UPDATE: Intel Updates Star Trek Site With USS Kelvin Ship & Crew Details/Images + New Contest

UPDATE: Intel, a promotional partner for the new Star Trek movie, has updated their boldlygo.intel.com site with an interactive tour of the USS Kelvin revealing more images and details of the ship and its crew. There is also new contest site with a Kelvin desktop, a sweepstakes for a laptop and a promise of a 2009 contest for tickets to the premiere of the Star Trek movie. [SPOILERS]


UPDATE: USS Kelvin Interactive at Main Intel site
The main boldblygo.intel.com/ has been updated with a new section on the USS Kelvin. After entering the site, click on the USS Kelvin image on the right and it will access a 3D interactive image of the Kelvin that includes many ‘clickable’ info areas.

Interactive tour of the USS Kelvin

Kelvin’s bridge crew
When you click on the ‘THE BRIDGE’ you can learn about four members of the Kelvin bridge crew:

  • Richard Robau, Captain [played by Faran Tahir]
  • George Kirk, First Officer [played by Chris Hemsworth]
  • Mike Johnson, Helmsman
  • Alnschloss K’Bentayr (alien from planet Monchezke), Security Officer

USS Kelvin Bridge Crew

The images reveal bits of the Kelvin uniforms which appear different than the uniforms seen in the trailer for the USS Enterprise crew. As TrekMovie has previously reported, the USS Kelvin will be seen over 20 years before the launch of the USS Enterprise.

Kelvin bridge (with a nice window)

More Kelvin tecnhobabble on phasers, engines + more   
Other parts of the interactive tour are just chock full of glorious Star Trek tecnhobabble. When you click on the PHASER TURRETS you find out:

The Kelvin’s phaser turrets can either fire bolts of high concentrated energy, or beams of less power to slice through the shield or hull of an attacking vessel. Plasma is passed to a phaser emitter resulting in a discharge of nadion particles

USS Kelvin’s phaser turrets

The site also resolves an ongoing debate on whether or not the Kelvin has one or two warp nacelles. And apparently there is just one, when you click on NACELLE you learn:

The Kelvin has a single warp nacelle housing the ship’s warp drive engine. Two rows of massive semi-circular warp-field coils produce a powerful subspace field that bends space around the ship, allowing for faster than light travel.

USS Kelvin only needs one nacelle

And when you click on IMPULSE ENGINE you learn:

The USS Kelvin employs massive engines at sublight speeds. Full impulse power is approximately one-quarter of the speed of light, suitable for traveling within a single star system. Its four deuterium fusion reactors power the impulse engines.

Four fusion reactors power the Kelvin’s impulse engine

The other areas you can click on are: HANGER BAY and NAVIGATIONAL DEFLECTOR.

USS Kelvin’s deflector dish

USS Kelvin’s hanger bay

Respect for the Treknology
Some fans have worried that this new film will be re-writing the book on Trek, but from the above we can see that one they are paying attention to is the technical manual. Deflectors, shuttles, warp, impulse, deuterium reactors, phasers, and even nadion particles are all part of Star Trek canon. It even appears that they are trying to ‘bridge the gap’ here in terms of Star Trek Enterprise and The Original Series, with the phaser turrets. Obviously those making this film did their homework when it came to Trek tech.


Visit the ‘New Frontiers’ contest site at boldblygo.intel.com/newfrontiers

Get the desktop – find out something about the Kelvin
To get the new desktop you click on ‘QUIZ’ and answer four questions. The first two are about Lenovo laptops and the second two are about Star Trek, with the third question asking how many deuterium fusion reactors power the Kelvin’s impulse engines. The answers to the questions are found by exploring the site before you start the quiz. When done you can download the image below in multiple sizes [note: image is very similar to one already available at the main Intel Trek site].

New USS Kelvin Desktop

2008 Contest for laptop + 2009 Contest to include premiere tickets
If you click on ‘SWEEPSTAKES’ you can enter a contest to win a laptop or a messenger bag. This is the same bag Intel gave out at Comic Con over the summer.

Like the main boldlygo.intel.com site itself, this contest site looks like it will be adding more. If you click on ‘FUTURE FRONTIERS’ you can sign up for updates and they promise a new contest ‘starting in 2009’ where you ‘Build your crew’ and win many prizes including four tickets to the premiere of the movie.

Check out the new site

More at boldblygo.intel.com/newfrontiers


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Neat. Love it!!

this is great. glad to see more promotional tie-ins!

i’ll bet it’s only the beginning…

NonUS residents get the shaft … again. :(

isnt it the same image of the USS kelvin from the ‘database’ section of the intel site?

@ 5 Yeah, it’s the same image. I have it as my desktop now, and I didn’t have to answer any stupid quiz questions at all.

Huh. I answered all four questions correctly, including the one about the number of reactors that power the Kelvin’s impulse engines, even without exploring the site or doing any research. The first two were fairly obvious and the fourth was a total gimme for any Trek fan, but three was an absolute guess. Either I got lucky or any of the four choices is “correct.”

Why are only U.S. residents allowed to enter these contests?

I’m sure if any of us consumers from around the world were wanting to buy this company’s product, they’d be more than happy to take our MONEY!

Wow. A sponser like Intel for the movie. I guess they liked what they saw.

I still think they keep printing the picture of the ship upside down. Nacelles on top, deflector on bottom. It’s the Law

#7, you get to the image no matter what you pick as an answer. If you pick wrong it simply tells you so, gives you the correct answer and proceeds anyway. Lame.

I saw a comercial for some phone compay yesterday. The woman is talking to a friend about a phone, then she gives her the vulcan neck pinch. It was awesome. I love promotional tie ins.

I use a Mac so doesn’t matter if I’m a US or Scottish citizen.
Wait, does the iBridge use PCs? Get Jobs on the iPhone!

I fixed the wallpaper, took out the logos and centered it a bit more guys:

Wait, the Kelvin has a WINDOW instead of a view screen?? :(



Yeah, I wondered about that too. The canon-ites are going to have a stroke.

The Enterprise bridge has at least one window, too… with heads up displays ;))

Bah, who needs a screen anyway? They didn’t at the end of Nemesis.


The Reliant had its nacelles below the saucer and funny little engineering ‘thing’ above the saucer, so the Kelvin’s legit methinks.

Does this mean the fan productions are going to start incorporating the new production look? Wouldn’t it be funny if they hit the net with a new story before XI hits the big screen… ooops!

LOL yea it seems a forcefield did a good job so why bother with a screen!?!
A view screen seems a bit silly now especially when a lot of people have one in their living rooms;)

” 18. captain shroom – November 28, 2008

Bah, who needs a screen anyway? They didn’t at the end of Nemesis.

The Kelvin information page has been updated, too… You can now look at a 3D rotation of the ship… The design looks good, and very TOS to me, but good God… that nacelle is HUGE!

10. Al –
“I still think they keep printing the picture of the ship upside down. Nacelles on top, deflector on bottom. It’s the Law”

It looks to me like that is the (single) nacelle on top with a secondary hull (and one would assume deflector in front of it) below the saucer. Don’t see a problem with this.

this reminded me of the Star Trek 20 questions online game that started online months and months ago. I just went there to play online…to see if it was any smarter than it was when it first started. It doesnt seem like its any better..or worse at guessing.

Anyone else play lately.

It’s an old picture and the contest is only for US residents.
Bad news…


Check the 3D rotation of the Kelvin at boldlygo.intel.com. It clearly states that the nacelle is underneath the saucer section, and the secondary hull, containing the ‘hangar’ (I think they mean shuttlebay) and main deflector, is above the saucer section.

And yes, the nacelle is huge!

That wallpaper has been there since the site went up – I had it on this rig until I scored floor seats to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra next month, so now they’re my desktop-du-jour. LOL

That 3D view of the Kelvin is pretty cool! =)

I’m kinda hoping that we spend more time in the movie with the Kelvin than the Enterprise. Since the Kelvin looks much more like a TOS style ship from the outside, hopefully it will from the inside as well! Can’t wait to see the bridge of the Kelvin!

The Enterprise iBridge has WAY to many spot lights etc; I wouldn’t be surprised if the cast suffered retinal damage… the Conn looks like a Nintendo Wii controller chair. Far too much “Star Wars fantasy” styling for a serious Sci-Fi Starship like the Enterprise. I’m kinda hoping that it actually turns out to be the bridge of the Kobayashi Maru “pressure cooker” simulation.

At the other previous Intel Site, they now have a 3D turnable of the Kelvin that can be viewed from any angle. Check it out…


Just go there and click the U.S.S. Kelvin monitor on the right. It will bring up an interactive 3D model of the Kelvin.

The site does give a piece of interesting information, and this may be the first time that we have a “cannon” answer to how fast full impulse speed is. The site states that 100% impulse is .25c. I had always thought that full impulse was a higher percentage of the speed of light then .25c.

4 Deuterium fusion reactors! Our first technobabble for the new movie!

23, 26: If you click on the Bridge in the top view, there is a selection of Bridge officers.

Minor spoilers ;-)

Oh, and I think they occasionally referred to the Shullte Bay as the Hangar Deck in the original series.

actually the desktop is different, although very close, to the one at the main intel site

The uniforms of the Kelvin crew look interesting. The description of the hangar makes it sound as if they don’t have or use transporters. Hmmm

The latter part of the nacelle (albeit large) has detailing very familiar to TOS Enterprise.

Oh, so much for a Trekker to chew on…

There’s actually quite a bit of new content when you explore the 3D kelvin.

Notice the Kelvin’s uniforms appear different than the Enterprise ones we’ve seen, They’re solid with a zipper in front. And that alien looks cool.

Anthony —
email me. I’d love to get you on the air (via satellite unless you’re coming to Atlanta) to talk Trek.

wow did enybody see the security officer of the kelvin;-)
i love j.j :-D

Wow, that’s great – when do we get one of these for the Enterprise?!!!

34 – I think they probably do have transporters.

The thing is, the Transporter is impractical for large amounts of matter, since the pattern buffers need a cooldown and purge cycle between uses.

Also, the amount of power to transport something too big becomes a practical issue, and the pattern buffers can only store so much quantum data.

And if the Transporters are out, the ship still needs to be able to function, hence the hangar bay and shuttles.

Star Trek: TMP has the enterprise Cargo Bays attached to the shuttle bay/hangar deck.

RE: Window rather than Viewer

It could be that the Window gets extra protection during battle situations, and turns into a heads-up display.

By showing a physical window in the Kelvin, then having a viewer that simulates a window on the Enterprise, shows a progression of technology between generations of Starship.

Also, the Kelvin looks more primitive and industrial than the Enterprise in the movie, further hilighting the progression.

BTW, the crew profiles have interesting backgrounds … ;-)

i dont wana repeat myself, but:
OMFG how cool ist that security officer:-D???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys I updated the article

are we in for Cage-esque uniforms or ENT-era jumpsuits?

By the way Anthony, Alnschloss K’Bentayr is from Monchezke, Beta QUANDRANT, not just Beta.

is anyone else experiencing problems with the 3d kelvin? i seem to crash each time i click on one of the highlited (sp?) areas.


Nope, works for me. Looks brilliant!!!

I…. need…. a clip….of the….SCORE


I have added the images of the Kelvin Bridge crew for people having issues with the site

boldlygo.intel.com/ – doesn’t work under Trekker friendly Linux operating systems. Thats very worse … :-(

Anyone think the security officer is a nod to Arex from TAS?

Was that his name? The three-armed red-skinned guy…

Wow, great website.

I love it. I wasn’t sure of the Kelin at first but I like it. Looks like a tanker or something.
Orci; tell Church it’s not bad