20 Minutes of Star Trek Previewed In UK [UPDATED]

As reported last month, JJ Abrams is doing a ‘road show’ to promote the Star Trek film to people in the press, publicity and distribution. His first stop was today in London, where he was joined by Simon Pegg. They showed off the new trailer as well as four scenes from the film. The first reports are online now. [UPDATE: more reports online plus one sent in directly to TrekMovie] Details and many many spoilers below.


The Four scenes were:

  • Pike confronts Kirk after bar fight
  • McCoy sneaks Kirk on board Enterprise
  • Kirk meets Scotty and (elder) Spock
  • Kirk and Sulu try to stop Romulan drill

Right now there are three detailed descriptions online:

UPDATE: 2 more:

UPDATE: Report sent in to TrekMovie
In addition, TrekMovie.com reader ‘GhostFace’ was also in attendance and adds the following details to the above reports.

On the trailer:

  • Enterprise can be seen in the trailer, being constructed on the ground (also seen at the end of the first scene showed at the preview)
  • Enterprise and Kelvin also seen briefly in the quick shots of battle later in trailer
  • Enterprise looks ‘just fine,’ shaped mostly like the TOS ship with TMP level of details (including torpedo launchers), except for the oversized nacelles
  • There is a new version of the ‘warp effect’ seen from viewscreen which is more of a ‘blur’ than the TNG era ‘streaming stars’
  • Kirk is definitely seen driving a manual stick shift in the Corvette

Bar scene:

  • Bar seemed more modern day with only a few ‘futuristic touches’
  • Uhura was wearing red/orange cadet unfiform, Kirk in civilian clothes,
    Pike wears a black trench uniform with large gold starfleet badge insignia
  • Included in Uhura’s drink order was a ‘Budweiser Classic’ and a Cardassian drink
  • When imploring
    Kirk to join Starfleet Pike tells him he could spend four years training and have a ship in eight
  • Pike implies that Kirk’s father was lost on the USS Kelvin in a ‘no win scenario’ but he saved many lives in the short time he was in command
  • Pike refers to Starfleet as "a peace keeping and humanitarian Armada"
  • Kirk’s motorcycle is futuristic but not a ‘hoverbike’ like the ones cops have scene in trailer
  • Shuttle seen in this scene and others is ‘reminiscent of TOS shuttles, but stretched’

McCoy sneaks Kirk onto Enterprise

  • McCoy’s ruse to get Kirk onto Enterprise is that he is allowed to bring a patient on board (and so he infects Kirk with a virus)
  • Kirk flirts with a nurse
  • Sickbay is futuristic, but with ‘more recognizable’ elements like the lights over a medical bay
  • More than other actors Karl Urbanis doing a ‘little bit’ of a DeForest Kelley impression, but ‘it is great’
  • Chekov has trouble with his voice ID because he can’t pronounce ‘victor’ 
  • Chekov uses a very heavy accent and combined with his youth is ‘more different than the other actors compared to their originals’
  • Kirk’s warning to Pike is that he recognizes that the report of ‘lightning’ is related to the loss of USS Kelvin and the Romulans, Spock is forced to admit that Kirk’s ‘logic is sound’ after it is checked out
  • Uhura is told to man communications because she alone speaks ‘all three dialects of Romulan’
  • When ship arrives at attack site the debris includes a burning saucer section and looks like all Starfleet ships

Kirk meets Scotty and elder Spock

  • Kirk and Spock appear to be on the ‘frozen planet’
  • Pegg’s Scotty accent is ‘very good,’ and characters is definitely to be much of the comic relief
  • Scotty explains that his experimental beaming worked on fruit but he said "didn’t turn out so well for Admiral Archer’s beagle"
  • Spock giving Scotty his own equation from the future appears an homage to transparent aluminum scene in STIV
  • Spock looks much older than last seen in TNG, including white hair
  • Nimoy appears to be having a ‘lot of fun’ with the character

Romulan drilling rig

  • Nero’s ship is different than any TOS or TNG era Romulan ship
  • Mostly dark brown and somewhat very ‘metallic’ and ‘sharp’ with lots of pieces and chains hanging off of it
  • The ‘drilling rig’ is based on a chain hung down into atmosphere which fires a beam (in this case into the planet Vulcan)
  • Romulans themselves are much more aggressive than those appearing in TOS and TNG
  • Pike leaves Spock in command and flies shuttle Kirk, Sulu and Olsen down to ‘dive’ onto rig (transporters are being disrupted by beam),
  • Olsen character is classic ‘red shirt’ all gung on on the way down in shuttle, but quickly dispatched once they ‘dive’ onto the drilling rig
  • Sulu talks about ‘fencing’ with Kirk in shuttle and he loses phaser in fight scene and has to use his sword with ‘unfolds from the handle’ to fight Romulan with an axe
  • Kirk and Sulu are too late and so Spock leaves Chekov in command so he can save some prominent Vulcans (including his parents), Chekov beams Kirk and Sulu back, Pike was not seen returning
  • It is possible that this fourth scene takes place before the Kirk meets Scotty scene
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This just appeared on BBC – rushed here to confirm it!


I looks awesome!

I can’t WAIT.

not reading the spoilers.

also…i think the BBC link is broken

So, Chekov and Kirk serving under “first captain of the ship” Pike on the Enterprise.

Sounds like the supreme court has been working overtime legislating from the bench.

I couldn’t resist the spoilers

Let the shitstorm begin, ladies and gentlemen this is the flashpoint

Damn the 5 month wait!

Ok, do not read the descriptions if you do not want to be spoiled! It is pretty informative and makes perfect sense with the pictures that we have all seen.

That is all.

Sounds pretty ruddy cool but some of the Pike stuff sounds a bit iffy canon-wise, as does the pre-academy Sulu Uhura stuff. I work about 3 mins from that cinema – SO frustrating!

I didn’t want to read…but I felt compelled! Sounds like good stuff, though some seems too convenient, in terms of how they all come together. Still, good story and I won’t care.

Good god, forget canon entirely…. unless…

what if all of this is changed retroactively by old Spock? is the TOS we know… a “Repaired” and altered timeline from what we will see?

Trying hard to resit spoilage so that I will have SOME surprises… but it’s so hard to know it’s RIGHT THERE!!!!!!

For the bbc link remove the html code on the end of it, it should work if you copy and paste this:


Okay, I’ve officially read too much! But I’m even more enthusiastic than ever, now!

I’m having mostly positive reactions to the scenes.

The McCoy scene sounds VERY promising, but the bar fight thing sounds a bit sleazy.
Original flavour Spock scenes automatically win. :)
The Romulan drill scene sounds epically kick-a**.
And you-know-who saying “live long and prosper”! Awesome.
Is it May yet? Please??

Bend over and grab the ankles, kids, ’cause we are about to take it up the rear with this one.

I only read the first couple scenes, but it all sounded FANTASTIC to me (a diehard TOS fan btw).

The interactions between Pike and Kirk are great, and the characterization of the young Kirk sounds pretty dead-on to me too.

Nobody seems to comment about what the exterior of the Enterprise looks like. I get the impression that it wasn’t seen in the clips, but nobody flat out says that in the reviews. I’m hoping the Enterprise looks a lot like the TOS model, although I’m sure it will be souped up a bit.

Just read this on Auntie’s website. Really want to see the trailer now. NOW!

why is everyone getting to see this movie but me???

first kevin smith, now the brits… this ain’t right. and it certainly isnt *proper*. please keep it in your pants, sir JJ. although you wield gigabytes of mac book. massive terraquads.



The two most obvious things that stand out are Chekov on Pike’s Enterprise and the fact that Kirk and gang are going to see Romulans, which would seem to negate “Balance of Terror”.

That being said, this will probably all make sense when we see everything in context.

Now, that I’ve read all the spoilers… I kind of wish that I hadn’t. Still, based on these clips I think that this film is going to be totally awesome. A huge departure from the assumed backstory that we’ve created, but I’m not really upset about that.
I’ve no doubt that they wailing and gnashing of teeth from the canon-ites will begin shortly. Should be equally entertaining…

I can’t think of any context that would make any of that nonsense fit.

We have the same event tomorrow in Spain.

So, I’m not going to read it untill tomorrow.

I want..
I need..

Kirk not even in the Academy while Uhura is already a commissioned officer? For that matter, Uhura and Chekov serving under Pike? And when was Kirk ever described as a troublemaker at the Academy? Everything we’ve been told says just the opposite (“stack of books with legs”, “grim”).

I find it hard to believe these clowns have ever even SEEN Star Trek, let alone are avid fans. A ten year old knows the backstory better than these guys.

I don’t mind a little rule bending but keep in mind that certain descriptions may be somewhat mis-stated depending on the reporters knowledge of “canon.”

Romulans (Nero?) at Kirk’s birth?! Maybe that was the start of the alternate timeline deviation?…fascinating

Please tell me that in the last scene, Kirk wakes up and says “It was..a dream…..oh my!”

The thing about canon is that as Trek fans we’re used to it being violated. It’s irritating, but we live with it. But with so much talent, money and time being thrown at this movie, you kind of expect the timeline (who did what when) canon stuff to be spot on.

This isn’t a reporter mistaking a phaser for a tricorder. This is taking the established history, putting it in a blender, producing a slimy gray ooze and calling it a banana smoothie.

This isn’t “honoring canon”, it’s mindless pandering by a couple of hacks who haven’t got a frelling clue what they’re doing.

#29, yup, sure sounds like Nero has tried to kill Kirk at various points in the timeline.

Can’t wait to see this! Slavish devotion to “Canon” be damned. I want a good, exciting story that involves the characters we old TOS fans love. Sounds like we are going to get what we want.

May is too far away!


Um… you *do* know this is a Star Trek time travel story, right? And that events, as events in all Star Trek time travel stories do, become changed, right? And that almost certainly the film will end, as all Star Trek time travel stories do, with the timeline as we know it being restored, right?

I mean, you’ve watched Star Trek a couple of times… right?

‘Scotty explains that his experimental beaming worked on fruit but he said “didn’t turn out so well for Admiral Archer’s beagle”‘

So hold on… Scotty dematerialised Porthos?!


Two things about clip 1:

“She orders a round, including a fire tea, Budweiser classics and some Cardassian sunrises.” (to find out who “she” is, read the damn spoiler. Nyaaaaah.)

First, hasn’t it been pretty much established that Kirk’s a Michelob man? (STIV) — Violation of canon right there! Sacrelige! My childhood’s been r***d! They changed it, now it sucks! Damn JJ Abrams! Grrrrrrr! :P :D ;)

Second (and actually seriously): I’d thought that first contact with the Cardassians wasn’t till after the TOS timeframe. Though it’s a great namedrop nonetheless.

Oh, and her quip? Ouch. I never thought I’d hear somethng like that in Trek, particularly from HER…

Other than that, the spoilers are setting my mind at ease…mostly.

I wish people would stop dictating their personal canon as gospel, decrying what JJ and co are doing. Get over yourselves, you don’t have to watch this film if it doesnt fit into your warped little world.

yeah, this is gonna blow because of canon inconsistnecies. just like WOK sux because chekov wasn’t in space seed. oh, wait.

Y’know, it’s precisely this sort of Mongolian clusterphuque that got Roddenberry to come out of retirement and produce TNG, to keep Paramount from making an unholy mess of the whole thing.

With Nero’s time traveling, the canon we know is up in the air because his actions can change everything.

And I would guess there won’t be a reset button at the end of this film.

From Ghostface’s report, I’m wondering if they dusted off the Phase II design for the Big E…

Read and assimilated…
These scenes sound awesome beyond belief. I really cannot wait for this movie. It really sounds like the kind of movie that will leave behind the Geek stereotype that seems to surround star trek these days. And all this without really destroying any of the cannon built up over the decades!
Abrahms, if this movie is as good as it seems, you will be a God among men!


I hear what you’re saying, I just think it might be best to have a look at the whole thing before condemning it.

I agree that Kirk’s backstory is being altered considerably and that there’s a Top Gun “Maverick” thing going on(including the daddy issues), but if it’s written well they might be able to pull it off.

I’m going into the film with as much of an open mind as possible.


I’m so glad “Enterprise” is getting a nod.

> Scotty explains that his experimental beaming worked on fruit but he said “didn’t turn out so well for Admiral Archer’s beagle”

That is so wrong…

I think a lot of fans take the TOS timeline WAY too seriously. I’ve been a TOS fan forever, but I couldn’t care less when Checkov joined the Enterprise. Or when everyone first saw the Romulans.

I just want to see the Enterprise crew going on exciting adventures, exploring the unknown, and getting in fights with the bad guys dammit.

I mean, you think fans back in 1966 really gave a crap about the timeline? They just wanted to watch a fun adventure show. It’s too bad today’s fans can’t be the same way. Now all they seem to care about is the stupid “continuity”.

Now I’m worried.

Sorry to be a nerd but…

Kirk only met Pike once “when he was promoted to Fleet Captain.”

The gag with Kirk grabbing Uhura’s breast sounds awful, and has been done in a hundred movies before.

Kirk running around the ship with his tounge swelling and his hands blowing up like balloons hardly sounds like it could have been in TWOK.

Did we not watch the Original Series episodes before we put pen to paper?

The smartest thing Harve Bennett did before he came up with the story for TWOK was to watch all 79 episodes. Seems like the new gang might have skipped a step.

So the ice planet is not an ice planet at all….but simply the ice cap that is often seen on Vulcan?

It seems that Nero’s interference has extremely messed up the timeline.

Kirk appears to have never served on the Farragut.

Why are Sulu and Uhura at the shipyards in Iowa? Have they already been assigned to the Enterprise?

If they are cadets why aren’t they in San Fransisco?

Is Spock the first officer under Pike?

Kirk promoted to first officer after just graduating from the academy?

Nero’s interference changes the timeline just like the events of First Contact altered the course of starfleet history.

I know I should reserve judgement until I have seen it, but what the heck….canon or not, it just sounds horrible.