Star Trek Trailer Description Online

A couple of descriptions of the trailer for the new Star Trek movie have shown up online. If you cannot wait until next week and want some possible spoilers then look below.


AICN actually has two different descriptions, here is how the more detailed one starts out:

The trailer starts by showing a mid-60’s Corvette convertible tearing across the country side. After a few seconds we see a long shot that shows a policeman in hot pursuit. Another long shot shows the Vette screaming at full speed toward a steep cliff. A slo-mo shot shows the driver leaping from the car at the last second and tumbling ass over teakettle toward the edge of the cliff itself. The driver is a young boy who looks about 13 or 14. He manages to grab a hold at the last second and hang on as a birds eye shot show the antique Vette fall away into an abyss.

 Goto AICN to read the rest

TrekMovie has not been able to confirm the complete description, but has confirmed that all the scenes described are consistent with scenes in the final film.

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Hopefully we’ll finally see some shots of the new Enterprise; lets hope they haven’t screwed around with the design too much!!!

From what I’ve read it’s nothing but FAN-BOY garbage to illustrate that classic trek is not good enough. Screw You JJ!!!!

The description sounds interesting…..can’t wait to see it!

Sounds pretty fun to me….although it seems like a second teaser, rather than an actual trailer. One other thing I noticed in the description…..sounds like we might have to wait a bit longer to see the Enterprise. I bet that doesn’t go over too well here. :-P

Yeah where’s the shot of the Enterprise? Oh well, I’m still dying to see it!

So then how come Kirk doesn’t know how to drive a car in “A Piece of the Action”? Sounds like a silly plot element to me. Is he supposed to be James Kirk or James Dean? I am going to find this a little difficult to swallow as part of the back story for James T. Kirk.

#1 — Don’t get your hopes up about the design of the new Enterprise. Looks and sounds like they are taking a lot of liberties with a lot of things, and they haven’t been shy about “screwing around” with a lot of other things.

Hope they show Spock with his fanged teddy-bear, though … ;)

I must see it. I wont see Bond, so the ‘net better act quick!

Very exciting… Cant wai’t to see actual trailer. The description sounds like a very new take on good old Trek, and I have nothing against it, especially if new movie succeed in revitalising the franchise and bringing Trek back to the TV and cinema screens.

What me worries most is the russian dubbing – this guys can completly screw the good movie, like they did with “The Dark Knight”.

The more I see and hear from this movie, the more skeptical I’m getting. Maybe I’m just getting nervous because so much is riding on this movie’s success, but I have this bad feeling that JJ Abrams is going to turn Trek into a shallow, shadow of its predecessors, like how the Star Wars prequels were so badly acted and scripted, tarnishing the original trilogy.

I can’t imagine that this is the entire trailer — especially now that they have released some photos of the cast in uniform and of the Apple i-pod store bridge.

If it IS the entire trailer, I believe that there will be a lot of pissed-off fans and some would-be fans going, “ho-hum.”

Star Trek XI: Rebel WITH a Cause (…?)

9 – Not to mention the Star Wars prequels (of which I saw only the third) being so badly acted.

7 – The ‘net will have the trailer the next day, just the welders one. Count on it.

My #12 should have read “just LIKE the welders one.”

It doesn’t seem to have much of a plot.. pretty stupid.

Can anyone confirm if the Enterprise is seen in the trailer? I would be highly disappointed if we had to wait until May to see the ship.

If the description at AICN is true, I am extremely pessimistic about this movie.

Judge with thy own eyes me thinks.

Sounds fine so far. I’ll be away from the internets and cinemas when it comes out so will get the hoopla later.

Nice that we’ll see Leonard Nimoy too. Can’t wait for that.

Also good if they focus on characters rather than the toys, but remember a trailer tells you little about how good the final film is. Phantom Menace had an awesome trailer, Wrath of Khan as we seen, less so.

I don’t know. Driving cars in the 23rd century? About as likely me getting my Brougham and pair out to go to the shops and riding my velocipede this afternoon.

It doesn’t ring right

All I can say is “where in the hell is the Millenium Falcon when you need it?”

Still, sounds like there’s lots of potential in this movier. If it bombs, well, there’s always “Iron Man 2.”

What’s with all the Cars? Hover Cars are fine but the antique Vette thing
seems kinda silly to me.

Oh no, they are putting some real in my star trek, boo hoo cry cry!

seems like bunch of ignorant people around here. just because they show him driving a corvette doesnt mean they still use them in the 23rd century. It could be something as simple as his dad keeps one as an antique and Kirk has decided to tinker with it and take it out for a ride. If you’ve read Shatners ‘Collision Course’ it clearly depicts Kirk as something of wizz kid who has a bit of a rebellious side to him. In the opening chapters of the book he steals a starfleet vehicle as a way of getting back at starfleet for accusing his girlfriend of theft. Judging from the trailers description the characters depiction seems consistant with how Shatner imagined Kirks adolecense to be.

So far I don’t have the problem with what’s been described. This trailer (or as Melllvar at #4 said, second teaser) seems to be all about the action, and since it’s paired with the Bond film in the USA that makes sense, trying to grab an action-oriented audience and make them think that the new Trek movie is worth a look. I think we’ll see a full trailer in Spring 2009.

A lot of people here are ready to write off the film, basing their judgement on an unverified description of a trailer-! No wonder JJ isn’t setting out to please the fans – what’s the point…??

But…but…but…where’s the Enterprise?!?! *cries*

Sounds like more of an extended teaser trailer instead of a full theatrical trailer.

As of right now I don’t plan on seeing “Bond” on release day. I hope this trailer goes online at or about the same time.

Mmm, sounds okay, though not sure about potential Uhura boobage. Jesus, didn’t we have enough of that from 7-of-9 and T’Pol???
Oh wait…you all are straight.


I think it Sounds F&%$in’ Silly, WHAT??? Yeah, What??

Anyone whoever thought about what a young Kirk’s life could be like
NEVER would have seen him Driving a Vette.

ignorant is Feeling free to express ones opinions, and assuming others are NOT entitled to theirs.

#28 ucdom , you’ve got me there ! I live Them Curves !! T’PoL , 7-of-9 , and plenty others ! Curvaceous is the most beautiful form in time space ! Come on , say it , Uhura !! Zoe Saldana !!!!

Ah, half the fun is the desire in wanting to see the Enterprise before May next year and in second-guessing the what, who, how, why. But, you know, why spoil it before the film is released? Of course, once you see it, there will be ineveitable disappointment because the desire is gone, the fun of second-guessing removed. So, if there is an awe-inspiring reveal of the Enterprise in the film, well, seeing it before that would kinda undermine the imapct of that moment. I’m happy to wait until the movie is released if need be, if that’s part of JJ’s marketing plan. It’s called patience. Otherwise, I’m pretty much over knowing every intricate detail about a film before you even see it. There was a time you went in to watch a movie and you knew absolutely nothing about it. I think much of Wrath of Khan’s impact is because most of us saw it knowing completely zero about the film. Every damn moment was fresh, right up to the startling end. I wonder how much of this new film will be fresh for us when we finally see it … ?

Hey Darfyn

Sorry – I’m very bitter.

Actually, I care more than anything (yes even t*ts or c*ck) about the SCORE.
I need the score to be awesome. I live for the film music.
I’m really hoping for an amazing symphonic version of the TOS theme- and it’d be cool to have a smidge in the trailer…..

maybe a young rebellious kirk has stolen the vette from a museum and is being chased by a cop.

This supposed trailer/teaser sounds like typical movie-going fare to me, just what the genereation of video games and the like have come to expect. I’m too old (54) to get excited over this. I’ll wait to be surprised/moved or agitated that the movie isn’t your father’s trek. I’m saddened things cannot stay the same (original cast, aged, but intact).
Star Trek TOS thru ST6 is what I prefer for my serving thank you.
I’ll see the movie, but I feel it will really prove you can’t go back home.

This sounds so dumb. I’m sorry, but seriously…what the hell is Abrams doing?

everything about this movie is wrong….

poor TOS, they have destroyed you!

Will that alone we will see in the trailer?

ah, young “angsty” Kirk. (sigh)

cliche time-big time… Isn’t ANY teen ever NOT angsty anymore…?

I’m foreseeing the Corvette belongs to the young Kirks’ abusive, drunken uncle. (The character/plot previously leaked from the script.) If the “kid” looks to be age 13-14, one can rightfully gather that having witnessed his parents’ death on Tarsus IV, followed of course by legal custody with an unsavory uncle, could be enough to generate a rebellious gleam in young Kirks’ well-known sparkling blue eyes.

“I’ve had enough of YOU! ..I’m stealing your antique Vette, Uncle Frank!”

Sounds very cool. Can’t wait to see it. Glad I’m getting numb to all the negative posters.

…and the adventure continues….

Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing this! :)

#6- If Kirk manages to drive the car off of a cliff, sounds like he doesn’t know how to drive on in the movie, either. Sides, if he cut his teeth on a corvette, that’s a far cry from a model T.

I’ll give the movie every chance. Can’t wait, and will reserve judgment until then. There will be changes, but that’s life. Can’t wait to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy in action again.

now that sound cool as hell.

39 – “enough to generate a rebellious gleam in young Kirks’ well-known sparkling blue eyes”


20 – The Falcons already been in Trek – here-


Okay, while I’ve now ruined the true potential for myself to be totally wowed or otherwise with a truly uknown trailer next week….I thought that the actual *structure* of this trailer (according to the spies) sounded good, and will be very appealling to a lot of cinema-goers, Some of the imagery seemed enticing, going by the description.

Personally, I hope it doesn’t give TOO much away, and that the majority of the new Enterprise is STILL kept under wraps until the Movie’s release. Although there will no doubt be man ‘merchandizing’ reveals by then unfortunately….

Anyway, I found some of the comments to all this at the AICN site to be very interesting, as well as hilarious at times. Here’s the direct link to them –

Premature pessimism, people! (oooh, an alliteration!)

Look, I’m skeptical of the movie too, but to declare this movie fails because there’s a classic muscle car in it is a little silly. I know that many people thought the galley scene in ST VI was terrible too, but that did nothing to take away from my enjoyment of the movie. But to each his or her own. If you nitpick as a matter of practice, then nothing will ever change that. But seriously, call me when you’ve seen the perfect movie. I’d love to know what that looks like.

Sounds really cool. This is what Trek needs: new, fresh points of view. The beginning of a new era.

Remeber he likes antiques. maybe Kirk fiqured out how to start the car, but doesn’t kow how to stop it. who knows. One thing is for certain the movie has been made and I for one am glad and looking forward to the film!!

Obligatory quote:

“I strip away the old debris, that hides a shining car
A brilliant red barchetta, from a better, vanished time
I fire up the willing engine, responding with a roar
Tires spitting gravel, I commit my weekly crime…”