ShatWatch: Takei v Shat Round 3 + Canadians Want Shatner

Think the back and forth between William Shatner and George Takei regarding Takei’s wedding invitation was over?  After Shatner’s first biting video and Takei’s response, Shatner has a new video today up on The Shatner Project where he tries to get in the last word, and he also seeming invites Takei onto his new Talk show. Plus we have Canadians petitioning Shatner news.  


Shatner: George Takei is being mean to me

Bringing Abrams into the Takei feud? Bringing Takei onto Raw Nerve?
Did you think that was all from Bill?…Oh no. Actually a couple of weeks ago he figured out a way to fuse his Takei feud and his Abrams fued together, with the following snark to Fox news:

I’m deeply disappointed that I didn’t share in George’s newfound happiness,But I am expecting a call from J.J. Abrams to tell me about the wedding.

The question now is, will this back and forth ever end? Bill suggests having Takei on his show Raw Nerve, and that is actually a good idea. Maybe he can bring Abrams on too and they can all go at it!


Canadians want Shatner…as national anthem singer and Governor General?
William Shatner is Canadian, and proud of it. And there are some online efforts to get him closer to his birth country.

First up, according to The Bleacher Report, some fans of the Montreal Canadiens are looking to The Shat to help the team:

Montreal journalist Kristian Grevenor is a fan of both Shatner and the Habs. He has launched an on-line petition urging the Montreal Canadiens to have Shatner voyage home to sing the national anthem during the team’s centennial season.

Secondly, there is a movement afoot to get Shatner appointed as the next Governor General of Canada (a primarily ceremonial role). There is a Facebook Group set up with the following plea:

Canada is scheduled to have a new Governor General in 2009. Following the tradition, the next one should be of English origin. This group proposes the nomination of William Shatner for Head of State.

Born in Montréal, Québec, the bilingual William Shatner is better known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek TV series and movies. We believe he would be an excellent choice and give a lot of visibility to Canada and take it where no one has gone before.

If you are a Canadian and want Shatner to be your new Captain, join the group.

And if you haven’t seen it before, here is evidence of Shat’s Canadianess.


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Is it just me? Or do I smell a setup here with Raw Nerve?

Seth Meyers: “Set Phaser on STUNNING!!”

Funniest Star Trek reference in recent history.

That’s sooo funny! I love Shatner and Takei!!! WOW! Give me more!!! *ROFL*

Yeah I think this is a publicity stunt. Big ol’ meaney sulu

Nothing is as it seems……must be a set up for Raw Nerve. Will probably draw huge viewership…..

Of course, we will never know the truth of whether a wedding invitation was extended or not.

And why, all of a sudden, is Bill saying “George was mean to me”? If he felt that way in the past, he surely would have voiced it!

Thank god for Shat’s daughter… she is trying to end this crazy foolishness once and for all… more power to her!

YES!!! Shatner would be a great Governor General! Count me in as a Proud Trek fan and proud Canadian. Shatner for GG!!

What’s a Governor General? Something like Arnold Schwarzenegger does for California!?

The last tirade was more than enough. This has become very sad. Does any human being need attention this badly?

And Canada… please be sensible.

Each time one of them talks I want to take that person’s side! But, I think perhaps this is a step in the right direction.

#6 – I agree. Seems to be the voice of reason maybe.

I must concur…this whole thing with the Shat and Takei is HIGH-larious!!!

Keep it up!

Elizabeth Shatner is HOT!!!!

I mean…damn….


In Canada, the Governor General is the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government. In the United States, the President functions as both the head of state and the head of government.

Nowadays, the GG (Governor General) performs mostly a symbolic duty. He or she signs laws on the Queen’s behalf, dissolves Parliament and calls elections, though most of these duties are performed on the advice of the Prime Minister. The GG is not elected, but appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Anyway, as much as I like the Shat, I’m not sure he would be the best Governer General. How much does he know about politics? Would he really be a good ambassador for Canada? Is he tactful enough? How has he contributed to Canadian society? How much time out of the year does he spend in Canada?

Though I am unsure of the specific criteria for selecting the GG, I’m sure some of the questions I outlined above will have to be considered.

ok, I’m sorry. I haven’t been keeping abreast of this feud, but after watching this video I can’t believe the way that Shatner is talking. He reminds me of the way we used to fight in junior high. Just listen to the way he says things about Takei! I would go so far as to say its immature.

Sorry Bill, but if you are nominated for Governor General, I will riot on the steps of Parliament Hill.

@#15 – Newman
Thx for the explanation.

All this “feud” has done is make me laugh to the point of crying.

This stuff is comedy gold. The Shat knows it. Takei knows it.

And most importantly….*I* know it cos I’m laughing my donkey off!

They want a Governor General of ENGLISH Origin and then turn around and think Shatner is the perfect canidate!? Gods…do these people even DO their research??? Shatner’s Polish and Hungarian! The family’s original surname was Schattner! Sheesh!!! :/

He finally pronounced “Takei” correctly!

As a Canadian I fully endorse William Shatner for the position of Governor General.

Another one of the GG’s roles is as Commander and Chief of the Canadian Military, again this is a symbolic role, but who better to see in fatigues mingling with our troops in Afghanistan that Bill Shatner!?

As in toupee, #20-Eric! lol

And Shatner’s still not in the new Star Trek movie! xD

In Australia in 1975 the governer genaral dissmissed the the goverment of the day on the authority of the queen of england

hardly a cerimonial role

I hope the talk show is short-lived.
I hope Mr. Shatner retires.
I hope Takei just goes away quietly…

Who cares about this crap.

I wonder if in the future we will see a Chris Pine John Cho feud.

Excellent, many of us suggested the raw nerve in a previous thread. I hope it happens.

That might be greater to watch then Shatner and Nimoy on Rawnerve.

This is spectacular.

Keep it up guys.

I’m starting to suspect this whole Shatner-Takeikdown is some kind of sick performance art. Are we being punk’d, you think?

And now JJ Abrams gets dragged into it. Curiouser and curiouser.

Strange to see a grown man behaving like a kid with a skinned knee. (He wuz mean to me!) It’s GOTTA be a set-up. It’s gotta be. Gotta. Tell me we’re being played for fools.


Yeah gotta love Bill Shatner.. he’s legendary, no matter what he does…

George is a bitter old man…

Great job Bill, just keep dragging this nonsense out. Good grief.


I believe you are correct. William Shatner and George Takei are currently the new Andy Kaufmans of the Canadian and Gay communities. At least I hope so. It would explain a lot and make this whole sorry mess more palatable.

Either that, or George Takei is going to walk onto the set of “Raw Nerve” and kick The Shat right in The Nuts.

I still don’t get why the most interesting part of Star Trek (Shatner) wasn’t included in this film?

What we all need is a good old SMACKDOWN. THE SHAT vs TACKY.


Wait until you see the Red Carpet premiere for STAR TREK XI when Shatner shows up uninvited… wearing the same suit as George Takei.

#32. Darn well better be a hoax. It’s my last shred of hope. If this turns out to be verite — if this is the Real Shatner and the Real Takei — I’ll be just so depressed. My kids are more mature. Sheesh.

I can haz publicity stunt?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

This conflict is lame and sad.

Lol, Shatner doesn’t even have to leave his house anymore to talk to anyone. He just posts video blogs.

Shat – grow up
Takei – grow up

@ 19

Shatner is Polish/Hungarian!?!?!?

What the hell??? Since when????

You know this would be really funny if it wasn’t so sad. I heard the story before that Mr. Shatner was telling about how Mr. Takei has going to have his own ship in Star Trek 2 and Mr. Shatner wanted to remind him that almost everything was happening on the Enterprise and like in Trek 6 when Sulu did get his own ship he was only in the movie for a few scenes.
It would have been worse than Michael Dorn wanting to be in all of the Next Gen movies after he moved on to DS9. You would have to figure out a way to get Sulu and his ship in every movie unless he would have gotten his own show (like he should have IMO).

I think they’re both secretly in love.

I’m still upset Denny Crane didn’t dress up as Captain Kirk for Halloween on Boston Legal.


Agreed. Read between the lines: They’re crying out for each other.

I’m only half-joking.

43, 45. Wow, is this barely sublimated Kirk/Sulu slash we have here? My head hurts. . .

Kirk. Really. Loves. Sulu.

41: He’s of Polish and Hungarian ancestry (his grandparents immigrated from those countries to Canada) and was born and raised in the French city of Montreal.

If Shatner becomes the next GC I am going to become Swiss. Frak that man!


Please shut the f*** up.