First Look At New TOS Remastered Promo

The new trailer for the Star Trek movie will be online shortly, but CBS wants to remind people that the Original is still out there. CBS is still airing Star Trek Remastered in syndication. Next month they will be releasing a new fun light-hearted promo to stations, but they sent it over to TrekMovie this morning for a first look, check it out below.


Here it is.

[flashvideo filename= image= width=”384″ height=”288″ /]

More TOSR coverage coming up soon
The third season of Star Trek Remastered is released on DVD tomorrow. TrekMovie will have a review for that set up late tonight, and later we will have a full review of "The Cage," which will be the last of our series of TOSR reviews. We also have a new TOSR DVD give-away contest coming up. TrekMovie is still the home of Trek Remastered!


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I love the warm fuzzy feeling this article gives me.

thats a good commercial

That’s a FANTASTIC promo!

Ha ha. That’s cute.

It airs at 4AM Sunday mornings here but I still rock it old school style and tape it.

I have yet to ever see my local station that carries TOS Remastered run an ad for it. Not once. Absolutely no promotion at all yet apparently it does OK in its Saturday night 10:30 PM timeslot.

Here’s hoping this commercial gets the good word out to even more people!

Uhura… Foxy!


I love that ship…

PRICELESS! I llluuurrrvvveeee it!

Terrible commercial. And the music at the end is the MGM DVD logo music that plays full blast at the start of their DVDs. Yuck! And why are the characters backwards at the end?

Love it.


That’s really kind of cute.


Great stuff! :-)


Well done. :-)

LOL!!! okay, that commercial is unique.

ahh remastered TOS. kicking it 2006 old skewl trekmovies dot com dot org.



I love it.

I’m a doctor, not a Showgirl


I don’t remember when he says that one.

That’s a fun little spot! But once again, I have to ask myself WHY the station have to replace TOS:R with frickin’ Knight Rider?! Saturday night just isn’t the same without an episode to tape and watch. :(

(I’ll check again, maybe they’ve just moved it and I didn’t notice…)




That’s wonderful !!!!

Can anyone answer me this?

I have seasons one and two of TOSR. Season 2 quality is very bad. Many scenes are NOT remastered, as one can notice the color is faded and the screen blurry, but then it cuts back and it looks okay then it goes back to the faded shot.

Any ideas?

This website keeps referring to itself in the 3rd person – its like that Jimmy guy from that one Seinfeld episode

Fun commerial.

The uniforms are reversed in the closing scene. Should fix that.

Wow, I hate that ad. Missed opportunity.

Condescendingly, it sells the camp, the cheese and the cliches.

Great shot of the Enterprise at the end, though.

Gotta love that commercial. That’s awesome

Clever commercial!

Neat promo.

Want on Blu Ray. Now.

Love it!

That’s hilarious!

“I’m a doctor not an escalator!”


(Now can we PLEASE have this on Blu-Ray? Thank you.)

After all these years, is there anyone who DOESN’T know which side the uniform insignias go on? Great promo but why didn’t anyone producing this piece notice Kirk, Sulu & Chekov flopped at the end? Oy!

Nice that they’re promo-ing it.

Why the reversed bridge shot?

Also, can someone please inform WSB (Welcome South Brother — I’m not making that up) -TV that some folks would like to see this at a decent hour… in fact, at all.


24. – you’re probably noticing shots such as hand phasers or crossfades that were optical effects back in the day and are 2nd generation images even in the master negative. They stand out like a sore thumb next to the single generation shots that have been remastered.

Terrible, but Hilarious

Hang on, the bloody website says its another day, 1 hour away…..

what the hell???

I’ve been waiting long enough, this is a disrgrace!


Wow, that’s a great promo. Well done.

A shame that wasn’t the trailer for the new movie instead…

Website says it’s another day… Anthony?.. what’s going on?

@39: It’s a bug in the counter. It hit 00:00:00, and is now showing -1:-1:-1, but the negative signs don’t show up.

Actually showing -1:-1:-5 now. We can use it as a counter for how late they are!

Where’s the new trailer, it’s going backwards, but no new trailer :-(


Nope. All the CG shots look new. Some of the other shots are clearly remastered, however, most shots are not remastered. When I say shots, I mean scenes.

Anyone else own Season 2 TOSR and notice the same thing?

The Trailer…
What the Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell !
minutes seem like hours – hours are actually days now!

btw the new trailer is up at

Also, Anthony, I keep getting “Error establishing database connection when I click on the links from my Google Reader. Just FYI.

this is a great promo. It hits on a lot of the “in jokes” that fans already know. and it certainly gives great and fun reasons for new people to watch. Hopefully more and more people contiue to discover Star Trek and TOS.

all that said. My experience with TOS-R on my local stations has been poor. Sure they air it. But it’s always at 1 or 2 in the morning. and I can say that this promo would NEVER make it to air on my local station. They just treat Trek as filler….”well, no ones watching tv right now anyway…so lets air star trek.”