November 2008

Abrams Talks Star Trek Cast, Characters, Themes and More in New UK Video Interview

The UK’s Sky Movies Channel has a ’35 Mil’ show dedicated to the new Star Trek movie with an excellent exclusive interview with director JJ Abrams. Being that this interview was done at the time of his recent ‘preview tour’ and release of the trailer, Abrams is very forthcoming about the cast, characters, themes and the future of the franchise. Full video below with transcript.

TrekMovie’s Star Trek Holiday Shopping Guide

The weekend following Thanksgiving is traditionally the big start to the holiday buying season and for Trekkies there are quite a few brand new Star Trek items to fill your stockings. TrekMovie has compiled a comprehensive guide to all the new collectibles, toys, figures, books, DVDs and replicas being released this holiday season.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, BSG, Heroes, Futurama, + more

In genre movie news this week we have the latest on sequels to Iron Man and Hulk and prequels to X-Men and I Am Legend, and to top it off a possible Buffy movie. Plus movie trailers and images. In TV news there are more details for the return of BSG and the latest on genre shows for 2009 and the creator of Heroes has an apology, plus of course TV images and previews and more.

UPDATE: Intel Updates Star Trek Site With USS Kelvin Ship & Crew Details/Images + New Contest

UPDATE: Intel, a promotional partner for the new Star Trek movie, has updated their site with an interactive tour of the USS Kelvin revealing more images and details of the ship and its crew. There is also new contest site with a Kelvin desktop, a sweepstakes for a laptop and a promise of a 2009 contest for tickets to the premiere of the Star Trek movie. [SPOILERS]

New Version Of Star Trek Trailer – Now with three FOUR Spocks

One of the big missing pieces from the Star Trek movie trailer released last week was Spock. Of course Zachary Quinto appears as young adult Spock (and Jacob Kogan as kid Spock), but what about SPOCK (as in Leonard Nimoy). In the TrekMovie comments co-writer Roberto Orci has been dropping hints that a new Nimoy-iffic trailer was on the way, and today it has arrived, check it out below.

Great Links: Trekkies Out And Proud Edition

Is it time for the Trekkies to come out of the closet? The Links explores. We also have Trek showing up in a sitcom (again), in a car commercial (again) and on a game show (again). All that plus Kirk and Picard fused into some sort of supercaptain, some great fan made video mashups, how Trek has influenced a new baseball stadium and more, all below.

More Details and Promotional Image For Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic

Last month TrekMovie reported that IDW will release a comic book prequel in January for the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. Today IDW issued an official announcement related to that book, including a promotional image and some comments from the IDW editor and Star Trek movie co-writer Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: plus a comment from artist David Messinia] [SPOILERS]

Deep Thoughts On Star Trek Trailer From TrekMovie Contributors

The Star Trek trailer hit the Trek world by storm this week, including the contributors to Anthony, the Editor in Chief, has weighed in with his trailer review (and his 20 minute preview analysis), but today some of the other contributors put in their two cents on the trailer, including some observations from their unique perspectives.

Exclusive Video Interview: Braga & Coto Talk 24 and Enterprise

In 2003 Manny Coto joined the staff for Star Trek Enterprise where where he worked closely with co-creator Brannon Braga for the final two seasons. Now the pair are working together again on 24, which airs a 2-hour prequel movie on FOX tonight (Sunday). In August TrekMovie spoke to the Coto and Braga about 24 and Enterprise. Watch the video interview below.  

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, X-Men, Robotech, Prey, Heroes, Lost, Stargate + more

This weekend Vampires are dominating theaters, but don’t worry, we have plenty of news about comic book heroes headed back to the big screen, and some robots from the future as well. On the small screen ABC kicks a couple genre shows to the curb, while Sci-Fi gears up for another walk through the Gate. Plus we have dozens of new images and vids, including Avatar, Spirit, Lost, Heroes and more.

ShatWatch: Bill Talks New USS Enterprise + Get Ready For Shatcember + more

With all the talk about the new Star Trek (and Anthony’s ringing review of the new Kirk), did you think we forgot about the Original? Not for a second. We have been and always shall be keeping a Watch on Bill Shatner and today we have vids of him talking about the new Enterprise and UFOs, a rundown on ‘Shatcember’ and much much more Billness going on.

Frakes Talks TNG, Beard and Future of Riker + Librarian Wrap Pics w/ Frakes, Sirtis & Dorn

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes will be appearing at the Boston SuperMegaFest this weekend and in a new interview to promote the event he talked about various things Trek from his auditions, to his beard, to his future as Riker. We also have pics of Frakes and some TNG co-stars from the wrap party from Frakes’ third Librarian TV movie. 

Science Friday: Giant Laser, Nameless Rover, Space Tools, and Zombie Mammoths?

With the unveiling of the new Trek trailer, the interweb continues to be abuzz with giddy Trek fans and non-fans alike. But, the science must continue! This week Science Friday brings you a naming contest for the new Mars rover, the world’s largest laser, zombified mammoths, tools lost in space, and more. All this plus our gadget of the week: the G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment.

Anthony’s Thoughts On The L.A. Star Trek Movie Presentation

Last night JJ Abrams finally brought his World Tour to Los Angeles, for a screening of four scenes from his Star Trek movie at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount lot. TrekMovie correspondents have been covering each stop on the tour, but this was the first time I, your humble editor, was there to see it for myself. Find out what I thought below. [SPOILERS]

TrekMovie Goes Inside The Star Trek Trailer – Shot By Shot [UPDATE: Abrams Gives His Analysis]

The arrival of the theatrical trailer has answered quite a few questions about the new Star Trek movie, and it has also created a number of new mysteries, especially with all those images going by so fast. No worries as TrekMovie goes shot by shot and explains, based on our research, what is going on in each shot. [SPOILERS].