Simon Pegg Blogs On UK Star Trek Event + more UK reports

As we reported on Tuesday, Simon Pegg (Star Trek’s new Scotty) joined director JJ Abrams at the UK Star Trek presentation. After the event the actor wrote a spoiler-free blog post with his thoughts on seeing the footage for the first time. Plus there are a couple of follow-up media reports from the event. See below for details.


For every good…There is an evil
From ‘Simon’s Blog’ at Pegg’s Myspace Page:

SIMON’S BLOG: Beam me up…me.


I saw four scenes from Star Trek this morning!! I’m finding it really hard to be articulate here because my head is still spinning. J.J. presented the scenes to a four hundred strong audience of distribution folk and online press. A bundle of pride and excitement, he gave spirited introductions to each clip with his usual combination of nervous energy and sharp wit.

The third clip featured a certain Caledonian engineer’s first appearance in the movie and J.J. pulled me up to say a few words/gush like a fool, before it ran. I was somewhat geek happy and slightly disoriented from the first two clips and the trailer (which was shown first and premieres to the world imminently) and was consequently a little breathless and lost for words. I basically expressed how incredible it was, as a fan of Star Trek, to be witnessing my own contribution to the series and what an extraordinary experience it was, as an actor, to interact with characters I have known for thirty years.

The scenes I saw were dazzling and seeing Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, John Cho and Zoe Saldana in action, confirmed my initial suspicions that they have utterly inhabited the characters originally brought to life by that wonderful and famous cast.

One particular action sequence was so tense and exciting, by the end of it, I felt as though I had watched an entire movie. It’s been four hours since the lights came up and I feel as though I am still sat in the auditorium with my mouth hanging open and my eyes glassy and wide. I am beyond excited for this film and now officially, inordinately proud.

Can’t wait for you to see it.

Live long and prosper…


This group shot gives the only view so far of Pegg’s Scotty
(third from left in background and out of focus!)

More UK reports: Abrams on making Trek legit
On Tuesday Trek Movie reported on the UK event (including links to the earlier published reports). There are a couple of follow-ups online now.

Film Review magazine’s report goes into much of the same spoilery detail on the trailer and includes this quote from Abrams introduction:

I’ve was never really a huge fan of Star Trek. When I was asked to do Trek, I found myself saying ‘yes’! There have been 10 movies and a million series [and] I appreciated there was a promise of adventure. The idea of doing this movie where it could feel legitimate and real, despite all the stuff that non-fans might think was silly, was the challenge.

I’ve seen all the parodies, but the key to doing this and making it feel real was a great cast. The cast is amazing.

Additional UK reports:

Trek-themed cupcakes given out at UK event
(photo courtesy BBC)


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Pegg is a god, roll on next year

Simon Pegg is a class act.

Holy hole in a donut. Me first?!?! Them cupcakes look awesome! :) :) :)

Simon emailed me just after he and J.J. showed the clips in London. He said

“The scenes I saw today were beyond awesome. I’m still buzzing”

Doh! I can live with 3rd!

Wonder what the theory is on whipping up the international press 6 months in advance?

To JJ Abrams, and the rest of the team,

I just want you guys to know that Ive never read any “spoiler”,,seen any “onset spy pics”,, or looked at any threads about what may be in the movie.

I really liked reading Simon Peggs spoiler-free blog, cheers for that mate, your a blast.

Just want you guys to know that there are fans out there, that are going to see this movie SPOILER FREE, and will be sitting there saying,,,WOW !!

Cant wait,,


As an avid Trek fan I think the whole idea behind this massive media blitz is to show the industry that trek is still a viable and profitable franchise. I think this is a good sign because a. it is getting fans and non fans excited and b. it shows all on board are proud of the film they have produced

He’ll be great. I’m sure he’s given all he’s got.

The theory on why they are whipping up the press now is that this is the first Star Trek movie where they are making a big international push. They need to get the foreign press familiar with it and paying attention. This goal is to get them amenable to what will follow over the next few months and to get the message that this is a new team and a new Trek. These messages are just starting to sink in with the mainstream press in the US, but many outside the US dont even know (and many dont even care) that Paramount is making another Trek film. In the UK and Germany they wont have much of a hard time, but elsewhere in Europe Trek is barely on the map and has performed poorly. Same is true for Asia. Another part of this is the local distributors and Paramount marketing teams, the press are only part of the crowds at these events.

Well they have cupcakes, now I have to see this film!

I am surely going to die of anticipation before May 2009 gets here…

Why does it seem like Abrams has seen more Trek parodies than actual Trek? He keeps talking about them…

I’m somewhat surprised that with all this marketing in the UK (why there? I don’t know…to me it’s as strange as marketing Doctor Who for American audiences before the UK could get wind of it), that there hasn’t been any leaked pictures!!

my kids love Mr. Pegg’s movies (so do I), so they are sure to like this one!

Instead of cupcakes how about a Beamish or Guinness. A Strongbow would be cool, too.

Come over to the trek side… we have cupcakes

13 – This film needs audiences who don’t know what Trek is to see the film. Virtually everyone here in the US knows what Trek is already.

It’s all over the web, and will probably be pushed via TV, Radio and Magazine ads.

By creating more of a buzz within the industry over in Europe, it is more likely that European entertainment media will start talking about the movie.

#13: Because they need to boost the overseas gross! None of the original six movies were doing well overseas. Even NEM did much better than any of the original cast movies but TMP.

TNG was the series that made Trek popular in Europe. The only way to increase awareness of this movie is by travelling there and promoting it in person. That’s why JJ went to the UK, Germany and Spain…

The US obviously doesn’t need that kind of promotion since TOS is an American icon like Superman or the Chipmunks…that is not the case in Europe.

I’m German and I know what I’m talking about. We even hadn’t all 79 TOS episodes on TV until the late 80s…until TNG made Star Trek popular in Germany…the early 90s started the hype and then Germany and the UK became major markets for Trek. Some of the biggest conventions (Fed Con, Galileo VII) were launched…but while the hardcore fanbase loves TOS as well, most people over here grew up with TNG…and VOY!

It’s funny: VOY was much more popular on German TV than DS9 ever was. VOY got the Friday evening primtime slot while DS9 was broadcast Saturday afternoon and had to fight with preemptions for regional news programs.

So TOS is not that iconic in Europe…It’s a far bigger challenge to make it popular internationally…

I saw Run, Fatboy Run recently. Very funny film.

Spock ears cupcakes!

“I thought you were some dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals”

— I don’t know, but isn’t that an awfully ethnocentrc, almost racist remark, coming from Uhura? I’m no “hick” myself, but even using that term seems rather extreme. They wouldn’t have those kinds of hate labels in the Star Trek I grew up on. Especially not from the crew.

#13: In addition to my previous post some German audience numbers. These are ticket sales, so absolutely no adjustment for inflation is necessary:

TMP – 1.10 million
TWOK – 0.50 million
TSFS – 0.32 million
TVH – 0.50 million
TFF – 0.18 million
TUC – 0.53 million

GEN – 1.80 million
FC – 2.40 million
INS – 2.43 million
NEM – 1.27 million

This is just Germany…but it’s typical for the European audience…

TOS movies were never that popular over here…NG was…

Paramount knows that they have to do something about it if the reivigoration of the franchise should reach the foreign markets!

One poster asked why Abrams so obsessed with the parodies, and I think it’s kind of obvious. He wants to avoid any of their trappings in his film.
How they put that “chasm of death” scene in Nemesis after “Galaxy Quest” so glaringly made fun of those kind of things is totally beyond me.

You know, after letting the image of the new Enterprise sink in, I’ve come back to the conclusion that as long as the story is great and actors like Mr. Pegg do a great job then this new movie will do well.

Like Mr. Crowley said it’s just like Batman, Lost in Space or Battlestar Galactica, this is just another version. Like they used to say classic Trek and new Trek and now we have newer Trek.

“Why does it seem like Abrams has seen more Trek parodies than actual Trek? He keeps talking about them…”

No, i think it’s probably alot of articles that are based on one soundbite..

If, heaven forbid, I am told I only have 6 months to live, would JJ show me the film?????

I am knocking on wood, yes.

I remind you people this is a spoiler free article, and so it should be a spoiler free comments section. Some folks have not been reading all the other articles this week or the comments in those articles. This is their first chance, dont ruin it for them

#21 – They are still human, not perfect!

#22 – Good detailed post. Thanks!

I was actually ref- the now gone former #25 not #24

Thanks for deleting those posts for me, Anthony :)

Really looking forward to May ’09.

I’m only looking forward to seeing Pegg and Nimoy, don’;t care much for the rest of them or the film……………….

The RT article is annoyingly poorly written, but the news continues to be good.


RFBR is okay…

…but you MUST see Shaun of the Dead: F**king BRILLIANT!!

…Spaced and Hot Fuzz are pretty damn funny too.

Can’t wait to see Simon in this movie! He’s the dog’s bollocks!

Can I just say that I adore Simon Pegg? I love hearing everything he has to say. When I’m feeling a little doubtful, he always buoys me back up.

Thank you very much, Mr. Pegg! :D

another excited view. Boy I’m gonna come unglued before next may! Anybody have a spare time machine?

33 – I LOVED Saun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz is very funny as well.

“I’m only looking forward to seeing Pegg and Nimoy, don’t care much for the rest of them or the film……………….”

close the door on your way out then…

Cool. Just need to fix that idiot looking Enterprise and they just might have a hit on their hands…

Paul McGillion was born to play that role, but I have enjoyed Pegg’s work in the past. Lets hope Abrams didn’t drop the ball.

when do we get the preview

The report at Den of Geek (linked to at the end of the TrekMovie report) is fascinating and provides some detailed descriptions of the production art. I wish someone had posted camera shots of these images as they were displayed on screens by now.

#13 Why does it seem like Abrams has seen more Trek parodies than actual Trek?

There are so many. I think Voyager was the meanest.

Good lord, I cannot wait until tomorrow night! Thanks to Simon for his usual energy boost (and to Chris Doohan, for posting).

Ah, I get to see the trailer in 6 hours!

I’m gonna go watch that Quantum of Solace thing first thing tomorrow.


I have a great sense of faith in Simon Pegg portraying Montgomery Scott. If this film does poorly, it certainly won’t be due to him.

With the economy in it’s current state, I am waiting to take my wife and son to see QoS (and the trailer!) on Tuesday ($5 movie night locally). You all have no idea how hard it is to hold off until then, but when every dollar counts to some of us, you have to make sacrifices. :(

As Soran Said in Generations. (Time is a fire in which we burn.)Im Burning up because of all the time from now till the Movie Comes out. I don’t think i can hold on till then!!!!.

Amazing how there is nothing but praise here for the movie, but nothing but vitriol for the very same movie on the post about the very set Mr. Pegg was required to work on. Must be a different group of fans…