2013… I suspect him going at least as long as Tom Baker, if not longer. Honestly, though… Hugh Laurie would make the best 11th Doctor… seriously… imagine it!!! If not Laurie, maybe Dominic Keating??? But seriously, Tennant will be a tenant in that role for a long while!!!


Not all the Doctors. Sadly, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee are no longer with us.

I’m wondering though how they’re going to play the 6th Doctor — not only is he out of shape (if pics of him today are any indication) he’s also — thankfully — finally been able to mellow out the character.

@4: Funny you should mention Hugh Laurie, as his Blackadder co-star Rowan Atkinson was actually bandied about as a candidate for Dr. #8 (the TV movie), but settled for “The Curse of the Fatal Death”.

Paterson Joseph as The Doctor? I’m not buying it. Not because he’s black, but because he can’t act.

Clicking on the Incredible Hulk link I found this:
Good points, unfortunately. The author’s choices about the bridge design and the female uniforms make a lot more sense to me than JJ’s. It made me realize how pessimistic I am about this movie…


That article is a piece of crap. We have seen just as much criticism on this site, and the fact the guy is published doesn’t add to his cred.

He simply has lurked here as a fan for a while, and he’s uploading the generic lowdown as we have been collectively opining these past days.

His only point of relevance, which has been already recycled a dozen times, is the relevance of a good, optimistic story being delivered during hard times. And if that’s a bad thing, well golly gee and golly gosh. I could use a good story right about now…

8, 9

That article cracked me up. Mental “happy time” if you ask me.

#8: I’m a lifelong Trekker, going on 37 years now…and I’m pretty sure this is my first post here, whilst I read here avidly. I was so struck with revulsion upon reading that blog ya linked to, that I couldn’t resist posting! That blogger struck me as a holier-than-thou, wanna-be hack writer, with nothing but a whole lot of angst and a sense of depth and perspective, likely garnered from Wikipedia!!

I wasn’t a big fan of this whole ‘going back to Trek’s roots’ idea. Yet, as ‘The Great Bird of The Galaxy’ himself once espoused…I’m willing to indulge in a bit of “infinite diversity, in infinite combinations”. What’s more, from what I’ve seen thus far, I’m groovin’ on all the diverse combinations we’ve been treated to lately.

#10: Very cool that my first post followed yours man!!! “Mental ‘happy time'” indeed!!! Keep up the good work, as it’s looking pretty brilliant thus far!


Thanks, doin’ our best…

Geoff Johns writing the new Superman movie would be the best thing to ever happen in the history of anything.


Don’t forget Peter Cushing!

#15…The Doctor Who movies (with Peter Cushing as the Doctor) are considered non-canon, so I don’t think Peter counts……

@#8- that was an interesting link. I’ll wait to see the movie before I pass judgement. For a writer he doesn’t have much of an imagination, he feels there are only two choices for the resonance of the movie- it’s either only feel good nostalgia or campy parody, he’s overlooking the third- reinvention.

Right now I’ll take my cues from Nimoy in the EW article where he said that this was the perfect time for Trek to return, it’s optimism and idealism was again needed to shepherd another generation of lost dreamers.

The Doctor Who rumours seem to be misinterpreted whispers.

The Paterson Joseph thing has been doing the rounds because of his connection with Moffat and his previous minor appearance in the show, but it’s the vogue to connect a black actor with the role, as reportedly Adrian Lester has expressed an interest in being the next Doctor. It’s just a substitute for the usual “why can’t a woman be the Doctor” stuff that appears whenever a change of lead actor is being discussed. Supposedly pushing the boundaries and all that.

The seven remaining Doctors thing has also been a popular rumour, but for a short Children In Need special this seems unlikely (and I know about Dimensions in Time, but this isn’t the 90’s). More likely is the other chat about a short Who/Torchwood crossover that will informally bridge the gap between Journey’s End and The Next Doctor, like Time Crash did last year.

And the Prince Charles thing is just wrong. Russell T Davies was talking at the Cheltenham Book Festival and said that the show had made a request for the Prince of Wales to appear in Doctor Who (in Voyage of the Damned, at Buckingham Palace) but, according the RTD “He turned us down, the miserable swine.” RTD was, of course, being funny when he said this but some of the UK media, unsurprisingly, thought he was seriously calling the Prince a swine. Clarence House said that the Prince was never asked personally to appear, instead a request was made to his office and was politely declined.

A bit like the new Trek movie, in the absence of any real information, the Doctor Who rumours make for some fun and games!

Neither of those two Paterson Joseph or Adrian Lester can act worth tuppence

Lester is REALLY bad though. REALLY REALLY bad, basically i think because he takes himself FAR too seriously, i can’t watch anything he’s in for more than 5 mins

Nothing to do with either of them being black, in fact of the two Paterson actually looks like he would be a lot of fun in person, but then isnt that what got Colin Baker the job.. and look how that turned out.

Sadly there are a derth of “good” and recognisable “black” actors in the UK

but to address the skin colour thing, would we make the hulk bright pink or yellow??

There are some things you DO NOT TOUCH, because otherwise you disenfranchise SO many people, the Dr will always be male, the dr will always be white, i think after 45 years, this should be understood and unshakeable.

In a country where 3 % of the population are “black” i don’t see the need to rush blindly into some sort of revers discrimination PC crazyness, I mean why not make the Dr asian, russian or irish.

The Dr is an alien, he views the earthlings as a species, interacts with them, and trys to make SOME of them the best that they can be.

but then thats pretty much what he does with the inhabitants of planet zarg, or whatever planet he’s on that week.

bottom line, don’t futz with the formula that WORKS.

would love to see the 7 Drs if only for the novelty of it, the “aww shucks” but honestly, if you want something like that, then read “The 8 Doctors” a nice little romp that gets round the then only 8 Drs, and the pictures were better, cos they were in your head :D

I like cheese ;)

– W –
* Who’s looking forward to the FUN that Trek hasn’t been in a long time *


Except the world. Which could honestly use a break from Superman movies.

Oh, but this time, they’re gonna make him dark and gritty!


Mr Orci, the big question at the moment, and apologies if it was answered in another talk back (there’s way too many posts to read), will the trailer be out in the UK screenings of Bond. We get to see the movie well in advance of the rest of the world, as early as end of October I believe. Really dug the pics btw.

Don’t believe the Doctor Who stuff. If true would be all across the British media. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Out of the two the children in need one is most likely, but not by much. #18 puts it best.

“I mean why not make the Dr asian, russian or irish.”

…Heh, I can see Alf Garnett responding to the latter one:

“Oi! The BBC made ‘im a bloody MICK! I want my bloody license fee back!!”

RE: the doctor being Asian Russian or Irish… does not matter.

The Doctor is Gallifreyan. The TARDIS transcribes his language into English because that’s the native tongue of the mother land that airs the episodes, with its biggest export being the United States.

If you mean, giving someone with another nationality the part….. lets do something really different, have an Italian or a German play him ;)

#24 meant to add, that the guy who plays the Doctor right now, is not English. He is Scottish, but speaks in an English accent :D

Why not make Spock Italian?

Bob? Is it too late?

Spock: “My nipples explode with delight!”

McCoy: “Here we go again.”

Im surprised the mentaluist does so well, now for people to start hiring my people for shows more…


Again one of my favorite features. See what you can find out about the new Conan movie for me. Good work again.

Paterson Joseph as the Doctor? This just confirms my suspiscion that the Doctor Who team have some kind of “black agenda”.

The number of black people in Doctor Who lately has been staggering. In any given episode, maybe a third of the characters will be black. Black people everywhere? What is going on? Black people are a tiny minority here in the UK. There are twice as many asian people, but asian people are nowhere near as common on Doctor Who.

It really wouldn’t surprise me if the next doctor was black. Then, gradually all the other races will disappear and only black people will remain on the show.

I love Doctor Who, but it does seem to be racist. Hopefully Moffat will not stand for it and cast actors based on their suitablility for the role, rather than the colour of their skin.

#29 Jamie, what show have you been watching?

Last season of Doctor Who, the main protoganists were:
The Doctor, Donna, Wilfred, Donna’s Mother, Martha, Rose, Captain Jack & Sarah Jayne…..

I think you will find it is being dominated by white people. And why are you so concerned with Skin colour? It seems to be a pet hate, I find that, prejudice.

Since when has a show had to cast on the basis of population percentages?

The Forever War is a great book, and it’s great to hear that Ridley Scott is going to do SF again. I hope he finds a writer worthy of the source material.

9, 10, 11: I hope the article is wrong. But the pictures released so far tend to make the movie look like it will tend toward the cheesy. And I do agree with the article about the stylistic choices we have seen so far, specifically the bridge. Maybe the pictures do not give an accurate portrayal of how the movie will look, but that is all we have to go on so far.

#29 Jamie, for someone who is on a Trek site, a show that celebrates diversity, it really suprises me to hear your comments. On Dr. Who out of the main cast there was Mickey and Martha that are black in the final episodes and like eight white cast members from Who and Torchwood.

So you are saying it is OK to have aliens on Sci-Fi, but not black people. If you want to be correct about it, whites are not the majority on Earth, the Chinese are.

Regarding the Superman sequel and the reboot/darker talk from WBros a couple of weeks ago

imo a reboot isnt needed (how can they reboot again when ‘Smallville’ has done it?) and SR was dark in places..certainly the darkest Superman film out of the 5

aside from progession on the sequel, Superman is in pretty much the same situation Batman was in after Bat Begins…

BB and SR made similar amounts of BO (BB = $350m worldwide, SR = $390m)

BB and SR had similaly positive reviews in the major film sites and magazines…

Its quite simple really – They should just make a sequel to SR the same way Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan was a sequel to Star Trek: The Motion Picture – just make zero mention of events and subcharacters of the previous film, change the suits, add a supervillian, up the action quotoa & reduce the bloated budget

There4 – no mention of new Krypton/Lexs land scheme…no richard…new actress as lois (like new Rachel in TDK) but keep Routh, Spacey, Langella…brighten the suit/enlarge the \S/, get a supervillian (e.g. brainiac, zod, doomsday) and have loadsa Superman II/Matrix 3 style battles…budget around $150-170m

Unlike those 2 star treks i dont think theres any need to change director..after all Singer did did improve significantly on X1 with X2 (plus Nolan stayed for TDK)…however he might not want to do it again…If not then i dunno – heck i wouldnt even be opposed to action directors like Michael Bay or Ratner (they’d certainly brighten everything up and make sure there was a ton of action)

Also think they should lessen the Donner/Reeve homages..a couple of nods here and there is ok as is keeping the Williams score (in parts..not everywhere) and the crystal FOS…but no need to go overboard like SR (nearly following the plot of the 1978 film)


as Singer said back shortly after SR was relesed ‘ he intends to go all Wrath of Khan’ on a sequel

no problem with getting some new writers though – as Donner suggests..

Doubt theres any way the super sequel will mirror The Dark Knights $1 billion BO though…but even if it did half of that itd be ok.

I like Edgar Wright’s quote about the movie delivering the goods that “delivers all the goods sorely lacking from a certain trio of prequels”

That (I hope) means it feels closer to the original than the SW prequels did. I remember seeing Episode I and feeling my brain hurt from the moment Jar Jar Binks was introduced.

Hopefully, even with the new bridge, it reminds us of what a classic episode of TOS felt like.

Just what we need! Re-makes of re-makes! :P

Man, I feel bad for Marvel films. They’re gonna tank. Who wants a Thor movie really?

29 … are you for real?

or is it some spin on the RTD “gay agenda” BS.

Don Warrington would get my vote if they really REALLY had to go that route. a genius actor that could wipe the floor with his performance. he happens to be black, but also, happens to be a GREAT actor.

but then I think they ruled out an older Dr, probably because of the “age agenda” that the production team has.


As funny as this sounds, I’m glad to see that Knight Rider got an order for 4 more scripts. They really need to upgrade the writing quality of this show. If they do that I think it can work at least for a second season.


I’d like a Thor movie, please, with a lame Dr. Donald Blake, a cave, and a batch of non-Statner-esque alien rockmen.

And don’t ‘feel bad’ for Marvel Films. A billion for “Iron Man,” and a nice profit for “Hulk” means they are feeling no pain at all. Hell, maybe they can remake Howard the Duck!

Xena reunion?!? YES PLEASE!

Too late to get in on the comments on the iO9 article?

Cheesy mini-skirts? I don’t care. Don’t you be messin’ with Uhura’s look! Lord, TMP sucked if for no other reason than it put the women in leisure suits… like 23rd Century Hillary Clintons. YUCK.

Actually, the only point in the article that’s worth comment, is its pre-emptive slam on hitting the cliche’s. JJ’s already owned up to swiping “I am and always have been your friend” out of the proper context. I hope we don’t get the big swell of music every time we check in at the Cliche Hut, but we probably will. Spock raises and eyebrow — BIG MUSIC STING. Kirk leers at a chick — SWANKY MUSIC STING. “I’m a doctor, not a…” “It vuz a Russian inwention…” “You green-blooded…” etc. I’ve loved TOS for most of my life. I don’t need it dissected. I need NEW adventures with the characters I love.

I’d LOVE to come away with more quotables… not walking in with them.

or in English:
I’d love to come away with more Trek quotables, rather than walk in with them.

22. dalek – October 19, 2008
Mr Orci, the big question at the moment, will the trailer be out in the UK screenings of Bond. We get to see the movie well in advance of the rest of the world, as early as end of October I believe.

October 31st to be precise, so bob what’s the word… are we the lucky ones or do we have to wait until you yanks get to see the trailer first?

What’s with the super-giant-geriatric-sized font? I have to back away six feet to read one sentence.

Merlin part two? Damn, I haven’t seen that movie for a LONG time! Now I want to watch it again, LOL.

#45 I wonder if he knows.

The last thing I read was that the UK reception to the Bond movie was key to the worlds reception.

It would make sense to put it out here first.

Anyone ever notice that Colin Powell sounds just like Leonard Nimoy?

I like V.

I really hope they don’t ruin it like Knight Rider.