Shatcember Update: Get Ready For Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Due to this month being just chock full of William Shatner all over the TV dial, has decided to rename it ‘Shatcember.’ In the first of our Shatcember updates, we discuss the December 2nd premiere of Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve Bio, reveal the Biography Channel’s Shatner mini-marathon, and celebrate great Shatner interviews of the past.


Biography Channel and the Shat
Even before Raw Nerve begins, The Biography Channel has pulled out all the stops for Bill Shatner, including a brand new website and a day of Biography documentaries geared towards Shatner and his costars.

New website
The new Raw Nerve website ( offers video previews of episodes, an episode guide, biographies of Shatner and his guests, a cool photography gallery including this new photo of Shatner and pal Leonard Nimoy, a discussion board, and email news. According to the site, "each episode Shatner will attempt to probe his guest’s most sensitive subjects and touch upon a Raw Nerve to explore life’s most intriguing questions and unearth his guests’ strange and unknown stories that are most surprising, revealing, funny, touching or bizarre."

Raw Nerve schedule for Shatcember

For the first two weeks of Raw Nerve, Biography is giving a double dose of the Shat, with back to back episodes. After that, the show settles in to a once a week format:

  • December 2 10/9 C: Valerie Bertinelli
  • December 2 10:30/9:30 C: Tim Allen (Trek Connection: Allen was the star of Galaxy Quest)
  • December 9 10/9 C: Jenna Jameson
  • December 9 10:30/9:30 C: Jimmy Kimmel
  • December 16: 10/9 C: Kelsey Grammer (Trek Connection: Grammer played Captain Morgan Bateson in TNG episode "Cause and Effect")
  • December 23 10/9 C: Judge Judy

More Shatner on Bio
That’s not all, as Biography is also airing a veritable Shatnercopia of Bill-themed programming to celebrate Raw Nerve. Some are repeats of Star Trek themed specials, such as Star Trek: Captain’s Log and the 30th Anniversary Special originally shown on UPN. Others are biography documentaries of Shatner and his costars. All times are Eastern and on the Biography Channel, and most shows are repeated during the week at various times. Check for reruns. Get those DVRs ready for:

  • December 1st 10 AM: Biography Documentary: Heather Locklear
  • December 1st 11 AM: Biography Documentary: William Shatner
  • December 2nd 9 AM: Biography Documentary: Patrick Stewart
  • December 2nd 10 AM: Star Trek 30 Year Special
  • December 2nd 9 PM: Star Trek: Captain’s Log

Other Shatcember Programming
And if that isn’t enough, there is other Shatner programming on other channels (All times are Eastern):

  • December 2nd 3 AM: The Land of the Free (HBOe)
  • December 4th 6 AM: National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 (HBOe)
  • December 6th 2 AM: Roast of William Shatner (Comedy Central)
  • December 6th 9 PM and 11:30 PM: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (BRAVO)

Raw Nerve review
Jeremy D. Bonfiglio’s "Remote Control" column for the South Bend Tribune offers the first review of "Raw Nerve" and is effusive in its praise.

William Shatner isn’t the first celebrity to become a talk-show host. Chevy Chase tried it. So did Whoopi Goldberg. But judging from an advanced copy of his Biography Channel series, Shatner puts all other celebrity hosts to shame.
Although the show’s marketing campaign suggests Shatner’s interview style will pinpoint and explore “a raw nerve” in each episode, in truth, Shatner comes across as witty, inquisitive and, ultimately, caring in the face of some of his guests’ deeply personal demons.

So, obviously Shatner is a better listener than an El Aurian!

Click to see preview of Tim Allen interview airing on Tuesday

Shatner: interviewer extraordinaire
To prepare for Raw Nerve, check out these videos of Shatner interviewing Nimoy and Avril Lavigne:

Shatner interviewing Nimoy from first eight minutes of "Mind Meld"
(you can order Mind Meld at the Shatner Store)

CLICK to see
Shatner interviewing Avril Lavigne for "Over the Hedge"

More Shat: Nimoy and Shatner summit last weekend
One of the future guests of Raw Nerve is Leonard Nimoy. Although the episode with Nimoy has yet to be scheduled, it is certainly the most anticipated of the interviews. As fans wait for the sitdown between the two, the paparazzi caught up with the two having lunch last weekend, as reported by the UK’s Daily Mail. Clearly the two are still friends (and ever shall be). 

Bill and Lenny have a moment

More Shatcember to come
Stay tuned for more Shatcember updates!

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I love being the first to comment. William Shatner is one of my heroes. Always and forever. Enough said.

Mine too!!

Aw… that last picture… :3

I just re-watched Star Trek 3 tonight and it’s clear that by that picture Shatner had really hit his stride. He does some amazing stuff in that movie and Nimoy did an incredible job from behind the camera.

To think… Shatner and Nimoy disliked eachother when making TOS!

Now Nimoy is sucking Ceti eels out of Shatner’s ear. Great friend, indeed!

GREAT clip of Nimoy and Shatner! They really are talking about stuff I’ve never heard about before. I want to see the rest!

yeah, I enjoyed the Mind Meld clip too, I watched all the parts on youtube sometime ago. It made me actually wanna buy a dvd of it, actually.

But, I think it’s totally cool that Lenny and Bill are really the best of friends.

Good Lord, that Mind Meld interview between Nimoy and Shatner is incredibly illuminating and wickedly entertaining. Thanks!

That last photo is truly wonderful. I’ll better stop now as I’m getting a bit teary-eyed…

5- “To think… Shatner and Nimoy disliked each other when making TOS!”

Not true. They were good friends during the filming of TOS. Read Shatner’s “‘Star Trek’ Memories.” He writes a very moving account of why “The Devil in the Dark” is his favorite episode. He was called away from the set, having to go to Canada because of his father’s death. He said that it was his good friendship with, and the love and support he received from Nimoy, that got him through the ordeal. Please don’t get all your “facts” from lousy and exploitative Hollywood reports.

Shatner shows Jenna Jameson his Raw Nerve. Now THAT is why TV was invented.

Talk could be Bill’s last, best destiny.

I want to see Free Enterprise 2 – Bill and Leonard’s Excellent Adventure.

Or something like that.

Something where we could see the friendship between these guys once more. Not necessarily as Kirk and Spock, but between the friends behind the characters. Maybe something like the movie “confessions of a dangerous mind” where we flashback and forth between then and now.

Hey…this show looks pretty good. I’ll be watching…

I don’t blame anyone, but it is a shame that we don’t get to see them together in the new film — that would have been the ultimate for this old trek nerd.

Hey #10 Brett….Good job! You’re always in there setting the record straight about our beloved Bill Shatner.

Based on a couple interviews i have seen Bill do in years past, I can’t wait for Raw Nerve to start because I think Bill is a great interviewer He is not only inquisitive but he actually listens to what his guest says and formulates his next question based on that information rather than from a list of predetermined questions. Shatcember is shaping up to be a wonderful month indeed!

Shatner looks fantastic. Looks like another winner.

I love that last picture! I was on that Raw Nerve website the other day watching the clips. The show looks very interesting. And of course, I recommend Mind Meld to everyone who hasn’t already watched it. Great stuff.

that last pic is the rehersal for the last shot of the new movie..

Be careful what you wish for….plans are afoot :)

Avril lavigne seems terrified of Bill in that interview, lol he probably gave her a few slaps beforehand like the rest of us want to. douche lol

Check out Nimoy’s socks! That’s style, baby.

21- Probably not. You might be better off and happier just not reading about him. Not reading articles about him at this site might be a logical place to start. If you don’t like him and yet you let him occupy space in your head, that’s your issue. For those of us who do like him, there’s really no need for haters like you to stop by threads such as these to articles about him and spread such “joy.”

Nice Billy West voiceover, too.

15 -A..F.S. 33 — Thank you. Glad you support him as well. I think he gets busted on by so many other people out of sheer jealousy. He is an incredibly successful, and, I believe, personable man.

I only wish I had TV now and could get the Bio channel. I think this show will be a true niche for Bill. He’s a great conversationalist and, as you pointed out, a good listener. Hopefully these will be out on DVD sometime. In the meantime, let me know what you think. Best to you for a great Shatcember!

I love the shat and thank goodness for shatcember. BUT, thank goodness he is not in the new movie.

this is his first best destiny at this point. viva shatcember!




My thoughts too.

Shatner needs to, no MUST interview Adam West. My God…that would be the best interview ever.

29 or The Hoff…

Tuesdays at 10…

They couldn’t wait a couple of weeks for Boston Legal to end?

SHATCEMBER! Fantastic, I love it!
It’s a Shat world, we just live in it

We identified ALL (3 so far) of teh Bar Code scanners littering the bridge. Ive already ranted about this on two earlier threads.
The Bridge is now 10 items or less….

Re> #21. Hopefully not. Why don’t you, though?

Say J.T. is this news? From the Daily Mail:

“Also during the film, Trekkie fans will be able to see Nimoy, as older Spock, during a tender moment with his human mother Amanda Grayson, played by Winona Ryder, who gazes into her son’s eyes.”

I’d not heard this before.

Watched all 8 parts of Mind meld on Youtube this morning. If you are a Nimoy or Shatner fan and haven’t watched it, definitely recommend it.

Also, the other day, I stumbled across Kelley, Doohan and Keonig on a 1976 episode of Tom Snyder. Harlan Ellison was also on. Now that one was illuminating in that it gave insight into the actors’ feelings before TMP had begun. LOL Doohan even mentions the San Fran Naval Yards when the three were explaining the Enterprise to Snyder.

part one:


Yes Adam West is like Shatner just slower and down an octave.


I remember them on Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin years ago….talking in the groovy 70’s. I remember Deforrest Kelley bringing up how Shatner made up calling him “Bones”. As a kid I was impressed by that. Somebody find that.

Maybe the Shat, the Hoff, and Adam West could play the Three Musketeers or something.

RawNerve: All I have to say is, “Wow!” Shatner is a terrific interviewer. I’ve never seen him in this capacity outside of the Star Trek family (MindMeld) and was quite impressed. Definately, looking forward to this. I love how he (seems) to be spontaneously following the thread of conversation instead of a script like the standard talk-show fare. I say, “Seems” because, maybe it’s scripted, but Shatner is such a good actor that I can’t tell.

When I look at other talk shows, there is never any real hesitancy in the hosts or guests voice. Each person is acting out a dance they have rehearsed. With Shatner’s Raw Nerve, he turns his patented dramatic pause on its head and uses it to bring life from lifelessness.

Yeah, I’d love to see Shatner sit down and interview his other castmates, for the sake of the historical record.

Looks like Anthony pulled original post #2, which my post #22 was written in response to. That’s why my post now makes no sense (or even less sense than my posts usually do), if anyone cares … In any case, the original post #21 was a Shat-bash.

39 – Oops. That should have read “original post #21” not #2.


REALLY looking forward to this (and quite happy to have realized that Boston Legal has been on Monday nights for quite a while now, lol.) I was very impressed with Mind Meld and have recommended it to people who don’t even have much of an interest in ‘Trek, just because it’s so refreshing to see two people engage in the art of conversation, not just questions and answers.

I’ve seen Bill on various talk shows and have always enjoyed how engaged he becomes, including segments where he is ‘further down on the couch’ while another guest is being interviewed. His curiosity and attention has always been a joy. I remember when he used to be on Howard Stern’s show and would try to turn the table on Howard, questioning him about statements he’d make and trying to delve deeper into something Howard would say (it rarely worked; Howard’s a master at deflection, but it was fun to hear the attempts.)

I’d like to see this show generate ‘buzz’ and attract more viewership, thereby creating opportunties for as wide a range of guests as is possible. The general public knows Bill as Captain Kirk, the wacky ‘Priceline’ guy, Get-a-Life-Man, and the curious Denny Crane. It would be a gas for them to get more of a look at the intellect that has always been there.