10 Favorite Star Trek Characters In Costume

While the crews of the Enterprises, Defiant, and Voyager may not celebrate Halloween on screen, they certainly did like to dress in costume for their adventures. To celebrate Halloween, Trekmovie provides this list of the "Best Costumes" from various episodes. As a bonus, for collectors, each entry lists whether or not there has been an action figure of the characters in costume.


Countdown down to our favorite costume

10) The TNG crew as 21st century humans ("Star Trek: First Contact")
While no makeup is required, the crew must disguise themselves to blend in with the peoples of the post war mid 21st century. The outfits are cool, a futuristic version of Granola dress that portends that LL Bean survives WWIII.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: For the film’s toy line of 1996, Playmates Toys offered a 9" version of Jean Luc Picard in his 21st Century outfit.


9) Archer, Hoshi, T’Pol, Trip as Akaali (ENT "Civilization")
One of Enterprise’s best episodes, this episode is much like TOS while retaining ENT’s uniqueness. The crew must disguise themselves as native Akaali, complete with makeup and excellently detailed costumes, to help thwart the interference of Garos.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These have not been offered as action figures yet


8) Sisko, O’Brien, and Odo as Klingons (DS9 "Apocalypse Rising")
The beginning of season 5 of DS9 is this costume extravaganza where the crew must act as Klingons to thwart a Dominion conspiracy affecting the Klingon episode.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: Sisko is too cool as a Klingon not be an action figure. Playmates Toys offered a 4.5" "Sisko as a Klingon" action figure during 1997.

7) Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres as Borg (VOY "Unimatrix Zero")
A cool surprise, the crew allows themselves to be assimilated and turned into Borgs. This is a reversal of the theme of "The Enterprise Incident" because here the characters allow themselves to be "disguised" by the enemy they are battling.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These have not been offered as action figures yet.

6) Kirk as a Romulan
(TOS "The Enterprise Incident")
A classic episode of TOS, this was one of the best "Mission Impossible" style episodes of Trek. Both the audience and the characters were treated to many surprises in this adventure, especially when Kirk appears as a Romulan. The line about Kirk having to take the "ears" off because the makeup was troubling him was an injoke reference to actor Leonard Nimoy’s experiences.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: Kirk as a Romulan was immortalized with a Star Trek Communicator Fan Club 12" exclusive version from Playmates Toys in 1999, limited to an edition of 3500.


5) Riker and Troi (TNG "Who Watches the Watchers?")
Of all the shows, it is arguable that TNG had the most "costumed" episodes, mostly because of the extensive utilization of the holodeck. Yet, adventures on many planets often required the crew to dress as locals, as with this episode, "Who Watches the Watchers?" Besides the great look of Riker and Troi as Mintakan proto Vulcans. Especially interesting was that their discussions while costumed about Mintakan culture helps to define some of Riker and Troi’s relationship for fans.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These have not been offered as action figures yet.

4) NX-01 crew go Western (ENT "North Star")
Continuing the tradition of Trek crews finding themselves in a Western setting, the crew of the NX-01 find a planet of humans living the old west life, but in The Expanse. Before revealing themselves to be from Earth, they disguise themselves as locals right down to the spaghetti western garb.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These have not been offered as action figures yet.

3) The Voyager crew dressed for Captain Proton (VOY "Bride of Chaotica")
Excellent fun for fans of Saturday matinee science fiction, the Captain Proton costumes were ultra retro. Tuvok’s commentary about Tom Paris and his Captain Proton holodeck program are amusing, and we learn that Captain Janeway is a size four.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These have not been offered as action figures yet.

2) Kirk and Spock as Gangsters (TOS "A Piece of the Action")
Spocko! Kirk and Spock not only dress as gangsters, they act like them, accents included, during this funny episode, which represents the second season trend of TOS to alternate serious episodes with the occasional comedy (I, Mudd and The Trouble With Tribbles are other examples).

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: These costumed versions of Kirk and Spock have been 4.5" action figures, Kay Bee Toys 9" inch exclusives, and 12" action figures exclusive to New Force Comics, all from Playmates Toys during the 1990s and 2000s.


1) Sisko, Bashir, Dax, and O’Brien as TOS characters (DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations")
What is not to like about favorite characters dressing as other favorite characters! The DS9 crew looks great in TOS uniforms, especially Sisko who could have easily commanded a starship during the Kirk era. The acknowledgement of the uniform changes during the various shows is a nice fan moment.

ACTION FIGURE ALERT: Sisko, Bashir, Dax, O’Brien, and Odo were all 4.5 action figures by Playmates Toys during 1997, and Sisko and Dax were 9" action figures during 1998.


HONORABLE MENTION) TNG crew in Nottingham (TNG "Qpid")
Q abducts Captain Picard and crew and sends them into the story of Robin Hood, with each crewmember playing a different character from the classic. Technically this does not qualify for the Characters in Costume list because the crew were forced into the outfits instead of donning the costumes themselves (as in the ones above). However due to popular demand this fan favorite does deserve mention, and a special YouTube video tribute.

TrekMovie hopes you have a fun Halloween


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Boo. Happy Halloween.

Epic :D

Good memories.

How about Spock in TNG impersonating a Romulan but looking a lot more Vulcan than Romulan but not enough to prevent him from being walking down the street but enough to allow Picard to spot him from a scanned picture from a bazillion light years away?

That’s costuming genius right there!

I would have picked #3 as #1.

YAY! Captain Proton costumes and TOS uniforms from “Trials and Tribble-ations” were exactly what I was thinking of! How about “In a Mirror, Darkly” when the ENT crew put on TOS uniforms as well? Honorable mention anyone?


seeing Terry Farrell in the classic 1960’s mini definitely made my millennium. Gotta love the 60’s!

My favorites: #2, #1 and #8.
Happy Halloween, americans. And happy friday for the rest of us.

What, no “Qpid” nod? The TNG cast as Robin Hood and his merry men is a classic, and so funny! It was more interesting than their “21st century” costumes.

Worf: “Sir, I protest. I am NOT a merry man!”


A piece o’ tha’ action! Grand!

Not ta’ mention Starry Trek V disguised as a Starry Trek film…

Look- I gots me wee trick-or-treaters at me door… izzat tha’ devil or Mr. Spock? Michael Meyers or Kirk in his workshirt? Oh, my… that be no zombie… just a Borg come ta’ collect some goodies… resistance be futile so I hand o’er me choco bar- go and assimilate old Mrs. Garny up tha’ street- she hands oot one-cent quatloos…

Tricks fur all, me star-struck ghouls…


Way to go – fun article

Seeing Terry Farrell and Jolene Blalock dressed in TOS miniskirts for “Trials and Tibble-ations” and “In a Mirror, Darkly,” respectively, are top costuming moments for many, many fans. : )

“The DS9 crew looks great in TOS uniforms, especially Sisko ”

What the???? Uh.. I vote for Dax in the mini skirt :-)

Yum! Connor Trineer as a cowboy:D


Ninjas are better!!!!


Yes, Terry Farrell definitely had/has the legs (and butt) for the TOS miniskirt uniform.. ; )

If I recall, she likes “wrestling in the mornings” because it gives her a good start to the day. Have her wear that miniskirt and what else would you need?

off topic…but
BABYLON 5’s Straczynski To Write FORBIDDEN PLANET Remake-http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38938

wont this be a bit like star trek eh? (considering Trek was sorta based on FP – in fact FP is almost like a prequel)

19. Huh?

Let’s get back to the Terry Farrell talk ;-)

That was the best choice for #1, but I, too, think that ‘Qpid’ should have been included. It should have made the top five on the list. I definitely would have taken it over ‘Who Watches the Watchers’.
Overall, a great list, though.

Oh, yeah, and while I loved Terry and Jolene in the miniskirts, I have to say, I think I preferred the “standard” 22nd-century uniforms on T’Pol and Hoshi from ‘In a Mirror…’

Yummy! ;-P

Here is our reasoning for not including Qpid

it did not qualify because the crew did not don the costumes by choice, they were forced into the costumes. So they were not ‘playing dressup’. Janeway and crew as Borg was fuzzy, but they willingly were borgified so it was OK

arbitrary? perhaps…but hey that was how we did it.

However, due to demand it has been added as an ‘honorable mention’ above, with video clips


No 1 brings this to mind: If there is interest in doing a new ST series, why not do one that takes place sometime round TOS 5-year mission, year 4 or 5, which weren’t seen, and just before STTMP? It would allow for nostalgic moments like Sisko in Yellow, as well as for modern Sci-fi effects. Just a thought.

TrekMovie should have a costume contest, where various posters get to send in pictures of themselves dressed in Trek garb! Just an idea. :)


Captain Proton and his ilk would make cool action figures. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

Sorry, but there is simply no competition here between TOS and the other Treks

1. Andrea’s costume in “What Little Girls Are Made Of”
2. Zarabeth’s costume in “All Our Yesterdays”
3. Deela’s costume in “Wink of an Eye”
4. Shana’s costume in “Gamesters of Triskillion”
5. Caroline Paloma’s costume in “Who Mourns for Adonis”
6. The Dohlman’s costume from “Ellan of Troyius”
7. All the chicks costume’s from “Spock’s Brain”
8. The slave girl’s costume from “Bread and Circuses”
9. Uhura’s costume from “Mirror, Mirror”
10. Marta’s costume from “Whom Gods Destroy”

Bill Theiss was the best – no arguments.

27. This article is not about the ‘best costumes’ it is about the best characters in costume disguises, fitting with the Halloween theme. The best times the crews played dress up.

Great list! The top four were my favorites, too!

I would have chosen “Unification 1 & 2” or “The Face of the Enemy” rather than “Who Watches the Watchers?”
But that’s just me.

DS9 trials and tribbleations was the best Episode of DS9. I loved the way Lt Dax looked in that Mini Skirt. I think though it should have been number 2 and Spocko and kirk as Gangsters as Number 1. But hey. Those were the best Episodes for costumes. Though In a Mirror Darkly should get an Honorable Mention as well.It was Classic Trek in the Time Of Enterprise and seeing the Great Terran Empire was a blast.Anthony your agoniose please.

Can’t say the same for fans who dress up like their favorite characters:)

#30 – I too enjoyed Unification. Picard in Romulan disguise for some reason I found quite amusing, and that was -before- he said that he was going to go take off his ears–that topped it. :)

I love “Who Watches the Watchers?” dearly.


Just adding a piece of humor…. a very minuscule piece. There wasn’t very much costume there for my list.

#35–I had to go remind myself (Wikipedia) what “Who Watches the Watchers?” is about. I immediately remembered that episode. Incredible episode. Gonna break out the DVD and watch it tonight. :)

I haven’t rewatched TNG for maybe 5 years. Third season was so strong–in writing, and acting–and combine that with the improved uniforms–that was a very good year!

“Sir, I protest! I am NOT a merry man!”

Worf got all the good one-liners.

#24 – Back in the day, I went as Ensign Ro one year. I even made my own Bajoran makeup with liquid latex. But I don;t have any pictures!


I love all these pictures !! It’s very hard to choose which is the best !! The TNG one at the top is a Favorite !! Then i would choose Janeway and Torres as Borg (hot!!) , followed by Kirk as a Romulan and the Romulan . And of course , we have Queen Arachnia , Katie M’s delicious alter ego !! Then it would be Trip and T’Pol on horseback which should be second , as its an essential shot in the theme of Enterprise and their relationship . And TNG pic is a beautiful reminiscent crew shot ! All are memorable !!!

FYI: Sisko, Dax, O’Brien, and Bashir as seen in “Trials and Tribble-ations” were also reproduced in plastic form with the 2005 Art Asylum/Diamond Select release.

kirk and spock looked great in those 30’s outfits.

nice list there #27 re costumes. andrea in ‘what little girls are made of’ was sensational. TOS had great wardrobe for sure.


ok…how come none of dara’s forays into sherlock holmes or picard’s into dixon hill were included? aso wat about time’s arrow where the whole cast minus dorn got dressed up in 19th century attire? also the wardrobe picard and crew wore on the ba’ku world in insurrection is great :)

and wat about ds9’s far beyond the stars in sisko’s 1950’s vision of benny russell or the nearby episode take me out to the holosuite? VULCANS, KLINGONS, BAJORANS, TRILL AND FERENGI IN BASEBALL OUTFITS…ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS :)

No Kirk as Kirok?
Kirk and Spock as Nazis?
Locutus of Borg with his laser thingee?


One Voyager costume drama that should’ve been included was the crew in 1990s outfits for “Future’s End,” if for no other reason than the magnificent image of Tuvok in a do-rag…..

I have to agree with #9, TNG’s Q-pid episode, all the main characters as part of Robin Hood! Brilliant. Also the TNG episodes where Data is in costume as Sherlock Holmes. The TOS episode, Patterns of Force, which had Kirk, Spock and Bones as Nazis is also worth mentioning (sometimes Kirk does act like a bit of a dictator!) My favourate was DS9’s Trials & Tribulations, not only were the costumes perfect but also the characters hairstyles, the detailed inner sets and the classical images of the Enterprise and K-9.

Kirk and Spock as depression-era soup kitchen workers in “CotEoF.” Classic episode. Classic look.

I mean … Spock in jeans … Kirk in a red flannel…c’mon. They could pass as fellow Vermonters.

#47 #48 yep , two very classic looking pics !!!!!

Kudos to TrekMovie for ranking the DS9 pic #1.

DS9 is the closest successor in tone and idea, and Sisko’s crew as 23rd century crewmates is one of the best moments on the show.