Star Trek Movie Featured In Empire Cover Story w/ New Images [UPDATED]

Two weeks ago JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie got the cover story treatment at Entertainment Weekly and this week it gets the same for the UK magazine Empire. Today Empire released some new exclusive photos as well as an excerpt from JJ Abrams from their cover story, see below.


Empire cover recreates classic publicity photo
Here is the new cover

Click the cover to see the TOS publicity shot and the new shot ‘energize’

New publicity photos

Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto)
(click to see fullsize at Empire)

Abrams talks costumes
Like the EW cover story, Empire spoke to Star Trek director JJ Abrams. You have to pick up the magazine to read the full interview, but Empire offers this teaser online of Abrams talking about the wardrobe:

For me, the costumes were a microcosm of the entire project, which was how to take something that’s kind of silly and make it feel real. But how do you make legitimate those near-primary colour costumes? How do you make legitimate the pointy ears and the bowl haircut? It’s ridiculous and as potentially cliched as it gets. How do you watch Galaxy Quest and then go make a Star Trek movie?

New images from the film

Kirk (Pine) in an ‘armored EVA suit’ along with Sulu (John Cho)
in what appears to be a shuttle
(click to see fullsize at Empire)

NOTE: This is not yet confirmed, but the actor on the left appears to be Greg Ellis who is playing Chief Engineer Olsen (see TrekMovie article for more on Ellis)

Spock (Quinto) at viewscreen (or is it a window, note you can see top of the saucer)
(click to see fullsize at Empire)

UPDATE: Empire added one more image

Uhura (Zoe Saldana) chats with Kirk and Chekov (Anton Yelchin)
(click to see fullsize at Empire)


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Cool as!!!

Cool stuff can’t wait till may.

Nice. Not so air-brushed as EW. NICE Viewscreen. (Although, I’d have to wonder, if it’s the main bridge viewer, do you want to have glossy reflexions while you’re battlin’ dog-bitten Romulans?)

That cover sucks. Spock looks like he is wearing a wig and has some sort of damage to the side of his face. Kirk looks like he is a refugee from Dawson’s Creek.

Looks like a window to me…see the reflection (or direct view) of the registration NCC on the saucer hull at the bottom of the view screen? Maybe it’s a window or transparent display that can show other views or has a heads up display type overlay.

amazing , even the viewscreen is impressive!! Can’t wait, will be a fun ride! :)

Of course Spock wears a wig… Maybe this shooting was weeks ago and do you think he still has this haircut?

I like these shots, even if the Photoshopping Clique is back again… Maybe it was the make-up clique… or a mix of both, but they didnt jump on the “green Spock face train” that EW did…

Heh, notice the “NCC” and some saucer parts on the viewscreen?

i like that viewscreen pic!

“…the entire project, which was how to take something that’s kind of silly and make it feel real…”

Say what?

To make something silly feel real is the entire project?

From the horse’s mouth. It implies that he wants his Trek to be silly, too. But more real. Maybe he’ll take on “Spongebob” next.

As someone once said: “Laddy? Don’t ya think you should…rephrase that?”

oh, just noticed something , i think this viewscreen is also a window, u can see the saucer at the bottom of the screen, gives viewers a better sense of realsim i think.

i like it, i like it a-lot.

the bridge looks massive. MASSIVE.

spock – looking good.

why the english get such good pics first? is their economy not in crisis? this, i do not understand.



JJ — or Bob, because I know one of you is reading this — what’s so ridiculous about Spock’s Moe Howard haircut? (hmm. Think I answered my own question.) Actually, I always liked the Spock look, but I thought (especially by the time of Enterprise) that it was indeed ridiculous that everyone on a planet had the same haircut. T’Pring and T’Pow were diff, but later even Valeris had the Moe-brow look. Vulcanians love them some good music and some huge wall art suitable for government puchase and display in airport terminals. Therefore, Vulcans have some aesthetic sense. It would only be logical to aspire towards individualism to ensure the protection of the race.

The reflections on the viewscreen are a funny thing. True that you wouldn’t want them there while fighting the Romulans, et al. — but they might be there, nevertheless. Seeing them here and now makes me wonder where they’ve been all these years, and seems to indicate a willingness to think through these little bits of verisimilitude. I like it.

It almost seems to me that the Viewscreen is a window looking out across the hull. And that information can be displayed right on it.


Yeah…I remember way back when that J.J. said he wanted to give a better scope for just how large the Enterprise was…I think having it a window with graphical overlays and a HUD while giving an elevated view of the expansive saucer section would be one way of doing that. I think it’d make the bridge feel less like a room on a closed set and more like the command center perched at the top of a 20+ story tall star ship. Definitely a good thing. Falls right in line with the “epic” scale people in the know keep mentioning.

Wait — there’s no circa 1988 digital alarm clock in the top center of the main viewer! This violates canon. This is a catastrophe!

Also — if that IS a window, instead of a display, then we’re right back to the very first pissing-match that Trek Movie ever hosted!!

Where’s the main turbo lift in relation to the viewscreen?? Shouldn’t it be directly behind Kirk’s chair??

@16, lol you took the words right out of my mouth. Ah I’m psyched now :) even more so, i mean…EPIC!


Ok…now we’re getting somewhere….. looks good so far.

OK! Lets forget last week’s EW cover.

These are much better! Especially the cover.

Love the large viewscreen!

Quinto = AWESOME!!!

18. CmdrR – October 28, 2008
“Where’s the main turbo lift in relation to the viewscreen?? Shouldn’t it be directly behind Kirk’s chair??”

Ummm… no. It would be over his left shoulder, not directly behind him… according to TOS anyway.

If it is a window it shows that it had a few more. If you remember the series, you almost never saw them passing a window or having any windows in their quarters. But a view from the exterior clearly showed that it had them.

Oh yeah this looks totally Cool !

Well, I believe there’s more than one turbolift and/or exit from this bridge.

The main viewer appears to be both a window and a display area. Very cool.

The still shots from the film are amazing.

I am anticipating an asthetic element of realism never before seen in Star Trek.

I love the “window”. Defeinitely makes the bridge appear more “functional”, and like an actual naval command center.

I also love the still shot of Kirk in the suit.

17 days until the trailer!!!

I’m jazzed about this movie and have been from the day it was announced. That said, the more quotes I read from J.J., the more concerned I get. He’s talking a lot of smack about Trek…being “silly”, too many references to Galaxy Quest, trying to make it “legitimate” etc. Is he saying that Trek wasn’t already “legitimate”? If he had such disdain for the source material, why did he take the job?

Again, don’t get me wrong…I’m a fan of J.J’s other work (mostly, not Felicity) but I’m getting worried.

Yeah I love the fact that it’s an actual window. It does help it to feel more real. And having displays right on top of it is really cool and makes sense and keeps it modern concidering how you can have displays on your car window even now. Of course they have them on the Enterprise.

I really like the large viewscreen and a window concept .Very cool

Dang you!!!! That picture of spock standing in front of the viewscreen window with the saucer visible in the background just made me mess up my underwear….. BAD!! This movie is going to kick the butts off of Trekkies all over the world. I can FEEL it!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

22 montreal paul — That’s the point. If you go by the TOS set, then the turbolift doors open to reveal that week’s guest star nicely framed at Kirk’s shoulder. But, if you look at the 11′ shooting model of the E used in TOS, you can clearly see what’s obviously meant to be the turbo lift directly aft of the bridge. A conundrum — one of so many in TOS; that’s why we love her, like a dorky/sexy girlfriend.

Quinto looks perfect in the movie stills. Not so perfect in the covers. Wait, maybe that’s wrong. He looks TOO perfect in the covers. Somebody needs to lay off the Photoshop.

Caption one:
“Seriously? We just pee right in these suits?”

Caption two:
“And this is our aquarium, captain.”

Starfish and wet, warm waists… ahhhhh


A new pict is up now check it out

Cool beans, dig the window.

Is this issue of Empire on stands in the US right now?

I like the look of both pics. Who it the guy with Kirk and Sulu and why does Kirk look so worried?
I also like how the cover mimics an old Nemoy/Shatner shot that may have been from a TV Guide photo shoot back in 1967…(I always liked that shot)

Now if only the EMPIRE branding was not there, then I could add these to my rotating desktop… time to get out the PHOTOSHOP…

Kirk and Sulu look as if they are about to get their Halo on. Their phaser rifles must have built-in chainsaws. Spock looks iconic in front of that billion-credit viewscreen. Got to love that Metroid Prime like HUD and the visible ship’s registry, but why go all out on a viewscreen, only to shine spotlights on it?

Geez, what a crappy quote from JJ! TOS ridiculous and cliche? Uh, no. If it feels cliche now it’s because they did it FIRST, and so many others copied. So now JJ’s going to make everything “legitimate”, huh? Oh brother.

LOOK! Another new pic of Uhura on Empire!

In the past thirty seconds the Empire site added a third picture

I’m gonna guess it’s the viewscreen on the bridge although we’ve never seen an actual window used for one. Love the graphic overlays, the fact that you can see the hull and the viewscreen’s overall hugeness.

These pics of Quinto as Spock are far better than what we’ve seen before, especially compared to that bizarre over-photoshopped EW cover. I read here recently some talk about Quinto cutting his hair for the role but I have to agree that so far it looks like a wig. Really hope that’s not the case as those Vulcan and Romulan wigs we’ve had to endure through the Berman years were really attrocious.

Why do Kirk and Spock look so happy? And grinning… and standing… next… to… each… other….

Oh, thank The Prophets.


Is that a Super Star Destroyer on screen??? LOL Just the glare, but at first glimpse..

Glad to see the franchise is now in HD and has the viewscreen to prove it!

You Terrans must remember that in the 23rd century, boys can kiss boys and like it!

First off… Zoe = YUM. Secondly, that appears to be Kirk in his proper gold tunic in front of her.

crap — no, not Kirk. Cause he’s in his black thingie. crapcrapcrap.
But, Zoe’s yummy.

Love that bridge screen shot..

I think 2009 is gonna be a good year!

Hey Anthony: Any news on movie watch parties / midnight screenings?

Imax screenings?

Too soon?

No thats Kirk on the left I think this is a reverse angle of the shot we have already seen of them when they are in front of the viewscreen.

The Zoe Saldana as Uhura shot is also great!


Nope. According to Empire, that’s Chekov.

I haven’t seen a single shot of Chris Pine in the gold tunic thus far — and you’ll notice that in all the shots Paramount has allowed, he’s in the black one. I doubt we’ll see him in a full gold captain’s tunic until the closing moments of the picture.