20 Minutes of Star Trek Previewed In UK [UPDATED]

As reported last month, JJ Abrams is doing a ‘road show’ to promote the Star Trek film to people in the press, publicity and distribution. His first stop was today in London, where he was joined by Simon Pegg. They showed off the new trailer as well as four scenes from the film. The first reports are online now. [UPDATE: more reports online plus one sent in directly to TrekMovie] Details and many many spoilers below.


The Four scenes were:

  • Pike confronts Kirk after bar fight
  • McCoy sneaks Kirk on board Enterprise
  • Kirk meets Scotty and (elder) Spock
  • Kirk and Sulu try to stop Romulan drill

Right now there are three detailed descriptions online:

UPDATE: 2 more:

UPDATE: Report sent in to TrekMovie
In addition, TrekMovie.com reader ‘GhostFace’ was also in attendance and adds the following details to the above reports.

On the trailer:

  • Enterprise can be seen in the trailer, being constructed on the ground (also seen at the end of the first scene showed at the preview)
  • Enterprise and Kelvin also seen briefly in the quick shots of battle later in trailer
  • Enterprise looks ‘just fine,’ shaped mostly like the TOS ship with TMP level of details (including torpedo launchers), except for the oversized nacelles
  • There is a new version of the ‘warp effect’ seen from viewscreen which is more of a ‘blur’ than the TNG era ‘streaming stars’
  • Kirk is definitely seen driving a manual stick shift in the Corvette

Bar scene:

  • Bar seemed more modern day with only a few ‘futuristic touches’
  • Uhura was wearing red/orange cadet unfiform, Kirk in civilian clothes,
    Pike wears a black trench uniform with large gold starfleet badge insignia
  • Included in Uhura’s drink order was a ‘Budweiser Classic’ and a Cardassian drink
  • When imploring
    Kirk to join Starfleet Pike tells him he could spend four years training and have a ship in eight
  • Pike implies that Kirk’s father was lost on the USS Kelvin in a ‘no win scenario’ but he saved many lives in the short time he was in command
  • Pike refers to Starfleet as "a peace keeping and humanitarian Armada"
  • Kirk’s motorcycle is futuristic but not a ‘hoverbike’ like the ones cops have scene in trailer
  • Shuttle seen in this scene and others is ‘reminiscent of TOS shuttles, but stretched’

McCoy sneaks Kirk onto Enterprise

  • McCoy’s ruse to get Kirk onto Enterprise is that he is allowed to bring a patient on board (and so he infects Kirk with a virus)
  • Kirk flirts with a nurse
  • Sickbay is futuristic, but with ‘more recognizable’ elements like the lights over a medical bay
  • More than other actors Karl Urbanis doing a ‘little bit’ of a DeForest Kelley impression, but ‘it is great’
  • Chekov has trouble with his voice ID because he can’t pronounce ‘victor’ 
  • Chekov uses a very heavy accent and combined with his youth is ‘more different than the other actors compared to their originals’
  • Kirk’s warning to Pike is that he recognizes that the report of ‘lightning’ is related to the loss of USS Kelvin and the Romulans, Spock is forced to admit that Kirk’s ‘logic is sound’ after it is checked out
  • Uhura is told to man communications because she alone speaks ‘all three dialects of Romulan’
  • When ship arrives at attack site the debris includes a burning saucer section and looks like all Starfleet ships

Kirk meets Scotty and elder Spock

  • Kirk and Spock appear to be on the ‘frozen planet’
  • Pegg’s Scotty accent is ‘very good,’ and characters is definitely to be much of the comic relief
  • Scotty explains that his experimental beaming worked on fruit but he said "didn’t turn out so well for Admiral Archer’s beagle"
  • Spock giving Scotty his own equation from the future appears an homage to transparent aluminum scene in STIV
  • Spock looks much older than last seen in TNG, including white hair
  • Nimoy appears to be having a ‘lot of fun’ with the character

Romulan drilling rig

  • Nero’s ship is different than any TOS or TNG era Romulan ship
  • Mostly dark brown and somewhat very ‘metallic’ and ‘sharp’ with lots of pieces and chains hanging off of it
  • The ‘drilling rig’ is based on a chain hung down into atmosphere which fires a beam (in this case into the planet Vulcan)
  • Romulans themselves are much more aggressive than those appearing in TOS and TNG
  • Pike leaves Spock in command and flies shuttle Kirk, Sulu and Olsen down to ‘dive’ onto rig (transporters are being disrupted by beam),
  • Olsen character is classic ‘red shirt’ all gung on on the way down in shuttle, but quickly dispatched once they ‘dive’ onto the drilling rig
  • Sulu talks about ‘fencing’ with Kirk in shuttle and he loses phaser in fight scene and has to use his sword with ‘unfolds from the handle’ to fight Romulan with an axe
  • Kirk and Sulu are too late and so Spock leaves Chekov in command so he can save some prominent Vulcans (including his parents), Chekov beams Kirk and Sulu back, Pike was not seen returning
  • It is possible that this fourth scene takes place before the Kirk meets Scotty scene
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