Details On First Two Waves Of Playmates Star Trek Movie Toys + Nero’s Ship Name Revealed [UPDATED]

As James T. Kirk says in the new Star Trek, "Buckle up!" has the details on the first two waves of Star Trek film toys and figures from Playmates Toys, coming out in 2009. And even if you are not into collecting, there is some movie news for spoiler fans as well. 


Playmates is back with Trek
The new Star Trek movie will have some toys coming from Mattel (like Star Trek Barbie) and other companies will have movie products, but the main toy line is from the venerable Playmates Toys, whose 1990s Star Trek toys are a favorite of many fans.
There will be at least two wave of toys next year from Playmate Toys, with Wave 1 released in March and April before the film (an important marketing decision) and Wave 2 in September, which may be timed to coincide with the probable autumn DVD release.

All of the following are available for preorder now from Entertainment Earth.



Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle – Arriving March 2009
Authentic and detailed scaled model of the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek movie featuring lights and sounds from the movie. Comes with display base that attaches to the ship’s lower hull and allows you to change the ship’s position.

Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle: pre-order  $35.09

ACTION FIGURES – Available: April 2009
Star Trek
movie action figures will be in three versions, 3.75" (similar to Star Wars action figures), 6" (similar to the DST Star Trek action figures), and 12". These figures are designed for both younger fans to play with (especially the 3.75 and 6") and for discerning collectors (6" and 12"). Here are the details from each of the action figures.

3.75" 10 pack set
The 3.75" line has 10 initial figures in Wave 1, and the figures come with accessories such as phasers, communicators, and displays. [NOTE: playsets are sized for these action figures.]. Each figure in the set comes individually wrapped in its own card. The ten figures included are [Note: questionable descriptions mentioned in previous TrekMovie story have been fixed]:

  • Kirk in Enterprise outfit
  • Spock in Enterprise Outfit
  • Original Spock (AKA Prime Spock which is Leonard Nimoy’s version)
  • McCoy in cadet outfit
  • Sulu in Enterprise outfit
  • Uhura in Enterprise outfit
  • Pike in Enterprise outfit
  • Nero
  • Chekov in cadet outfit
  • Scotty in Enterprise outfit

3.75" 10 pack available for pre-order  $62.89

6" Figure case
The 6" inch line will run between 8 and 10 action figures in the initial wave. Details of which characters are included are not yet finalized (although likely to be similar list as 3.75" line), and figures will include accessories such as phasers, communicators, and displays.

6" figure case available for pre-order  $86.84

12" Collector Figure Set
The 12" line will include four figures, three of which are confirmed to be Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (the fourth is either Prime Spock or Scotty in ‘frozen planet outfit’). Each figure features detailed likenesses, cloth costumes, and accessories.

12" Collector Figure Set : available for pre-order  $114.89

PLAYSETS — Available March 2009
It has been almost 15 years since fans have been treated to a Star Trek playset sized for smaller scale action figures and this film has two: Enterprise Bridge and the Transporter Room.  The last movie Enterprise playset was 1979’s MEGO version for TMP.

Enterprise  Bridge Playset
The Enterprise Bridge playset (sized for 3.75" figures) has electronic features, including lighting and sound effects from the film. The set includes a bonus Captain Kirk action figure.

Star Trek Movie Enterprise Bridge Playset: pre-order  $37.39

Transporter Room Playset
The Transporter Room will allow the action figures to beam in and out, with appearing and disappearing effects after being placed in the Transporter cylinder. The set includes a bonus Scotty (of course!) action figure, and features lighting and sound effects.

Star Trek Movie Transporter Room Playset: pre-order  $33.79


One of the biggest trends in toys are role playing sets and items. Batman and Star Wars, for example, both feature these kinds of items based on their characters. There are two waves of role playing items revealed.
For March, there is the troika of the communicator, phaser, and tricorder. All feature movie lighting and sound effects.

Star Trek Movie Electronic Communicator: features a flip open cover and two buttons to activate the electronic play.

Star Trek Movie Electronic Communicator: pre-order  $17.59

Star Trek Movie Electronic Phaser: has a pivoting nozzle (to switch from stun to kill).

Star Trek Movie Electronic Phaser: pre-order  $17.59

Star Trek Movie Electronic Tricorder: has spring activated top and front covers

Star Trek Movie Electronic Tricorder: pre-order  $17.59

The information below was based on the update to the Entertainment Earth website. Since the first update Entertainment Earth has removed all of the items for Wave 2. Below covers what was announced, but none of these items are available for pre-order any more. It is expected for there to be a 2nd wave and it was likely that these items were just announced before they should have been announced and before details were worked out (notably on the ships).

Nero Ship Vehicle – Arriving September 2009
Entertainment Earth also has two listings for Star Trek movie related Playmates ship toys for September with no descriptions beyond the names. One is called "Jellyfish" and the other is "Narada."  "Jellyfish Vehicle" and the other is "Narada Vehicle." Although neither Playmates nor Entertainment Earth are confirming this, according to TrekMovie sources these are two different names for the same ship, that of the villain Nero. Narada is the actual name of the ship and ‘Jellyfish’ is a description of how how it looks (like a giant black metal jellyfish). It is not clear why there are two listings and it is possible that is an error or maybe there is a variant. Regardless, we now know that Nero’s ship is called "Narada.".

Utility Belt
It has been nearly 30 years that fans have been waiting for a new version of the Star Trek utility belt, and Playmates Toys answers those hopes with the Star Trek Movie Utility Belt which is detailed after the ones worn by the crew of the Enterprise. It will hold the phaser and communicator from the March toy line.

Walkie talkies in communicator form make all the sense in the world, which is why the idea has been a perennial, from MEGO’s 1970s line to the Playmates TNG walkie talkies. Once again, fans can communicate with each other using 21st century technology wrapped in 23rd century style.

Phaser Tag game
There will also be a Phaser Tag game which is a Star Trek version of laser tag. We all know phasers are better than lasers, anyway.

It is good news for collectors (and for the marketing of the film) that the Star Trek movie toys are being released before the movie. The fact that there are multiple waves shows that Playmates is again committed to Star Trek and hopefully it does not end with two. TrekMovie has been told that the above list is not the extent of the planned Playmates line and there may be additional items in the first two waves.

Putting it into context, this means that Star Trek is being treated more like Indiana Jones and a long term franchise and less like King Kong, whose toys were in and out of stores in basically a single wave. If Playmates Toys gets their toys into stores such as Wal-Mart or Toys R Us, then Star Trek will have a presence in retail for hopefully months at a time. will continue to bring fans movie toy news as it is available, including lines from Mattel and other licenses.


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I feel like a little kid again.

And I mean that in the good way. Second!

I wonder how big the Enterprise toy will be. Will Kirk be in the gold uniform or black uniform we’ve seen from the screenshots? I have a ton of Star Trek stuff from playmates so I look forward to this new line!

And no plush toy ice planet creature?

How about a play set of the bar complete with little beer cans for your action figures, and break away furniture!

TOYGASM! If only they had had this type of stuff when I was a kid!

My son’s too old now for me to buy all of these toys for “him” so I’m now working on my eight year old daughter… she’ll soon have a a bedroom full of trek toys to go with the TOS Barbie and Ken I bought for her when she was a baby ;)

I can see the conversations now…

“No sweetheart, its not a phone its a communicator… yes I know it looks like a phone but its…you can call people on starships with it!”

and how do i order spock’s timeship?

I hope they make a USS Kelvin :D

“Narada” huh? For a moment there, I thought they would call it “Krakken”.

According to wikipedia, Narada is a divine sage from the Hindu tradition. He is portrayed as a travelling monk with the ability to visit distant worlds or planets. Well..that would make sense. However, it would make sense also as the name for Spock’s ship.

What about the Kelvin! It looks sweet — I want Playmates to make a light and sound version of that one too.

Hmm. I see I will have to start offloading another shelf’s worth of books in my home office to accommodate these….

Just like Bob Orci predicted in an earlier thread, the Naradas name is revealed via the toys…

Interesting facts: the Communicator still has a flip open cover, the Phaser comes with the in EW described pivoting nozzle, and the Tricorder springs into action… the Utility Belt was shown in the Abrams preview images in Cologne, but was marked as Kelvin equipment then… Spock has it in the trailer.

#8. As do I for some reason, just hope I can add the “ington” to it. LOL

Action figures are for children and 35 year old kiddies. Any word yet about print media?

And better make the books be BIG like THE COMPLETE MAKING OF INDIANA JONES!!!!

Man, if I were rich and not a college student….

I would so buy that stuff, and put the new bridge next to my 1701-D bridge.

Ahhh yes… that would be nice. I would need a helluva lot more space in my room though. (Pardon the pun)

Cool. I really hope the landing party gear is less like the Playmates props of the 80’s and 90’s, which were close, but no cigar, and more spot on repro’s like Art Asylum an Dst are doing with the incredible TOS phaser/communicator and tricorder.

Umm Santa, I know I’m 32, but I want a Star Trek Phaser, a bridge play set, a Toy ship…… :)


OK, excitement coming soon.

I wanna SEE!

#10 here’s some additional info on Narada that may apply here:
“Narada is here, there, and everywhere; and yet, none of the Puranas gives the true characteristics of this great enemy of physical procreation. Whatever those characteristics may be in Hindu Esotericism, Narada — who is called in Cis-Himalayan Occultism Pesh-Hun, the ‘Messenger,’ or the Greek Angelos — is the sole confidant and the executor of the universal decrees of Karma and adi-Budh a kind of active and ever incarnating logos, who leads and guides human affairs from the beginning to the end of the Kalpa (a VERY long time period)

While I suppose Romulans don’t follow Hinduism, this would explain the choice of the name..

I need a Micro Mini Machine set of the new Movie ships!
If only that would be on the list. Maybe we will find them at Burger King, or in cereal boxes.

I’ll DEFINITELY be getting the new Enterprise toy. I’m sure it’ll look great next to my DST ships. Also, it’s very cool that the Star Trek figures will be scaled in the 3 3/4″ format like the Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures. I’ve always felt those were the best size, probably because I’m a child of the 80’s.


[24] The front of the Phaser, where the beam emits…


What, no Uhura taking off her top figure????

Cnidaria would be a better name ;)


ROFL… that would be life-sized!

Oh boy, Liz and Denise are gonna flip out when they see this.

[28] The Kelvin ends up in that stinging nettle for sure…

I wish Playmates would make the new Star Trek figures 4.5″ the same size they made them before not 3.75″. Then the old figures would match up in size with the new figures side by side in a showcase.

Okay…are we CERTAIN there haven’t been any leaks on the design of the new phasers, communicators and tricorders? I’M DYIN’ OVER HERE!!!!!

No pictures??

That Star Trek-themed laser tag set sounds AWESOME!! I’ve always wanted something like that…but the laser tag things have always been generic, until now!! :D

How could they not offer the ice planet creature..?! Makes no sense. Kids want to have “battles” (actually I want to have “battles” with them, heh).

They also neglected to offer a Klingon (or whatever those dudes are with the metal helmets) and a basic Romulan bad guy to go with Nero…

Playmates marketing CEO: “Hey! Let’s make a new line of Trek movie action figures with primarily good guys! In fact, let’s only make one of them a bad guy!”


“The last movie Enterprise playset was 1979’s MEGO version for TMP.”

Actually, the Playmates TNG engineering playset was “Generations” branded, though it looked no different from the Engineering set seen in the TV show.

This all sounds great.. Glad to hear that they’re making TNG-Galoob scale figures!

Hell, Idepending on how cool the playsets are, I might buy one for my 5 year-old next Christmas.

The “Transporter” set would be extra cool if it had the same type of spinning chamber that the Mego TOS set had…

only THIS one should have five or six bright blue and white mini LEDs attached to the cylindrical door so that when it spins, it gives off an awesome “spinning light” effect like the one in the movie!!!

Wouldn’t that be bitchin’?

I still have the bridge set from the 70’s, with transporter “effect”…and WOW was the graphic art bad on those interchangeable viewscreen things! The rest of it’s cool, though.

Did anyone have those huge phasers that were actually flashlights with sound effects? Those things were gigantic! Thankfully they’re able to get the electronics down MUCH smaller now :)

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought Star Trek crap. Too long!!! Can’t wait to see this stuff!!!

And damn, do I ever want a real ‘you built it model kit’ of the Kelvin and new E!!!

[33] The only thing I saw was the concept drawing for the Phaser…

I can’t see myself buying any of it, but it will be nice to stroll down the toy aisles at Wal-Mart and seeing little kids fumble with Spock and Kirk action figures. Been a long time…

I was extremely excited to see TMP back in the day.

But Mego’s line of TMP figures = Boring with a capital “B”!!!

Like I said, kids want to stage battles and that line of figures was lacking in a major way. Not one bad guy (except, I think a Klingon)!!

You almost can’t blame Mego though – – there was not one “bad guy” in the entire film.

The TMP ‘action’ figures were as boring as the movie that spawned them :) This is a fun article, and I will have to budget accordingly!!

are ther any adults on this site. you guys are kidding…Abrams is expecting alot from this movie, I mean he must think it’s going to be BIG! Sequals, toys, action figures. I predict a few to sell but…….

Why are you asking if there are any adults here? I don’t see anything to indicate otherwise — be specific

No model kits? :-(

32. Steve Short

I second that notion

Although, regardless of the change, im still gonna buy the new bridge, and im still gonna try to fit my old 4.5’s into the new 3.75 sized chairs, lol

Nomad, there was a separate announcement covered in another article, that there will be several model kits from AMT.

Anthony, do you have a link to that?

I really hope the franchise has a bright future. Even though it’s not exactly how I’d do it (how many of us can say that?), it’s gratifying to see Paramount get behind the property so strongly. Bodes well for the whole TREK universe.

I’m blind so having the toys to “play with” has always been a neat way for me to get an idea of what the ships…etc. look like. My parents think it’s a little strange that at age 31 I still ask for toys for Christmas, but what the hell… :-) I hope I get all of them.

Oh, and they should make a phaser squirtgun with an LED in it to eluminate the water stream as it comes out. That would be hella cool and I could use it on my cat!

Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle – Arriving March 2009

I’m hoping for a return of the “multi-button” ships that Playmates used to deliver. I don’t really like the work that Art Asylum / Diamond Select did for the single button releases. If I want the Enterprise to shoot Torpedoes, I press the Torpedo button!