More Details and Promotional Image For Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic

Last month TrekMovie reported that IDW will release a comic book prequel in January for the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. Today IDW issued an official announcement related to that book, including a promotional image and some comments from the IDW editor and Star Trek movie co-writer Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: plus a comment from artist David Messinia]


Countdown: connecting TNG to the new Star Trek
The four issue "Star Trek Countdown" series is ‘presented by’ Star Trek director JJ Abrams and ‘plotted by’ co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The series is written by Mike Johnson (Superman/Batman) and Tim Jones, and features art by David Messina (Star Trek: Mirror Images).

As reported in our previous article, Star Trek Countdown will take place in the Star Trek Next Generation era and the focus is primarily on older Spock and Nero, the villain of the film. In the official release Orci states:

Star Trek: Countdown lays the groundwork for what happens in the movie. It’s our way of passing the baton from the Next Generation characters and their movies to the new film.

Hints in Promo image
From the promotional image (below) it is now clear “Star Trek Countdown” will feature Picard and Data in the Next Gen era (note they are wearing the TNG uniforms used from First Contact through to Nemesis). The image also features Spock and (interestingly) a younger looking Nero with no tattoos. The promo image is a take on the four quadrant Star Trek Comic Con 2008 posters. It would not be surprising if, like the Comic Con promotion, this image is actually made up of the four individual covers for "Star Trek Countdown."

Promo image for "Star Trek Countdown"
(click to enlarge)

This project is a long-time coming as noted by IDW Editor Andy Schmidt in the release:

There was a lot of back and forth about doing this project, how to do it, what it would be about, but what all parties agreed on was that we needed the right story and that it needed to matter. It had to count both on its own merits and when read in conjunction with the new movie. I couldn’t be happier with the project and what it means to the overall Star Trek franchise!

A must read for movie fans
Star Trek Countdown #1 will be available at Comic Stores in January ($3.99). The remaining three issues will come out in February, March and April respectively. This series looks like a must read for Trek comic book fans and also fans who are not regular comic readers. The "Star Trek: Countdown" trade paperback (which will compile all four issues) is now available for pre-order on It costs $12.23 and comes out on April 29th.

UPDATE: Messina speaks
In the comments section below, Star Trek Countdown artist David Messina has joined in the conversation, adding this thought:

I’m an old comics guy, and, in my opinion, Trek has always translated poorly to comics. Ships are badly rendered, and starfields are messy.

NOT this time! ;)

Also, the issue of canon is one thing, but will this comic actually reveal any of the well-kept secrets of the film (who is Nero, and whom he is angry at and why)


Believe me, you can’t imagine…


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Neat. I like the style of the cover matching the imagery of the film poster. It adds a little more “cohesiveness” to the old and new.

neat !

As an avid fan of graphic novels, I simply cannot wait! The fact that it’s Star Trek (and deals with TNG) certainly sweetens the deal though.

Wait wha?!

It took me a second to process that. What’s Data doing here?

I hope there’s no lame brining Data back to life storyline here. Yes, I know B4 is around, but why would he be on the cover? (Except I suppose to pique interest)

This looks like it would have made a great animated series/ straight to DVD ala the animatrix or the Batman one they did before Dark Knight. And finally First


5 – Maybe it takes place prior to Nemesis?

Wouldn’t that be B4 since Data is dead? Man I just really wished TNG received one REAL last movie sendoff like The Undiscovered Country did for the original crew :(

I think Nero got his ink done on Rura Penthe. Romulan tribal prison art.

Wow, that sounds great! I am looking forward to the movie, but would love to find out what’s been going on the the current Trek universe since Nemesis. It must take place before the last film though, as Data gets “killed” ( as we all know) in that movie. I’d really like to see a graphic novel written by Orci or someone thats worked on Trek, that focuses on TNG crew, perhaps even a Titan Graphic novel.

Just nice to see Trek getting good press again, hope the movie lives up to all the hype, although it’s very rare they do.

Hey, if I missed something in an earlier thread, just call me Captain Obvious. :-)

#5 “I hope there’s no lame brining Data back to life…”

Interesting thought there – dip Data in a saline solution and… Naw – it’d never work.

Yes!!! I was so hoping that Picard would be part of this!!! I haven’t read comic books in a long time but in January I am going to pick this bad boy up!!!!

If the comic prequel is supposed to take place after Nemesis, from the looks of the cover – Have they found a way to bring Data back to life! :-)

So…..sort of to connect this with Mr. Trotter’s piece in a previous post, I’m curious if the events depicted in the comics will be counted as the all illustrious “canon”? If it’s a prequel to the movie, then why not? However, we all know that canon is only what was on the screen, big or small. I’ll let the powers that be determine, but it is an interesting thought to process.

Very excited and looking forward to buying a copy in January!

Actually I think I see the hint of a tattoo, there’s a little spike on his forehead right beneath the word “official.”

Hopefully this will give TNG the send-off it deserved and give us a neat intro to the new film! I’m excited now; fingers crossed!! I’m glad to see Picard, but I am curious about the Data/B4 thing…

They should just use Data as if he never died–pretend Nemesis never happened like everyone else does. Don’t try to explain it, don’t worry about “making it fit in canon.” Just write the damn story, and put Data in it, and be done with it. Nemesis was lame as shit…I wish Paramount would officially disown that movie and emancipate it from the Star Trek universe. It sucked hard.


Sorry about the caps. But hey, it would be worth capitalizing if they actually did throw out that stinking load of a movie.

I assumed that this series would track Spock and Nero over a number of years, presumably patching up Spock’s story between Unification and the new movie. Since Spock met Data and Picard last time, presumably it starts with them still in the picture somewhere?

Considering this is a reboot of the franchise the events in TOS, TNG, ect technically never happened now. So Data could be alive again due to a change in history. Perhaps we should thank Nero for this??? Unless that IS B4?

Either way I was confused as to WTF Picard has to do with the story. Nice to know that he’s involved somehow tho…

Well, depending on the character archetype, we may see Nero start on Romulus as a protoge of Spock in the reunification underground. When he decides to take a more violent approach, Spock rejects him, a situation which may leave Nero to a Klingon prison. Upon his escape/release he gets a hold of some time tech (because it is apparently pretty easy to get by that time) and decides to make some very personally motivated changes. Attack the world of his former mentor, ruin the life of his former mentor’s best friend, etc. It will be interesting to see what role Picard and Data play in this.

Is Nero Future Guy from ENT? Do we know things like the Kelvin and Vulcan are the ONLY changes he is making to the timeline?

Will this comic be canon? (Interesting question I know, considering the movie’s canon/reboot question.)

I am looking forward to it.

Of course, I’m going to have a little countdown of my own, and watch every TOS episode before the movie comes out. My wife can’t wait! (Hear the sarcasm?)

Is it creepy the Data pose replicates the Uhura pose from the movie’s posters?

Weerd1 – November 24, 2008 “Is Nero Future Guy from ENT? Do we know things like the Kelvin and Vulcan are the ONLY changes he is making to the timeline?”

Thats an interesting idea! It would also make sense, future guy tries to disrupt the enterprise NX01 and the formation of the Federation, now he tries to destroy Kirk, who was the biggest thorn in the romulan side with regards to them taking over the federation and destroying it.

Even if it has nothing to do with it, it still is a good idea, and would tie all era’s of Start Trek “History” together.

Looks interesting. I think I’m gonna get those comics.

The Data issue will probably be pre-Nemesis.

Or it is B4, which would cheapen the series considerably.

Clearly…. (Jesus, here goes)… theileron radiation has the same effect as the Genesis device; therefore Data was reformed in the explosion which destroyed the Scimitar. Picard then stole the Enterprise-E to go back and find him, but that movie was so bad it went straight to DVD.

Is it just me, or does Picard look like he’s about to chew my face off?

no..comic books arent canon..claiming the animated series is canon is just stretching it

Love that TNG isn’t being forgotten. It may have been underserved in its final days, but I adore those characters, and I believe Mr. Orci does too.

Our gain.

Death of Picard??????????????????????

Pfft. I’d just as soon they bring Data back, since his death was pointless and they completely undercut any meaning it might have had with B4.

Even though Nemesis is pretty much universally hated (I actually didn’t mind it) by most, didn’t Data copy his entire memory into B-4 in an attempt to give him the same level of awareness as himself? I think I remember there being some problem where the copy didn’t take or something. What if they solved that?

Look guys… the question is… WILL WE SEE TNG time period in the beginning of the FILM or some time during it to set up the story. I think its freakin stupid this back story is a comic book… THIS shouldve been part of the movie INCORPORATING TNG characters, SPOCK, and the original crew members!!! WHY NOT MAKE AN EPIC FILM INCLUDING EVERYONE! Instead of a gay comic! CMON!! THE NEW MOVIE BETTER SHOW SOME TNG TIME PERIOD STUFF1!!!!

Actually a gay comic sounds great.. topshelf android action….

I’m gay by the way, in case the irony was wasted


I didn’t read anything about any gays in the comic.
If you mean it derogatorily however, I take offense.

Interesting the first look at Spock (Prime?) the Nimoy Spock if you will and it is in comic book art form.;) Looks like it might be an interesting read. Someone mentioned a ANIMATRIX type STAR TREK DVD tie in. You know that might of been a fun idea. I believe it would be way too late to do something like that now. They did a somewhat similar thing with THE DARK KNIGHT this last summer with the GOTHAM KNIGHT DVD. Although it was not a direct connection with the film.

Am I the only one who remembers that Data downloaded all of his memories and experiences into B-4? So even if the comic picks up after Nemesis, that’s how it would work. Data’s data planted in B-4 finally takes hold and he becomes Data. Problem solved!

Regardless of this, I really wish these Countdown comics could have been the new movie, giving TNG a proper send-off. Hey JJ! Why not create a made-for-tv movie based on this!

30 – If Paramount or the producers say they are canon, they will be.

#34 … Ah, you remembered it!

To continue a theme, I return to the most hilarious gay Star Trek spoof ever by the german comedian Michael ‘Bully’ Herbig. Spock (played) by Herbig, who I think is straight, minces around, checks his eyebrows in a flip-out mirror (communicator).
Sorry, the film is called Traumschiff Surprise. Funniest thing ever. Fact.

Yeah, baby!!! SPOCK PRIME!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

Damn I apologize, i was typing without thinking… By gay i meant stupid… nothing more… I’m just a little worried that what seems to be an AWESOME story involving TNG time period and crew tieing into the movie will be done in a comic! When it wouldve been a BILLION times better if this story was part of the movie! Think of it.. what a GREAT way for the TNG crew to hand off the series to the New look and feel of the franchise! And all we’ll get of that is a comic book??? No thanks. I’ll watch the movie ONLY and count THAT as what happened.

Does anyone here think they will show some old SPOCK and NERO in TNG time period??? This is a big concern for me as I think it would just be sooo cool to see on screen! And maybe see some Starfleet ships and people with TNG uniforms??? T

Nero has the tats. You can see the point coming down just below the “C” in “Official.”


Hey Daniel – no worries, just being a sensitive old queen.

I would LOVE to see Spock Prime and Nero in the TNG era!!!!!

@23- Weerd1:

I have been thinking down that line too.

-What if Nero is just another agent of the Temporal Cold War?
-What if Archer’s travels back and forth courtesy Daniels has enabled him to “orchestrate” things his way?
-Perhaps Daniels has found a way to prolong Archer’s life, that the Scotty/Porthos incident doesn’t involve a withered 130 year old man?
-Wouldn’t it be ironically hilarious if Daniels helps undo Nero’s tampering?

I was always waiting for some guy named Midland to team up with Archer and Daniels on the Temporal Cold War missions.

I agree with some others- as blech as the TCW theme was, it would tie Archer, Kirk, and Picard’s crews together- one mother of a fight!

And it was Daniels’ fault that Archer read the book about the “Romulan Star Empire”…

One more thing STAR TREK GENERATIONS had an element of the TOS pass the baton the the TNG ST series/films. Now this comic book seems to be doing the reverse of the process.;) Funny how this is all working out.

RE:44 Need to work on that apology gay doesn’t mean stupid.As for the comic I already pre-ordered the compiled comic so I can read it all the way through before I see the film.I won’t bash it based on an image. Give it a chance folks!

About Nero’s tattoo… that black thing right below “C” of “Official” could well be a piece of his hair.

Ok ok, I know… Nero doesn’t have hair in the movie. But who said he didn’t have it when he was younger or something? Maybe he decided to shave it later and add the tattoos… who knows…