ST09 Trailer Countdown: Taking A Look At Wrath Of Khan’s Trailer

TrekMovie continues its countdown to the upcoming Star Trek 2009 movie trailer with a daily retrospective of the past 10 theatrical Trek film trailers. Today we look back to 1982 trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.


Beyond the darkness…is Khan
Theatrical trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

"At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance." Much like the film it represents, the TWOK is the antithesis for the trailer of its predecessor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It is very action oriented, with bombastic music from James Horner’s soundtrack. It begins by introducing (or refamiliarizing) audiences with Khan’s background and why he would want revenge. Actually, the trailer is mostly Khan focused, which is an interesting choice, but Ricardo Montalban starred in the hit series Fantasy Island at the time. The crew of the Enterprise almost seem like guest stars. Worthy of note is that the trailer utilizes both music and special effects from TWOK itself. Also of note is that fans were introduced to William Shatner’s most amazing "KHAAAAANNNN!" line that will forever resonate throughout the universe. One of the better trailers of its day and still stands up as a great showcase for a great film.

Of note, there was no teaser trailer for TWOK, so this was all you got.

Note on UK trailer and online trailer
As previously reported, the new Star Trek movie trailer will premiere on November 14th in front of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace (in the US and Canada). Some British fans thought that the trailer would show up with that film when it opened in the UK last week, but that was not the case. TrekMovie has asked for the release date of the trailer in theaters outside the US and so far Paramount does not want to make any official announcements right now.

TrekMovie is also looking in to when the trailer will be made available online at the official site and other sites. Keep any eye for future ‘countdown’ articles for updates. 



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All hail the single greatest TREK film ever.


Computer graphics were wicked for the time. Pretty slick back in the day.

I think this and TVH trailers are my favorites.

Montalban was pretty big back then, wasn’t he?

Okay, exciting trailer, but a perfect example of why I hate them… They totally distort scenes to give an erroneous, fabricated impression. They edited a scene from the Kobayashi Maru simulation into the actual battle scenes that happen later in the movie.

This is THE film that got me really into Trek. Before that Star Trek was just a passing show to me that didn’t grab on and hold me like Trek 2 did. After that all was history.

Anyone see him in the Virginian? Awesome actor

#6 –

Wow. Nitpick much?

There were some really great TWOK tv commercials as well.

June 4th, I’m so there For this One. Looks a Hell of a lot more Exciting than Abrams Trek Movie.

Um, all we’ve seen of the movie are about 10 stills.




some random thoughts on wok:

why are all of kahns crew half his age? in the original episode. they were all about the same age! (it would have been hilarious to see a bunch of old fat bald guys standing behind kahn looking for some revenge)

doesnt it bother anyone how they reused special effects from the first film…that so tacky

i hate the way david has his sweater wrapped around his neck at the end of the film. like hes going to go off and play tennis once they defeat kahn

the more i watch wok, little stuff like that drives me nuts… i have more . i may get to writting it down, if u guys dont flame me too badly

Just a question, noticing the June date, is this new film the first summer Trek release that isn’t in June. I think Search for Spock and Final Frontier are the only two that were summer releases and I think both were June.

So why not something like June 5 or 12, to keep with tradition, plus May is way too jammed packed, with Transformers in late June and Harry Potter in mid July being the only big ones next summer that aren’t booked for May. But I shouldn’t say that, cause the sooner we see this, the better.

Plus, is it just me, or was June 1982 filled with sci-fi classics or what, there was Wrath of Khan, ET, Blade Runner and Tron (I think). Now, May 2009 seems to be packed, but I doubt that any, other than Trek of course, would be anywhere near that exciting.

But, even though this was a great trailer, remember all the good stuff we saw from Nemesis in the trailers/ what little ad campaign it had. So, don’t want to jinx it, but be warned.

uh oh!!!! Will the new trailer be attached to the release of Quantum of Solace here in Canada???


The Old Girl never looked better.

I still think that the scenes in space look real.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me, after all these years, why the HELL Kirk didn’t put the damned shields up when the Reliant raised its own? And then locked phasers? Or how about even before that, when the Reliant signaled that its comm system had failed but Spock busted them on that one? What freakin’ good is “yellow alert, energize defense fields”???? Is it an insult to raise shields when something is amiss? If the Reliant turned out to have had a “comm system” failure after all, would the Enterprise raising its shields have pissed them off or something? This has driven me crazy. Court martial offense!

At least we can explain Scotty’s otherwise inexcusable neglect in allowing Sybok to get past the shuttle bay in ST V to the fact that ST V was an abomination in a zillion other ways. But TWOK is the gold standard – no excuses allowed.

I am a big nerd.

Uh, people? Am I the one who was deeply disturbed by the use of “Star-Wars-laser-blaster” sound effects for the ship phasers? I kept expecting the Millenium Falcon to sweep in and lay waste to the Reliant.

“You’re all clear, Kirk! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”


Is that Kevin Conway (Kahless) doing the voiceover?

“I kept expecting the Millenium Falcon to sweep in and lay waste to the Reliant. “You’re all clear, Kirk! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!””

(bwaahahahaha! Laughing my ever-lovin’ head off at that one)

Ah yes…whew…now that I’ve recovered…I did notice that too. I guess back then, instant, on-demand Internet multimedia was just a twinkle in some engineer’s eye, so they thought they could get away with a little blaster sound plagiarizing.

I know it is a nit, but I do have OCD…the ‘Commit’ light-up sign they show was for the Genesis device, not for firing phasers. But still, it’s not nearly as bad as that WoK movie poster where the Enterprise is blasting Spacelab Regula I. I still wonder how a rat got on-board the station undetected…

I remember the print ads:
Some where in space, a battle is about to begin.
Between a captain and madman,
A tyrant and a (I forget)

It was pretty cool!

This movie was so rude; I loved it, but in my personal opinion TMP was the best…

Admit it. You all friggin’ cried in the theater when Spock died. C’mon. You didn’t know there was going to be another Trek flick. It didn’t exactly work that way back then. And you also knew that Nimoy wanted out and that it took an act of Congress to get him in TWOK.

Spock. Was. Dead.

So you bawled your eyes out. Just like me.

And put your nits back in your hair. TWOK was a great flick. Still is.

So, with Paramount being tight-lipped about the international release of the trailer, does that mean it might not be attached to the Bond film in Australia when it opens next week? Damn, that is the primary reason I’m going to see it …

If it wheren’t for TWOK, I wouldn’t be into Trek.

To me that was the greatest flick of all time, still is. And I loved Kirstie Alley as Saavik.


Nobody is perfect, Saavik.

#19 lol, Han Solo as Kirk:

Khan: Admiral!!

Han Solo: Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal.

Khan: Time is a luxury you don’t have, Admiral

Han Solo: Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh… everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

Khan: Hand over to me all data and material regarding the project called Genesis.

Han Solo: Uh, uh… negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.

Khan: In my judgement, you simply have no alternative.

Han Solo: Uh… [Enterprise blasts Reliant] Boring conversation, anyway.


About the “commit” mark. I always wondered why Khan’s crew hadn’t loaded up the Genesis tube into the torpedo launder.

So Khan activates the thing right, but why does it look like the transporter is trying to beam it off the ship? Was Khan just trying to set it off, or was he going to activate it , and then beam it on the Enterprise, or what?

#18 – Why didn’t Kirk raise the shields? Are you serious? That was one of the major points of the film, about dealing with Kirk’s flaws – Nicholas Meyer was very intent on that. It was his own arrogance that cost of the life of Scotty’s nephew (Peter Preston) – Even after Savvik had tried to speak out about “Genral Order 12” Kirk chose to ignore it – although admitedly he did call for a yellow alert? hmmm….

About the shileds…Yes…If you noticed, the crewman at the weapons console is one of the cadets. Kirks gives the order to raise shields but the poor guy was probably not fast enough to carry the order. Put youself in his place:real situation in the bridge (no more simulations), working in the present of the senior officers (living legends by the way lol)…too much pressure for the poor guy!!!!

I have to say that TWOK is the one that got me into Star Trek. Long live Mr Meyers, Mr Horner and Mr-Who-ever-designed-Reliant!!!

Oh, by the way, congratulations to you people (I´m in UK) for giving Sisko a new asigment at the White House ;-)

If the new film is one-tenth as good as The Wrath of Khan, then it’ll be as good as most of the other Trek films ;)

Goodness me… what chance dose the new film stand, when it seems folks,sorry “fans”, still want to rip appart the old ones, least of all THE film that most people say was the best Trek film… please, take the nit picking and apply it else where.

#31 poor guy not fast enough, come on how hard can it be to push a button.
Regarding Mr-Who-ever-designed-Reliant!!! Thee is a funny story about that, people that designed Reliant, Joe Jennings and Mike Minor sent a blueprint to Harve Bennett in Israel. Harve mistakenly looked at blueprint opposite end and basically wrote thumbs up on opposite end of the Reliant blueprint. So when designers got blueprint back from Harve they were puzzled and had make some changes to it.

sry wok isnt one of the best st movies….

I suggest an exploration of the trailers for ‘Wrath of Khan,’ ‘Undiscovered Country,’ and ‘First Contact.’ Someone wrote some gorgeous copy for all of those voiceovers. In all the cases, it’s poetic and epic and really draws the viewer in.

But with TWOK it’s even more so. Paramount logo; bleak woodwinds; and then? The blackness of space underscores those abstract remarks about Khan and the starship captain he’s destined to destroy.

And THEN you learn it’s Star Trek — and look! — there’s Montalban. Suddenly the human adventure is no longer just beginning, but it’s getting somewhere.

But, for me, it gets boring about five seconds after we cut to the familiar scenes… it’s all about the blackness of space, the gorgeous voiceover, and that first glimpse of Khan.

#14 Rob – “doesnt it bother anyone how they reused special effects from the first film…that so tacky”

Yes! It has always bothered me. Tacky. Cheap. Insulting to TMP.

#24 THX-1138 — Oh, yeah, when Kirk and Spock are both touching the glass (plexi-glass, transparent aluminum, whatever), I got teary. I was shocked… like, white-as-a-sheet shocked, and I wondered how — How! — this could happen.

#18 Baroner – Why didn’t Kirk raise shields? Because it was “damn peculiar” that the Reliant was acting that way, and he probably didn’t want to escalate matters with a Federation ship before finding out what was going on. Raising shields is, strictly speaking, just a defensive maneuver. Still, in an actual military-type situation like that one, I agree probably most commanders would match defensive posture with defensive posture.

#12. Enterprise

………………All the same though.

Hi Rob (14)

Some suggestions:

‘why are all of kahns crew half his age? in the original episode. they were all about the same age! (it would have been hilarious to see a bunch of old fat bald guys standing behind kahn looking for some revenge)’

Maybe, being genetically-engineered, their skin sloughed off after a certain point leaving a younger body and they had an extended lifespan. Khan could have been an earlier enhanced human who couldn’t do that!

‘doesnt it bother anyone how they reused special effects from the first film…that so tacky’

That wasn’t so unusual at the time. TWOK was very low-budget and needed the FX budget for the later battles. It’s pointless to apply 2008 CGI-era views of FX to a relatively cheap 1981 movie. And how many times did Roger Corman reuse the FX from Battle Beyond the Stars. The enemy vessel in that was still showing up in Emmannuelle in Space in the 1990s!

‘i hate the way david has his sweater wrapped around his neck at the end of the film. like hes going to go off and play tennis once they defeat kahn’

Nick Meyer remarks on this in the commentary and acknowledges it doesn’t work. It was part of his attempt to make Trek a little more believable. Why wouldn’t a civilian wear a swaeter round his shoulders? Haven’t you ever worn a sweater round your shoulders? ;)

‘the more i watch wok, little stuff like that drives me nuts… i have more . i may get to writting it down, if u guys dont flame me too badly’

Again, you can’t apply 2008 CGI, big budget movie era views to a low-budget film from quarter of a century ago.

Maybe for the Blu-ray they can enhance a few FX shots from the first half and improve the Regula 1 asteroid interiors, but these films are what they are. I also considerably prefer the limited usage of TMP FX footage to the dreary endless sequences in TMP itself.

End of the day, most of us deal with TWOK’s limitations because we have an imagination and don’t need to be force-fed everything! The theorising is part of the fun of things!

All Joking aside for the moment, “The Wrath of Khan” is one of those movies I can only watch like every 6 years or so, Because I’ve seen it Sooo many times. I don’t want to get so sick of it That it’s Mere Mention causes me to Cringe (Like Akira….that’s just me:/) I became an Instant…Uhg Trekker Because of it. Classic and Awesome…………I guess I’ll join in to the spirit of things………………………………but just this Once……………………………(Sigh)……..


I just love Ricardo Montalban in this movie, he was a proper equal to Kirk, Khan may have been genetically enhanced but Kirk still manages to defeat him…again. Not like Shinzon, the Khan wanna be in Nemesis, you always knew that Picard was smarter, older and wiser.

I love his delivery too, ” Buried alive….. buried alive…..” one of my favorite sound bites ever!!

@19: LOL! Love the Wookie roar as well!

@29: The Genesis Device was still on the transporter pad from when Khan et al beamed it up from the Genesis Cave. They hadn’t had time to move it, ‘cos they had a ship to run, and an Enterprise to find and blow up, and there was only about a dozen of them.

No, I always understood why it was on the transporter pad – a better question for me is *why hadn’t the damn thing fallen over?* Especially after the pasting that Reliant had received!

ST:II is by far and away the best ever Trek film. Brilliant villian, excellent character development, stunning tension, glorious action, tragedy and hope. Fantastic. However, I hope it gets unseated by ST:XI!

“Mr. Chekhov, lock blasters on target!” (:
I wonder: Does anyone know where the sound effect they used for the phasers in the trailer ORIGINALLY came from? – Of course it was made POPULAR by Star Wars as the blaster-firing sound but I think it was not specifically designed for SW… Maybe another WOTW-Effect like the torpedo sound in TOS (and some other “spacey” SFX)…?


#43 OH, of course it’s spelled “Chekov”, without the second h … sorry…

Khan was the first serious outing for CGI vfx too for ILM with the Genesis terraforming sequence.

If the new trailer isn’t with the Bond film here in the UK now, I can’t see them issuing a whole fresh batch of prints come 14th November here and other overseas theatres so I guess we’ll have to wait for another time to see it in theatres here. Would have been a great thrill and marketing opportunity for Paramount which has been lost, pity.

Hopefully Nick Meyer will do Star Trek XII ;)

“We can be against him and admire him all at the same time.” Kirk, Space Seed

TWOK is not a flawless film and shouldn’t be treated as a flawless film. It has a special place in Trek history to be sure, but that is no reason to give it sacred cow status.

Things that have bothered me since the beginning:

Chekov being surprised to find Khan. Chekov was the protege of Spock. IMO, there is no way he is fooled into thinking that Ceti Alpha V is Ceti Alpha VI. (The whole idea of one planet exploding, shifting another planet’s orbit, and that other planet fooling people is ludicrous as it is.) And certainly, the subject of Khan would have come up during briefing room sessions when the Ceti Alpha star system was selected for investigation for the Genesis test.

Khan knowing Chekov. This one has been beat to death elsewhere.

The lack of the superior intellect. The man who, after perusing the 1701’s tech manuals in Space Seed, was able to anticipate every anti-intruder measure possible and capture the 1701 but couldn’t figure out how to change the Reliant’s password? Could conquer and rule a quarter of the world but couldn’t figure out how to handle a little 3d combat?

And this is just for starters. I could go on and on, about the lack of starships in Federation space, the lack of security around such a potentially “dreadful weapon,” the age of Khan’s followers etc,

But it is a fun film to watch so that makes it OK I suppose…

As Kahn says to Chekov, you, I never forget a face, although Chekov was never in ST TOS episode space seed. Like Koenig says, I was probably in the bathroom during the episode. LOL

Although, it was my second favorite TOS Movie, behind ST III.

The sweater around the shoulders was an early 80’s thing, preppy look, it looks kind of silly, but it was a sign of the times. Like Shatners Hair, and if anyone read Shatners last book, Up till now.

At the end of Shatners book he writes, do I wear a toupee?

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im not talking about cgi effects. im not the biggest fan of them myself sometmes (hell i love the old twilight zone show). i just find it strange how noone ever comments on the reused shots from st tmp,,,anyway this is tart trek for christ sakes. how bloody cheap could they have been? TMP was a huge sucess

i remember in generations they reused the klingon ship exploding from star trek 6 as well…i find that really shocking. but i guess most folks dont recognize them or care?