October 2008

Exclusive Details On Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic Book Series

Back at Comic Con in July IDW announced plans to do a prequel comic book series linked to the new Star Trek movie. The first details on that series (due to kick off January 2009) were sent out this week to comics dealers and TrekMovie has more exclusive information (and spoilers) on what appears to be the first official piece of merchandising related to the new movie.

Science Friday: Saturn Cylcone, ET Life, Shark Blood, Martian Lab & A Replicator?

Put on your thinking caps, because it’s time for Science Friday! This week, we bring you a new Cassini Watch and Saturn’s southern cyclone, why “following the water” may not be enough for ET life, how a glass of shark’s blood a day keeps the doctor away, and mission status updates from the Mars Science Laboratory. All this plus our gadget of the week: the Objet Alaris30 3D printer makes like a Star Trek replicator.

More from Orci, Kurtzman and Quinto On New Star Trek Images + New Sulu Image

In addition to speaking to TrekMovie (see interview), Star Trek writers Orci and Kurtzman also talked to UGO and to Yahoo about the new Star Trek movie and the new photos (plus Yahoo has a new image of John Cho as Sulu). Plus there is a new interview with the new Spock (Quinto), and he too talks about the number one subject of the week.  

EW Star Trek Cover Story Online – Lots Of New Info & Spoilers

As reported yesterday, Entertainment Weekly has a cover story all about the new Star Trek in this week’s issue. That story is also now online at the EW website and includes behind the scenese info, plot details and interviews with cast and crew. This is a must read article for any Trekkie so go check it out. We have a quick summary (including some spoilers) and a high res version of the cover below.

Exclusive: Orci and Kurtzman Talk To TrekMovie About USS Kelvin (and Kirk’s shirt) + New Kelvin Image

After Paramount released all the new photos from the Star Trek movie, TrekMovie had a chance to speak exclusively to Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about the USS Kelvin image (the exclusive image for TrekMovie). The pair give us a bit of background on this new ship, plus there is a new image of the ship just made available. Oh and they also also talk about that black shirt Kirk is always wearing!

Star Trek Cover Story In Entertainment Weekly!

This is what you have been waiting for. Last week we reported that the veil of secrecy is starting to be lifted on the new Star Trek and we noted that some images could come sooner than the November trailer. Well that ‘sooner’ is this week with Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly which will be featuring a cover story about JJ Abrams Trek movie. A preview of the cover and more info below.

Abrams On Shatner, Star Trek Sequel and Run Time + Exclusive Production Update

Today is what feels like round 78 in the ongoing Saga of JJ Abrams and William Shatner and the new Star Trek movie. In a new MTV interview Abrams talks about William Shatner’s response to his own comments in an interview about a potential scene…is this the last word? Plus Abrams talks about the run time of the film and TrekMovie has some additional info on the post-production. 

Library Computer: Star Trek Film ‘Making Of’ Books Retrospective

The newly released Trek primer  "Star Trek 101" provides basic narrative and character info on each of the Star Trek movies, but if you want to the full in depth behind the scenes story, you will have to delve deeper into the world of the ‘Making of…’ books. Today TrekMovie takes a look back at these insider accounts of the making of the Star Trek feature films. 

Sci-Fi Sunday: Capt. America, Hobbit, TR2N, V, Smallville, Knight Rider, Mars + more

This has been a big week in sci-fi with lots on upcoming movies including the plot of Captain America, an update on the Hobbit, details on TR2N (in 3D!), the latest on the futures of Superman, Iron Man, and Batman. In TV news we have the latest on the future of Smallville, Hasselhoffs (non) Knight Rider cameo, and the return of V! All that plus tons of pics and videos so what are you waiting for?

The Collective: Review of Hallmark 2008 Communciator Ornament + 2009 Preview

October 11-12th, Hallmark stores are celebrating their annual "Ornament Debut" weekend with in-store parties. Star Trek fans have reason to join the festivities because one of the best Star Trek ornaments ever is now available, the TOS Communicator. Trekmovie.com continues coverage of the Hallmark line with a detailed look at the new ornament, and news of next year’s line.   

Star Trek Trailer Coming in November

In August TrekMovie reported that the first full trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek would probably come by the end of the year and more recently co-writer Roberto Orci stated it should be coming ‘before Christmas.’ Today TrekMovie confirmed with sources that the trailer will come in November, but that a specific film for it to be attached to has not yet been chosen. In addition, sources say that November will mark the beginning of Paramount’s marketing push for the film.

Quinto Talks Ears, Abrams and Nimoy

We previously reported some of Zachary Quinto’s comments on Star Trek from his promotion of the new season of Heroes. A newly posted interview seems to contain some of the same comments from a conference call with the actor, but has some more, including comments on the ears, Nimoy and Star Trek director JJ Abrams. Plus a Quick video promo of Quinto looking Spockish.

Great Links: “And we’re back” Edition

TrekMovie took a day off but we are back and starting off with The Great Links…our home for all those Trek references out there in the universe. This week we have Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld on the Enterprise, more political Trek, a Stargate star admitting to Trek fandom, Worf and Geordi dueling for most pain  and so much more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, Spidey, Iron Man, Transformers, + Sarah Connor, Robin TV series + more

Another week and another new batch of comic book movie news from Iron Man, Green Lantern, Spider-man, Watchmen and more. Plus we have updates on Transformers 2 in IMAX and the latest on a possible 5th Indy movie. In TV news we have a new Robin prequel, rumors of a Terminator cancellation and updates from Sanctuary, Fringe and more. And the usual crop of images and videos.

The Collective: DST Announces Ultimate Spock + Details On New Tribble and 1701 D

We have some October surprises from DST. This week Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum announced a new item (an Ultimate Scale Spock) as well as details on the previously announced ‘Electronic Tribble’ and Enterprise 1701D ship toy. Trekmovie.com provides a look at some of the retro collectibles to look forward to early in 2009 as fans await the new feature film.

Alternate Realities DVD & Book Giveaway Trivia Contest – Day 10

Today is the last day of the TrekMovie.com DVD & Book Giveaway contest, in conjunction with CBS Home Entertainment and Pocket Books, and today’s trivia question takes us into the alternative time line of a fan favorite TNG episode. Goto the CONTEST PAGE to read the question and enter. Remember you can enter once for every day of the contest