Quinto: Entry Point For Spock Rooted To Relationship With Nimoy

How did Zachary Quinto prepare for his role as Spock in the new Star Trek? Apparently he learned more by hanging out with the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, than he did watching the Original Series episodes. In a new interview with Wizard Universe, the actor talks about his prep, working with Nimoy, and what it was like meeting other Original Series stars.


Excerpts from WizardUniverse Interview

Wizard Universe: When you were preparing to play Spock, was there any sort of verbal or physical shorthand you specifically used to key into the character?
Zachary Quinto: Well, it’s interesting, I did not really watch a lot of old "Star Trek" in preparation for the movie. I prepared in other ways and then started watching episodes once we were already filming, so my entry point for the character was much more rooted in my relationship with Leonard [Nimoy], personally, and the opportunity that I had to talk to him about it and really get to know the psychology of the character. There are certain physicalities that Spock manifests that are truly connected to that character, like the way he carries himself and the way he relates to the world. And so there were certain things that over time, I think, emerged that were echoes of the way Leonard carried himself, but I wouldn’t consider that any of them were entry points for me. I found my entry points elsewhere.

Wizard: Were there times when you were talking with him that you thought, "Holy crap–I’m hanging out with Leonard Nimoy!?"
Zachary Quinto: Yeah. I mean, I just have such an affinity for him and I really enjoy him. I don’t really think of him as anyone other than the man that I’ve come to know. He doesn’t want to be seen any other way than who he is and how he lives his life—and he’s got a really rich and full life, his art collection and his photography and his traveling…I could spend, like, a day just looking at his art. I just think he’s just so rad. I feel really honored that he’s in my life.

Wizard: Do you think the experience of playing such an iconic character as Spock at a young age will prepare you for, in 40 years, when they redo "Heroes" and recast Sylar with a younger actor?
Zachary Quinto: [Laughs] I’ll be happy to hand the torch as he was. I think it’s taught me a lot about grace, just watching Leonard and the other [classic "Star Trek"] cast members as well—all of whom I’ve had an opportunity to meet—look back on their experience. There was a particular experience I had with them which was at the Scream Awards last year. I had the honor of presenting them with the 25th anniversary of "[Star Trek II:] The Wrath of Khan" and the surviving cast all came and accepted the award. And I was there with "Heroes" as well: Hayden, Milo, Dania, Kristen Bell and myself were all there. Just watching the five of them walk out on stage and being there with my castmates, there was definitely a parallel of how grateful I am to have these people in my life and how much I consider my "Heroes" castmates truly my working family. I had this epic, crazy, life-changing experience doing this movie and one of the really great things has been to come back to this world which is so familiar and so supportive and so comfortable. It’s been really nice to bring all those lessons, all those discoveries that I made when I was doing the movie, back here and to share them with my castmates and to share them with the work, you know?

Read the full WizardUniverse Interview for more from Quinto on Star Trek and Heroes.

Video from Scream 2007
If you haven’t seen it, here is what Quinto was talking about from Spike’s 2007 Scream Awards.


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nice vid!

Still think he’s the best cast actor in this film, and this interview keeps that going, especially when he talked about the original cast.

Ah, I miss the daily Qunto update.

Looks like “Heroes” is imploding. 2 co-execs just quit.

Starting with Nimoy was the way to go rather than OD on old Trek episodes…it helps avoid imitation.

Heroes is in danger of being cancelled.

I wonder if they still got Nimoys old ears in storage somewhere at Paramount lol.


Ouch. Yeah, Hereos has really gone downhill since Season One. It was fantastic at first and very realistic, now its just cliche and too comic-bookish.

As much as I enjoy Quinto, he still just looks like Sylar with pointy ears. I hope he “acts” differently.

Dear Spock, do they have spray tan on Vulcan, your friend, Enterprise.

I’m probably going to keep expecting Spock to throw people up against the wall with his mind and then point his finger at them.

It looked like Nichelle Nichols was going to say something after Shatner spoke, but then they cut to commercial……snuffed again by the Shat.

It’s funny but Quinto will probably be remembered more for Star Trek than Heroes because of the declining quality of the series.

“I just think he’s just so rad.” rad?

I didn’t think anyone still said that.


Quinto has his whole life ahead of him. If Trek works, he’ll do well.

Dear Enterprise,

It’s humorous that you pointed that out, considering the fact that Vulcan is a very sunny planet. The skin of all Vulcans (except half human vulcans such as myself) should be a bluish-black color due to the extremely high levels of sunlight. In other words, Tuvok is a real Vulcan, and every other Vulcan is…. a resultofsixtiessocialnormsthatfavoredlightskinnedactorsovernegrosbecauseseeingablackmanontelevisionplayinganalienwouldhaveupsetmanyviewersbutroddenberrystillwantedtomakeastatementsohechoseabeautifulblackwomaninsteadtoaddsexappealforthegeeksatthetime.

Live long and prosper,
Mr. Spock

Actually, #15, there were rather a few ‘negros’ featured in TOS. Snap.

Been counting, have ya? You must be european!

#11 Snuffed by Shatner? More likely they didn’t want to hear her MLK speech yet again.

This has nothing to do with this article, but I thought folks might wanna know that TOS-R has just surfaced on iTunes….

TOS-R Season 2, that is.

Dear Spock, that’s cool. Sounds like Vulcan is one big beach. Your friend, Enterprise.

Dear Enterprise,

I hope we can keep in touch, my imzadi;)


Gosh I miss the cool from Bill Shatner I remember from my youth… this vid explains why they call him the “Shat” now… he needs to quit drinking and getting on the TV or recording extra features for DVDs while drunk…
Now someone can tell me that he has a disorder or something and I can feel ashamed of myself…

I think Quinto is a wonderful choice for Spock.

But I see these pictures and my only concern is that he’s really not as manly as Leonard Nimoy. Not half as much.

Anyone else find this his only problem for playing Spock?

24. jdawg , I think the problem you detect is due to the makeup and the way the pictures are done, not to him.

I’m sure you’ll find him less “non-defined” when he moves and speaks.

What…no shout out for De Kelley and James Doohan?! For shame!

hey there’s a problem with the link to the article “Countdown To New Trailer: Look Back To TMP Trailer” and I don’t know who to notify! It displays this on the page:

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That’s really deep.

mjmjr91 – Don’t worry. That is merely a message from V’ger.

In spite of my many reservations about the “reboot”, I am totally CONFIDENT that Quinto will be a FANTASTIC SPOCK!!!! I am very eager to see him in the film, well at least we have the trailer coming out next week, which hopefull will give us a very good idea of what to expect. I do hope the trailer will show some scenes with Captain Pike (VERY CURIOUS to see the uniform style he will be sporting). I’m sad about Heroes, I was totally addicted to it the first two seasons, I do not even watch it anymore. Perhaps they can re-store the magic to it, just like ABC restored the magic to Desperate Housewives!

#13- LOL! I thought the VERY same thing when I read that.

I think it’s Korean.


Trekmovie must have the information…Trekmovie needs the information…Must have the information to feed the carbon units which infest Trekmovie.com…

“There are certain physicalities that Spock manifests that are truly connected to that character”

I had noticed that in the photos, he has the same slightly stoop-shouldered stance as Nimoy. I think Quinto’s Spock is going to be the highlight of the film for me.

P.S. – I don;t think it’s unrealistic to imagine that since the Vulcans are an entirely different species their skin might react differently to sunlight than a homo sapien’s.

33- that’s awesome.

#34—Particularly the copper based blood…

Is it just me, or is Quito one extremely cool cucumber?

Quinto, that is…. ;-)


Ahhhhh Trekkers!!!! Always making up explanations!!!!! Thank God I know better!

I guess Andorians are blue because their sun is a blue dwarf? Not sure why the Orions are green though. Must be the chlorophyll in their skin. Those at the poles get less sun so they are light green but those around the equator are dark evergreen.

Red skinned aliens come from planets revolving around red giants – doesn’t quite explain Native Americans but it does explain why Earth’s yellow-hued Chinese people, who revolve around the yellow sun, have a yellowish pigment to their skin.

“Yellow-hued Chinese people”
HA! Tell me ByGeorge, all of the human “races” that you can think of.
(This should be interesting!)

I’d rather tell you about the different “races” of stars.

Red Giant
Blue Dwarfs
Brown Dwarfs
Black Holes
White Dwarf
Orange Giant
Black Dwarf

The color of skin found on inhabitants of planets that revolve the star is influenced by the color of that star.

Avoiding my question? At least tell me what you mean by “Yellow-hued Chinese people?” Whats the matter ByGeorge? Cat got your tongue?

am i REALLY reading a YES on california-proposition 8 banner at the top of this site today?

so sad and discouraging….

#39—-The fact that Vulcans were depicted in TOS as having copper-based blood is ‘canon’…I can’t take credit for that! :)


Stop smiling at the end of your posts you, you, you, you red-blooded human!

I don’t know what’s up with you pps, but I think the present series of Heroes Villains is really good. But that’s just my opinion.

As for Quinto playing Spock, I’m certain that he’ll do a good job if the script is true to the character.