Report On JJ Abrams Star Trek Event In Spain + New Image of Spock

After he visited London (report) and Germany (report), where Star Trek already has a good deal of support, JJ Abrams came to Madrid Spain, which is one of those countries where Paramount has work to do to build an audience for this new Star Trek. See below for a first hand report from Abrams presentation and how it is playing in the Spanish media (including a new image of Spock).

Spain is not a Trek country
Spain, for some reason, has never been fully aware of Star Trek. The Original Series was shown on TV in the sixties or seventies and in the late eighties and we even had some seasons of TNG, but it went off the air in the third season (Sadly, as far as Spanish TV watchers know, TNG ended with Picard turning into Locutus). Star Trek V was a direct to VHS movie, but we had all the rest of the movies on cinemas and on time.  Things have changed somehow in the recent years, we have even been able to watch Enterprise (on cable, but it came out much later than the rest of the world). And just finally, this year, a Tv channel called Veo TV has shown DS9 for us fully dubbed in Spanish. The good news is almost all seasons of Trek are available dubbed into Spanish on DVD and you do find Trekkies in almost every place, but in general people acts as if one should be “ashamed” of being a scifi fan.

The Spanish general public doesn’t really know what Trek is about, nor doesn’t really care. They have watched the movie “of the whales” or they remember “The dude with the ears”, but most people thinks that Star trek is some obscure TV series which makes people go to the street in their pajamas. Paramount has no blame on it, simply, Spain has never been a scifi country.

Abrams begins to change some minds
But this week there seemed to be lots of people interested in watching the 20 minutes preview at Cinecité in Madrid with JJ Abrams. JJ came to see our journalists (and not us the fans) to explain them what Star Trek is, to show them that it is funny, cool, modern, thrilling, original and powerful. I don’t really know how many of them where there because their newspaper told them to, but the reaction to JJ and the scenes in the room seemed to be genuine. The audience laughed (at the comic moments) and held their breath at the moments of peril, and the applause was significant.

The general Spanish audience isn’t yet really aware of the existence of this movie, but JJ Abrams appearance has got buzz started. For the first time ever in my memory, Spanish newspapers seem to be covering Star Trek and covering it accurately and in a positive light (in the pas they would often get names wrong or confuse it with Star Wars). Diario El País reported gives it a positive review of the plot, and explains what JJ explained on the presentation. Diario El Mundo notes how Abrams is making the film for ‘future Star Trek fans’ and compares this new Trek to recent Batman, Bond and Superman movies, quotes Abrams saying the film is "a great epic in which the emotions are the most impressive thing." Diario ADN says that Trekkies will love the film and noted that the effects were especially impressive saying the new movie is "Star Trek with Star Wars flavor." Cineando gets even more specific saying:

We can see that choosing JJ was a spot-on move, because with his personal style he has taken a dying franchise in a new course. If this new course matches the spirit of the saga created by Roddenberry is yet to be seen.

And as a special treat for the Spanish, Paramount released a new image of Zachary Quinto as Spock from the movie

(click to enlarge)

Spanish fans are ready
As for us fans, we are very excited with this movie for several reasons. Evidently we are hungry of new good Star Trek, but also, we hope it will bring more people into the fandom. This year, representatives of most of the local fanclubs in the country have been busy building the first national Spanish club, which will open its doors very soon.

Here are some helpful Spanish Star Trek links:


JJ Abrams signs autographs in Spain
(courtesy of Yo No Me Aburro Blog)

Ignacio López Echeverría (Cheve) is president of the new Club Star Trek de España and writes the comic strip for the Nexus Digitrek fanzine (which can be downloaded for free and is written by the people of the fanclub from Madrid). He is involved as a writer in the animated fanfilm series Star Trek Cronos. Outside of Trek, he is about to publish his first book, a generic roleplaying system based on D20. Visit his site, La Fricoteca.

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Do we need to read spanish to read the articles?



Wow, love that picture!!!


I wonder how ST does in other spanish-speaking markets.

While spansih is spoken in Sapin and Mexico – they are two very different cultures?

Anyone have an idea?

I’ll say it again: Quinto looks amazing as Spock.

Let’s hope more fans join up in Spain. My mother was born in Spain but I have never been. I hope they become Trek country too.

Nice pic, better likeness than those publicity pics … but have they dismissed the green-blood-tinged yellowish skin?

God, could that guy look any more like a young Nimoy?

ahhhhhh!!!! Can’t wait! PLEASE NO MORE SPOILERS!

A Personal Observation:
This is all part of a well-orchestrated pre-launch, an insidiously effective slow build and reveal. Step by step, little hint by hint, they will draw in a new audience and a new generation of Trek fans.

At first, I didn’t like the idea of the movie without Shatner. After seeing Chris Pine finally talk, I can accept the new crew. I was sold on Quinto and Urban, but Pine was the clincher.

At first glance, the new Enterprise (or retro Enterprise?) had me really worried. I knew the image used was unflattering. So I slept on it, why would they put out an image in an unflattering light? It got us talking. And best of all, comparing it to the past. Take a look at the original pencils sketches done for the original series.

Now this afternoon I go off to see QOS.

*back to giggling like a schoolgirl*

“Star Trek V was a direct to VHS movie…”

As it should have been everywhere else! :)

Great Picture.

I´ll listend to the Children Of Dune –
Brian Tyler Soundtrack and found something very Interesting.

The last music clip “End Title” was just used in the
Indiana Jones IV Trailer !!!!

Spock needs a shave.

But it looks pretty good though.

4. MCDoctor – November 14, 2008

I wonder how ST does in other spanish-speaking markets.

While spansih is spoken in Sapin and Mexico – they are two very different cultures?

Well, for starters, in Spain we have many of the DVDs (TNG season 7 and all of DS9 and VOY) with southamerican spanish voices, so, I suppose there should be many more trekkies there than here in Spain. I mean, they have had all the series on TV, and we haven’t.

We have the same diferences that exist, for instance, between Britain, USA and Australia.

best likeness yet…

the pictures of the cast inspire me more than the Enterprise herself. That could be a good thing.

Yes. The publicity photos were cr*p. This one is really good. He seems to have his own style as Spock. I like that. I’m really looking forward to next year!

Abrams also went to France yesterday morning. Could you please do a report on that Anthony ?


OMG! There’s going to be an Indiana Jones IV?!! OMG!!

I can’t tell from the pic of Quinto above if he has his sideburns properly glued down.

Let me tell you people, as a spanish trekkie, how was life for me back home…

1.-If there is a new film release, and as a fan of a particular franchise you decide to show up dressed up as an elf, a mage or a stormtrooper, it is usually considered as cool. If you show up wearing a Starfleet uniform you´re very likely to hear laughs and boos around you. ( that is if you´re uniform makes it to the film in one piece…lol)

2.-If, when you were back at school you decided to decorate your files with pictures of pod racers, anti-chist stuff and similar rubish you would be considered to be someone who doesnt follow the crowd. If ínstead, you decided to scan the middle pages in Mr Scott´s Guide to the Enterprise (the blueprints!) and decorate your school stuff with it, you´re likely to be drown at the swimming class…. :oP.

I do not know why but there is some sort of trek-phobia in my home country. Even people who enjoy sci fi in the form of franchises such as Galactica, Farscape or Stargate will always identify Star Trek as the worst one ever created.

Paramount DOES have a big challenge ahead regarding J.J´s new film (can´t wait to see it!). ST V, as the article says, went straight to VHS. ST VI lasted 1 week in my home town (Seville, one of the biggest towns in the country) and it was only shown in 1 cinema. Generations had a bit more luck. Lasted a couple of weeks!!!

I really hope things change with this film. Heroes is very appreciated back home. Quinto should make a good bait :o)

Awesome – Spock looks a little less plastic s’all good

#16. I thought the same thing.

#13. I thought the same thing.

Croatia is Star Trek conutry, JJ come to us! Our televisons (especially HRT) constantly run Star Trek, we have official Star Trek society (USS Croatia), we have the biggest Star Trek portals in the Southeaster Europe (Star Trek Center and UFP Croatia). Croat like Star Trek! :) (and our neighbours from Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, etc.) :)

Oops. (see above).

re: France
I have the first draft of a report from france but i asked for some changes, look for that tomorrow. Also working on one from Rome.

I hope we can cover each leg, we have first hand reports from UK, Germany and France so far. I will be reporting on the event in LA, which is next week (probably)

I am appreciating the help we are getting from our ‘foreign correspondents’

Merde, I now see that I made som misspeling in the previous post. That is from excitement, and sadness beacuse JJ, BOB and the rest od the gang won’t visit our parts.

Until recently I have reservations toward ST XI, but I’m now truly excited (after footage, photos, etc)

Well. That Pic of Quinto as Spock is great. He looks Like a young Nimoy. Pretty kool. Well Spain it is time for you to Be assimalated into Star Trek and Restence is Futile. COMPLY!!!!!!

I feel as if we’re watching a map of the world with a big red animated arrow arching from country to country like in the Indy films, as JJ travels around the globe spreading the good news that ST lives!

We’re with you in spirit, JJ!

JJ should do more for true fans of the show that try to sell his spin on Star Trek in Spain. Of course more Trek fans in North America are pissed at him for what he is reinterperting and now he has to trek off to the other side of the world and find new people to sell his movie to.

Looks good!

At first glance, it honestly did not register that that was Quinto. He is that close.

I like this “New Fans” approach. Fine, so the canon will be messed up a bit, maybe even blown to kingdom come… but if it gets the next generation (no pun intended) interested in Trek, it can only end well. Best case scenario is that a Kid goes to see Star Trek for the sweet special effects, gets hooked, decides to check out some TOS (remastered would likely be better for the newbies)… and then… well, who knows?

The best case scenario, of course, is that maybe one day “Star Trek” will be like “2001”… where people can compare what was happening the fictional year with what was happening in the real 2001! I mean, can you imagine that, some colonists on Mars going “Yeah, we don’t have Warp. Probably never will. But at least we cured baldness!”

Thanks Ignacio!

Anthony – Do you know how many stops a U.S. Press tour may have? Or would it just be the L.A. one likely?

If Spock had green blood…
… wouldn’t his lips be green?

Always wondered about that.

Oh and hated the Pink Pepto-Bismol Kingon blood.
Pink and Kingons, no way!

Amazing Spock Picture. Totally sold on the character. ahhh, I’m so sick of waiting for this film.

Wow! Lot of things happening these days. Exciting time to be a Trek fan.

Great report.

Get the word out!

I don’t know much about Spain but if I had to come up with an educated guess why Star Trek is loathed there I’d say because it is a Catholic country. I guess Catholic territories are much more into high fantasy and medieval worlds and not so much into futuristic visions.

I take it fantasy movies are very successful in Spain, Italy and South America while SciFi movies are almost completely ignored there.

I don’t think so. Croatia is Catholic country, just like Spain. Neverthelles, we have a lot of fans. :)

Quinto is AWESOME as spock – the likeness is absolutely staggering. I just hope he has the voice to match. its terrific. im blown away.


I think Zac will be a wonderful Spock, and I can’t wait to see him in the new Movie. But, I honestly can’t believe that anyone mistakes him for Nimoy’s Spock. Maybe my facial recognition ability is different from others, but I just can’t believe it when people say they thought it was Nimoy and did a double-take. Just my two cents, but he only generally resembles Nimoy. And yes, he does need a closer shave, and those sideburn should be attached to his face, not dangling like mini peyos…


Yeah, Spain is very different from other Spanish-speaking countries. They’re all very different. Panama, for example. I’m an American myself, but I was born in Panama. It’s a Spanish speaking nation, but it’s also very multi-cultural because the Canal brought in people of many different nationalities. Similarly, the Spanish spoken in Mexico is actually a different dialect. There’s an actual linguistic difference between Spanish Spanish and Mexican Spanish.

where’s the trailer link. Wasn’t there supposed to be coming out some more assembled footage today…?

I can translate for anyone wanting to read the Spanish articles.


It does seem Abrams, or more specifically Paramount, is engaged in some form of media blitz designed to make Trek more relevant to younger and/or previously indifferent audiences.

A worthy endeavor since many of us fans believe that Trek is at its core a human story. Sci-fi is the medium that helps communicate that anything is possible in the future. Technology may dazzle us, but it is virtue that ultimately guides us forward.

True, movies are made to make money, but they can also be a platform to inspire us, and in many ways that is what Trek does best.

mark, copy and paste should work on that link *shrugs*

By the way, I was always thinking that maybe Spock’s lips are red because maybe the blood is red on the inside but is Green when oxygenated. Just a guess.

Hey, I was going to the street in my pajamas long before I was a Star Trek fan.

I’m from spain to, and I was on the preview with Ignacio. A report of that event would be very similar to the UK, Germany etc… that’s why Anthony asked for something diferent (great job, Ignacio :D).

What he had miss to say is that although there is not much trekkers on spain,we are very good organice. There are a lot of active local clubs (and now the brand new national one), and we have been doing annual conventions since ten years ago, with actors since five.

So, spain may not be a trek conutry, but we have a lot of people who really love the saga. I hope this new movie (that will be an absolute blockbuster) will open the eyes of more people and they get to now the show.