First Full Image Of New Star Trek USS Enterprise

The moment everyone has been waiting for is here. In anticipation of the upcoming Star Trek trailer premiering this weekend, Paramount has released the first full image of the new USS Enterprise (NCC-1701, no bloody A, B, C or D).  EW’s Popwatch blog got the exclusive first look at this beauty.


And here she is

Click to see larger version at EW

EW also talked to director JJ Abrams, who had this to say about his new E

If you’re going to do Star Trek there are many things you cannot change. The Enterprise is a visual touchstone for so many people. So if you’re going to do the Enterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, what are you doing?s

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OMG This is fantastic

Oh my ….

Erm, it kind of looks like a cross between the TMP Enterprise and a Jet Fighter.

This is a little weird, and may take some getting used to.

Ok-Ok this is wild!!!

Looks cool. I don’t like the neck, though. One blast and that sucker falls apart.

WoW! Finally we get a look and I am happy, First?

Um, I’ve been a glass-half-full guy in terms of STAR TREK XI…

…but yikes. I’m gonna need A LOT of time to get used to THAT.

Wow, that is one ugly ship.

Wow I even got first?!
Couple criticisms…
Not sure about the nacelles and theres something about the connection between the saucer and the secondary hull that I don’t quite like.

Fantastic?? are you kidding me?? This is F*******ing horrible. It looks so out of proportion. Is this supposed to be a TOS ship?? This ship belongs in the TNG era, or even beyond that.

Come ON! This is gorgeous!!!!

I’m not sure how I feel about this design. I’m hoping it’ll be like the title Quantum of Solace, that it’ll grow on me over time. First!

Looks to TMP-ish for my taste. And the deflector dish is just … wrong. If it at least would be golden.

Other than that it seems “ok”. Perhaps it will look better in moving pictures.

So, it’s the Akiraprise?


Well, I’m not overwhelmed, but I don’t mind it either… But I understand the AICN reports now.
The secondary hull does look a little odd, and somehow overall it’s not as dynamic in proportions as the classic 1701, but I give it a thumbs up.

But it’s STILL damn prettuer than the D or the Excelsior ever were!

Eeek, I’m not too sure about that. The secondary hull is way too forward on that. The rest I’m okay with, even the Nacelles look okay I think. I just would have done some work with the “Neck” and “secondary hull” is all. But I don’t know.

I feel like a kid again when Star Trek: The Next Generation was first starting up. This is so exciting. What a great looking “modernized” looking version of the Enterprise. Now if the tricoders look like the iPhone… :-)

Looks good. Wish it had the old deflector dish but hey “young minds fresh ideas.”

Wow, I really like the nacelles and the saucer, but that deflector area is sticking out a little farther than past ships. Not ugly, just unnerving.

hmmm … J.J. may have lost me. I hope it grows on me… I want it to so bad. The main hull is too small, the saucer too big. It seems very disproportionate to me.

So the nacelles have windows this time?

“if you’re going to do the Enterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, what are you doing?”


I dont know whether i like it or not. I’d like to see a bigger image and different views.

But im not blown away impressed.

Well. It looks great. I like the design and i think in time it will grow on everyone. I can’t wait to see the Big E on action and see her firing Photon Torpedoes and phasers. it’s a little different but i think it will work and Yes. Im a Tos Purest but Believe The new Enterprise will work just fine.

Well, there went my confidence in this movie . . .

By Kahless’ blade, could they have ruined the design any more? It not only looks ugly by its own standards, it looks FAR too much like the TMP version in the details. They’ve completely let down the loyal fanbase on this one.

Total letdown, JJ.

Well…I like it a lot, but I’ve been open to change. It just makes you go “wow”, and imagine it on the big screen!


Eh… I’m not blown away by it, but I’m not hating it at first sight, either.

Primary hull looks nice. Engines look so-so. The secondary hull and pylons look really ungainly.

To be fair, I’d like to see some more angles of it. This one looks awkward, without much of the grace I’d expect from the Enterprise, but it might be the angle of the shot.

this is certainly going to be one of the most controversial changes in the entire movie. This and the bridge design (as seen in previous photo’s). This may take it a step too far for most people’s liking.
Oh and @9, by Fantastic I was referring to the fact that there was a picture at long last…my later post was when I’d seen it.

The biggest problem I have is the neck positioning. It’s too far back. And with it looking so much ‘better’ than the original 1701, how can you ‘Upgrade’ to what we’re used too? Surely going to TMP era ship design is a downgrade almost?

Bunch of bitches. It’s just funny to hear them go on and on and on!

This ship simply kicks ass!!!

i choose to take some of the comments here not seriously

20 – Those are downward facing lights, not windows on the nacelles.

This is different to say the least. We’ll see if it grows on me.

As a test, I showed this to a workmate who was not a Trek fan, and he thought it was cool. He loved it.

That’s a good thing, but it kinda looks like a hodgepodge mix of the TMP Enterprise, a Blackbird jet and a modern art sculpture.

Don’t these people know that we have to make a living? I have my own business and can’t blame things on The Man. This is beautiful!

cat’s out of the bag, as they say…

it was…. fun.

oh my.



How do you get from this to the old, reliable Constitution-class clunker from the original series, now beautifully remastered on DVD? I agree. This looks like something out of TNG. I’ll get used to it, but apparently continuity does not matter. Than again, maybe it doesn’t. Galactica got “reimagined.” Maybe we will need to look at this the same way. Question: Is there going to be any nod to the storyline that Chris Pike was the first captain?

I love it. I think they did a great job bringing the NCC-1701 to the present.

It looks terrific….no complaints here.

This looks like something I could imagine being a starship about 237 years into our future.

:) :) :) :)

I give it 4 smiley faces.

Uargh, for the first look I thing enginiering is much to ugly, but perhapse it looks much better then it is in motion, maybe …

Does it Transform?

It is too squished… Star Trek taking on another of the design flaws of Star Wars — space ships don’t need to be aerodynamic, people! That was the beauty of Star Trek, its ships were big, hulking clunky things. This one looks like its being squished for aerodynamic purposes… to look slick. sigh.

Not ugly, but definitely not my favorite.

That, and phasers with broken beams — what are they doing to the scientific sensibilities of Star Trek!!

Y’know, thinking about it, I’m wondering if this image is even real. It looks rather different than the image in the teaser trailer. For one thing, the nacelles are too low. In the teaser, you can see the nacelle bussard collectors over the saucer. In this new image, there’s no way you could get that angle.

Is it possible this is a fake?

o_O Holy cow. I…actually like that design, speaking as a TOS-era guy who always preferred the TMP version. Can’t wait to see the big E in motion :D

I dunno…I keep looking at it and seeing the odd thing I like.
It’s growing on me, and by all accounts it’s not a bad design. If this is what they’d started with I think we’d all love it instantly (by they I mean TOS ship designers).
It’ll look great on the screen, and this is a reboot so I suppose I can live with the change.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many fans pass judgment based off of one picture of the ship — as if it is indicative of how the entire movie will play out. Like it? The movie is oscar worthy! Hate it? My childhood is ruined — ruined, I say!

Who cares? Trek is in the story, the heart and soul of human adventure. That said, I think the ship looks good and a nice updated — but still recognizable — version of the TOS Enterprise.

If the whole secondary hull/nacelles part below the neck was shoved back a bit, I’d really like this a lot more. It looks like the whole thing braked hard and everything slid forward…

Kinda crowded looking.

My roommates like it. None of them like Trek a ton, but they definitely think it looks cool.

“It looks very technologically advanced. It looks like it actually belongs in the future.” One of them said when compared between this and a picture of the original.



It’ll take some time to grow on me, but I think it’ll go fast. Plus we have yet to see it moving, other aspects of it, or a full 360×360 of it.

…the HELL??!!!??!!!

@39 you have a point. In the teaser the Nacelles were round and … normal…is this a fake?


I thinkonce we get some more looks it will be better looking as well. Yes this is an update of sorts and i do like it and as i now have it on my screen saver and as i study it it is kinda growing on me. So for the haters out there give it a chance and it may grow on you.

Oh it looks great and you know it lol, i like what they’ve done with the deflector dish, stick’s out like the old but lights up like the new(er).

it looks like the enterprise the same way a minivan looks like a shuttlecreft; almost, but absolutely not.

this has to be a joke, but i guess not.

damn, i HATE abrams now.