Star Trek Trailer Warps Into [Some] Theaters

The wait is over– the new Bond film Quantum of Solace premieres today and it comes with a little extra bonus in the form of a trailer for the new Star Trek movie. The Trek trailer will be available online next week, so until then you have to go to the theaters (where it should be seen anyway). We have a summary of trailer news and Bond facts below. [UPDATE: Emails and comments from TrekMovie some TrekMovie readers indicate that not all theaters showed the trailer at the Thursday midnight showings]


Trailer facts

  • Features voice-overs of Bruce Greenwood (Pike) and Ben Cross (Sarek)
  • Music is not from the Michael Giacchino score, but edited by Giacchino from Brian Tyler’s score for Children of Dune
  • New USS Enterprise is seen (in construction on land and in space), but the recently released USS Enterprise image is not from the trailer
  • Will be available at and Monday morning at 10AM
  • Will be featured on Entertainment Tonight Monday evening
  • Trailer for Watchmen also premiering with Quantum of Solace

Trailer links:


Come for the Trek, stay for the Bond
Trek is in front of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. The film opened two weeks ago in the UK and last week in other markets and is already a global hit with over $160 Million in sales so far. It has been getting mostly good reviews, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 72%. Bond is a good fit for Trek as it is a venerable franchise that also recently went through a reinvigoration, and recasting with the 2006 hit Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig as the new Bond in an origin story. Before that film came out, some hard core Bond fans made news complaints of the change, even down to his hair color, all of which seems forgotten now.

There are actually a few Trek/Bond connections. Our resident ‘six degrees of Trek expert’ and Memory Alpha editor Chuck Trotter put together a list:

  • Famke Janssen, the actress who played Kamala the metamorph in TNG’s "The Perfect Mate," played villainess Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye, the first Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan.
  • Teri Hatcher appeared as Lt. B.G. Robinson in the 1988 TNG episode "The Outrageous Okona." Nine years later she became a Bond girl when she played Paris Carver in the 18th Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • Stuart Baird, the director of Star Trek Nemesis, was the editor of Casino Royale.
  • The late Marc Lawrence, who played Volnoth in TNG’s "The Vengeance Factor" and Carl Zeemo in DS9’s "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang," appeared in two Bond flicks: Diamonds Are Forever and The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • Actor Bernie Casey, a.k.a. Ben Sisko’s former pal Calvin Hudson, appeared in Never Say Never Again, where he was the first African-American to play Bond’s CIA pal, Felix Leiter. The role is currently played by another African-American actor, Jeffrey Wright.
  • Anthony Zerbe, who played Admiral Dougherty in Star Trek: Insurrection, played a henchman in the 1989 Bond flick License to Kill.
  • Walter Gotell, who played Kurt Mandl in the TNG episode "Home Soil," portrayed Russian General Gogol in five of the Bond films.
  • Christopher Held, Lindstrom in TOS episode "The Return of the Archons", appears uncredited as an agent in Diamonds Are Forever. Sid Haig, who also appeared in "Return of the Archons" as the first lawgiver, also appeared in Diamonds.
  • Ken Adams, the production designer on seven James Bond films, was hired to as production designer for the proposed Star Trek film Planet of the Titans back in the 1970s. Adams sketched new concepts for a redesigned starship Enterprise before the project was scrapped.
  • Hawaii Five-O star Jack Lord portrayed Felix Leitner in the first Bond film, Dr. No. Lord was later Gene Roddenberry’s first choice for the role of James T. Kirk, but Lord’s deal fell through when he demanded 50% ownership of the show.
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (MGM), the owner of the Bond film franchise, was the first studio to reject Roddenberry’s Star Trek. The series would ultimately be accepted by NBC after CBS also rejected it.
  • The Director of Photography on the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies was Robert Elswit. Elswit was previously a visual effects photography on star Trek: The Motion Picture as an employee of Apogee.
  • Jeffrey Byron, who appears as a Starfleet instructor in 2009’s Star Trek, was considered for the role of James Bond when Roger Moore retired from the role before Timothy Dalton was chosen.
  • Former Paramount Pictures production executive Jeff Kleeman, who oversaw production on Star Trek VI, later became Executive VP of Production at MGM and oversaw production on the first three James Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough).
  • David Nowell is the Aerial Director of Photography on Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond flick. Nowell was also a cameraman on Star Trek III and later Aerial Director of Photography for Star Trek Nemesis and 2009’s Star Trek.

And who can forget the Julian Bashir, Secret Agent holonovels seen and referenced in the DS9 episode "Our Man Bashir,"

Did you see the trailer?
If you have seen the new trailer, don’t be shy. Tell us what you thought below. Also of interest, what did your friends think, especially non-Trekkie friends and family. What was the crowd reaction? And this is a good time for some of you lurkers to join in on the fun.

NOTE: there have been some reports that some theaters did not have the trailer, if you went to see QoS and it wasn’t there, please note the name of the theater, city and show time.
UPDATE: It is clear from comments and emails that the Star Trek trailer did not appear at some midnight showings. It is hard to judge what share had it, and it isn’t clear if this will change for the Friday-Sunday showings. TrekMovie will continue to look into this, but it may be worth calling ahead to see if your local theater is running the trailer.


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Ok, now where’s the ShakyCam [TM] version?

Showplace 16, Naperville, IL at midnight show did NOT have the trailer. I was so pissed! But QoS was awesome nonetheless.

i cant wait till monday its killing me!

I’ve posted this before…but again here anyways

Mississauga, Ontario

midnight screening @ AMC Courtney Park Drive

no trailer was attached

Makes you want to go see 007. I didn’t even know that the new 007 had the first movie. Now it is the second one.

Come on Youtube.

Dobie Theatre UT campus Austin Texas, no trailer attached. Only one trailer shown, it was for Valkrye

Just got back from QoS… WOW! I’m extremely impressed with the style and uniqueness of the cinematography of the shots shown in the trailer! The crowd seemed completely unaware that it was Star Trek until he said “James Tiberius Kirk!” And afterward, the crowd was very silent… I’m hoping that’s a good sign! Why can’t it be May 8th?

What track from Children of Dune was used in the trailer?

I agree with my esteemed colleague at #1….

….Where’s the Shakycam.

I’m too impatient to wait until Monday.


My sentiments exactly.

I’m actually planning on calling the theater where I’ll see the movie and asking which screenings will have the trailer.

They’ll probably tell me all of them will, but there have been times in the past when they’ve said the same thing and that wasn’t the case.

The trailer was very fast paced. I can’t wait to be able to watch it over and over again on Monday!

Lowes @ Universal Studios Citywalk (Orlando) didn’t have The Watchmen trailer though. I was a bit miffed about that.

Toronto, Ontario

Paramount Toronto (now known as the Scotiabank theatre) also had no trailer attached to the 12:01 show.

However I was warned early that there would be a good chance of being the case. It was a digital “print” and wasn’t scheduled to be attached according to the projectionists I used to work with.

There was a 12:10 show too in 35mm… so maybe that one had a copy on it’s print. Anyone seen it yet at all??? Anyone? C’mon Youtube!

Anyone? :-)

I hated the images that have been revealed, but the trailer blew me away. At the end Nero is seen saying “The Wait is over” damn right its over…on May 8th…

I went to QoS (for a midnight showing) specifically to see the new trailer and was greatly chagrined as it was not attached…

What’s up with that?

QoS was awesome though so the blow was lessened.

The theatre to disappoint was: The Oriental Theatre. Milwaukee, WI

Just back from Quantum of Solace. the Star Trek trailer was infront of our print, though the theater manager said they had four prints of Solace and only one copy of ST trailer. So you might want to check with management to be sure the showing you are attending has the trailer.

My thoughts on the trailer is that the images move fast, but as one of those who watched TOS when it first appeared i liked this trailer and it made me want to see more!!!!

Wow! i saw it. I thought visually it looked great. The Enterprise shots looked wonderful, and the Kelvin blowing up at the end. People in my theater didn’t really react until the kid said, “James Tiberius Kirk”. Man, Pine looks awesome.

Hey guys I just got back from seeing the trailer and Quantum of Solace! The trailer is amazing. As others have reported, this movie just feels so epic. The special fx look amazing. There are a few quick shots of the Enterprise: one with its back turned to the camera zipping to warp…the other with the Enterprise rushing towards the camera front-on. From those angles, it looks like TOS Enterprise except with much larger nacelles, though its still very much familiar. The shot of the Enterprise under construction is of a similar angle to the photo released. Still looks a bit awkward, but I like it better after seeing it from different angles. The cuts were very very quick and I can’t wait til it’s released on the internet so I can freeze-frame.

I saw the trailer in Boston. The description’s given were right on, but it did not do it justice. I was totally blown away by how it looked. Definitely huge! The audience seemed stunned that it was Star Trek. It was the only trailer where no one talked during it…and even afterward. This is gonna be a kick-ass movie!

Ahead Warp Factor 4, Mr. Sulu!

I can’t wait any longer!

Oh and may I add that I went with two friends: one Trekkie one non-Trekkie, but both of them liked it. The a good portion of the crowd (which was mostly high school kids and young adults) cheered after the Enterprise delta symbol came on the screen, and cheered more intensely when the words “Star Trek” appeared. Looks like JJ has successfully gained at least some mainstream-movie going audience-interest in this project

I just went to see the new Jazz Bonn in, of all places…… Lisbon, Portugal. And guess what the F?

NO new star trek trailer!!!

nah i am just kidding of course. it’s old h69 waiting it out in midwestern united states colorado.

i am excited SO dont spoil it for me. or maybe DO.



Went to the midnight show in Mississauga, Ontario Canada WITH A SMUGGLED IN VIDEO CAMERA to be the first eagle eye for the trek movie crowd – but, while the trailers for The Spirit, and Valkyrie were amazing, there was no Trek Trailer attached.
Having all your friends and fiance laugh at you over Jack white and Alicia Keys… priceless

just got back from the 12:01 showing at Showcase Cinemas in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While there were 2 screens showing midnights of Bond, mine DID NOT have Trek OR Watchmen trailers. So pissed. I still wanted to see Bond, but I’ll tell ya I was the only guy sitting there wearing a Star Trek t-shirt all grumpy when the MGM lion came on.

My favorite shot is when the camera was going through white Enterprise corridors, and you hear the familiar Red Alert klaxon. I got chills.

Did ANY cinema in Canada show it?

BTW, I have something to offer from Moriarity at AICN. Just had a chat with him.

This seems to be something that isn’t surprising if some aren’t seeing it. Apparently there isn’t a completely guarantee a particular theater or chain will show certain trailers, especially when the trailer and movie are from two different studios. Some screens may show trailers, some may not. Some chains may make deals to show a particular trailer.

In fact, there were some reports of NO trailers being shown before Bond. He mentions that isn’t uncommon, especially with midnight showings.

So I would definitely check ahead with your local cinema, maybe find out where it’s at.

I went to Rave in Huntsville, AL. No Star Trek trailer attached. My wife and I were so pissed. That’s the whole reason we went.

Why do they have to wait until Monday to put it online? Just put it online Friday.

When will we see this trailer in Europe and in front of what movie?

I would like to know that.

Oh, and Rave also showed the OLD Watchmen trailer and not the new one. What is up with all these theaters showing the wrong trailers?

I got Trek, but not Watchmen. We had to sit through that crappy Wil Smith movie trailer twice, and Jim Carrey,

Well, I guess the trailers fall under the IDIC thing.. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Here’s hoping that someone will be posting a youtube copy sometime today.
#30- I thought that Quantum of Solice was supposed to have the trailer in Europe beginning on Sunday???

I ended up calling the theatre here, and they said that they didn’t attach the trailer for time reasons. I’m considering trying to go to Omaha (about 90 miles away) to try to find a theatre that has it. I’ll probably call around to the theatres to see if any of them have the trailer attached (though I’m not sure if the people answering the phone would know).

Cool shot is when Kirk drives up over the hill on some hoverbike, and you see the Enterprise being built on the ground.

Broadway, you jackass…

THAT was the time to find the house manager and…

get an answer about when you can see the trailer. Hope that your hot wife gives it to you good tonight as consolation.

Dear Ms. Broadway,

IF ever there was a time for the mercy…………



About the YouTube copies, geeze people, can’t we wait for the FULL thing on Monday? I don’t know, but I don’t want my first impression to possibly be a poor recording of the thing. I think it completely kills the experience of it.

Does anyone know if the big theater in Evanston, IL has it?

yes, aries127. the big theater in Evanston, IL has it.

thank old h69 later.



People in the theatres… laughed at it.

I thought it was pretty cool. Gave some nice little hints at Kirk’s childhood and his motivation for joining Starfleet. All the spoilers about the trailer are true, but I think I missed the transporter effect by blinking. :-/

Yeah at the end like 2 people clapped at the logo, and everyone else was too busy looking at their cheap phones.

I think I was the only one who cheered. They came here to watch a 39 year old secret agent survive absurd amounts of gunfire and they laugh at Trek? Whatever. They’ll see how good it is. :)

I laughed my butt off at the Watchmen trailer, cause it looked like all those bad superhero films from the 90’s with the blank actor stares and the goofy costumes.

now, lets be specific, Jovan Musk (for men)

were they larfing at the size of the mac? OR at the inadequecies of PC in the shadow of mac?

text me on the iphone


QOS is out two weeks in Ireland and there was no trailer attached (obviously), anybody know what film it will be attached to???

23, that’s a good sign. Let’s hope that the new film is a huge success and that it becomes “cool” again.

20 and 27, the trailer sounds excellent. I won’t be seeing “Quantum of Solace” in theaters before Monday so I’ll look forward to seeing it online and in theaters sometime in the next week or so. The reviews of the trailer have been excellent so I have high hopes.

41, that’s not a good sign. Hopefully the advertising blitz in 2009 will change their minds.

#45: I do not know what you are talking about.

#48: I think they just aren’t willing to accept Trek as “cool.” So what, anyways? We’ll be the ones laughing at them when they wish they had seen the midnight showing too. :)

What I want is a website where, by city, I can look up a theater and see if they’re confirmed as having the trailer in front of QoS :/

I want to see QoS anyway, but if I go in expecting the Trek trailer and it isn’t there, that would be officially uncool.