First Star Trek Movie Toys Listed Online – Offer Clues

Let the toys begin. The first descriptions (w/o pictures) of toys for the Star Trek 2009 feature film have just shown up online. UK online retailer has started offering a small selection of Playmates Star Trek toys for presale, which offer clues into the toy line and the movie itself. 


12" Figures offer movie clues
Playmates Toys has previously confirmed that there will be both 3.75" and 12" action figures based on the new movie (with hearing rumors of additional sized action figures possible). So far is only listing 12" figures, which are designed more for collectors than the smaller figures. At, four of these deluxe sized action figures are now available for preorder (at £27.99 delivered or around $44.50 USD).  The four figures are:

The likenesses of Kirk, McCoy and Scotty are listed as being those of Chris Pine, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg respectively.

Regarding ‘Prime Spock,’ according to TrekMovie sources, the script for the new film refers to the older Spock (Nimoy) as "Spock Prime" in order to distinguish him from the younger Spock (Quinto), though neither the name "Prime Spock" nor "Spock Prime " appear in any dialog and won’t be featured in the film itself. What is interesting is that lists the Playmates Toys 12" Spock action figure with the moniker of "Prime Spock" yet it is described as featuring the likeness of Zachary Quinto. As more details and images of the toys become available, the mystery of whether this is a Nimoy or Quinto figure will be revealed.

Also of note, while the other 12" characters are in their Enterprise uniforms, Scotty is featured in his "Frozen Planet Outfit." TrekMovie has previously reported that Scotty would be seen in the film in civilian clothing (in addition to his uniform) and recently Kevin Smith (who got an early Star Trek preview) revealed that Scotty is the last crewperson to join the crew as they all come together. According to TrekMovie sources the ‘Frozen Planet’ referred to in the figure description is the same planet that Kirk is seen on in one of the newly released official images from the film.

Kirk on the ‘Frozen Planet’

Each figure is accompanied by this description of the film:

Director J.J. Abrams brings you a brand new version of the classic space adventure! Star Trek chronicles the early days of James T Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew. Leonard Nimoy returns to his iconic role as the half-Vulcan half-human Spock, whilst Zachary Quinto stars as the young Spock. Chrs Pine, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana and John Cho star as the original series’ characters, whilst Eric Bana plays the Enterprise crew’s nemesis; Nero!

These new figures will not be the first Trek 12" figures from Playmates. From 1998-2000 Playmates released an excellent 12" collectors line, featuring figures from each of the four Trek series as well as two feature films (Wrath of Khan and Insurrection) . The likenesses were excellent as were the cloth costumes. The technology has improved in the last decade so this line will be highly anticipated by collectors. 

Electronic Tricorder also lists an electronic tricorder role playing toy from the new film. Featuring electronic lights and sounds from the film, this item is preselling for £17.99 (or around $28.50). TrekMovie has previously reported that Playmates will also be offering a communicator, phaser and separate ‘utility belt’ for the film, but these are not yet online for presale.

Timing is Everything
For a film scheduled for theaters in May, this is about the time in which specifics about toys are usually available. It was about November of last year that toys for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were being presold and details were getting to fans from retailers. However, it is disconcerting that lists the release date as June 30, 2009 for these items. If true, it means that these Star Trek items would not be available for a full two months after the film’s release, which would negate their power to appear on store shelves to help the film’s theatrical popularity and probably affect sales of the toys themselves. However, it is possible that only the 12" action figures and tricorder are being released later, and that the 3.75" action figures and other toys will be available a few weeks BEFORE the film in May which is as it should be with modern marketing. It is also possible that the UK may be getting toys later than the USA.

Also it is likely for these and other toys from the Star Trek movie to start appearing for pre-order at other retailers around the world. These items are not exclusive to, they were just the first to list them. will continue to investigate and fervently hopes that to maximize the benefit to the box office, that the Playmates Toys are going to be available in retail stores April 2009.

Merchandise = clues
TrekMovie will also continue to monitor the appearance of merchandise both for collectors and to find clues to the movie itself. Often early descriptions of movie merchandise ends up offering up information about movies before it has been released elsewhere. This has happened with many films and the new Star Trek is no exception. In fact last month the first ‘official’ confirmation that Nero was a Romulan came from the online description of the prequel comic book on Amazon.


Thanks to Steve B. who spotted the toys at Play

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Kirk outfit doesnt seem diffenretn on the frozen planet and on the enterprise


Wow! These are going to be great!

Can’t wait till they come out! :D


Playmates needs someone who can speak American English, and who can write something interesting, “whilst” we wait.

Just horrid marketing.

I wonder how much they’re gonna cost?

in canadian $ I mean :P + shipping etc.

I’m really hoping that the “Frozen Planet” ends up being Andoria. The one thing Enterprise did well was finally give the Andorians a chance to shine, and they certainly did with Jeffrey Combs playing Shran.

Can’t wait to get a “Kirk Prime” action figure!

:)…. hehehheee….

Wow. I hope that they aren’t going to release the stuff AFTER the movie. How can I get any good spoiler action that way?

I have all of the playmates original series figures stacked neatly in the closet in mint condition in the boxes. All the sizes. Everyone. Even those packaged sets. But, only from original Star Trek. Not everything else.

And I haven’t seen any of it in years.

I’m so proud…

What a waste, I need to sell them.


Where do you live? And do you lock your doors at night?

hmmm- no trailer with uk Bond, the toys coming after film has finished in the theatres- wow putting the film off for five months really helped paramount get their publicity and marketing down…
well worth the wait!

is this possibly “a disaster!” ???

Here ye’ go, a transy-lation o’ tha’ marketing blurb fur ye’:

Playmates has gone all gangly-poo o’er Lost man’s new Starry Trek film wit’ wee little plastic men galore! Why thar’ be Kirk tha’ captain wit’ phazer-fu gip! And Leonardo Nimoy back as old Spock whilst …errrr… I mean WHILE Zachie Quinto from yer’ Heroes show is young, sexy Spock! John Cho is Sulu wit’ sword slicin’ action and pull his cord fur curious looks back ta’ tha’ captain. Funny-man Scottty be thar’ too! And then we have them attacked by Eric Bana, some honked-off Aussie I believe! Join tha’ fun and adventure wit’ Playmates… like lovely Miss June here.

– Prime Spock, cooked over an open flame ta’ seal in tha’ juices
– Polar Planet Scotty in Plaid Parka


12″ Kirk

That reminds me of an Aerosmith song off Toys in the Attic :)

So maybe Scotty was on a ship or something, and crashed on the frozen planet. Kirk and the rest go to the planet to rescue Scotty, and others, and then Scotty joins the Enterprise?

Cool, but images of the toys would help with our clues as well. My parents still have my old Playmates Action figures from when I was little as well as some of the props and ships. The even kept some of them in a box in mint condition (for my youngest brother who is turning 7 in a week). I hope these come out with the film, and I hope my youngest brother gets some fun out of these (especially if my mom acquiesces to him.) As for collectors, my uncle has virtually every Playmates Star Trek toy that was produced in its first run. So, these toys have popped in and out my life alot. Hope they still make them when I have kids.

Maybe “Prime Spock” is the figure of Spock in his prime, as it were…in which case I guess that would be Quinto’s Spock. Or maybe “Prime” is the term used to refer to the alternate reality in which this movie takes place, the one that Nero spawns…just like Marvel Comics has the “Ultimate Marvel” universe and the regular Marvel Universe. Maybe the movie takes place in the “Star Trek Prime” universe. Perhaps the only reason they didn’t have to specify “Prime Kirk” and “Prime Scotty” on their action figures is because they didn’t have their regular universe counterparts in the film like Spock does…

I dunno, it’s all just conjecture at this point. :)

Here’s my take:

Director J.J. Abrams (George Lucas) brings you a brand new version of the classic space adventure!

Star Trek (Wars) chronicles the early days of James T Kirk (Luke Skywalker) and his fellow USS Enterprise (Aluminum Falcon) crew.

Leonard Nimoy (Sir Alec Baldwin) returns to his iconic role as the half-Vulcan half-human Spock, while Zachary Quinto (Promise Margarine Commercial) stars as the young Spock.

Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana and John Cho (COPS Crystal Meth roundup Milwaukee, WI 10.8.2008) star as the original series’ characters, whilst Eric Bana (old smelly Hulk) plays the Enterprise crew’s nemesis; Nero!

Kill me! BND! KILL ME!

That last post was from AJ

Optimus Prime Spock!

Did any of you notice that the trailer they had on the site says “Boxing Day 2008”???

Spock is a Prime Number.

Cardassia Prime Spock
Prime Time Spock
Prime Minister Spock
Prime Rib Spock
Rodimus Prime Spock

Okay, I’m done now.

Most Orion green chicks, and Hikaru Sulu, can confirm the accuracy of the 12″ Kirk claim.

If Rubies do their costumes in good time, and the whole thing is good quality, I’m likely to have a new movie uniform, phaser, communicator and possibly Tricorder as well for Comic-Con 2009.

that’s a lot of Whilst :D

What about Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Pike and Nero?

Is it my imagination , or did I , when I took the Play UK link here , see an extended Intro Trailer ?!!!!

I have so many Star Trek figures, I would not have room for any more.

The Prime Spock should look like Nimoy and not Quinto

$44 is a bit much for a 12 in fig….I’ll probably end up finding them on sale like I have with my other 12 inch figs (which I got for about $10 – $15 each at discount stores years back).

I’ll definatly be buying the smaller ones tho…hmm…maybe they’ll have 8 in figs too? I have one of Zephram Cochrane from ST First Contact.

So, Kirk goes to the ice planet, and Optimus Prime Spock and Megatron are there frozen in the ice?

I want pics. Hopefully they’ll have some soon.

10- I’d buy anything you have of McCoy…. if I wasn’t trying to save for a car. xP

31- Now THAT would be awesome.

sleep now. care about star trek later.

…side note: romulan ale no longer to be served at functions…

Guess these won’t be in my stocking… but… I do have a 9 month old who’s going to be a Trekkie, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

A $44 foot long? Eat your heart out, Subway!

Off-topic, sorry…

Watching the teaser trailer again after several months, I noticed the sound of the transporter beam at the end – – has there ever been any indication by Abrams or the others that this would be the sound in the film..? I always loved the original sound of the transporter beam in TOS, over that of the movies or the other series. It just sounds so damned perfect!!


“Just horrid marketing.”

Horrid marketing for a Star trek movie?!?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

This is still a Paramount endeavor isn’t it? The company that has crapped all over this franchise for many years now?

They are going to ruin star trek”marketing” Timing is everything” Retailers, Merchandise. Geeze what happened to the adventure.

“Prime Spock”? How odd. So is young Spock “Subprime”? Or is Spock in ice planet gear “Subzero”?

All I know is I want the cell phone that Subprime Kirk is crawling out of in that ice planet picture.

Screw all that, I want a toy of the USS SPOCK’S TIME SHIP.

@4 — check out the site if you haven’t already — it’s British.